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Volume 2012; Issue 3

Candidate bios for the Chapter Ballot 2012

NASWAZ is pleased to announce the candidacy of members for the positions indicated. The Chapter Committee on Nominations Leadership Identification (CCNLI) certified that the slate meets the chapter’s affirmative action goals and representational mandates. Please join me in congratulating the Committee and our candidates. Tammy Abbott-Thiel, NASWAZ Secretary

Each candidate was asked to write a platform statement. The information in their own words is in order of position and name. Online voting is available.

Eric Alfrey Secretary I am an active member of the Social Work community by means of my career and volunteer efforts, working in both macro and micro level work; working with families to help them stay together, training and supervising staff to enrich their abilities to do the work, as well as taking an active part in larger poltical processes through advocacy processes. I would be honored to bring my experiences to share and learn from the NASW Board! Beth Pfile Secretary I have been in a leadership position in the area of child welfare, managing several programs. I am innovative, and enthusiastic and believe it is important to get new people involved in the chapter. Tammy Abbott-Thiel Treasurer I have demonstrated a passion for serving clients and fellow social workers in the past several years of my NASW-AZ Board tenure. I vow to continue this passion and committment moving forward, to help NASW-AZ serve the membership and communities our membership serves.

Connie Mitchell Treasurer I have lived in Arizona for many years - most of it in Prescott. During my 30+ years of social work experience, I have gained experience in direct service, program development, program implementation, supervision and administration. My experience in administration included budgeting and financial accountability. Now that I am retired I will have time to devote to the duties of Treasurer. Samuel Chates MSW Student Representative I am an MSW student at Arizona State University with teaching, research, and practice experience. I am enthusiastic about promoting the core values of social work and the values of service and competence are of particular importance to me. Therefore, if elected as the MSW Student Representative I would advocate for the improvement of learning opportunities for MSW students so we can serve those in need with enhanced professional competence. Candy Escorza MSW Student Representative I have been on both sides in Social Work and come from a very diverse culture. I am bilingual. I am aware of the needs of the clients and the social workers in providing the services and/or resources. I stand up for what is right and just in our society. I would represent our field with pride and hard work. I see “Escorza� on next page

Escorza (continued) make it a point to inform and educate people so that they are able to make informed decisions. I make decisions based on facts and always on what is in the best interest of the individuals involved or affected. Patricia Plum MSW Student Representative I plan to serve both the NASW Arizona Chapter as well as my fellow MSW Students; collaborating and advocating with students to bring about unity and change where needed. I will honor and uphold the NASW mission by serving its Board of Directors, its members, and the community to the best of my ability. I will strive for personal and professional excellence within the NASW, my school, my community, and my person life. Diane Skousen MSW Student Representative As a MSW PAC student, I recognize the need for student involvement in NASWAZ activities, advocacy, and networking. I have leadership experience within the community: PTA/PTO, BSA, youth groups, children’s groups, and more. I understand the excitement students have as we complete our degrees and prepare for a career in the helping profession. As social work students, we are the next leaders, we are the front line for change. We make a difference! Lorena Valle MSW Student Representative As a chapter leader I will educate myself to serve as an advocate and representative for Social Work students. I will research and implement best practices to empower and raise awareness among students and board members about issues that require immediate action. I will professionally and genuinely represent my chapter always keeping in mind the struggles and needs of those whom I represent. I am dedicated to diligently and effectively serve my profession, cohort and university. Julienne Williams MSW Student Representative I believe through my course work and experience I have what it takes to represent other students who have the same passion in social service as I do. I am involved in my community and take what I do 2

seriously. I have what it takes to articulate the needs of my fellow students and accept the challenge of, not only taking initiative, but implementing a plan to make our goals happen. Carlos Forcadilla, Jr BSW Student Representative I believe having someone to represent and inform students with the Board of Directors will allow communication and ensure issues and awareness have been identified and addressed. I just started getting involved with representing student groups/ organizations this past Fall of 2011. I am currently the Vice President of the ASU Veterans Club and have committed my time since taking office to ensure anything Veteran related from the school is addressed to the members of the ASU Veterans Club and other Student Veterans. I have gained so much valuable experience which has prepared me to become a better leader. I would serve as the bridge between the board/ committee and the student/community. Shannon Kissick BSW Student Representative When I think of how I can contribute, I think of my outgoing personality. I feel that I am out spoken where I can communicate with people and relay information needed. In my case I really like to listen to what people, peers and others have to say. I feel this professional membership holds people to a higher moral and ethical standard and I have already taken that pledge. I am a great positive character. Patrick Scott BSW Student Representative As a candidate for the BSW Student Representative position, I bring a wealth of experience from my involvement in student, community and professional organizations. I realize that true leaders are not those who strive to be first but those who are first to strive and give their all for the success of the team. I will be able to draw on this knowledge and leadership ability while serving on the NASW/ Arizona Board of Directors.

