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BIO Kalmykova Anastasia 15/01/1992 Moscow

ARCHITECTURAL EXPERIENCE Restoration Department in MArchI (2011 — present) student projects of Business Center, Parking, Low-rise Building in the Center of Moscow, Settlement

LANGUAGES Russian native

English advanced

Strelka Summer Workshop (The Pavilion for Yota) (jul 2010) tutors from Metropolitan Studio (Bartlett School of Architecture)

EDUCATION Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI) participant

(2009 — present) group of professor Evgeny Poliancev (2011 — present)

Grasshopper Semester Course in Parametric Digital Bakery Studio (nov 2010) participant

A101 Block City Competition

(jan 2011)

participant, 1st tour finalist

Grasshopper Semester Course in MArchI

(sep 2011 — may 2011)


Parametric Digital Bakery Architectural Studio

(mar 2011 — jul 2011)

advanced level


First International Spring School “City And Society in The PostIndustrial Glocal Age” in Barcelona, Spain (may 2011) tutors - J.Acebillo, U.Grigorian, S. Sitar, I.Korobina participant

Processing Workshop in MArchI (tutors from Architectural University in Dessau) (mar 2012) participant

“Project Russia” Pavillion Competition


(apr 2012)

medium level

Processing Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Microsoft Office beginner level

Google SketchUp Ecotect Analysis

participant, short list of 15

“Avantgarde-Award” Museum Competition

AutoCAD Vectorworks Rhinoceros + Grasshopper Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign

(may 2012) participant

Bernaskoni Architectural Studio (may 2012) intern

Philippe Rahm Architectural Studio (Paris) (jul 2012 - sep 2012) intern

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Moscow Oblast Basketball Team (2000 - 2008) MArchI Basketball Team (2008 - 2012) Podolsk Swimming Team (2004 - 2006)



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