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beArcATs vs. griffOns

big time showdown Missouri Western and Northwest Missouri State — both undefeated in conference play and jockeying for playoff positions — face off today at Spratt Stadium. The Griffons, behind star quarterback Drew Newhart, try to upend their rivals and reigning MIAA champions.

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sATUrDAY, oCtoBER 3, 2009


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Chicago loses bid for 2016 Olympics

St. JoSeph Marine inStitute

A deep look into the sea

Blown down Long considered a frontrunner, the Windy City was stunned to learn it was eliminated in the first round of voting, with the IOC later selecting Rio de Janeiro.

Many going in for treatment have not contracted illness

By joHn leiCester Associated Press

COPENHAGEN — Chicago had Barack Obama. Tokyo had $4 billion in the bank. Madrid had powerful friends. But none of that mattered. Rio de Janeiro had the enchanting story — of about 400 million sportsmad people on a giant untapped and vibrant continent yearning, hoping, that the Olympics finally might come to them. And the International Olympic Committee was hooked. Olympians, we’ll see you on Copacabana beach in 2016. Let Carnival begin. On a chilly Danish evening of high drama, the IOC on Friday sent the games of the 31st Olympiad to Brazil’s bustling, fun-loving but crime-ridden city of beaches and mountains, romance and slums. The IOC closed its eyes

Eric KEith/St. Joseph News-Press

ABOVE: Benton biology teacher Sean Nash has built the St. Joseph Marine Institute into a rigourous program for honors students from Benton, Lafayette and Central high schools. LEFT: Submitted photos detail previous trips to Andros Island in the Bahamas to study the coral reef and other marine life. This year, the trip will be taken to the Florida Keys for the first time.

Teacher leads innovative program, trips By Alonzo Weston St. Joseph News-Press

When Sean Nash began the St. Joseph Marine Institute more than 10 years ago, many people asked him why. There’s no marine life in landlocked Missouri. Surely there are forests and other earthly things the kids could study. The Benton High School biology teacher and instructional coach had a ready answer. “The fact is that our planet is 75 percent covered by ocean. For us to take the approach that the oceans aren’t important, just because of where we are, is a

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Penny-wise paving

If you are thinking about paving a pathway near your house, consider using limestone screenings. Over time, limestone screenings break up into dust, and water and traffic will compact them into a solid pathway. The screenings are cheaper than most other pavers, and patching is easy and inexpensive. .. — paul Branson, St. Joseph News-Press Send your money-saving tips to: “Cheap tip,” c/o St. Joseph News-Press, 825 Edmond St., St. Joseph, MO 64501. or e-mail them to Include your name and address and we’ll even give you credit.

h1n1 FeRVoR taking hold

closed-minded approach,” Mr. Nash said. Each May since 1999, he has taken 18 honors students from Benton, Lafayette and Central high schools to Andros Island in the Bahamas to study the coral reef and other marine life. The students meet for two hours each Monday and spend a week in the Bahamas in the spring. The trip is paid for by the students and through fundraisers. “I think it helps our kids become more worldly and have a global view,” Mr. Nash said. “There is nowhere I could take a

By jimmy myers St. Joseph News-Press

The fervor over the H1N1 virus that began in April hasn’t died down. Emergency rooms are seeing an influx of patients concerned that they have the virus. Parents who most likely would have stayed home with their sick children last year are bringing them in for treatment, said Pam Joggerst, Heartland Health’s team leader for infection, prevention and control. Many of the cases turn out to be allergies, asthma or the common cold. “We didn’t really know what we were dealing with,” Ms. Joggerst said of the introduction of the H1N1 virus — commonly called swine flu — which came with a media storm of information that worried a lot of people. “And then as we know more now, we see that it’s not as bad as we thought it was going to be.” Heartland reported six patients with the flu recently, which is a low

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Manager focused on growth By AHmAD sAFi St. Joseph News-Press

Young and bubbly, Ashley Albers walks through a shopping center that she describes with soft words. There is a clean, modern feeling about this mall. There are specialty ceramics, real wood veneers, some high-end finishes. Natural light drenches the mall in sunshine on brilliant fall shopping days and causes

delicate shadows to fall on real bamboo floors. No laminate flooring here. Ms. Albers has come from Southern California to manage East Hills Shopping Center on the tail end of its $131 million makeover. The renovation — helped by more than $46 million in public fund titles — aims to attract new tenants and keep St. Joseph

Eric KEith/St. Joseph News-Press

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Ashley Albers has been hired to slow the merry-go-round of stores leaving the East Hills Shopping Center.


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Saturday, October 3, 2009

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class of students and drop them in an eco-system and have them be completely surrounded by the animal life that they’ve been studying all year.� The program received national attention for helping the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Services add two species of coral to the endangered list. Students and scientists from around the world visit the Marine Institute Web site — stjoeh2o. — for photos and other information. Former students of the class, many

really cool,� she said. Next spring, the students will go to the Florida Keys for the first time, instead of the Bahamas, for their annual field trip. Part of the reason has to do with — sean nash, Benton high school biology teacher the economy, Mr. Nash said. Typically, a weeklong now in the biology field, He’s now a first-year sci- trip to the Bahamas costs each student about $1,500, also post on the site. ence teacher at Benton. includes room, “If we could show a “It was amazing to see which little red dot where every firsthand what you were board and snorkeling fees. marine biologist is work- learning in class,� he said. The Florida Keys trip will ing, I think you would see This spring will be the cost less than $1,000. “It’s a pretty good baran outline of the United first visit for Benton senior States, and we’re this dot Abby Lucas. She plans to gain, and they get this in the middle,� Mr. Nash have a career in science, really innovative experisaid. and she believes the pro- ence,� Mr. Nash said. Alex Paolillo was a mem- gram will be beneficial. Alonzo Weston can be reached ber of the class that went “A lot of people came at to the Bahamas in 2004. back from it and said it was

If we could show a little red dot where every marine biologist is working, I think you would see an outline of the United States, and we’re this dot in the middle.



