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After T the Flood

he original Finer Things Gallery was completely lost to Nashville’s historic flood of May 2010—along with the vehicles, home, studio, workshop, and sculpture garden. Rusty Wolfe and Kim Brooks were left, uninsured, to face a loss of millions of dollars with only their beloved dogs at their side. Now, with four of the toughest years they have ever known behind them, they will finally reopen Finer Things to the public on October 17. As you enter the space, you will witness their not-so-minor miracle—and you are guaranteed to admire, long to touch, and want to own any number of the exquisite works of art on display.

by Jane R. Snyder Photographs by John Guider

Once the art in that last group is sold, he and Kim will replenish their inventory with Rusty’s own creations, including his one-of-a-kind pieces of studio furniture. In these

Finer Things during the flood of 2010


Finer Things Galler y Reopens October 17

“Seventy-five percent of what we have in the gallery has my hands on it,” Rusty explained. “It’s a painting I’ve done, or a piece of sculpture, or a piece of furniture I’ve created—that means I’ve either redesigned it [or] taken it apart, refinished it, and fixed what was wrong with it. Twenty-five percent of the works in the gallery are things left over from our previous Finer Things.”

44 | October 2014

October 2014 Nashville Arts Magazine  
October 2014 Nashville Arts Magazine