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Employees should always have proper engagements, for maintaining cordial professionalism Today the corporate sector has increased its wings and is giving employment to the deserving people in bulk. The scope of growth and stability of an employee in the organization thoroughly depends on the ability and skills to handle an assigned project independently or in a team. A person with the hardcore zeal and determination would definitely race to the top management in no time. But apart from being a workaholic and dedicated, there are other intrapersonal skills which are necessary for an employee to have. Skills like how to be an effective team worker, going with the willingness of the team and treating every one with respect. These skills are not induced or inculcated in an individual but it is in their nature and the outlook of life. Employee engagement is very important in an organization as it helps employees to get use to each other in a team or office and more over it is significant for promoting joint effort towards one goal or assignment. The successful completion of the work totally depends on the competency level of an individual or complete team. Competencies are the knowledge and skills required to achieve a desired performance outcome. Many successful organizations are now learning to use competency models in a right and effective way in order to increase their demand in the market. Companies and organizations are finding this approach suitable in attracting, motivating and retaining productive employees in the new work environment. There are certain steps taken into consideration which are Great focus on integration and improvement of work processes, increased demands on people to acquire and demonstrate new behaviors and skills, increased demands by employees for tools and resources to manage their own development and control their own career and focus on the organizations people as the source of competitive advantage. Competency development depends from the functioning of different companies and organizations. There are professional firms which work closely with the organization subject matter experts, carefully analyzing existing materials and creating competency documentation that defines required skills and knowledge in behavior terms, so that the performance against the competencies are observable and measureable. These firms learn that the organization, whose leaders recognize the potential strategic performance value of competency-based system, ask two major questions which are can they afford to commit the time, money and resources required to develop a competency inventory? And can they afford or not? For most organizations the answer to the first question would be “It depends” and the answer to the second question would be ‘no”.


Skills like how to be an effective team worker, going with the willingness of the team and treating every one with respect. The scope of gro...