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The Veterans Knowledge Community will advance Veterans Best Practices through the education and activation of its members

Veterans KC Announces 2011-2012 Webinar Series

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Abby Kelso The Evergreen State College In anticipation of the upcoming academic year, the Veteran’s Knowledge Community is pleased to announce a new webinar series designed for professionals working to improve their campus’ support of student veterans. This area of student affairs is rapidly changing and much of the current knowledge and experience is widely distributed amongst different university and college campuses. The goal of the webinar series is to provide a common forum for the NASPA membership to learn from the experiences of colleagues at other campuses and share best practices across significant geographical distances.

New Webinar Series ……………… 1 Pictures from NASPA’s Annual Conference …….….. 2-3 Get Connected…………… ………… 3

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In this time of challenging economic circumstances when travel and professional development budgets are limited, the webinar format provides an affordable means to keep up to date with current events in the field.

New PTSD Application...……… 4

The following webinars will kick off the series.

VA Creates Women Veterans Call Center ……………..5

Remembrance Roll Call 2011: Honoring the Fallen September 15, 2011 12 Noon-1:30 PM PDT Brett Morris, Associate Director for Veterans Affairs, Eastern Kentucky University Abby Kelso, Admissions Counselor, The Evergreen State College See Webinars on page 2


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Pictures from NASPA’s Annual Conference

Webinars, continued from page 1 This year Veterans Day will coincide with the 10th year anniversary of the Post 9-11 conflicts. On November 11, 2011, the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community is sponsoring a Remembrance Day National Roll Call for Veterans Day to honor military service members who have died in these conflicts. Join this webinar to discover how to participate in the National Roll Call and learn from the experiences of two campuses that have hosted similar celebrations. Presenters will provide suggestions on logistics, organization, and communications, discuss how to establish the appropriate tone for the event, and provide strategies for soliciting support from key campus constituencies. There will only be one 11-11-11 in our lifetime, so what will you do to make it memorable? Developing Cultural Competencies on College Campuses: An Approach to Student Veterans Friday October 21 12:00 PM PST Presenters: Michelle Cyrus, Katrina Whitney, and Dr. Delores Cleary of Central Washington University Veterans face a difficult transition from military service to academia. Some of this difficult is related to the loss of military structure and unfamiliarity with the college environment. Faculty and staff who understand both of these unique cultures may be better able to assist veterans in successfully navigating this transition. This presentation allows participants to develop their own cultural competencies regarding student veterans through exploration of the transition from military to civilian life, the classroom experiences of some veterans, and some best practices for serving student veterans. Registration for this webinar is free to NASPA members and is available online (link to mem/profdev/confcall.cfm )




Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

March 12-16, 2011

Get Connected Join the Knowledge Community by clicking "membership" from the NASPA homepage, then select "Update Membership Profile & Preferences" and scroll to "Knowledge Community Preferences."  Contact your Regional KC Chair to discuss how you might be helpful in your geographic region.  Everyone interested in providing updates, information, and other important information related to Veterans are welcome to join our listserv. 


You do not have to be a member of this Knowledge Community or a member of NASPA; we welcome everyone with an interest in these issues.  Interested in joining our listserv? Please email Joseph DeSanto in the NASPA office at and specify the name of the listserv. NASPA will add you within a few business days.



Mark Your Calendars NAVPA Certifying Official Trainings July 17 - 20, 2011 Irving, TX Western Association of Veterens Education Specialists (WAVES) Where: Omni Mandalay Hotel at Las Colinas - Irving, TX Contact: Vicki Henson Telephone: (580) 581-2234 Email: October 19 - 21 Houston, TX 2011 Veterans Civic Council Conference Where: University of Houston - Downton Houston Contact: Alicia Bradley Telephone: (713) 348-8034 Email:

The federal VA has been launching applications for smartphones and one of these is the PTSD Coach. Please find below the link to the VA’s PTSD center webpage. It has great information and things to do and particularly a section for women. This will be a good tool to refer people to. To date it is only available for iPhones, but shortly the android version will be available. pages/PTSDCoach.asp


The Department of Defense Worldwide Education Symposium 2012 July 23-27, 2012 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Hotel, Information:

Check This Out NASPA’s Veterans Knowledge Community has added a NEWS section to our website: news.cfm


If you are interested in sharing:  Your original work;  Suggestions for articles from outside sources that you feel would be especially useful to readers (please include citation);  Pictures;  Book reviews; or  Events taking place (please include title, description of event, date and time, and location) Please contact Megan Ziegler, Veterans KC Newsletter Editor at



VA Creates Women Veterans Call Center Major Outreach Effort Launched WASHINGTON – The De-

en Veterans will constitute 10 per-

disease, mental health care, meno-

partment of Veterans Affairs (VA)

cent of the Veteran population and

pausal services and obesity-related

has embarked on a major initiative

9.5 percent of VA patients. The

issues, such as diabetes. Preventive

to reach out to women Veterans in

HRC, which started placing calls

screenings for breast and cervical

order to solicit their input on ways

on June 1, is contacting women

cancer are also areas in which VA

to enhance the health care services

Veterans who have enrolled, but

excels. Soon, all VA facilities will

VA provides to women Veterans.

have not begun using VA services.

offer comprehensive primary care

“We are taking a proactive

“Through this contact center,

for women from a single provider.

approach to enhancing VA health

we are placing friendly, conversa-

care for women Veterans,” said

tional calls to women Veterans,”

Care program has made significant

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric

said Patricia Hayes, chief consult-

changes in the last few years to

K. Shinseki. “We are seeking the

ant of the VA’s Women Veterans

enhance the health care offered to

input of women Veterans so that

Health Strategic Health Care

eligible women Veterans. This pro-

VA can continue to provide high

Group. “We want these Veterans

gress includes:

quality health care to the growing

and their caregivers to talk candid-

numbers of women Veterans.”

ly about why they are not using

prove access and enhance services

VA, whether they are aware of the

for women Veterans;

Representatives at VA’s

The Women Veterans Health

Adopting key policies to im-

Health Resource Center (HRC) are

gender-specific services we offer,

placing calls to women Veterans

and what additional services they

sive primary care for women Vet-

nationwide, asking them to share

would like to see VA offer.”


their experiences with VA and sug-

Implementing comprehen-

The HRC representatives

Conducting cutting-edge re-

gest potential enhancements that

making the calls are also informing

search on the effects of military

will further VA’s mission to pro-

women Veterans about the services

service on women’s lives;

vide the best care anywhere.

VA offers and quickly connecting

Women Veterans are one of

Improving communication

them with appropriate departments

and outreach to women Veterans;

the fastest growing segments of the

if they are interested in trying VA


Veteran population. Of the 22.7

health care. Veterans who have

million living Veterans, more than

complaints about VA are connected

homelessness and other services

1.8 million are women. They com-

to a patient advocate who helps

designed to meet the unique needs

prise nearly 8 percent of the total

resolve issues.

of women Veterans

Veteran population and 6 percent

VA has trained professionals For more information about VA programs and services for women Veterans, in all aspects of women’s health, please visit: and including general primary care, womenshealth. osteoporosis management, heart

of all Veterans who use VA health care services. VA estimates by 2020 wom-


Providing mental health,

VKC Summer 2011 newsletter  
VKC Summer 2011 newsletter  

Summer 2011 edition of the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community newsletter