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METC 2014 CONFERENCE PROPOSAL TITLE: “Developing a District Incubator for Online Professional Learning� PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION (60 words or less): Is your district using an online platform to support professional learning? Is the implementation of this work as purposeful as it could be? Most importantly, does the interaction there reflect the type of learning you envision at the classroom level? NKC Schools recently implemented an online incubator for professional learning. Join us to explore details, and hone practices. SOCIAL MEDIA DESCRIPTION (100 characters or less): Embracing online PD? Does interaction these spaces reflect the type of learning you envision? PRESENTATION OBJECTIVES: We have six main goals for our online professional learning incubator. Much of this session will be a characterization of these six goals including concrete examples of how they will be fostered. The six goals for the network are as follows: 1) An immersion in digital culture, 2) Sharing of instructional practices, 3) Making PLT work transparent, 4) Curriculum collaboration, 5) Extending our work with consultants, and 6) Providing another venue for coaching. Finally, we strongly believe in the power of our audience to, in turn, help inform our practice as well. Attendees will be directly engaged in suggesting further ways to either deepen or expand the scope of our network. By the end of the session, participants will leave with not only a set of action steps toward the development of a similar network, but also a set of strategies for fostering community in online spaces into the future. HOW DOES PROPOSAL MEET THE CONFERENCE THEME?: (Motivate, Engage, Transform, Connect!): This session directly addresses all four of the major tenets of the conference theme. There is perhaps no greater need for these four elements than the need for a large school district to be purposeful about motivating, engaging, transforming and connecting to build a rich learning community. TOOLS ADDRESSED: The main tool outlined in this session is the Ning platform. However, this platform is carefully presented as a generic social framework for the facilitation of almost any and all social tools for learning and communication. The most significant takeaways will likely surround implementation and will thus be platform agnostic.

Metc 2014 Proposal  

This is the (accepted) proposal for a presentation at METC 2014 in St. Charles, MO.