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INSIDE ISSUE 2012 AnnuAl Continuing EduCAtion ConfErEnCE CAll for PAPErs

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ConfErEnCE snEAk PEEk rACiAl And EthniC ComPEtEnCy WEbsitE surVEy gEt inVolVEd, bEComE A sPonsor

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From the President’s Pen It is hard to believe that fall has arrived and summer is over already. This past summer has been a busy and rewarding season for NASW-VA. In June, we participated in the Commonwealth Collaborative meeting in Fredericksburg, Virginia, attended by numerous academic and association leaders in our field to discuss the future of social work in Virginia. Attendees included NASW-VA, the Virginia Society for Clinical Social Work (VSCSW), the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work (GWSCSW), Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB), and key Mary Sasser, LCSW leadership from the Schools of Social Work of Virginia Commonwealth President University, George Mason University, Norfolk State University, James Madison University and Ferrum College. The group discussed the future of the profession regarding academic directions, licensure issues, and workforce concerns. In July, NASW-VA joined many of these same colleagues, including Radford University, at a Virginia Board of Social Work meeting. Following formal discussion of academic issues, NASW-VA provided public testimony regarding concerns around licensure applications. I was personally greatly encouraged by the open, respectful response from our esteemed colleagues of the Board. It is our goal to accurately educate ourselves on the intent of the regulatory standards, so that we may better assist members with the licensure application process. Then in August, NASW-VA further participated in the NASW tri-annual Delegate Assembly, attended by elected delegates from 55 chapters representing states, territories and international chapters. It was an exciting two day virtual meeting of over 200 delegates voting on future priority goals and policy statements for NASW and the social work profession. I have felt greatly energized and inspired by these past events, as they represented strong collegial and interagency efforts to advocate on behalf of our members. I am looking forward to the year ahead as well. This fall I am excited to work with so many returning Board members, as well as welcome in two new Board members. I hope that all of you have had time this summer to rest and take care of yourself, as I know much of our work can be stressful and alldemanding on us. And as always, thank you to all of you for your leadership, volunteer support and continued participation with NASW-VA. Respectfully submitted, Mary Sasser, LCSW, MPA President, NASW-VA


A Conference Sneak Peek… Mark your calendars! Preconference Leadership Institute: Thursday, March 8, 2012 Annual Conference: Friday and Saturday, March 9-10, 2012

As summer fades the preparation for our 2012 Annual Conference is now upon us. The staff here at NASW-Virginia has been working hard to create an engaging and insightful conference for all involved; our members, participants, and sponsors. NASW-Virginia’s 2012 Annual Conference theme is “Keeping the Wheels Turning.” This concept was created with the intent to produce a successful conference that keeps us brainstorming, learning, and growing. The 2012 Keeping the Wheels Turning Conference will begin with our Preconference Leadership Institute. The speaker Mr. Jeff Beals, will articulate the need to establish and promote a “personal brand” as social workers and mental health professionals. Saturday morning will begin with an inspirational speech from a remarkable athlete, Mr. Brent Rasmussen, on the importance of providing hope and perseverance. Our 2012 Keynote Speaker, Dr. Paul Aravich will address the attendees on the biological basis of behavior and the need to focus on the person as a whole. These three eloquent and skilled professionals and public speakers along with our conference theme and continuing education breakout sessions have us very enthusiastic for this year’s 2012 Annual Conference, and we hope you join in that enthusiasm.

Visit the nAsW-VA mArkEtPlACE View NASW-Virginia’s Classifieds by visiting Our classifieds are of interest to social work professionals; they include CE programs accredited by other organizations, office space to let, and professional services. If you are interested in advertising with NASW-Virginia as a new member benefit, member advertisement pricing has been lowered. Members can now advertise in our classifieds or job bank for prices starting as low as $38. Visit for more information. NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 3

National Association of Social Workers

Know of a great presenter within your organization? NASW-Virginia is now accepting

proposals for the

2012 Annual Continuing Education Conference

“Keeping the Wheels Turning”

