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Welcome to Ukraine! Welcome to Chernivtsi! We are happy to see you in AIESEC Chernivtsi as an intern! We promise to do your internship unforgettable and really cool!

Career Development 2014 national IC GCDP project of AIESEC in Ukraine is aimed at activating leadership among students, giving them a platform to make decisions about the future, and to help them identify the values, strengths and weaknesses, personal and professional goals. Target audience: high school students aged 13-16 years.

Goals of the project: • Explore and identify professional skills of pupils and students • Develop career-related skills • Inspire pupils and students for self-discovery and development • Run goal-setting process for pupils and students • Activate leadership skills • Increase the level of English language skills • Broaden worldview of pupils and provide information about different occupations and professions • Create visible impact in the shortest time

Date of realization: 20/01/14-03/03/14

Check and read attentively our TNs: TN-In-UA-CH-2013-44 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-45 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-46 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-47 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-48 Accomodation and 1 meal per working day provided!

Job Descriptions

• Job Description 1: The main task is to implement an effective program of lessons and teach languages to students of the age 17-24 and develop their cultural awareness and diversity.

• Job Description 2: To provide speaking clubs, workshops and presentations in partner language schools and undertaking different after-classes outdoor activities.

• Job Description 3: To make presentation of interns country in order to show cultural variety and develop cultural tolerance among participants.

• Job Description 4: To prepare and organize speaking clubs according to topics prepared with help of OC team.

• Job Description 5: To make report about your internship and video, give it to OC on the last week of your internship.

• Job Description 6: To take part in OC team, LC activities, integration events, be involved into LC work - facilitation, education, recruitment, OGX activities, others.

Check our TNs: TN-In-UA-CH-2013-61 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-62 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-63 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-64 TN-In-UA-CH-2013-65 Accomodation and 1 meal per working day provided!

If you want to apply or just ask something write to our ICX matching coordinator Yulia Bilanchuk:

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LС Сhernivtsi promo-booklet  

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