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ÂŤCreativity is the best way to escape from reality. With writing you express your desires and experience the joy of Freedom!Âť Lily Amis Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Author, Blogger, Artist, Publisher & Columnist

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Publication date: November 22, 2014 Publication date: June 24, 2016 Publication date: December 1, 2016 Publication date: February 10, 2017

Children Book Series (part 1 & part 2) Angel of Hope & Lily Publication date: May 17, 2015 Bon Voyage Publication date: August 6, 2016 Illustrated Short Stories (Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance, Educational) Peanut & Lily Publication date: May 17, 2015 Angel of Love & Lily Publication date: July 15, 2015 Little Lily Publication date: November 2, 2015 Americas Royal Family Publication date: October 16, 2016 Lily Amis Short Stories Publication date: January 7, 2017 Teddy & Lily Publication date: January 26, 2017 Birdy & Fishy Publication date: April 16, 2017

Songlyric Books Angel of Hope, Wings of Tenderness Publication date: June 3, 2015 Angel of Love, Heat my frozen heart Publication date: July 18, 2016 Lily Amis Books in German Engel der Hoffnung & Lily Destination:Freiheit Die Definition von Freiheit Die kleine Lily

Publication date: May 17, 2015 Publication date: September 7, 2015 Publication date: December 24, 2016 Publication date: November 8, 2016

Illustrated Book, another age- and timeless story! Leo & Mousi Publication date: coming soon... Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

ENGLISH GERMAN Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Destination: Freedom” During this time, bombs from our enemy kept coming – the war was horrifying. You never know just how scary and horrible war really is until you’ve been in the middle of one. The media show pictures of families and children who lose their existence within seconds and are destroyed by war. But it is very much different when you and your loved ones are directly affected by it. Every day, we saw it. I still remember the war between ASIAcity and our neighbor country and the times of the bombings, very well. We had learned through the media how to behave in the situation and what precautions to take in order to be safe. There were two kinds of sirens keeping track of what was happening before and after an attack. I remember their sounds as if I had heard them yesterday. In the middle of the dark night we were awakened several times by incredibly loud and scary sirens. We constantly lived in fear and felt helpless – it was terrifying! We no longer lived normal lives. To us, every day, every hour, every minute and every second could be the last – and we were oh so conscious of that fact. During the attacks, I used to hold mom’s hand crying: “Mommy, I don’t want to die!” We usually stayed in the living room during the attacks and sat very close to each other. We hardly spoke and each of us prayed silently. Every time a bomb hit the ground, the whole house trembled and we waited for the next, hoping that no one we knew would be hit. The attacks seemed to last forever – they really only lasted a few minutes. We were scared of dying and even more so of having to live the rest of our lives as cripples and in pain. We were even more afraid of losing loved ones, however. I was terribly scared of becoming an orphan and having to live in an orphanage. I was hoping to survive the war or – at least – die together with the rest of my family. Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

At the beginning, the enemy planes only came in the evening. After a while, they came during the day too. It didn’t bother me as much during the day because the sun was shining and the bombs were less scary. At night, however, when everything was dark and quite, the bombs were terrifying. The enemy’s came up to five times a day, and every time the power was cut for security reasons. That was very tedious and caused even more problems and damage. After every attack, the areas that took direct hits looked horrible. I, personally, never saw it with my own eyes but mom did. She later told me how she saw body parts such as hands and legs hanging from trees. The houses were no longer recognizable as such – it was as if they never existed. Even schools and hospitals were bombed. Because of that, my school was closed most of the time. The whole situation was becoming unbearable. Many families lost children, brothers, fathers, husbands in the war, and the only past-time of many people seemed to be going to funerals.

Many times, we were able to see the fire and hear the people’s screams after the attacks. It was alarming because we always knew that it could’ve been us. The only thing left to do was to pray that the horrors would eventually end. Constantly waking up at night slowly became so tiresome that we built a shelter in our cellar and began to sleep there. Actually, we didn’t sleep at all but sat around and waited. The attacks and fear of death reminded us again and again that death was potentially close at hand. We absolutely had to leave!

(From chapter 4 - A New Papa and the War)


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima


Read sample “Definition of Freedom” I often wonder what I would say to my grandparents if they asked me today, in 2014: Honey, we’ve been gone for a decade now. What have we missed? How has the world developed? What happened to you and your mother after your return to Switzerland? Did you find freedom? Have you found happiness again?

Now, where am I going to start? Nothing, yet so much, has changed. We are talking about a decade of both progression and regression – progression in terms of the development of technology, and regression when it comes to humanity. Today we are in 2014, and I would like to answer: The world has developed positively, and so have our lives. But that’s not the case. I would like to say: We found our freedom. But, ironically, we’re still looking for it. It is as if time has stood still for the past ten years. Time passes, but something holds us back. It is as if we take two steps forward and then, completely unexpectedly, ten steps back. We swim constantly against the tide, but we’re powerless in the face of it.

About our world: History repeats itself. People make the same mistakes over and over again. Powerful, rich and greedy countries get richer and the poor countries struggle through. Rich countries continue to spend money on weapons and civil wars, neglect their citizens and do nothing against poverty and unemployment. Because of civil wars there are millions of refugees in the world. Out of desperation or fear of death people leave their homes with false hopes and goals. Quite often they are risking their lives and drown or freeze to death on the way to Europe. And those who make it have no idea what to expect. People always want what they don’t have. People in the developing countries want to live in Europe or America. Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

People in Europe want a future in the United States, Australia or New Zealand – away from all their difficulties. And the Americans are already planning a future on another planet, Mars.