Tammy Abbott Thiel Delegate Assembly I continue to be committed to all of the tasks set forth for NASW Delegate Assembly members, including “set broad organizational policy, establish program priorities, and develop a collective stance on public and professional issues�. As a Representative for Arizona, and the profession in general, I have spoken up about the need to assert our value in the business and non-profit sectors and advocate for policy which creates greater value of our profession, and will continue to do so. I believe Social Work is an amazing profession with people well equipped to serve in many areas, and that reimbursement for our specialized skills and knowledge should be more inline with the value of our services. I also believe there has never been a more important time for Social Work to speak up about the need for socially responsible policy making, the current social policy making is attempting to fill in current economic gaps with potentially large negative economic implications later. Advocating for good stewardship of resources available, both now and in the future, is another passion of mine. At work I continually encourage coworkers to use what we have well, always thinking forward to the time when there may not be enough and how to best be prepared to serve the same client base with fewer resources. I have prior knowledge of working to shape and establish policies, missions and visions while working on two boards with the City of Fort Morgan, and in my current work on the NASW-AZ Board of Directors. Through all of these areas I have also gained experience with consensus building and negotiation, while maintaining an eye on the researchbased knowledge set Social Work values so much. I will continue to serve the Arizona Chapter well should I be chosen. Thank you!

NASW-AZ Board of Directors, was the PACE Field Coordinator for the 2006 Elections, and served as the NASW-AZ PACE Chair from 2007-2010. In addition, I’ve served on the PACE National Board of Trustees since 2010. I received the Social Worker of the Year award from branch one and then at the state level in 2010. My extensive experience in policy making (both through professional and volunteer experiences) will enhance my ability to serve the chapter in this capacity.

Colleen Fisher Delegate Assembly I would like to be considered for the position of Delegate Assembly Delegate for Arizona. I am proud of my affiliation throughout the years with both State and National NASW, and believe I can positively contribute by representing our chapter in policy and decision making for our entire organization. I was a member of NASW in Colorado, joined NASW-AZ in 2004. I was the ASU student intern from 20052006 school year. I was on the steering committee for Branch 1 from 2006-2007, have served on the

Heidi Meyer Branch 1 Steering Committee I received my MSW from Arizona State University concentrating on Planning, Administration and Community. I am committed to supporting the communities of Arizona grow in beneficial way for all. On the Steering Committee I will work to develop local programs to benefit social workers and the clients that we serve. My previous work experience and passion for social justice issues will enable me to represent you on the steering committee in a positive way.

Gloria Cruz-Bernal Branch 1 Board Representative As a social worker, I understand the importance of being an advocate for not only the populations that we serve, but also for the social work profession. I have had the honor of serving as the Bachelor of Social Work Representative this past year and look forward to continuing my involvement with NASW AZ as I continue my education for my Master of Social Work Degree. As a Branch 1 Representative Board Member, I will continue working with my peers in strengthening our voice as social workers and upholding the NASW AZ Branch Mission. Timothy Schmaltz Branch 1 Board Representative I am honored to be asked to serve on the Board. I think my professional experience and values can lend perspective, policy and strategic analysis and insight to Board deliberations and actions. I would hope to promote the dignity of our profession as advocates for human dignity, our shared responsibiity to one another in community, and as a Board member support our shared efforts to build NASWAZ as strong professional organization for mutual support and community benefit.


Josephina Ahumada Branch Two Board Representative It would be an honor to serve again as Branch 2 Board representative. This past year I had the opportunity to collaborate with branch 2 members in organizing our Lunch and Learn continuing education series in the Tucson Area. I look forward to working on other professional development programs for Branch 2 members.

Deborah Nelson Branch 4 Board Representative As Branch 4 Representative, I look forward to meeting and representing our members at the state level and bringing back information to help engage their participation at both branch and state activities. Our area, Yavapai County, is rural and spread out over many miles. I will travel to the central hubs for NASWAZ members to meet in the hopes to provide our members opportunities to become informed and active in NASW/NASWAZ issues and events.

Judy Pike Branch Two Board Representative I live and work in a rural setting that has many challenges. I live and work in a rural community that has many challenges. I want to work on issues related to services for resource poor areas in a resource-stingy state.

