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nasos alexis

March 2014

Food is much more than the means to satisfy one of our principle needs as a species. A lunch or dinner table offers an opportunity for people to relax during a break or rejoice at the end of a day. A nicely cooked meal brings smiles to those who taste it and joy to the one who prepared it.

Date and place of birth: 1979 06 14, Heraklion Greece Current location: Lund, Sweden email address: tel. nr: +46 (0) 76 075 8208 skype:



Planning and Regional Development Eng. M.Sc. Sustainable Urban Design

Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

B i o g r a p h y Background I was born and raised in Heraklion Crete, Greece and I live in Lund, Sweden since August 2011. I graduated from the Experimental High School of Heraklion in 1997. Between 1998 and 2003 I attended the University of Thessaly and obtained my diploma of Engineering in Planning and Regional Development. After completing my obligatory military service in November 2004, I began my professional career. I was first employed by a small practice which focused on private housing projects. While working at this office, I also participated in the URBAN II Community Initiative programme for the city of Heraklion. In 2005 I was hired by the former municipality of Gazi (currently municipality of Malevizi) as a consultant to the Mayor Mr Georgios Markogiannakis. The next step to my professional career was to work in a private practice that conducted master plans and environmental studies. Since 2006 I was already working as a real estate appraiser on behalf of Piraeus Real Estate, a daughter company of Piraeus Bank. In August 2011, I quit my job and moved to Sweden to pursue master level studies in the field of Sustainable Urban Design in Lund University, aiming to give my career a boost and follow a more international path. In the summer of 2013, I took a break from my master thesis to work at a competition entry for the redevelopment of the former International Airport of Athens (Hellinikon), hired by the Greek firm TPA and Associates, in collaboration with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill LLP London (SOM), Martha Schwartz Partners and David Chipperfield Architects. Upon returning to Sweden in September 2013, I worked full time on my thesis, which I successfully presented in December of the same year and completed the SUDes master programme.

Inspirations, drives and design philosophy My professional experience as well as my daily activities helped me realize at an early stage of my career that good quality urban space, both public and private is crucial to the quality of life in a city. Modern cities should provide equal opportunities to all the people that live and work in them. Planners and urban designers should see to it that successful, pleasant space is available to every person, regardless of their social, cultural, religious or financial background and situation. And this vision, conceived early in my career, has inspired my work endeavours. Extracurricular activities and interests When I don’t work or study, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs and friends. I also try to bike a lot and when I have the chance ride my motorcycle for a short or a longer excursion. My hobbies also include scale model building, photography, reading, cooking and other sports activities like scuba diving, martial arts and occasionally basketball. I consider myself an open-minded, easy-going person and if I had to choose one thing that I don’t negotiate about is my integrity and honesty. I live alone since 1998. I cook for myself and I cook for my family and friends. It relaxes me and I see it as another creative hobby of mine. The pleasure of cooking itself is only second to that from warm smiles and sincere comments coming from my relatives and friends enjoying their meals.


Higher education aug ‘11 - dec ‘13

LUND UNIVERSITY, School of Architecture | Sweeden Master of Science, Sustainable Urban Design

Thesis project

The city’s green necklace. Public spaces with cultural value - Heraklion, Greece Sustainable integration of a historical monument into the urban fabric and city life

sep ‘98 - nov ‘03

UNIVERSITY OF THESSALY, School of Engineering | Greece Diploma of Engineering, Planning and Regional Development

Thesis project

The URBAN Community Initiative urban regeneration programme Critical evaluation. The case studies of Volos (GR), Heraklion (GR) and Peterborough (UK)

Professional experience jun ‘13 - aug ‘13

Associate planner, Thymio Papayiannis and Associates Inc (full time) Competition for the former Hellinikon airport area redevelopment.

feb ‘06 - aug ‘11

Real estate appraiser and consultant, Piraeus Real Estate S.A. (freelance) Valuation of real estate properties, building legislation compliance consulting. Planner and consultant, Emmanouil Verigos Municipality of Kroussonas master plan | Urban and rural development strategies

sep ‘08 - apr ‘10 jul ‘05 - jun ‘08

Planner and consultant, Municipality of Gazi, Crete (full time) Consulting the Mayor as to issues of urban planning and policies

feb ‘05 - oct ‘05

Planner and consultant, Kouroupaki - Sapounakis - Kanetakis (freelance) Heraklion “URBAN II Community Initiative” project team member

nov ‘04 - jul ‘05

Planner and associate engineer, D. Spuridakis - M. Kassotaki (full time) Editing and submitting building permit dossiers in urban planing agency


Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

C u r r i c u l u m

V i t a e

Skills Computer

AutoCAD, Rhinoceros (+ V-Ray) Sketchup Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere, ArcGIS and Quantum G.I.S. MS Windows, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint Basic use of linux-based systems Hardware replace - update


Greek (Native speaker) English (fluent - Certificate of Proficiency in English (2001), TOEFL score 108/120 (2009)) German (basic - Goethe institut grundstufe 1, 1994) Swedish (basic - currently enrolled in SFI pĂĽ distans)


Physical model building, hand drawing Plastic scale model building

Qualities Responsible, communicative, social and friendly team player Highly adaptable to multicultural environments, versatile Capable of making decisions, solving problems and meeting deadlines, creative and able to take initiative with basic project management skills