Instead of appreciating and cultivating what we have, we’re destroying the world and spending millions on research, which we could go on living without. Instead of fighting poverty, ending wars and curing diseases, billions are wasted on pointless projects. While the populations in Africa and India are fighting for survival, have nothing to eat and drink and do not even know how it feels to sleep in a bed or the taste of a piece of bread, the mighty rulers spend money on new technologies and espionage. Technologies that will most likely sooner or later wipe out our planet. Oh yes, there is something new: the World Wide Web. It is a whole new galaxy. It's probably one of the best inventions of recent decades. But at the same time it is a curse and possibly a danger to the future, because people have become even lonelier than before. People spend hours on the Internet, the WWW, instead of taking care of their families, friends, partners and children. Thanks to the WWW one does not even have to enter a library. If you have questions, you find the answer on the network. Isn’t that great? I would have liked to have that in my school days, when we had to prepare homework, essays or lectures. It is really handy. You can buy almost anything on the Internet.

(From chapter 1 – The last Decade)

The Lily Amis Story (Two in One including personal family pictures) “Perhaps it may have been stay and face the bombing in our hometown, rather than endure a permanent fight for acceptance and dignity in a foreign country. From childhood through to my adult years, my freedom was stolen from me, just so that I could remain in Switzerland. This was my emotional suicide.” Lily Amis In summer 2015, the refugee crises became a global issue. However, Lily Amis had already experienced war as a child in the Eighties, growing up in a war zone and living from one day to another. However, her exposure to war and daily bombings seemed nothing compared to what she was faced with, living as a refugee in Switzerland for over two decades! Rejection, humiliation, discrimination and constant fear of existence were a living punishment - from the moment Lily entered the country as a war-refugee until today, where she is now a Swiss Citizen. Lily tells how a life without human rights, freedom and dignity is really worth nothing! The Lily Amis Story includes the two first published books of a memoir trilogy. Part One: Destination: Freedom and Part Two: Definition of Freedom. Based on true events, Lily writes about a happy childhood growing up with her loving grandparents until war changed everything. Leaving their hometown with only two suitcases and fear, Lily and her mom hope for a safe and happy future in Europe.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

In Definition of Freedom, the follow-up story, Lily openly shares her experiences as a foreigner in Switzerland, where her life was constantly overshadowed by bureaucracy, discrimination, social isolation, unemployment and bullying. During the twenty-seven-year period waiting for her naturalization she experiences set-backs, betrayal and all-too-human disappointment. Despite everything, Lily and her Mom emerge stronger from every defeat and always fighting for their rights! This is a heartfelt and brutally honest story, where Lily seeks acceptance and tolerance for all refugees entering Europe. This is her message to the world. “The war-refugees didn’t choose to become refugees. None of them created war. They are only helpless and innocent victims of people in power, who make a fortune selling weapons and destroying countries and families. Instead of toying, support these refugees and include them, rather than isolate them. Refugees are not a disease; they are human beings with the same desires as everyone else. Give them a life; give them the chance to build independence with dignity. Give them a future. Treat them the way you’d like to be treated in desperate times! Respect, acceptance and tolerance are the magic words of kindness!”

2 in ONE

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Lily Amis Books by nasSima


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “History Reloaded” WOULD YOU SLAM THE DOOR IN A PERSON’S Why is the EU reacting SUDDENLY, so cruelly and FACE, WHO’S IN DESPERATE NEED OF YOUR heartlessly? Slamming “the doors” in pregnant women’s faces or women with little children; HELP? especially breaks my heart. The refugee crisis If your answer is YES, then don’t even bother to will not END just because the EU is now building read my message! If your answer is NO, Thank fences and closing the borders to the safe routes. The opposite will happen. Innocent and God! You are a human with a heart and soul! helpless refugees, pregnant women, and Weeks ago, thousands of refugees have started mothers, will end up dead. an uncertain journey, with many obstacles and difficulties. The only thing that kept them The EU will become a mass grave, while the moving and not giving up their uncertain and world is watching the images of these victims and handling the situation completely falsely. painful journey was, HOPE! The EU has to find a fair solution ASAP! If this It is difficult for me to see these families, who crisis continues, without a RIGHT and HUMANE have given up, “everything”, with completely solution, in fifty years time the politicians will false hopes and expectations for a better life and hold a memorial day for these people, on a mass a better future in the EU. It’s as if they thought grave and put flowers on the ground for the the EU was waiting here for them and would roll innocent victims of this sick game. The next out the red carpet. This is obviously not the case. generation will be ashamed and full of regret Nevertheless, countries such as Germany have because of the EU’s false and heartless decisions reacted incredibly humanely and surprised me by of today, September 2015. welcoming the refugees. What about Hungary? Well, don’t even get me started, because my If you would ask a person today, would you slam motto is: “If you can’t say something nice, it’s the door in Anne Frank’s face? People, who are better to say NOTHING at all!” So I leave it at educated and know who I’m talking about that. Now, many EU countries are closing the would be offended, shocked, terrified, and borders to desperate humans in need and I don’t immediately respond: “Of course not. How could you ask such a heartless question?” understand why?

