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2012.... What a year it has been! I started preparing this edition of the magazine way back in August, after all the main camps had ended. However, due to a lack of articles initially, followed by a series of family emergencies and work in general, time appeared to fly by. I finally managed to start work again on this issue at the beginning of December after receiving sufficient articles to go ahead with the publication. I want to thank everybody who kindly wrote for this issue, especially my dear friend Dr. Gregory Lawton, who’s work and opinion I highly respect, for sending me his most excellent article ‘Death of the Sifu’. It is an article I highly recommend to everyone, irrespective of your style and system. There are many truths in there, which we can all associate with if we care to remove our own blinkered half-truths.


The year has had many highlights for myself. Especially, the trip across the pond to visit our WTBA family in the USA. It was another magnificent camp organized by Al Krych, Chief WTBA Instructor USA, and I had a great time there with Eli and the rest of the gang. The enthusiasm in the USA grows each year and it is so great to see friends developing and moving forwards with their training.

To train correctly and not to rush from one thing to the next, and fail to understand the very essence of the system that we hold dear!

Systems stand and fall by the abilities of their current practitioners and one cannot just rely on the glories of their past. That is why they became reputed styles in the first place, The summer camp in the UK, although a low key affair because of the practice and dedication of their founders and the compared to our previous events, was a highly emotive one for next generation. Yet, with the passing of each generation, myself. Bloody Eli Montaigue made me blub in public but I complacency appears to set in until all that is remembered is the that once glorious past! still love him nonetheless! Titles... What do they mean? I don’t care other than knowing It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, dedication and hours that I have a long way to go down this road yet and much more upon hours of training to ensure the survival of any system. That much ought to be clear to a student of any art but the to learn and understand! internal arts in particular. It’s a slow cook. You’re learning for And that’s what most of 2012 has been about for me. life not just for your arrogant youth. We have been warned: Reminding myself and others how crucial our foundations are.


Combat and Healing: Volume 65 September 2012  

The official magazine of The World Taiji Boxing Association and The Erle Montaigue System of Fighting & Healing

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