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Portfolio Nasir Uddin Mamun


Zoomed precinct

Atmospheric impression


BACHELOR’S THESIS - PROJECT BURAIMI Buraimi is a border town of Oman. On the otherside of the border is Al-Ain , a city belonging to the UAE. Al-Ain is the more popular side, attracting away Buraimi’s potential customers.

The goal was to find an “identity” for Buraimi , so that the city can kick-start its economy and bring back its lost customers. Also,to create new forms of functions that bring life into the city.

”Urban Farming” was my concept. In this design , I work with farms and various forms of agriculture and integrate my site to farms to create a pedestrian friendly , self sustaining site.

The masterplan shows how I incorporate all my functions within the farm lands.For example,I have rental gardens , botanic gardens , vegetarian restaurant where customers pick their own vegetables , falaj water system etc..

The zoomed precinct shows the library and theatre in between the farms.To enter these buildings you will need to walk a path in between the farms.

The atmospheric impressions shows the quality of space near the library and the tourist info centre.


Atmospheric impression

Sections and elevations

MUTTRAH REDEVELOPMENT The port of Muttrah in Muscat was to relocate. The entire area would be empty as everything was to be demolished.Only ships that would be allowed to dock would be tourist cruise ships.

The goal was to redevelop the area with various residential,commercial and entertainment functions for the tourists and locals to make it lively.

My concept was a boulevard that lead up to the sea.The ground floors of the buildings on the boulevard would be commercial while the top would be residential.The boulevard was to be used by the street vendors of Muttrah “souq�.

The masterplan shows the boulevard that steps into the sea.The pocket parks in between the buildings creates an alternative route.Every alley from the buildings lead to a prominade.

The atmospheric impression shows the end of the boulevard as it leads into the sea.

Elevation showing the buildings stepping up as it goes closer to the sea. Section showing the circulation within the buildings.

AA VISITING SCHOOL The Muscat 2012 AA visiting school was an Architectural workshop organised by the globally recognised “ArchitecturalAssociation” school based in London.

The aim was to look at patterns that occured naturally , study them and mimic the ideas..It was to be translated on a physical model that could be altered and controlled.

My inspiration was the “sea shell”.I had to mimic the curvature of the sea shell and have a 100% control over the curve.I used the “grasshopper” software to create an algorithm for triangles to form curves.

Initial stage was to analyse the shells and learn how it functions.Then later various experiments were done to find the best material to achieve the curve within.

I used alluminium sheets because it was flexible and rigid at the same time, depending on the force that acts upon it.

Only right angled triangled bends were used within the sheet to create the curves.The curves could be controlled depending on the direction of bend and the central point of the triangle.

XI Architects XI Architects is a joint venture between VMX and i29 from Netherlands.Our projects were done in co-ordination to members in Muscat and Amsterdam.We did Urban design,Architecture and Interior design.

Every project had very comprehensive research and analysis before commencing.Since it would be actually build , every design step had to be checked with the ministry of housing to ensure the permit.

This project was a development project of area 360000m2 in an empty land.The land was confiscated by the “Bank Muscat�.So,the bank approaced us to make a concept plan for the area inorder to attract potential investors.

A research was done where we questioned residents , what activities they would like to have in Muscat.Depending on that, we zoned the area and distributed the functions.

A height study was done to follow the muscat building regulation laws ,as the site was close to the airport.Then functions were divided within individual buildings.

The bank wanted a masterplan where it could regain its investment within 15 years.The project is still ongoing in the design phase.

MazaYa Construction Mazaya construction is an established company in Oman.I initially started as project architect , but later was promoted to Project manager and site supervisor.

Since the time I joined , I have successfully completed 7 villas and 3 commercial buildings. Currently more are on the process of completion and a few more to start soon.

I have managed projects from the very first excavation ,till the handover of the project.The task includes,managing the construction and supervising every phase of the process.

Communication with the construction workers ,engineers ,the client and everyone else involved is the key factor.I have to make sure all of them are satisfied and the project delivered on time without compromising on the quality.

The first row shows a few villa projects which are completed and already inhabitated. Second row onwards , shows a few ongoing projects

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