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Prezi Supports Research- Based Best Practices Helps educators...  identify critical information  chunk content into digestible bites  elaborate on new information

Erik Schreefel

Helps students ...  review content  process new information  record and represent knowledge  examine similarities and differences

Resources   

A Few Prezi Possibilities for your Classroom

Tips and Tricks

Interactive Graphic Organizer


Engaging Lesson Presentations

Vocabulary/Word Study

Mind Mapping

Examine Diagrams in Detail and/

Student Presentations



Anticipatory Set


and Images

Differentiated Math Instruction 

Parent/Guardian Presentations

(Pictorial, Virtual & Abstract)

(Curriculum Night, Open House)

or as a Whole 

Highlight Primary and Secondary Resources

Learn and Explore: PreziU FREE templates: about/preziu-information-by-prezzip/

Share Content Related Videos

Create movement to engage and clarify!  Zoom in/zoom out to  focus on important topics  add detail  expand to show the big idea  Use images and videos to engage all learners. Use frames to chunk information and show relationships between topics.  As you plan your Prezi, think interactive graphic organizer. Create a path and use shapes to sequence ideas.


Before your Prezi to a flash drive.

Prezi as a Presentation and a Teaching Tool  

Explore a variety of resources and examples on how educators and students can use Prezi in their schools.