“HISTORY RELOADED” is a collection of post-series, by multi-genre author & blogger, Lily Amis. Lily started to blog in 2015 when the refugee crisis hit Europe. She was about to promote her memoir, “Destination: Freedom”, which is about her own experience as a child, war-refugee in the eighties. The collection of posts includes her thoughts and interviews during the refugee crisis, with British newspapers and female magazines such as, The Mirror, Female First, and Frost Magazine. Lily’s views on all the mess that is ruling our selfish and superficial society of today are personal and honest. War history, discrimination, racism, the Calais jungle, The Paris attacks, the crises in Syria, Afghanistan and Aleppo are all covered. The shock with Brexit, the American Presidential Election of 2016, and finally the new US President are just a few of the topics that made shocking history!


Amis Books & Collections nasSima LilyLily Amis Books & Collections byby nasSima


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima


Read sample “Angel of Hope & Lily, Featuring Monsieur Jac Couture” Suddenly totally unexpected Lily’s harmonic life is overshadowed by a war. Her hometown is in battle with the neighbor’s country. The reason is complicated. But it has changed the lives of the people in her hometown and neighborhood! There is a dark atmosphere. Fear and uncertainty are in the air. Daily one can hear loud war sirens and the city lights fall out. Mother and daughter are afraid of the dark and worried about their future.

Therefore Sima has decided to leave Asiacity forever. She is about to sell all her belongings. Lily has to separate from her toys and beloved dolls to. Mother and daughter don’t have enough space in their suitcases to take everything along.

Monsieur Jac is worried: » Mondieu, petite cherie please don’t sell me to? Pleeeease can I join you? Will you take me with you to wherever you’re going to? « »Of course I will take you with me. I don’t think anyone would buy you anyway. Who wants to have a smartass 24/7? « Monsieur Jac is insulted: » What’s that supposed to mean? You took me from Germany to Asiacity. I never asked you to do so. I lost my whole family. «

» Oh Monsieur Jac don’t get sentimental. You know exactly that your whole family is not living in Germany. They’re in France. « » How would you know? « » Listen to yourself. You speak several languages except French. But you have a French accent. You’re obviously French. Your whole attitude, elegance and sense for fashion and style is so French. Also you love French baguette, croissant, red wine and cheese. How come you ended up in Germany anyway? «

» Oh, petite cherie, I don’t have much memory of my childhood. All I remember is that my parents wanted me to have a good education and a safe future. They thought I should leave France because my life was in danger! « » Why in danger? « » I have no idea. I never got to understand the reason why they were so worried about my future! «

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Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

The making of “Angel of Hope & Lily”

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Bon Voyage” Lily: “Boy and I thought for a second you were actually out of your mind Monsieur Jac,” says a relieved Lily. Monsieur Jac: “Not yet Cherie. Maybe one day, but not today. I’m old but not lunatic…Ha ha! Our next stop this afternoon will be at the famous Park Güell created by the Spanish Master Antoni Gaudi. It is the most gorgeous park I have ever seen.” Lily: “What is so gorgeous about it?”

Monsieur Jac: “Simply everything. The location is spectacular. Trust me, you will love it.” Lily: “Whatever you say Sir. You’re the tour guide. So where do we go from Barcelona? Please let us go to London, the capital city of United Kingdom.”

Monsieur Jac: “Sure! No problem. What is the first thing you would like to do in London?” Lily: “You mean except for having a TT with the Queen on her ninetieth birthday celebration?” Monsieur Jac: “What is a TT Cherie?”

Lily: “Tea and Toast! Ha ha! I just made that up. You love your CC, your morning Cappuccino and Croissants and I’d love to have an afternoon English tea with her majesty.” Monsieur Jac: “What about the other Royal family members? Don’t you want to meet them too?” Lily: “Sure! You know what I’d really like to experience? I would love to stand out on the Buckingham Palace balcony and look down at Britain’s population from above and wave. How many people live in UK anyway?”

Monsieur Jac: “Around sixty-four million people! Cherie, I think I’m afraid of heights!” Lily: “Sixty-four million? Wow! Listen you don’t have to be afraid, Monsieur Jac. Even Prince George and Princess Charlotte wave from the balcony. Mom must join us too. This will be a memorable moment for all of us. I might even ask the Queen for her blessing!” Monsieur Jac: “What kind of blessing?” Lily: “As you may remember, I’ve always wanted to be a princess or at least have a ‘Lady’ title. Imagine me as Lady Lily and Mom as Lady Sima. You could get a title too. What do you think about Sir Jac Couture instead of Monsieur Jac Couture?” Monsieur Jac: “Lady Lily I would be honored to take the ‘Sir’ title and be officially knighted by the Queen… Ha ha!”

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Monsieur Jac: “You know what will also be a joyful experience? Taking a ride on the sightseeing bus tour with Prince George through the entire city of London and visiting places such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.” Lily: “Wow, we have to spend months in London to be able to visit all those beautiful and exciting places. There is so much to discover.

The making of “Bon Voyage”

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

“Bon Voyage” Thank U Letter

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Peanut & Lily” My story began back in September, 2010. I had lost my family and was left all alone in a dark place behind a huge building in a big city. Back then I had no idea where I was. I just remember that it was an unpleasant and scary place.

To be honest, I was afraid of every single noise. Because everything was new to me. So every smell and every noise was challenging. I was afraid that no one would ever find me because I was soooo small. Who would look after me? A week passed and I was still all by myself. I had no hope that anyone would ever find me. I was tired. I was hungry and I was thirsty. I was scared and meowed for help. I thought someone would eventually hear me. But, I was a fighter from the start and I believed that my guardian angel would come to help.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

I struggled to survive without food and milk for seven days until a miracle happened. I remember that I was touched by the hands of an angel. A beautiful and loving lady touched my skin and gave me comfort with her wonderful voice. The first thing she said was: » Sweetie what are you doing here all by yourself? Don’t worry everything is going to be fine now. You are safe. « That was exactly what I needed to hear. I was so happy that my prayers were heard. But what now? Where was this Lady going to take me? I was starving and couldn’t think straight. Anything was good enough for me at that point.


