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Guam Social Work Conference 2010 March 24 – 26, 2010

Social Workers Inspire Community Action CALL FOR PAPERS, TRAINING WORKSHOPS, AND DISPLAYS Deadline for Submission: Friday, January 29, 2010 On behalf of all members and friends of the Guam Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, the conference committee invites you to participate in the 2010 Guam Social Work Conference. As the professional roots of Social Work are deeply rooted in community action to advance human rights and social responsibility we are excited to explore the theme of this year’s conference; Social Workers Inspire Community Action. We invite practitioners, researchers, and engaged citizens to submit their proposals for papers, training workshops, and displays. As the people in Guam and other Micronesian islands continue to be in the midst of regional and global cross-currents we are experiencing polarizing effects in our community. While economic, political, and social developments provide new and great opportunities, they also place new and great stressors on many people in Guam and other Micronesian islands. Especially the impending military buildup in Guam with the associated dramatic population growth may further amplify gaps and conflicts within our communities. However, they also become opportunities to inspire community action to advance social justice, human rights and human dignity. Examples of topics for conference papers and training workshops are: Military Buildup: • • •

What are the implications of the current military buildup for social workers and social service organizations in Guam? What are the effects of the military buildup on special population groups (e.g. homeless, unemployed, children, etc.) How can individuals and families educate themselves about how the future military buildup will affect their lives? How can individuals, families, and organizations respond and prepare for the changes associated with the military buildup?

Other Community Issues: How can individuals and families educate themselves about current community issues and involve themselves in community action? (e.g. same gender civil unions, substance abuse, homelessness, domestic violence, …) Professional Social Work: •

Social Work policies regarding Guam’s community issues, licensure/certification of social workers, collaboration of social service agencies, involvement of social workers and community stakeholders in legislative processes and community action, etc.

Proposals for papers, training workshops, or displays need to be delivered to Dr. Gerhard Schwab, Chair of the 2010 Conference Program Committee. The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, January 29, 2010. Tel: 735-2961 Fax: 734-2255 Email: Office: Room 105, Humanities and Social Sciences Building, University of Guam; (Administrative Assistant: Ms. Ruth Barnes, Room HSS107, 1:00-5:00pm) Proposals need to contain the following information: 1. Name of presenter(s) 2. Professional titles and organizational affiliation of the presenter(s) as it should be printed in the conference program 3. Contact telephone numbers and email addresses 4. Is it a proposal for a paper presentation, a training workshop, or a poster/art display? 5. Topic of your presentation 6. Abstract: The abstract must outline the proposed paper or workshop. It also must describe the conclusions of the paper or the learning outcomes of the training workshop. All abstracts must clearly articulate how the proposed presentations relate to the theme of the conference. Abstract should not be longer than 400 words. 7. Description for Program Booklet: Please describe the paper or workshop with no more than 50 words. 8. Papers will be presented in 30 minute or 60 minute time slots; training workshops will be either 90 minutes or 180 minutes long. What is the preferred time frame for this proposed paper or training workshop? 9. What is the technical format of the proposed paper or training workshop? What do you need: easel pad, overhead projector, multi-media projector, laptop? Please specify what you need. The deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, January 29, 2010. Si Yuos Ma’ase, Salamat Po, Thank You! Guam Chapter Board of Directors: Ovita Perez (President), Claudine Tenorio (Vice-President and Conference Chair), Carmen Damian (Treasurer), Nora Cadag (Secretary), Tricia Lizama, Hope Pangelinan, Jennifer Lujan, and Gerhard Schwab (Chair of Conference Program Committee).

2010 NASW-Guam Conference  

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