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Fall 2011/Winter 2012

Veterans KC

The Veterans Knowledge Community will advance Veterans Best Practices through the education and activation of its members

Farewell from Our Co-Chairs, Michelle & Katrina Dear VKC, Since proposing the formation of the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community (VKC), my experience and work with VKC has been challenging, rewarding, informative and exciting. I have learned so much during this journey and have established many invaluable personal, as well as professional, relationships. Since the inception of the VKC two

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years ago, I feel that we have played a vital role in bringing student vet-

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erans issues to the forefront of the academic landscape.

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As I prepare to leave my current position as the VKC Co-Chair, I look forward to the knowledge, research and best practices that will undoubtedly continue to set a precedence in academia. As a veteran, the spouse of a retired veteran and the mother of a future veteran, it has been an honor and a privilege working with so many caring, gifted and knowledgeable individuals to further the cause for student veterans. I foresee the VKC continuing to be a dynamic and powerful seat of advocacy for the dissemination of important information and resources in higher education. Michelle Cyrus NASPA Veterans KC Co-Chair, 2010-2012


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FALL 2011/WINTER 2012

Farewell from Michelle & Katrina, continued from page 1 Dear VKC, With both excitement for the future and appreciation for my experience, I say see you later but not good-bye to a wonderful Knowledge Community. It was an honor to work with Michelle these last two years; she is a dynamic, passionate and wonderful colleague. Michelle invited me two years ago to join her quest in establishing the Veterans Knowledge Community. Of course I accepted since I’m from a military family, I have a commitment to individuals who have served our country with honor and dignity. As a military child, I appreciated the camaraderie in military culture that was provided to my family. The camaraderie was evident with each move our family made to a different base, to every gathering full of laughter, and the times my mom would support another wife while her partner was out to sea. Because of my upbringing, I could not pass up the opportunity to work with professionals who serve a community that had such a profound impact on my life. This position has been a tremendous learning experience for me; from understanding how Knowledge Communities work, to the educational interactions with folks committed to student veterans. I want to thank all of those who served on leadership teams, both nationally and regionally. Their insights, passion and commitment to making a difference in the lives of men and women who have served our country will unquestionably make a difference. Katrina Whitney NASPA Veterans KC Co-Chair, 2010-2012

Welcome to Our New Co-Chairs John Mikelson

Amanda Kraus I’m very pleased to be working with the Veterans

I’m very excited to be working with the Veterans

Knowledge Community. Over the last three years, I

Knowledge Community. Since retiring from the Army in

have directed the Disabled Veterans Reintegration

2004 and returning to school, first as a student and now

Project at the University of Arizona. This project has

part of the staff, I have been working on fostering better

been integral in creating the UA’s Veterans Education

communications between different campus factions for

and Transition Services. What I have valued most over

the advancement of Student Veteran issues. As we move

the last few years is networking with colleagues from

forward into 2012 I look to the VKC leadership (Past,

around the nation as we all

Present & Future) to be the voice of best practices and

reexamine our

innovation. See you all this spring in Phoenix

understanding of student vets and develop new campusbased programs and services. I believe that the VKC fills a great need in our profession. I look forward to working with John to continue Michelle and Katrina’s good work.



FALL 2011/WINTER 2012

Get Connected Join the Knowledge Community by clicking "membership" from the NASPA homepage, then select "Update Membership Profile & Preferences" and scroll to "Knowledge Community Preferences."  Contact your Regional KC Chair to discuss how you might be helpful in your geographic region.  Everyone interested in providing updates, information, and other important information related to Veterans are wel

come to join our listserv. You do not have to be a member of this Knowledge Community or a member of NASPA; we welcome everyone with an interest in these issues.  Interested in joining our listserv? Please email Joseph DeSanto in the NASPA office at and specify the name of the listserv. NASPA will add you within a few business days.

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FALL 2011/WINTER 2012

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NASPA’s Veterans Knowledge Community has added a NEWS section to our website:

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February 21-22, 2012 Louisville, KY Information:

There is interesting information to be found on the new website, “Toolkit for Veteran Friendly Institutions:”

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Workshops

February 13, 2012 Orlando, FL February 23, 2012 Cincinnati, OH March 15, 2012 Atlanta, GA Information: socgen/Workshops.html


The Department of Defense Worldwide Education Symposium 2012 July 23-27, 2012 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Hotel, Information: If you are interested in sharing:  Your original work;  Suggestions for articles from outside sources that you feel would be especially useful to readers (please include citation);  Pictures;  Book reviews; or  Events taking place (please include title, description of event, date and time, and location) Please contact Megan Ziegler, Veterans KC Newsletter Editor at

Military Experience and the Arts Symposium July 5—7, 2012 Eastern Kentucky University Information: 4

VKC Fall 2011/Winter 2012 newsletter  

Fall 2011/Winter 2012 edition of the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community newsletter