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First and Last Protocol ((book study version)) Purpose:

To analyze assessment data as a collaborative group during a brief (30 min. or less) meeting. This version of the protocol provides the structure needed to complete the exercise in the time allowed.


~5 minutes per group member


Collaborative groups such as an academic department or PLT.

Procedure: 1.

Before meeting, bring Study Island assessment results. Highlight area where students performed well and where students struggled. Why do you feel students succeeded/struggled on those elements of the exam? Finally, prepare to share any instructional adjustments you’ve made since looking at the results. (It is a good idea to prioritise your talking points in the event someone else in your group selects the same element of the exam to highlight.) (0 min.- completed prior to meeting)


Within your group select one person to be the timer. With such a limited time, it is crucial that this person follows the clock strictly. The first person then begins by first directing the group members to the specific text/topic/theme/exam questions. A key element is that the presenter does not explain why they chose this element of text for discussion until they get the “last word.” Other group members listen without talking. (~1 min)


Proceeding around the circle clockwise or counter-clockwise, the other group members respond briefly to the issues the presenter has raised. Again, timing is crucial here. The presenter then shares why this element was chosen as well as their reflection as to why the results came out in this way. (2 min each)


The first person now has the “last word” in response to all conversation on the issue. The presenter shares why this element was chosen as well as their reflection on the responses of others in the group. (3 min)


The next person in the group then begins by sharing their selections and reasons for selecting the particular text/topic/theme/exam questions.


Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until each person in the group has presented their chosen passage.

Large group debriefing: Debrief the process. How did this go for your group? How might you use this activity in your team or class? What came up in your group that you thought was interesting? The facilitator may also make brief comments at this time. This is often a good time to discuss upcoming instruction and/or assessment. Protocol modified for content & timing from “Save The Last Word For Me” (from NSRF) by Sean Nash & Tammy Hays, 2014

First and Last Protocol -modified pdf  
First and Last Protocol -modified pdf  

A book study protocol modified from a NSRF document...