Call for Papers Deadline: September 16, 2011 The NASW-Virginia Annual Conference Committee is seeking proposals for presentations at our 2012 statewide continuing education conference, to be held on march 9-10 in richmond, VA. As a presenter you will: • Receive maximum professional exposure • Contribute to expanding the knowledge and skills of your fellow professionals • Earn category II continuing education contact hours for Virginia and • Take your first step to becoming an approved provider for the NASW-VA’s Continuing Education Program. Upon successful completion of the Annual Conference presentation, you will be added to our growing list of “approved instructors” pending evaluation composite score of 3.5 or higher (5 being the highest). These “approved instructors” are eligible to provide CE workshops around the state on behalf of NASW-VA for compensation. All topics are welcome. Workshops can be 1 ½ or 3 hours in length. In addition to clinical workshop proposals, NASW-VA is interested in proposals for private practice, non-clinical, or administration-focused workshops. Please design your presentation as a skills building workshop for either --intermediate or Advanced audiences:

**Special Note for 2012: NASWVA is interested in any and all workshops that encompass the subject of neuroscience and behavioral health •

Intermediate workshops are geared toward participants who have done work related to social work issues for at least two years, who have good working knowledge of these issues and who are seeking to improve intervention, advocacy or management skills and practices.

Advanced workshops are geared toward participants who have done work related to social work issues for at l east five years, who had comprehensive knowledge of these issues, and who are seeking to further develop intervention, advocacy or management skills and practice.

Criteria and selection Process 1. Five years of work experience in the particular topic area, or 2. A graduate degree in the particular topic area (an MSW is sufficient); and 3. Certification of licensure as a social worker, psychologist, board certified psychiatrist, licensed marriage & family t herapist, certified alcohol and drug counselor or medical doctor (certification of licensure required only if presentation is clinical in nature). (continued on next page) NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 4

Selection Process •

Individuals interested in presenting must complete the Call for Papers Presenter Application Form. Any attachments must be typed double-spaced on 8 ½” by 11” paper. no more than 3 pages for resume/CV will be accepted as an attachment.

More than one workshop proposal may be submitted by an individual or individuals, but a separate Application Form must be completed for each proposed workshop.

the deadline for submission of proposals is thursday, september 15, 2011. All proposals must be postmarked on or before this date in order to be considered.

the selection process is a peer review process. you will be notified by october 7, 2011 regarding your acceptance. letters of regret will be mailed by october 21, 2011.

Conference registration Workshop primary presenters will receive 50% off of conference registration the day of their presentation. Co-presenters do not receive any discount toward a registration. Saturday presenters must have either a paid registration or paid event ticket in order to attend the Awards Luncheon. Accommodations If the office/home of a selected presenter is more than a 2 hours drive from Richmond, he or she will receive accommodations for one room and one night stay the night prior to or the night of the presentation. handouts •

Handouts must be submitted to the Chapter office no later than January 13, 2012 via e-mail or on a CD/DVD. this is a requirement!

All Handouts must be in PDF, Word or PowerPoint documents and must meet the following specifications. the following page limits and instructions will be enforced for all handouts • 1.5 hour workshops are limited to 10 pages maximum. The 3 hours workshops are limited 20 pages maximum. • three PowerPoint slides equal one page of handouts. For example, if slides are to be printed for 1.5 hour workshop, 30 slides maximum, with no other handouts. With 3 hour workshop, 60 slides maximum, with no other handouts. The slides provided for printing must be white background, black text. these slide limitations and color requirements are for printing purposes only and do not apply to the slides you show during the actual presentation. • for printing purposes, white background and black text is required on all documents. • NASW-VA will not be able to make copies of workshop handouts on site during the conference.

Presenter Application Form All items in Sections A, B, and C must be completed in full. Title Page- Provide the following information in detail. Attach and number extra sheets. section A: 1. title of Presentation (10 words or less) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. type of Presentation (Please Check One)  1.5- hour Workshop  3-hour Workshop (Continued on next page) NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 5

3. lead Presenter information (The Lead presenter serves as our primary contact person & informs any co-presenters.) Full Name_____________________________________________ Degree/s____________________ Job Title____________________________ Employer______________________________________ Professional License______________________________________ (indicate state or states, if not VA) 4. Address (Please check one)

 Work

 Home

___________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________ State _________________ Zip ______________ Work _______________________ Home or Cell ____________________ Best time to call_________ Fax ________________

Email ____________________________________

5. Co-Presenters (Check One)  YES  NO if yes, attach a resume and biographical statement for EACh co-presenter, including complete contact information. Limit is 2 co-presenters for a workshop and 4 co-presenters for a panel presentation. 6. Audio-Visual Equipment needed (Check all that apply)  No AV required or need the following: □ Flip Chart □ Overhead Projector □ Projection Screen □ Microphone-Handheld □ Microphone-lavaliere

□ Slide Projector □ TV/VCR

Please request only the equipment listed above you will actually use. nAsW will not provide lCd Projectors or laptops. Presenters assume full responsibility for any equipment that they bring to the conference. 7.

