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Nordland National Park Centre

Photo: Bjørn Jørgensen

«Arctic fox», Gunnar Rofstad

«Kajsas balcony», BKM

«In the yard», NNPS

Adde Zetterquist art gallery

National Parks in Nordland

Welcome inside! The national parks are set up to safeguard large areas of countryside – from seashore to the mountaintops. For Nature’s own sake, ourselves and future generations. To take care of and learn from the history. Norwegian national parks offer a wide range of magnificent scenery with varied animal- and plant life, waterfalls, glaciers, lofty mountains, endless plateus, deep forests and lush woodlands, as well as beautiful fjords and coasts. Nordland national park centre is certified by the Norwegian Environment Agency and was inaugurated on 2 July 2005. The shape of the centre is circular and you can walk around, or make use of varied and enthralling exhibitions. You can sit in the courtyard and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains with a cup of coffee brewed on the open fire and taste the combination of a piece of dried reindeer meat from the local sami people! Or you may also want to make use of the well-planned outdoor facilities, on the doorstep of Junkerdal national park and Junkerdalsura

«People meets culture», Kurt Erikstad

nature reserve, a scree renowned for its outstanding range of rare and beautiful plants. Nordland national park centre offers you knowledge and thrills. It provides you with information about all the national parks in Nordland County; Børgefjell, Rago, Saltfjellet-Svartisen, Junkerdal, Láhko, Møysalen, Sjunkhatten and Lomsdal-Visten. In tight cooperation with guide agencies, hotels and other partners we can offer a broad range of nature experiences, tailor-made for groups as well as individuals, connected with the centre and our surrounding national parks. Make use of this magnificent nature in Northern Norway – at the Arctic Circle – under the Northern Light - on its own terms!

Adventure Photo: Benny Sætermo

«Thoughtful moments», Benny Sætermo

«Magic mountain lake», Hanne Etnestad

«By the fire», NNPS

«Gently flowing», NNPS

adventure - easy access - art & nature

Easy access Distance to: Airport (Bodø): Lofoten (Svolvær): Arctic circle: Arjeplog (SE):

Accomodation and dining: Saltfjellet hotel Polarsirkelen (saltfjellethotell.no) Saltdal Turistsenter (isaltdal.no) Storjord hotel (storjordhotel.no) Storjordstua (ut.no/hytte/3.1425/)

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«Unique plantations» (Ellen Solheim)

«Cloudberry», Ole Petter Rundhaug

«Orchid Marisko», NNPS

«Birdwatching», Gunnar Rofstad

By car, by bus, by train, by bike – from anywhere to everywhere Photo: BKM

«On the edge», NNPS

«A walk in the woods»,NNPS

«Steep mountain», NNPS

adventure - easy access - art & nature

Art & nature Between steep majestic mountains, gently flowing river - “Saltdalselva,” lush valleys - arises a unique landscape with great contrasts. The fauna, wildlife and flora will surprise and overwhelm you. As inspiration for artists, visitors and people who live here. An outstanding diversity of Sami cultural heritage relics is within short reach, as well as active sami industry, to keep the protected areas alive and available. Adde Zetterquist Art gallery From 2013 Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery was included within the centre. The building, which represents a canoe in upside-down position, is a piece of art itself and it was designed by LPO architect from Oslo. Gallery is dedicated to life and art of Per Adde and Kajsa Zetterquist and on the area of 650 m2 presents painting collection donated by artists. Visitors can acquaint themselves with artist’s life through “Liv og Virke” exhibition as well as see a documentary movie about their life. The gallery has a guest gallery for temporary exhibitions focused on different themes. The connection of the gallery and the national park centre provides unique opportunity to experience synergy of art and nature under one roof

«Sami living», Benny Sætermo

85 meters long panorama picture Come and experience a 360 degrees picture, taken from the peak of Ølfjellet (1751 m.a.s.l.). The picture is one of the world largest nature pictures and it offers magnificent view on Salten region. Nordland National Park Centre Nordland National Park Centre is close to the national parks of Saltfjellet-Svartisen and Junkerdal. Entrance to Junkerdalsura nature reserve is just few hundred meters from the center; it has unique flora and is a national treasure in botanical terms. The area around the center is an attractive area for outdoor activities, from dizzying summit trips to Solvågtind or Ølfjellet, with 1500 meters for climbing, to a network of paths that are suitable for people of all ages. If you would like to get more information about national parks as well as Norwegian and Sami culture in Nordland, the visit of the center is highly recommended.

Photo: BKM

«Exhibition nature», BKM

«Art of Per Adde», NNPS

«The pianoman», Sverre Breivik

“Authentic sami”, BKM

adventure - easy access - art & nature

«Kajsas gallery», BKM «Culture meets nature», Kurt Erikstad

Contact: Nordland National Park Centre and Adde Zetterquist Art Gallery, Storjord, N-8255 Røkland Phone: +47 400 67 251 Email: resepsjon@nordlandsnaturen.no www.nordlandnasjonalparksenter.no /Nordland.nasjonalparksenter /Adde-Zetterquist-kunstgalleri

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