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HVAC systems). Mr. Simmons noted that the Board may want to be involved in advocating for these budget enhancements. The board enthusiastically voiced their support of these requests. Robert Oermann moved for approval of this resolution, Joyce Searcy seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. RESOLUTION 2013-02.02 2013/14 Budget Enhancement Resolution WHEREAS, the Nashville Public Library has experienced significant staffing and service reductions in recent years, and WHEREAS, the public library is valued as an educational, informational, technological and community building resource, and WHEREAS, the growth and quality of basic services is threatened at the current operating budget levels; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Nashville Public Library Board of Trustees that the Board endorses the proposed budget enhancement packages set forth by the library’s staff and encourages their adoption as part of the Metropolitan Government’s 2013/14 budget. c. Resolution Recognizing Gloria Coleman RESOLUTION 2013.02.03 A RESOLUTION COMMENDING THE DEDICATED SERVICE OF MRS. GLORIA L. COLEMAN AND CONGRATULATING HER UPON HER RETIREMENT FROM THE NASHVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY WHEREAS, Gloria L. Coleman, MLS, Library Manager III, Hermitage Area Library, retired on December 31, 2012, after completing forty years of outstanding service to Nashville Public Library, and WHEREAS, Mrs. Coleman began her career with Nashville Public Library as a Library Assistant in 1972 and that same year was promoted to Senior Library Assistant at the Green Hills Branch, also serving the Thompson Lane Branch and the Read & Rap Program, and WHEREAS, Mrs. Coleman began attending Vanderbilt University in 1974, graduating with her Master’s Degree in Library Science, and was promoted to Librarian in 1975 at the Edgehill Branch, and served in increasingly responsible positions as Senior Librarian at the Looby Branch from 1976-1979, as Librarian II at the Looby Branch from 1980-1983 and the Thompson Lane Branch from 1983-1987, and as Librarian III at the Donelson Branch from 1987-1996, and as Library Manager II at the Donelson Branch from 1996-2000, and WHEREAS, Mrs. Coleman became the Library Manager III for the Hermitage Area Libraries, serving the Donelson, East, and Hermitage Branches in 2000, where she remained until her retirement in 2012, and WHEREAS, during her tenure with Nashville Public Library her major accomplishments included serving as the library system’s literacy coordinator and longstanding Nashville Adult Literacy Council Board Member, committedly representing Nashville Public Library’s interests with the Tennessee Library Association while most notably organizing the library’s annual participation in 4|Page

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