Practice Category (check all that apply) □ Addictions □ Administration & Management □ Adolescence □ Aging □ Case Management □ Clinical/Mental Health Practice □ Core Social Work Skills □ Corrections □ Children/Youth/Families □ Community Organization □ Diversity □ Ethics □ Health/Hospital/Long-term Care □ Hospice/Home-Care □ Public Welfare □ Research □ Schools □ Self Care & Wellness □ Social Policy □ Social Work Education □ Other (specify): ______________________________________________________________

8. level of Practice Session is geared to (check only one)  intermediate or  Advanced Program levels are defined as: Intermediate: For Social Workers who have been in the field for a minimum of 2 years, have a good working knowledge of SW issues; and are seeking to improve their skills. Workshop focuses on further development of skills and techniques and exploration of theory. Emphasis is on more complex SW Issues. Advanced: For Social Workers who have been in the field for a minimum of 5 years, have a comprehensive working knowledge of SW issues and are seeking to further fine-tune their skills. Workshop continues to develop technique on a more demanding level, explore practice parameters through cutting-edge use of social work theory, or address complex management and policy issues. (Continued on next page) NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 6

9. instructional methods utilized: (Check all that apply) □ Didactic □ Interactive □ Group activities □ Panel presentation □ Q&A session □ Other (specify): ___________________________________________ 10. Previous Presentation Experience of Primary Presenter Please list when, where and to whom (type and number of attendees) you have presented this workshop or training material within the past 2 years. Please attach at least one evaluation summary for any of the workshops listed below. dAtE


Workshop/Presentation titles



11. Professional references Please list 3 professional references that can be contacted.




yEArs knoWn

PhonE numbEr

signature of lead Presenter: ________________________________________________ date: ____________ Printed name: ____________________________________________________ [note: Proposal submission implies agreement with all policies, review guidelines & decisions of the nAsW-VA Conference Committee.] section b: Please attach a brief abstract of your proposal, to include: 12. Paragraph description: Attach an overview (100 words or less) describing the information to be presented. Please do not include identifying information anywhere in the abstract except for the title page. If your presentation is selected, this abstract will be used in the Conference Brochure. 13. learning objectives: What can participants expect to learn as a result of attending this workshop? Please list at least two objectives. 14. Workshop Agenda: An outline of the workshop with timeframes for content. 15. relevance to social Work Practice: Describe how the session content is relevant to advancing or maintaining Social Work skills, values, knowledge and/or ethical considerations. 16. other Considerations: List any conditions or factors that would affect your ability to present this session, if accepted. 17. two references: Names and Phone numbers of at least two references who can speak to the presenter’s abilities and skills as a trainer. (Continued on next page) NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 7

section C: 18. Please attach a resume for each presenter (Limit to 3 pages). 19. In addition to a resume (limit 3-pages), please submit a biography of 100 words or less for each presenter. If your presentation is selected, this biography will also be used in the Conference Brochure and the online workshop description.

thank you for your submission Complete and Submit Application on or before September 16, 2011 to • Mail to: 2012 NASW-Virginia Attention: Keeping the Wheels Turning Annual Conference 2012 5511 Staples Mill Road, Suite 303 Richmond, VA 23228 •

E-mail to:

Fax to: (804) 204.1539

If you have any questions please call NASW-Virginia’s chapter office at (804) 204.1339 Ext 202

intErEstEd in nEtWorking With A sPECiAlty PrACtiCE grouP? NASWVA is starting a clinical practice special interest group. We are looking for all members who are would like to be involved in this new endeavor.

What is a SIG? A SIG is the acronym for Specialty Interest Group. This is a group of members of the association who are interested in networking, practices, and getting to know colleagues’. The clinical group will meet for the first time in October. All new members can be a part of how this new group will form, meet and communicate. Please call or email Debra Riggs at the chapter office and she will put you on the list. Her email is, and her phone number is 804-204-1339 ext 201. Looking forward to meeting you soon!



