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TÇ bwx àÉ XâÜÉÑx‹ Europe is a continent with many facts thanks to varied landscapes Look in Alsace, a region from France

Strasbourg, France

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

The Colisum, Roma, Italy

The stadium in Olympia, Greece

With its green hills and the sweet sun of the automn which illuminate the wild vines And half-timbering houses around the beautiful cathedral in Strasbourg Look in Spain With these hot and sunny landscapes On the one hand glimmering mountains and on the other hand the sparkling sea And the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona Look in Italy It’s a perfect place to eat delicious spaghetti and ice cream under the calming sun And a perfect place to visit historical monuments Colisum in Roma, the tower of Pisa, the San Maria del Fiore dome We can’t forget Venice, the lover’s city Look in Greece With its important culture about greek mythology And its many ancient monuments The stadium in Olympia, the Parthenon and the thermal batchs in Athens Look in England, a learning’s place With universities in Cambridge and Oxford And the monuments in London such as Big Ben, the tower of London, business district Without forgetting Buckingham Palace, the royal family’s castle Europe is a continent with a lot of wealth to discover and lands to explore So, come to visit it !

Buckingham Palace, London

Cambridge university, England

The tower of Pisa, Italy

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

The big ben, London, England

Doge Palace, Venice, Italy

Laura, Tiphaine, Aude