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

The making of “Angel of Love & Lily”

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Angel of Love & Lily� .... Until the unthinkable happened. On a day in September, a day I will always remember. He entered into my life and swept me off my feet, my Angel of Love! It was the 14 September. I felt it immediately. He was a blessing sent from God, from heaven above. My Number One, my special someone.

I was overjoyed to have found my other half after all this time of loneliness. Even though everything in the universe seemed to be against us, Zak had become my sweetheart and I was his. The distance between our countries was for sure an issue.

I felt right away that Zak, a football player from Cyprus, was one in a million. I felt that he was my destiny. He looked smart and handsome, beautiful on the inside and on the outside. He had an amazing breath taking smile that excited me from the word go.

But we wrote to each other for six months regularly. Every single message from him made me feel special. I was happy and grateful for having him in my daily life. Already in one of his first messages he promised me that we would see each other again and spend precious time together.

We met at a transit terminal at an airport where he was waiting for his flight back home with his football team. Unfortunately, we had different flight destinations. But there was enough time to exchange our contact information.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Six months later, Zak actually kept his promise and surprised me.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Little Lily” Lily, Marie-France and her friend Bahar, also a girl from Tehran share a room. They don’t have any beds, and what they find on the floor can’t really be called mattresses. As they try to make the best of the situation, they rearrange the furniture in the room and try to turn the dump into a cozy little bedroom. Lily and her friends keep their sense of humour. They laugh and hold together like the Three Musketeers. They sing and dance and make silly things together. Whenever they move anywhere in the house, the floor creaks. There is no modern or even decent toilet. In fact, there is only a disgusting outhouse out back. Lily has never seen anything like this before and is appalled by the sight of the flies that are very much at home there. I don’t even want to mention the smell! The girls decide never to go near it again. The other children tell them they can always just go in the woods.

Great idea, think the three girls. But the forest isn’t exactly nearby. They have to walk for quite a while until they reach it. But that’s not all. There also is no shower or bathtub in the house. They are told that they can wash themselves in the waterfall or pond nearby. But the water there is freezing! Another problem is that they don’t have any electricity. Apparently, they are supposed to learn to live naturally like humans did a long time ago.

Marie-France keeps cursing in French, her mother tongue. Lily and Bahar, as shy as they are, are speechless. “Is this really the place where we’re going to stay for the next two weeks?” they ask, horrified. “Is this a bad joke?” They never expected such a dump in their worst nightmare. Lily is disgusted by every corner of the house, which is old and smelly. They don’t know where to wash their faces in the morning or where to brush their teeth. The other children are sharing the fountain in front of the house, which is also used by the cows and a donkey! Marie-France has a great idea: She takes a soup tureen from the kitchen and hides it in their room. It is going to be their toilet for the next two weeks. This way, they don’t have to go out in the dark in the middle of the night any more. Of course, they don’t tell anyone about their solution. But there is a funny incident that almost reveals their secret.

America’s Royal Family, an illustrated book, is a reflection of our society. Tired of our selfish, social media, superficial, selfie and botty-obsessed society, a lonely girl looking desperately for love and family decides to make a change in her life. Lisy travels to America to find America’s Royal Family. Will she find them? And the most important question of all: Who is America’s Royal Family? Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “America’s Royal Family” I really need to get fresh air. I think I should have a walk in Central Park. Maybe someone there knows the address of America’s Royal Family. And if not I know someone reliable. She knows for sure… Lisy thinks positively. After an unsuccessful search throughout entire Central Park, Lisy decides to visit The Statue of Liberty.

I hope Miss Liberty is a better source than the Google-Lady, thinks Lisy full of hope. Lisy: “Excuse me Miss Liberty my name is Lisy. What’s up? How are you? I came all the way from Switzerland to visit America’s Royal Family. Can you tell me where they live?” Lady Liberty: “Well hello Lisy. Nice to meet you. Welcome to New York. I’m sorry to say that we don’t have a Royal Family in America. You probably want to meet the President and the first Lady, but they live in Washington D.C. ”

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lisy: “No, I want to meet America’s Royal Family. Why is everybody trying to change my plans? I know why I came to America and who I want to meet.” Lady Liberty: “I didn’t mean to upset you Lisy. But we really don’t have a Royal family in America! No one, not even me can do anything about it. I’m completely helpless and as you see I’m also busy. Nobody ever cares about my feelings. All people do is visiting me and taking pictures without asking for my permission. People take me for granted, as if I have no feelings at all. That’s so disrespectful. And I’m sorry but you came all the way to America for nothing. You do know that Royal families only exist in European Countries such as United Kingdom? ”

Lisy: “Of course I know. But I came to meet Americas Royal Family. Hey I’m very sorry to hear about your sadness and complaints Miss Liberty!” Lady Liberty: “Thank you Lisy. Do you know why I’m opening my heart to you? Because you are the first person, who asked me how I’m doing. No one has ever done that before. Also you are the first visitor who hasn’t taken a picture of me yet. That’s a new experience. The tourists are like vultures. They don’t care about my feelings. I stand here all day, every day, all year long and not one single person ever asks how I am doing or cares about how I feel. Some days I feel so lonely and isolated. Seeing these self-centered and selfish people forces me to question my purpose and my job here. I feel so homeless and I miss my home country France. ”

Lisy: “Tell me about it. I know how it feels like to be a foreigner. And I hate my job as well Miss Liberty. People treat me like rubbish and they have no respect for me either. They never care about my feelings. So I know exactly what you are saying. I live it every day. You know what’s interesting? The Google-Lady was also surprised when I didn’t take a selfie with her.” Lady Liberty: “Who on earth is the GoogleLady?”

