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Farrar, Bronze, life-size edition of 12

Miniature to Monumental Alan LeQuire’s Sculptural Portraits LeQuire Gallery • Through October 25


by Karen Parr-Moody

culptor Alan LeQuire’s gifts emerged at a young age, when he saw faces in clouds, rocks, and sticks, an experience he called “frightening, yet also moving.” That nascent instinct motivates him to this day, allowing him to transmute the essence of real people into naturalistic sculptures.

“When I was getting my training in Europe, I looked at countless Greek and Roman and Egyptian sculptures,” he says. “What they inspired in me was a desire to replace those gods and goddesses with people I knew. Real people. How much better would that be if those were actual people and not idealized ones?” That belief has stayed with the artist. Everything he has done—including the forty-two-foot-tall Athena in Nashville’s Parthenon—is a portrait of a real person.

Portraits of Women #1, 1993–1998, Painted plaster, life-size

“Most people don’t realize that Athena is also a portrait,” he says. “It’s based on archaeological research, but it also has a little bit of Elvis Presley, because I used him for the facial features. He had such perfect fifth-century-BC classical features.”

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October 2014 Nashville Arts Magazine