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Janos (*Salem x Bashira) was a black pu ure rebred brr Shagya-Arabian stallion who had b ad d g great influe ence on the breed en in North America. Extremely friendly and d athl atthl hlet e ic with a powerful build, Janos fi finish hed top p ten n in several U.S. 100-mile endurance races. Seiichi Hasumi exp ported the stallion in 2008 to train forr FEI levvel endurance rides and to reestablish the Shagya-Arabian bre eed in Japan, where Janos passed away this i year.r. Wh While in the U.S., Janos produced 11 offspring of excellent con onfo form fo r ation, intelligence and color. To lear a n more e, vi visi sitt

Janos Tribute for Equine Journal