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Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

“Americas Royal Family” Thank U Letter

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Teddy & Lily” … For the first time in my entire life, I actually wished and prayed that this little girl would pick me, take me home and become my best friend for life. The pretty little girl came straight to me, looked at me, touched me and then showered me with all her love and didn’t let go of me. She had such a big heart and so much love to give that I almost couldn’t breathe. Once I was in her arms, I knew we belonged together. I knew I was in good hands. I saw the sparkle of joy in her eyes and felt her warm and comforting hands. I was over the moon.

Our special bond and our chemistry were undeniable. Love was the best feeling ever. Little Lily: “Mom! I have found my friend for life. This is the one. You would make me the happiest girl in the world if I could have this beautiful and cuddly Teddy.” Mummy Sima: “Are you sure this is the one Lily? There are many others you can look at.” Little Lily: “No Mom, that’s the one. He’s going to be the friend I need in good and difficult times. He will take good care of me and I will take good care of him.” Mummy Sima: “Well, okay then. I guess I have to welcome him into our family. What are you going to name him?”

Little Lily: “Hmmm… I think I’m going to name him Teddy.” “Teddy!” Woohoo! I liked my name. After all, I am a Teddy, so I was happy with Lily’s decision. It felt good to finally have an official name and be someone’s closest friend. I was so happy and excited, but also a bit sad to say goodbye to my friends, who were devastated and full of tears. You know, we all were very close. Every night when the Souvenir Shop closed, we had deep and long conversations about life, our hopes and dreams. Now they had to do without me and I had to learn to do without them. It was one of those bitter-sweet moments. I was happy, but also sad. I was anxious and excited, but also worried and terrified.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Where would I live from now on? I had absolutely no clue where this little girl and her elegant mom would take me to. Was I going to stay in Singapore? Could I visit my friends in the future, or would they take me to another country, like most passengers do with their souvenirs? Even though I lived in the Airport Terminal, I loved being in Singapore because of the sunny weather that I could see through the Terminal windows and I could feel how warm it was, every day. Well, my destiny was in someone else’s hands now. I had no choice in the matter, but I was happy and full of hope. (From chapter 1)

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Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Read sample “Birdy & Fishy” For many years, Fishy kept a diary, in her mind. She knew how long she was living in this flat, because she counted the days, the weeks, and the months until she could finally find freedom and happiness. But the more the years went by, the more miserable and hopeless Fishy felt. She was trapped and there was no hope. So, one day, Fishy just stopped counting. But, she always knew, in her heart, one day she would write a bestseller and share her memoirs with the world. Fishy prayed life would treat her better one day and believed there was more to life than this loveless and tasteless flat. Fishy prayed for a bright future. All she ever wanted was freedom, so she was praying and wishing desperately for a miracle. She deserved a new life, a happy life.

She deserved a free life, filled with joy, laughter, and most importantly, with loving and caring friends. A place far away from this crystal bowl. Far away from this boring apartment. Far away from this loveless and selfish person. Fishy didn’t want to feel like a prisoner anymore. She didn’t want to feel rejected and unwanted for a moment longer. Then, on a day in the summer of 2013, something quite unexpected happened. It was indeed a miracle. As always, the lady of the house left for work early in the morning. But, on this particular day, she’d left the windows open. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The green trees, on the street, the colorful flowers and the smells of summer, all combined to make Fishy happy and feeling positive and hopeful, about life.

For the first time, after many years, she had a real smile on her face. She was doing her morning workout, as usual, but this time, she was not only swimming in a circle, she was actually singing and dancing. Then, she was suddenly interrupted! “Well, hello!” tweeted, a gorgeous, little bird.


48 Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Song Lyric Book Angel of Hope Wings of Tenderness DESTINATION: FREEDOM Pop song, Ballade by Lily Amis © 2011 scored with 6 by the UKSC Judges Verse 1 Bombs keep falling like a raindrop from the sky Bloods are falling like tears from their eyes Dear God only you can make it stop You’re their light in the dark

Verse 2 Families are taken a part Life’s are falling apart Young soldiers are falling like leaves from trees Bloods flowing like a river in the streets Hopes and dreams are vanishing in clouds Instead cemeteries are full of crowds Verse 3 In the middle of the night They’ve awaked several times It’s terrifying to live in fears It’s terrifying to live with tears

Chorus: Destination Freedom is all they wish for Security is all they hope for Justice is all they pray for They need a place to survive A place to call home is all they wish for A place to feel welcome Verse 4 So they pray silently Dear God we’re scared of dying The attacks seem to last forever Dear God please let us survive or at least die together

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Verse 5 Oh God, it takes allot of courage to leave everything and everyone behind Taking this step is a sign A sign of helplessness and Desperation Cause every day, every hour Could be the last Dear God, they’re so Conscious of that Verse 6 They’re powerless over a silly war And speechless by all the greed They victims, victims by disregard of Human rights Disregard of democracy Who can they blame for this misery? One day these all will only be in history

Chorus: Destination Freedom is all they wish for Security is all they hope for Justice is all they pray for They need a place to survive A place to call home is all they wish for A place to feel welcome

EXPLANATION OF THE UK JUDGES SCORING Songs are scored between 1 and 10. A score of 4, 5 and 6 indicates that the writer has demonstrated real songwriting ability and understanding and songs with these scores will usually receive a Commended Entry Certificate. A score of 6 is regarded as a borderline semi finalist score and indicates that the song very nearly made it into the semi finals.

