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Placement Report Nate Sterling 11008874 Design For Industry

DJ Cueball p


Byker Garden p

NHS Placement





From March onwards, we were expected to find a placement or equivalent workload; here is a collection of the work I have created.

DJ Cueball Brand Creation

Byker Garden Brand Creation

NHS Placement Service Innovation

DJ Cueball

Create the branding, promotional material, mixtape cover for DJ Cueball.

Logo Creation

Mixtape Cover Create the artwork for “Dope Sh!t Factory, the weekly mix created by Cueball DJ. I also created possible packaging for the mixes; paper envelopes and printed CDs.


For promotional use, to raise awareness of the DJ and his brand!

Social Media



Created a range of promotional materials for socials

Used as a promotional tool, paying homage to the

Another mixtape series being produced by Cueball

networks such as Instagram and Twitter

original DJ format, vinyl.


Byker Garden

Create the branding, promotional material, website for Byker Garden

Event Flyer

Create a flyer to promote upcoming events to the local community.

Service Innovation Placement (8-10 Weeks) The aim of the project is to improve the experience of domiciliary dental care for patients, some of whom suffer from mental illnesses such as dementia.

Thanks For Reading!


Collection of work whilst on placement and working freelance from March 2014 onwards

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