NASW-VA Annual Conference 2012 “Keeping the Wheels Turning”

Poster Session What is a poster session? Poster sessions are a forum for the exchange of information among conference attendees. They take place outside the programmed workshop sessions and are a way to communicate ideas, research and innovative programs or initiatives. Information is communicated via text, graphics, tables, charts, pictures, and verbal descriptions with the aim of quickly and easily presenting highlights of a program or research study.

How and When Will the Posters Be Presented? The poster session will take place on Friday, March 9, 2012 at 3:30 pm during the Extended Networking Break at the NASW-VA Annual Conference held at the new Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa at Short Pump. Presenters will be provided with a table upon which to set up a display of their research or program initiative, along with any additional information. Presenters are to be available during this time to talk about their research or program initiative. A specific presentation is not necessary. The winning poster will be presented at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday, March 10, 2012.

Benefit of the NASW-VA Poster Session: • An opportunity for social workers and social work students to present their research or program initiatives. • An opportunity for social workers and social work students to enhance their skills in writing, presentation and scholarship. • An opportunity for social workers and social work students to disseminate professional ideas, to the larger social work community who participates in the conference. • An opportunity for social work students to learn more about their professional association, to learn more about the profession of social work, and to network with social work professionals.

Eligibility and Requirements • Open to social workers and students currently enrolled in a BSW or MSW or PhD program. • Posters may be either: 1. Original research, or 2. Original program design/initiative • All submissions must be sent to NASW-VA postmarked no later than Friday, February 3, 2012. Accepted submissions will be contacted by email or phone as appropriate • All poster session proposals must include: o Title of poster o Name of the institution/college – for student proposals o Name(s) of person (s) presenting the poster note: Please indicate if more than one person wants to present this poster. Depending upon the number of posters accepted, more than one presenter may be allowed. o Names of those involved in the development of the project o A short (200-300 word) description of the project • For submissions by students, the student must be the primary author. The research or program development must be done in conjunction with, and under the supervision of, a social work faculty or a social work field instructor. The faculty or instructor must be a social worker, and may serve either as a supervisor on the project or as a co-author. o The faculty or field instructor does not need to attend the poster session/conference with the student, although they are welcome and encouraged to do so. The complimentary one-day conference registration, however, will only be provided to the main presenter of the poster

Display Requirements • The poster should be on a tri-fold or easel style foam or poster board that is rigid and free standing. It should be able to stand unsupported on a display table. • Presenters are responsible for the set up and take down of their posters. • At minimum the poster should contain: the title, author(s), university/college affiliation if any, abstract, introduction, methods, and conclusion. • Poster size requirements will be provided upon selection for presentation.



for September/October grouP PsyChothErAPy Help your clients develop esteem and improve relationships in collaboration with Jonathan Lebolt, PhD, LCSW, certified by Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society. 20 years' experience providing group therapy; taught group at New York and Adelphi Universities. Eclectic approach. Contact information: (804) 6834536,,

Mon, Thurs, Sat. availability. Call Diana Burnett, LCSW, for details at (703) 443-8677 or email her at small mental health practice in Virginia Beach needs experienced psychotherapist, PhD, LCSW, LPC w/LMFT. Should be currently credentialed (or eligible) with Tricare, Anthem & others, Fax resume to (757) 424.5623

sublet - Beautiful furnished therapy office space available in historic downtown Leesburg, Va.



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racial and Ethnic Competency Are key social Work Components social Workers Are Called to include Cultural Competencies in their Practices Success in social work practice requires cultural competencies, such as racial and ethnic acumen. In order to provide effective services for clients, social workers must have an understanding not only of the cultural values, beliefs and practices of their constituents, but also their own biases about those of other ethnic backgrounds. While race and ethnicity do not define the entirety of an individual, they are a component in understanding a person’s world view. Social workers better aid their clients when they are competent in understanding that world view. The topic of ethnic and racial competency receives robust treatment in the latest issue of Social Work published by NASW Press. Three articles specifically focus on racial-ethnic issues: •

