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Fitness Best Youth Fitness Organization: 1. YMCA of Middle Tennessee A staple in the Middle Tennessee community, the YMCA’s youth programs continue to offer a variety of ways to keep our children active and build stronger family bonds. 2. Moves & Grooves 3. Girls on the Run

Best Free Community Workout: 1. The Capitol Steps Workout You’ll never find James Crumlin without a smile on his face! Join him every Monday and Thursday (for free!) at 6 p.m. downtown at the Capitol Steps. 2. Wholesale Fit 3. Small World Yoga

Saskia Harmon, Best Barre Instructor

Best Personal Trainer: 1. Corey Grant Adams Corey has been personal trainig out of Gold’s Gym in Hendersonville for the past two years. His love for his clients and expertise in the industry make him a healthy choice for best trainer in Nashville. 2. Justin Crutchfield 3. Derrick Billups

Best Cycling Instructor: 1. Kelsey Cox A veteran to the cycling community, Kelsey’s loud beats and high energy keep her riders coming back to Verticity. 2. Tori Ross 3. Anna Perry

Best CrossFit Coach:

Best Running Coach:

1. Trey Fitch “If you aren't having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!” The owner of CrossFit H Dub has a knack for hard work, paying attention to detail, making his members laugh, and wearing tie-dye. 2. Mark Molinyawe 3. Evan Beach

1. Megan Conner Always beaming with enthusiasm and encouragement, Megan’s personal training will have you working hard and having fun while you do it. 2. Scott Wietecha 3. Devin Tolentino

Best Yoga Instructor:

Best Group Fitness Instructor:

1. Chris Byford A recent NFM cover star, Chris continues to make us laugh and smile as we bend and fold our bodies into intricate positions at Shakti Power Yoga. 2. Emmy Singer 3. Danielle Whitener

1. Tier Elera Tier is the owner and creator or Tier TIME Fitness, a power-driven, musical based bootcamp that will have you and your body enjoying the latest moves and tunes of urban, hip-hop, Latin and pop genres. 2. Ellen Joiner 3. Christen Jackson

Best Pilates Instructor:

Best Ambassador to Nashville’s Health & Fitness Community:

1. Bambi Watt Certified Pilates and Xtend instructor Bambi Watt is the owner of Willow Pilates Studio, one of Nashville’s premier Pilates studios for 17 years running. 2. Lindsey Rae 3. Dawn Doll

Best Barre Instructor: 1. Saskia Harmon Saskia is the current manager/teacher at Pure Barre Brentwood where she loves helping women stay fit and re-gain confidence in themselves. 2. Anna Perry 3. Suzanne Banker


N AS H V I L L E F I T M AG A Z I N E • JA N / F E B 2 0 1 8

1. Kate Moore Continuing to be a lighthouse in the Nashville community, Kate’s crusade for individuality and charismatic attitude create a heartfelt environment wherever she goes. 2. James Crumlin 3. Kimberly Novosel

Best Local Instagram Fitness Celebrity: 1. Erin Oprea Our first issue cover star, Erin, never misses a workout. On the road or traveling around Nashville, catch her training with the stars or teaching a new workout on your local news channel. 2. Shawn Booth 3. Brittany Farrar photo by Jordyn Smalling

January/February 2018 - The Inspiration Issue  
January/February 2018 - The Inspiration Issue  

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