REMEMBER… BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED Pop song, Up-tempo by Lily Amis © 2011 scored with 6 by the UKSC Judges Verse 1 Did you choose the country of your birth? Did you choose your skin colour? Did you choose your religion? Should that make a difference? Chorus: You and me, we are all visitors to this life Flesh and bone - one and the same! Remember Blood is always red. Verse 2 Then why is it so hard to except people the way they are? Why do we have to make it so hard? Who on earth has the right to decide peoples destinies? Who on earth has the right to destroy people’s dreams? Bridge We should all be given the right to Freedom The right to live a life in dignity Regardless of nationality Skin colour Race and religion Chorus You and me, we are all visitors to this life Flesh and bone - one and the same! Remember Blood is always red. Bridge Life is precious and short You can’t turn back the time you wasted So start to live today and led the others live to Allow everyone to experience the benefit of this wonderful place planet earth and his human race

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Verse 3 Why is it so hard to except people the way they are? Why do we have to make it so hard? Who on earth has the right to decide over peoples life? Who on earth has the right to destroy peoples wishes and goals?

Bridge We should all be given the right to selfdetermination Regardless of nationality Skin colour Race and religion Chorus You and me, we are all visitors to this life Flesh and bone - one and the same! Remember Blood is always red. Verse 4 As long as people remain narrow-minded and Selfish As long as people are dazzled and poisoned by devils game Nothing will change We have to destroy the devil in us Only then something will change We should all be given the right to equal chances Regardless of nationality Skin color Race and religion Chorus You and me, we are all visitors to this life Flesh and bone - one and the same! Remember Blood is always red.


Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima


Leseprobe “Destination: Freiheit” Während dieser Zeit erfolgten die Bombenanschläge seitens des Nachbarlandes immer häufiger. Krieg ist etwas Grausames. Aber erst, wenn du selbst mitten im Geschehen warst, weißt du, wie furchtbar und beängstigend es wirklich ist. Durch die Medien erfährst du zwar, wie ein Krieg vor Ort aussieht und siehst die Bilder von Familien und Kindern, die ihre Existenz innerhalb von nur Sekunden verlieren und wie Schicksale zerstört werden, aber es ist etwas ganz anderes, wenn du selbst oder deine Lieben davon betroffen sind.

Die Anschläge kamen uns wie eine Ewigkeit vor. Doch in Wirklichkeit dauerten sie nur einige wenige Minuten. Wir hatten Todesangst. Schlimmer wäre es aber gewesen, den Rest des Lebens, als Krüppel leiden zu müssen. Noch schlimmer war der Gedanke, die Menschen zu verlieren, die wir liebten und die Menschen, die uns liebten, verlassen zu müssen. Ich hatte fürchterliche Angst davor, als Waisenkind in einem Heim zu enden und wollte, dass wir entweder alle den Krieg überlebten oder dass wir gemeinsam starben.

Tagtäglich erlebten wir es am eigenen Leib. Ich kann mich noch sehr gut an den Krieg zwischen ASIAcity und unser Feind erinnern, vor allem an die Zeit, als die Bombenangriffe anfingen. Wir hatten durch die Medien gelernt, wie wir uns zu verhalten hatten und welche Sicherheitsmaßnahmen wir ergreifen mussten. Es gab zwei verschiedene Sirenen, die uns vor und nach den Angriffen über den aktuellen Stand informierten. Ich höre diese Sirenen noch heute, so als wäre es gerade gestern gewesen. Mitten in der stockdunklen Nacht wurden wir von diesen unglaublich lauten und schrecklichen Sirenen mehrmals aus dem Schlaf gerissen. Wir lebten in ständiger Angst und fühlten uns hilflos. Das war grausam. Wir führten kein Leben mehr. Für uns konnte jeder Tag, jede Stunde, jede Minute, ja gar jede Sekunde die Letzte sein und das war uns allen bewusst. Während der Anschläge hielt ich Mamis Hände fest umklammert und wiederholte ständig die Worte: »Du Mami, ich will nicht sterben!« Meistens saßen wir während der Bombenanschläge im Wohnzimmer und kuschelten uns eng aneinander. Wir redeten kaum, außer dass jeder für sich leise betete. Jedes Mal, wenn eine Bombe fiel, zitterte das ganze Haus und wir warteten auf die nächsten in der Hoffnung, dass es niemanden treffen würde, den wir kannten.

