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Position Title: Academic Technology Instructional Specialist Position Summary: This position sits within the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. The Academic Technology Instructional Specialist is responsible for providing instructional leadership, curriculum support, and staff development in the realm of academic technology. This position provides support to teachers, building administrators and central office administrators, as well as other appropriate district personnel. The big picture of this position is oversight of the implementation of programs that effectively integrate academic technology into curriculum and instruction in order to create a more flexible and student-centered learning environment. The position requires the vision needed to design and implement modern and innovative programs that help transform our curriculum and instruction into an inspiring modern learning environment. The ATIS is key to allowing both C&I and IT to function and communicate effectively into the 21st Century. In short, the ATIS is a very technology-savvy educator who is proactive and effective at working with administrators, staff and students. Essential Functions: •

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collaborates with teachers, department chairs, curriculum coordinators, principals, and central office administrators to facilitate the use of academic technology strategies to meet the needs of all students provides technical and pedagogical consulting and project support to help faculty and staff effectively integrate digital-age tools into the curriculum and instruction of the SJSD provides regular district-wide and building level input on the development of programs that enable students and staff to use academic technology for learning works with building administrators to design a professional development strategy with regard to academic technology to meet the particular needs of all faculty/staff meets regularly with building-level representatives or committees for the purpose of academic technology integration investigates, evaluates, and disseminates information concerning constructivist practices for integrating technology as a learning tool in addition to face-to-face interaction and networking, also maintains a strong online presence to model digital-age learning and networking maintains a strong working knowledge of the NETS, state-level technology integration standards, and other local standards upholds, advocates, and supports the current curricular and instructional model of the SJSD in all professional activities maintains current knowledge as well as a forward vision regarding instructional practices that relate to the use of academic technology continually serves as a source of information on trends, research, applications, and effective practices related to the ever-changing world of academic technology maintains professional competence by review of appropriate literature and participation in professional organizations directly demonstrates a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of students and staff as independent learners directly delivers formal workshops and mini-sessions on single topics at district, building, and department levels promote the development and use of personal digital learning networks to facilitate an additional framework for "just in time" learning and professional development assists in the identification and development of technology mentors/mentees to assist in building-level facilitation of the academic technology integration plan is innovative in coordinating, developing, and organizing events and systems to deliver model professional development in the area of academic technology investigates best-practices and innovations in the emerging world of blended and fullyonline learning and course-delivery

*version 1 - 3/1/2010


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recruits and supports the first set of instructors of deliver blended as well as fully-online courses in the SJSD investigates the move of a significant amount of district professional development into online environments to better meet the needs of all faculty and staff communicates with district and school personnel, parents, and community to share information and insight into the technology program of the SJSD provides input and assistance in the evaluation, selection, and ordering of current and future academic hardware and software investigates the role and relationship of learning spaces as it relates to instructional delivery in the classroom

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

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experience in classroom instruction with students using digital-age technology to accomplish learning in a standards-based world experience teaching/guiding personnel in the use of academic technology to aid in both staff development and student learning expertise in small group facilitation, planning, problem solving, coaching, and other instructional leadership roles experience in project development and delivery in an educational setting knowledge of and experience in leading through constructivist learning environments advanced oral and written communication skills strategic and visionary skills with accompanying technical and analytical abilities ability to maintain and contribute to a high-performing digital network of experts in the area of academic technology ability to work effectively as part of a team as well as individually to accomplish specific goals knowledge of software tools as well as Internet platforms for learning and research possess a high degree of approachability, accessibility, responsibility, and project followthrough attention to detail, ability to follow through on projects and meet deadlines a self-starter, with the ability to act in both leadership and support roles within a team proven willingness and ability to acquire new technical skills

*version 1 - 3/1/2010


Job Description: Academic Technology Instructional Specialist  
Job Description: Academic Technology Instructional Specialist  

This document outlines the duties and skills of a position in the SJSD beginning in 2010, the Academic Technology Instructional Specialist.