Twenty-four-year-old Terrance McCoy was sentenced Friday to two to 10 years in prison. McCoy pleaded no contest Sept. 18 to unlawfully PONTIAC, Michigan — driving away a vehicle. A A Detroit man has been no-contest plea is not an sentenced to at least two admission of guilt but is years in prison for steal- treated as a conviction at ing a woman’s car after sentencing. skipping out on the check — Associated Press during their first date.


A deep look into the sea

Man gets 2 years after date went horribly awry

H1N1 fervor still taking hold number, Ms. Joggerst said. The same can’t be said for the St. Joseph School District. In the last week of September, 63 students were reported by their parents to have been diagnosed by a doctor to have the flu — though not necessarily H1N1. Eileen Duty, coordinator of health services for the school district, said the normal number of absence due to flu this time of year is zero. She said they are following guidelines in recommending that students stay away from school until they are 24 hours re-

moved from fever, though some doctors recommend staying home for 48 hours. “Which is fine with us,� Ms. Duty said. “Doctors have final say.� Local prison officials are also following the virus. The Western Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center had a bug breakout this week, but a Department of Corrections official said it wasn’t H1N1. Jacqueline Lapine, a spokeswoman for the department, said two inmates with a fever tested negative for the virus, but they are taking precautions. Staff are being fitted with

a special mask to help protect them from the virus, should it spread among the inmates. “We’ve been looking at triggers and adjusting as we go,� Ms. Lapine said of their flu plan, which includes having employees stay away from work if they’re feeling ill, and keeping infected inmates out of the general population. Ms. Joggerst said the upshot of the attention the virus has gotten is that more people will seek out the seasonal flu shots this year. “‘OK, what am I supposed to do?’� Ms. Joggerst said

Warsaw ghetto revolt leader dies at 90 memory as The uprising at the a fighting Warsaw ghetto was the WARSAW, Poland hero, a man first act of large-scale — Marek Edelman, the of great armed civilian resistance last surviving leader of c o u r a g e, â€? against the Germans in the ill-fated 1943 Warsaw Weiss said. occupied Poland during ghetto revolt against the “He never World War II. Nazis, died Friday at the Marek Edelman ceased in Edelman was one of age of 90. his struggle the few survivors of three Edelman died of old for human freedom and for weeks of uneven struggle in the Warsaw ghetto. age at the family home of Poland’s freedom.â€? his friend Paula Sawicka, where he had lived for the past two years. “He died at home, among friends, among his close people,â€? Sawicka told The Associated Press. Most of Edelman’s adult life was dedicated to the defense of human * life, dignity and freedom. He fought the Nazis in the â?Ż Millions of germs, viruses and doomed Warsaw ghetto rebacteria could be living on your floor. â?Ż Get an Oreck Halo™ Healthier Home. volt and later in the WarTry the NEW germ-killing Oreck saw city Uprising. And Halo vacuum. then for decades he fought â?Ż Includes Viruses communism in Poland. On-Board Dust Mite Eggs Attachments. Flea Eggs His heroism earned Bacteria him the French Legion of GE Mold R M KILLI N G Honor and Poland’s highU V-C est civilian distinction, the WHEN THE LIGHT IS ON, LI G H T Order of the White Eagle. GERMS ARE GONE. Former Israeli ambas(816) 364-6065 sador to Poland Shevach or 1-800-279-4249 Weiss paid tribute to 2204 N. Belt Hwy., Edelman. St. Joseph, MO “He will remain in my Associated Press


of the public’s continued confusion about the new virus. “‘Am I supposed to be worried about it or am I not supposed to be worried about it?’ People are trying to be responsible and do the right thing.� Jimmy Myers can be reached at



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HYDRANT FLUSHING NOTICE St. Joseph District September 8 through October 31 We flush our hydrants to make sure our valves are working properly and to avoid sediment deposits and buildups. This annual maintenance program assures continued delivery of high quality water to our customers. While we are working in your neighborhood, you may experience a temporary drop in water pressure or draw some discolored water. If this occurs, simply let the cold water run for a short period of time and the water will clear up on its own. During the flushing, we will adjust the water treatment process to switch from chloramines to free chlorine, which does not contain ammonia. This stronger disinfectant is typically used when preparing mains for routine flushing. Chlorine is commonly used in water systems as a disinfectant. Our water quality experts closely monitor this process to ensure optimum levels are present. Due to the temporary switch to free chlorine, you may notice a slight chlorine taste or odor in your water. This is not a cause for concern. If problems persist or you need additional information, contact Missouri American Water’s customer service line 24 hours a day at 1-866-430-0820 or visit

A Deep Look Into The Sea  
A Deep Look Into The Sea  

A local article highlighting the district's Marine Biology program.