Anfangs kamen die feindlichen Kriegsflugzeuge nur abends, später dann auch tagsüber. Am Tage fand ich es nicht so schlimm und weil es hell war, hatten wir weniger Angst. In der Nacht dagegen erschien alles durch die Dunkelheit und Stille viel dramatischer. Die Angreifer kamen bis zu fünf Mal pro Tag und jedes Mal fiel der Strom aus Sicherheitsgründen aus. Das war sehr umständlich und verursachte zusätzliche Probleme und Schäden. Nach jedem Luftangriff boten die betroffenen Orte keinen besonders schönen Anblick. Ich persönlich habe es nie mit eigenen Augen gesehen, aber Mami. Sie erzählte mir später, wie sie Körperteile wie Hände und Beine an den Bäumen hängen gesehen hatte. Von den Häusern und großen Gebäuden war nichts mehr zu erkennen. Es war so, als hätten sie gar nie existiert. Auch viele Schulgebäude und Krankenhäuser wurden bombardiert. Deshalb war auch meine Schule ständig geschlossen. Die ganze Situation geriet langsam aber sicher außer Kontrolle.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

(Aus Kapitel 4 - Ein neuer Papa & die Verschärfung des Krieges)


Leseprobe “Die Definition von Freiheit” Ich frage mich oft, was ich meinen Großeltern antworten würde, wenn sie mich heute, im Jahre 2014 fragen würden: Liebes, wir sind seit einem Jahrzehnt weg. Was haben wir alles verpasst? Wie hat sich die Welt entwickelt? Was ist mit dir und deiner Mutter nach eurer Rückkehr in die Schweiz passiert? Habt ihr die Freiheit gefunden? Habt ihr das Glück wiedergefunden? Nun, wo soll ich bloß anfangen? Nichts und doch so vieles hat sich verändert. Wir sprechen von einem Jahrzehnt Entwicklung und Rückentwicklung – Fortschritt, was die Entwicklung von Technik angeht, und Rückschritt, was die Menschlichkeit betrifft. Heute schreiben wir das Jahr 2014 und ich würde gerne antworten: Die Welt hat sich positiv entwickelt und unser Leben ebenso. Aber das ist nicht der Fall. Ich möchte gerne sagen: Wir haben unsere Freiheit gefunden. Aber ironischerweise suchen wir noch immer danach. Es ist, als ob die Zeit die letzten zehn Jahre stillgestanden hätte. Die Zeit vergeht, aber irgendetwas hält uns fest. Es ist, als ob wir zwei Schritte vorwärts machen und dann vollkommen unerwartet zehn Schritte rückwärts. Permanent spüren wir einen Gegenwind und schwimmen gegen den Strom, aber wir können nichts dagegen unternehmen und sind machtlos.

Was unsere Welt betrifft: Die Geschichte wiederholt sich. Die Menschen machen dieselben Fehler immer und immer wieder. Mächtige, reiche und gierige Länder werden noch reicher und die armen Länder kämpfen sich durch. Die reichen Länder geben weiterhin Geld aus für Waffen und Bürgerkriege, vernachlässigen ihre Mitbürger und tun nichts gegen Armut und Arbeitslosigkeit. Wegen Bürgerkriegen gab es wieder Millionen Flüchtlinge auf der Welt. Aus Verzweiflung oder Todesangst verlassen Menschen ihre Heimat, mit falschen Hoffnungen und Zielen. Nicht selten riskieren sie dabei ihr Leben und ertrinken oder erfrieren auf dem Weg nach Europa. Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Und diejenigen die es schaffen haben keine Ahnung, worauf sie sich einlassen. Menschen wollen immer das, was sie nicht haben. Die Menschen in der Dritten Welt möchten ein Leben in Europa oder Amerika. Die Menschen in Europa wünschen sich eine Zukunft in den USA, Australien oder Neuseeland – weit weg von allem. Und die Amerikaner planen bereits eine Zukunft auf einem anderen Planeten, auf dem Mars.

Anstatt das, was wir haben, zu schätzen und zu pflegen, zerstören wir die Welt und geben Millionen aus für Forschungen, ohne die man auch weiterleben könnte. Anstatt die Armut zu bekämpfen, Kriege zu beenden und Krankheiten zu heilen, werden Milliarden für sinnlose Projekte verschwendet. Während die Bevölkerung in Afrika und Indien ums Überleben kämpft, nichts zum Essen und Trinken hat und nicht einmal weiß, wie sich ein Bett anfühlt oder wie ein Stück Brot schmeckt, geben die Mächtigen Geld aus für neue Technologien und Spionage. Technologien, die höchstwahrscheinlich früher oder später unseren Planeten auslöschen werden. Ach ja, es gibt was Neues, es heißt World Wide Web. Das ist eine komplett neue Galaxie. Es ist wahrscheinlich eine der besten Erfindungen der letzten Jahrzehnte. Doch zugleich ist es ein Fluch und eventuell eine Gefahr für die Zukunft, denn die Menschen sind noch einsamer geworden als zuvor. Sie verbringen Stunden im Internet, also im WWW, anstatt sich Zeit für die Familie, Freunde, ihre Partner und Kinder zu nehmen.

(From chapter 1 – Das letzte Jahrzehnt)