Personal information Marital status



Reading, Travelling, Politics, Nature and environment, human relations


Static scale modelling, Photography, Scuba diving, Sports, Cooking

Memberships, additional qualifications, information Technical Chamber of Greece (since 2004) Driving license class A and B (motorcycle and car) - clean Scuba diving certification (open water diver) Completed military service (2004) •5

Bio & CV

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Burger patties Grilled meat Chili con carne enchiladas Marinated pork foreleg with rosemary

with Pasta

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Greek pasticcio Cannelloni with minced meat sauce Tortellini with milk cream sauce


Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

C o n t e n t s p. 14

Vegetarian Oven baked potatoes Risotto Spinach and mixed vegetables casserole Spinach and cheese pie Omelettes

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Pizza Wood oven baked pizza

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Desserts “Halva” (semolina cake) Greek pancakes Crepes


Burger patties and Grilled meat

A very popular and convenient dish, regardless if it’s meant for a Sunday barbecue or for an everyday meal at work. I like to spice up my patties using fresh herbs and also grill some fresh vegetables for the side. Good quality, fresh meat is essential for this simple, yet delicious food.


Although it’s not my personal favourite due to lifestyle choices, grilled meat is very easy, delicious and can turn any friendly meeting into a big feast. A little halloumi, vegetables and a cold beer ensure a great meal and the best of time.

Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Chili con carne dip & Enchiladas

During my bachelor studies I got acquainted with this marvellous recipe for the chili con carne dip. I “stole” some ideas from here and there and turned it into chili con carne enchilladas with my variant of “chile relleno”. Sometimes I make a home-made sour cream. This is a very popular dish among my friends who always enjoy it. It might be slightly more demanding in terms of time and effort but the resulting satisfaction

makes it worthwhile. A sip of sangria is always in order with this Mexican dish.


I was having beers with some friends at a pub in Greece and we realized we needed some food in order to keep going. A look at the menu and a quick debate and after a while, a round plate with a pork foreleg with baked potatoes and onion rings was on our table. The tender meat and the flavours caught my attention almost immediately. I had to learn how to make this dish. With a little googling, a lot of

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inspiration, fresh herbs from my garden back at home and great mood as always, I experimented with this new taste.

Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Pork foreleg

Whether it is roasted in my wood-oven at home or in a roaster, this dish requires time and effort but the first bite always rewards one’s patience. I like to pair it with a strong dark ale.

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Section under construction - no photos available yet

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Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Cannelloni and Tortellini

Since I was a student I appreciated pasta for the ease in which it is prepared as well as the great variety of recipes One thing is for sure with pasta: You’ll never be bored. Tortellini with a fine milk cream sauce or cannelloni filled with minced meat sauce and melted cheese on top are just two ideas that I like to implement whenever I need something easy but a bit more interesting than just plain napolitana or

carbonara. The possibilities are limitless.

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Oven baked potatoes

Potatoes are adored everywhere in the world, I believe. In order to match my pork foreleg with something equally interesting, I investigated ways to add substance to baked potatoes. I use different types of marinade depending on what it is that I want to accompany, varying from simple mustard and olive oil to orange juice and orange peel.

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Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio


Rice is a very healthy and nutritious food which can take many forms. I make risottos to accompany meat but I also enjoy them alone. An idea that I have recently found out about but not always implement is to extract the flavour and taste from onions by boiling them in butter and then use this butter to boil the rice in. The resulting taste is unique. Butter makes everyone happy!

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Spinach and Vegetables casserole

This simple casserole is my lazy variant of the vegetable pie. I use egg to support the structure and give shape to the final servings but it also adds the necessary protein for a complete meal. The addition of cheese gives a hint of spice to the veggies and a colourful dish is served.

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Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Spinach and Cheese pie

The island where I grew up is famous for many things, one of which is the hundreds types of pies that we make. Spinach pie with cheese is one of the options that I like a lot but sometimes I also experiment with more vegetables because I like the different taste and also the colour that they add. Fresh herbs work miracles here as well.

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I love omelettes. They are a perfect way to start one’s day because they are a great source of protein and other nutrions that we need. Sometimes I add cheese or vegetables, depending on how filling I want to make them. A single bite from a vegetable-

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filled omelet spiced with fresh herbs and a little bit of pepper is all you need to pull through a hard day.

Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio


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Pizza back at home is connected with memories of friends, family meetings, sports events or all the above and much-much more. Making the pizza myself is a very interesting process and the result is tons of fun and laughter. Carefully prepared home-made dough, fresh ingredients and recently harvested vegetables like peppers and cherry tomatoes from our garden is the key to success. But baking the pizza in my wood oven is what it takes the taste to a new level.

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Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Wood oven baked Pizza

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My mother used to make this traditional semolina cake during celebrations. It’s very easy to make but it feels the place with flavours. There are plenty of variants and they all taste magnificent.

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I hear that each country has its unique way of making pancakes so I guess Greece does too. In my mind, these pancakes are related to memories from my childhood. I very much enjoy them in winter but they make great breakfast as well. Good quality honey and lots of cinammon are essential ingredients for this otherwise simple recipe.

Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

Halva, Greek pancakes and Crepes

Need I say anything about crepes? A favourite desert or breakfast that comes in as many variants as the different things you can put in a crepe. I even make meals with crepes, filling them with a special creamy mix of mushrooms, cream and..... hmmm, I’m not giving the whole recipe.W

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Nasos Alexis’ cooking portfolio

My Cooking portfolio  
My Cooking portfolio