Spirituality often plays a role in a client’s recovery, but a social worker’s knowledge of spiritual values may not include knowledge of Native American spirituality. In “spiritual Assessment and native Americans: Establishing the social Validity of a Complementary set of Assessment tools,” David R. Hodge and Gordon E. Limb make a case for adapting client assessment techniques to reflect the spiritual world view of Native Americans. Furthermore, they point out that “spiritual competence” is an active process involving the social worker’s awareness of his own world view, an awareness of the client’s world view and the design of strategies that are appropriate to the client’s outlook. They also point out that spiritual competencies should be developed for each Native culture. Elderly immigrant populations, however, must deal with a very different life situation. Kyoung Hag Lee and Dong Pil Yoon discuss a particular set of struggles in “factors influencing the general Well-being of low-income korean immigrant Elders.” Language barriers and a sense of dislocation can bear on the sense of well being among these elders, and lead to anxiety, depression, and health problems. The authors argue for several strategies to aid elderly Korean immigrant clients, such as language competency not only for social workers, but also for the US-raised relatives of these elders. Furthermore, the authors mention the close connection Korean elders often have with their churches, and how this connection can be fostered for further client benefit. We are becoming more accustomed to tailoring client care to the client’s ethnical-racial background—but what about multiracial clients? “multiracial Competence in social Work: recommendations for Culturally Attuned Work with multiracial People,” by Kelly F. Jackson and Gina M. Samuels argues for more culturally attuned practices with multiracial people. The authors point out that a multiracial client’s self-awareness and identity require a social worker’s acknowledgement of this cultural duality, and of the social worker’s own presumptions about race and ethnicity. The social worker needs to understand the unique situation of the client, and factor the client’s self-identity into designing strategies for care.

Additionally, this issue of Social Work includes a variety of helpful articles on mentoring, human services and management. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW), in Washington, DC, is the largest membership organization of professional social workers with 145,000 members. It promotes, develops, and protects the practice of social work and social workers. NASW also seeks to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities through its advocacy. NASW Press is a leading scholarly press in the social sciences. It serves faculty, practitioners, agencies, libraries, clinicians, and researchers throughout the United States and abroad. Known for attracting expert authors, the NASW Press delivers professional information to hundreds of thousands of readers through its scholarly journals, books, and reference works.


share your story Submission Date- 2.10.12 We honor those who are steadfast in their pursuit of professional excellence and commitment to the values of social work. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest and most recognized membership organization of professional social workers in the world. Representing 155,000 members from 56 chapters in the United States and abroad, the association promotes, develops and protects the practice of social work and social workers. Virginia Chapter represents more than 3,200 professional social workers.

NASW-Virginia is looking for recommendations for our 2012 Annual Conference Awards Ceremony. Categories include BSW, MSW, Lifetime Achievement, and Social Worker of the Year. If you know someone deserving of this recognition please e-mail our Marketing and Membership Services Coordinator, Cara Crowley at

nAsW-Virginia 2011 Annual Awards nomination form Please complete and return this form by fax (804) 204.1539 or mail by friday, february 10, 2012. remember, nominees must be current members in good standing with nAsW-Virginia Chapter. Please print legibly or type. The following individual is being nominated for: _____ 2012 BSW Social Work Student of the Year _____ 2012 MSW Social Work Student of the Year Award _____ 2012 Social Work Lifetime Achievement Award _____ 2012 Social Worker of the Year

Nominee name: _________________________________________________________________________________ Nominee Phone: (work) _____________________________ (home) _____________________________________ Nominee Current Position: ________________________________________________________________________ Nominee Business Address: _______________________________________________________________________ (continued on next page) NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 14

Nominator: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Nominator Work Address: ________________________________________________________________________ Nominator’s Signature: _________________________{__________________________________________________ Nominator’s Phone: (work) _________________________________ (home) ________________________________

Please explain why you are nominating this individual: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please use additional pages, if necessary mail to: nAsW-VA Awards 5511 staples mill rd., ste 303, richmond, VA 23228 phone: (804) 204.1339 e-mail:


updating, improving, Advancing... NASW-Virginia has been working hard to create a new user friendly website for our members and site visitors.

• •

note, nAsW-VA’s website will have the same web address your generic password will be Password1 our new website will require an up-to-date e-mail address for access to certain sections. NASW-Virginia would greatly appreciate our members taking 3 minutes of your time to provide us with the appropriate e-mail address so we can make sure you will have full access to our new and improved website.