Leseprobe “Die Kleine Lily” Lily, Marie-France und Bahar teilen sich ein Zimmer. Sie haben keine Betten. Das, was da am Boden liegt, ist auch nicht unbedingt eine Matratze. Was auch immer es ist, sie müssen darauf die nächsten dreizehn Nächte schlafen. Also versuchen sie, es ein wenig angenehmer zu machen; sie stellen im Zimmer ein paar Sachen um und richten aus der kleinen Besenkammer ein gemütliches Zimmerchen her. Wo immer man sich im Haus auch bewegt, überall quietschen die Bodendielen und alten Holztüren. Es gibt keine moderne Toilette. Draussen neben der Eingangstüre des Hauses befindet sich ein Plumpsklo. So etwas hat Lily noch nie zuvor gesehen und ist entsetzt über den Anblick der vielen Fliegen, die einen aufdringlich empfangen, sobald sie nur die Türe öffnet. Von dem unerträglichen Gestank brauchen wir erst gar nicht zu reden. Es ist entsetzlich. Die drei entscheiden sich sofort einstimmig, keinesfalls wieder diesen Ort aufzusuchen. Die anderen Kinder sagen gelassen: » Hey, wir können doch auch in den nahen Wald pinkeln gehen. « » Tolle Idee! «, denken sich die drei. Von wegen nahe! Man muss schon mehrere Minuten zu Fuss gehen, bis man dort ankommt. Doch das ist längst nicht alles. Es gibt auch keine Dusche oder Badewanne im Haus. Es heisst, sie können sich an einem Wasserfall und Teich waschen, doch das Wasser ist eiskalt. Ein weiteres Problem ist, dass sie keinen Strom haben. Offenbar müssen sie lernen, in der Natur zu leben, so wie die Menschen vor hundert Jahren gelebt haben.

Lily Amis Books & Collections by nasSima

Marie-France flucht nur noch auf Französisch, ihrer Muttersprache. Lily und Bahar, so schüchtern wie sie sind, verhalten sich ruhig und sind sprachlos. » Da sollen wir die nächsten zwei Wochen verbringen? « fragen sie sich entsetzt. » Ist das ein schlechter Witz? « fragt sich Lily. Solch eine primitive Unterkunft haben wir in unseren schlimmsten Albträumen nicht erwartet. Lily ekelt sich vor jeder Ecke des Hauses. Es ist so alt und stinkt. Auch wissen sie nicht, wo sie am Morgen ihr Gesicht waschen und die Zähne putzen sollen. Die anderen Kinder teilen sich den Brunnen vor dem Haus mit Kühen und einem Esel. Für Lily ist das eine entsetzliche Vorstellung. So kann es auf jeden Fall nicht weitergehen. Am zweiten Tag lassen sich Lily, Marie-France und Bahar für jedes Problem etwas einfallen. Sie müssen sich die bevorstehende Zeit möglichst angenehm gestalten. Für ihr grösstes Problem, das Plumpsklo, hat Marie-France eine geniale Idee. Sie bringt aus der Küche eine Suppenschüssel mit in ihr Zimmer. Dies wird für die nächsten zwei Wochen ihre Toilette werden. So müssen sie sich in der dunklen Nacht nicht mehr gegenseitig aufwecken und unter Angst und Zittern in den Wald gehen. Das behalten sie natürlich für sich und erzählen niemandem etwas von ihrer einfallsreichen Lösung. Es gibt allerdings einen lustigen Vorfall, durch den ihr gut gehütetes Geheimnis fast auffliegt.


Leseprobe “Engel der Hoffnung & Lily, Featuring Monsieur Jac Couture” Doch Lilys harmonische Leben wird völlig unerwartet von einem Krieg überschattet. Ihre Heimat ist im Streit mit dem Nachbarsland. Der Grund ist komplitziert. Es hat aber das Leben der Bewohner in ihrer Heimat und in der Nachbarschaft verändert! Es herrscht eine düstere Atmosphäre. Angst und Ungewissheit liegen in der Luft. Täglich hört man laute Kriegssirenen und die Stadtlichter gehen aus. Mutter und Tochter haben Angst vor Dunkelheit und machen sich Sorgen um ihre Zukunft. Deshalb hat sich Sima entschlossen Asiacity für immer zu verlassen. Sie ist dabei ihre gesamte Mobiliar zu verkaufen. Auch Lily muss sich von ihren Spielzeugen und geliebten Puppen trennen. Denn Mutter und Tochter haben nicht genügend Platz im Koffer um alles mitzunehmen.

Mr. Jac (besorgt): “Mondieu, petite cherie bitte verkauf mich nicht? Bitttte darf ich Euch begleiten? Nimmst Du mich mit wohin Du auch gehst?“ Lily (lachend): „Klar doch. Ich nimm Dich mit. Ich glaube sowieso nicht, dass Dich jemand kaufen wird. Wer will schon ein Klugscheisser wie Dich? „ Mr. Jac (beleidigt): „Was soll das heissen? Du hast mich selbst von Deutschland nach Asiacity gebracht. Ich habe Dich nicht drum gebeten! Ich habe meine ganze Familie verlassen.„ Lily: „Ach Mr. Jac werde nicht sentimental. Du weisst ganz genau, dass Deine Familie nicht in Deutschland sondern in Frankreich lebt. „

Mr. Jac: „Lily woher willst Du das wissen?“ Lily: „Hör Dich doch an. Du spricht mehrere Sprachen aber kein Französisch. Und dennoch hast Du ein französischen Akzent. Du bist auf jeden Fall Franzose. Deine ganze Haltung, Eleganz und Sinn für Mode und Design ist Französisch. Auch liebst Du französische Baguett, Croissant, Rotwein und Käse. Wie bist Du überhaupt in Deutschland gelandet? „ Mr Jac: „ Oh petite cherie ich habe nicht viel Erinnerung an meine Kindheit. Alles woran ich mich erinnern kann ist, meine Eltern wollten dass ich eine gute Ausbildung und sichere Zukunft habe. Sie meinten ich soll Frankreich verlassen weil mein Leben in Gefahr sei!“ Lily: „Warum in Gefahr?“ Mr. Jac: „ Keine Ahnung. Ich habe nie verstanden warum sie so besorgt um meine Zukunft waren!“

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