NOTE: Members wishing to add their name to the ballot by petition have 14 days from the announcement date of May 24, 2012 to submit a petition. To be successful, a petition for a position elected by the membership statewide must include the signature and the printed legal name of 35 of 1,733 members, 2% of the total chapter membership as of April 30, 2012, the most recent update of the chapter’s membership database by the national office. For a branch position, signatures of 2% of the total number of members of the branch are needed. These numbers can be obtained on request from the chapter office. Official petition forms are available from the chapter office and questions about the petition process may be addressed to, CCNLI Chair.

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2012 CHAPTER ELECTION BALLOT Fill in the symbol () next to the name of the person you are voting for. Please complete and return ballot and elector validation on this page to: NASW-AZ Ballots, 1050 E. Southern, Suite 1, Tempe, AZ 85282. PAPER BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED - AND ONLINE BALLOTS MUST BE SUBMITTED - BY JUNE 29,2012.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (ALL MEMBERS VOTE IN THIS CATEGORY) Secretary (Vote for one) Treasurer (Vote for one) () Eric Alfrey ()Beth Pfile () Tammy Abbott Thiel ()Connie Mitchell STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES (ALL MEMBERS VOTE IN THIS CATEGORY) BSW Student Rep (Vote for one) ()Carlos Forcadilla Jr ()Shannon Kissick ()Patrick Scott MSW Student Rep (Vote for one) ()Samuel Chates ()Candy Escorza ()Patricia Plum

()Diane Skousen ()Lorena Valle

()Julienne Williams

DELEGATE ASSEMBLY (ALL MEMBERS VOTE IN THIS CATEGORY) (VOTE FOR ONLY ONE) () Tammy Abbott Thiel ()Colleen Fisher BRANCH 1 – Only members in Maricopa, LaPaz and Yuma Counties & Apache Jct vote in this section BR 1 BOARD REPRESENTATIVE (2 open positions. Vote for up to two people.) () Gloria Cruz-Bernal () Tim Schmaltz BR 1 STEERING COMMITTEE (Three open positions.) ()Heidi Meyer

BRANCH 2 – Only members in Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima & Santa Cruz Counties vote in this section BR 2 BOARD REPRESENTATIVE (2 open positions. Vote for up to two people.) () Josefina Ahumada ()Judy Pike

BRANCH 4 - Only members in Prescott and Prescott Valley vote in this section BR 4 BOARD REPRESENTATIVE (1 open position) ()Deborah Nelson

Return this form along with the Election Ballot to: NASW-AZ Ballots, 1050 E. Southern Ave., Suite 1, Tempe, AZ 85282. OR vote online with your username and password at ELECTOR VALIDATION (DO NOT DETACH - MUST BE COMPLETED TO VALIDATE BALLOT) OR VOTE ONLINE

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Career Opportunities from the NASWAZ website For complete job descriptions, please visit and click on the Arizona Career Center. You will need to sign in with your username and password. Does YOUR company have an opening for a social worker? If so, you or your company representative can place an advertisement on our online Career Center for FREE. It’s easy. Just go to and to the “Career Center” heading. A fly-out menu will appear, and the second choice is “Arizona Career Posting.” Just click on that link, fill in the blanks, and your ad will be instantly live and available to our members.

• Clinical Coordinator/Case Manager- Substance Abuse Treatment • Human Services Specialist • Social Services Coordinator • Program Director of Outpatient Services • Therapist - Adult Services (LCSW preferred) • Clinical Therapist (LCSW) • Clinical Coordinator/Case Manager

Notes for Arizona members

If you are interested in presenting a CE Series workshop, please email executivedirector@naswaz. com with your name and area of expertise. Do you have a program that needs CEU preapproval? If so, click here to go to the standard CEU pre-approval application. Easy-to-follow instructions and fees are included right there on the website. We accept ads for our montly enewsletter. Click here and select Enewsletter Advertisements to find out costs and advertising requirements.

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Program Manager Licensed Clinical Social Worker Therapist and Co-owner Program Director, Adults Services School Social worker or Counselor with license in Az. Clinical Coordinator/Case Manager- Lake Havasu, AZ Clinical Director Air Force Clinical Social Worker Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW Crisis Support Consultant Telemetry RN Therapist: Licensed, Fulltime, to Buy into Thriving Practice LCSW, LMSW or LPC LMSW or LCSW or LPC needed in southern Phoenix International Social Work

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NASWAZ Newsletter Volume 2012 Issue 3  
NASWAZ Newsletter Volume 2012 Issue 3  

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