Name: _____________________________________________________ Current E-mail Address: ___________________________________________

If you have any further ideas, tips, or suggestions for the new site please leave additional comments. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Please send your updated e-mail address by which ever method best conveniences you. • • • •

Call the chapter office at (804) 204.1339 x203 Send an e-mail to Fax the following form to (804)204.1539 Mail this section back to the Virginia Chapter office at 5511 Staples Mill Road Suite 303 Richmond, VA 23228 NASW VIRGINIA CHAPTER nEWs 16


2012 Annual Conference keeping the Wheels turning Sponsorship Prospectus Now Available!

The NASW-VA Annual Conference provides the premium opportunity to forge personal connections with hundreds of Virginia’s Social Workers and Mental Health Professionals at every level and from a myriad of practice settings. Conference Sponsorships come in a variety of prices and include marketing opportunities, including free advertising. Discounts are available for organizations that sponsored the 2011 Annual Conference. We’re also very excited to announce the 2012 Annual Conference will be held at the beautiful new Hilton Richmond Hotel & Spa at Short Pump. This hotel boasts centrally located exhibit space in the Conference foyer, which will ensure maximum foot traffic and multiple opportunities for every Sponsor to make priceless connections with all of our attendees.

the 2012 Application The 2012 Sponsorship Prospectus can be found on the NASW-VA Chapter website. To request a PDF or paper copy, please contact Marketing Coordinator, Cara Crowley, at (804) 204.1339 x203 or by e-mail at

Apply now! Each sponsorship level has a limited number of tables, and they go fast! There are two easy ways to register – fill out the easy online application on the Chapter website or fill out the Sponsorship Application included in the Prospectus and return it along with payment by mail or fax.


NASW Professional development trainings For additional information on any of the following, and to register for NASWVA sponsored trainings, please see the list on our website: september 30 – october 1, 2011, 8:30am – 5:00pm, Clinical supervision Certification Program This NASW-VA sponsored, comprehensive 14-hour workshop addresses the most critical issues for the clinical supervisor in social work. Key concepts covered include models of supervision, individual versus group supervision, professional conduct and ethical issues in supervision, parallel process and leadership. In addition, current research looking at supervision is presented. Attendees will earn 14.0 Category 1 Contact hours, including 2.0 Category 1 Contact hours of Ethics. instructor: Ellen Fink-Samnick, LCSW, CCM, CRC location: Charlottesville, VA member: $270 non-member: $345 registration opens at 8:00am

october 14 – 15, 2012, 8:30am – 5:00pm, Clinical supervision Certification Program This NASW-VA sponsored, comprehensive 14-hour workshop addresses the most critical issues for the clinical supervisor in social work. Key concepts covered include models of supervision, individual versus group supervision, professional conduct and ethical issues in supervision, parallel process and leadership. In addition, current research looking at supervision is presented. Attendees will earn 14.0 Category 1 Contact hours, including 2.0 Category 1 Contact hours of Ethics. instructor: Frances Christian, PhD, LCSW location: Richmond, VA member: $270 non-member: $345 registration opens at 8:00am

october 21 – 22, 2011, 8:30am – 5:00pm, lCsW Exam Prep Course This workshop has successfully prepared thousands of social workers across the country to prepare for the Clinical Examination developed by the Association of Social Work Boards. This examination is required in order to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Content will benefit participants in several ways. First, it will provide attendees with test-taking strategies for correctly answering examination questions. A framework for critical analysis of examination questions will be presented and the instructor will use sample questions to illustrate important concepts. In addition, a review of material in each of the content areas on the examination will assist attendees with recall of information and focusing subsequent studying Attendees will earn 14.0 Category i Contact hours. instructor: Delores Dungee Anderson, PhD location: Arlington, VA member: $270 non-member: $345 registration opens at 8:00am


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2012 Annual Conference

N AS W VIRGINIA CHAPTER Preconference Leadership Institute: Thursday March, 8, 2012 Annual Conference: Friday and Saturday, March 9-10, 2012 Hilton Short Pump Hotel & Spa Look for more information coming soon. Interested in presenting? Look at call for papers application and info on pages 4-8 inside this edition.

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