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Lose Weight Fast - What You Need To Know _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Gason Tasiv -

Fasting is a very common occurrence around the world. Fasting has been a religious activity for many years, dating hundreds of years into the past. People fast as a way to show devotion to their Gods and to practice self control. Some do it as a form of protest. Losing weight fasting is a way of losing weight which is common around the world as well, Lose Weight Fast however, it's this sort of fasting that has medical professionals worried, because people who attempt losing weight fasting are likely to hurt themselves in the process.

Losing weight should always involve food, as the body requires nutrients and energy in order to survive. Of course the bast rule in losing weight is to expend more energy then you take in. Fasting cuts out an intake of energy, and so the expenditure is always higher then someone who maintains a healthy diet. When someone who is losing weight fasting is not just losing fat - they are losing muscle and vital nutrients as well. This means the faster will likely experience great weight loss, but a lot of it will be important body 'stuff', if you will, meaning the faster will become tired, dizzy and most of all, very very hungry!

Many people recommend fasting as a good way to 'kick start' a diet, and of course the human body will survive without food for quite some time. However, this way isn't the best way to lose weight. It can be tempting to see just how much one can get off, and this can lead to serious body image disorders, such as anorexia. Losing weight fasting is a bit of a strange way to lose weight, but I suppose I can't really stop you going for it if you really want to. I can advise you not to, but if you do decide to give it a go, make sure you continue drinking water, and stop after a few days.

People with low blood pressure can have serious problems with even one day fasting, so it is strongly suggested by medical professionals that they do not attempt an kind of fasting, especially losing weight fasting. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise will provide most people with a great chance, and easy way to lose weight, without the drama and health risks of losing weight fasting. All of that said, all of those negative, negative comments towards fasting, studies have shown that life expectancy can be extended through alternate day fasting, and while I don't like the idea of going for a day without food (oh the misery), for some this may be a good way to practice devotion and weight loss at the same time. However, for all things good in the world, please be careful. Starving yourself never seems totally natural, and if you're doing it for the wrong reasons can be very harmful. Weight loss need not be so unpleasant.

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