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One Man’s Folly: The Exceptional Houses of Furlow Gatewood JULIA REED

Flash Boys MICHAEL LEWIS The best-selling author of Moneyball,  The Blind Side,  and  The Money Culture  among several other books, Michael Lewis also writes for  magazines such as  Vanity Fair  and  is one of the most popular business journalists of our time. As he did in  The Big Short  and  Liar’s  Poker, Lewis again takes on Wall Street with this newest book.  Starling Lawrence, Mr. Lewis’s editor, said in a statement: “Michael is  brilliant at finding the perfect narrative line for any subject.” 

Under Magnolia FRANCES MAYES Readers may know Frances Mayes from her popular books about her time in Italy—including Under the Tuscan Sun—but they may not know she spent her early years in Fitzgerald, Georgia. With this new memoir, Mayes goes back to that time, steeping her words in memory, landscape, and the sounds and tastes of a Southern upbringing. She shows us where her love of travel began, recounting how she grew from a spirited child to a university student and left the South for California. Anecdotes highlight a real-life cast of characters including Mayes’ family members and other important figures in her life.

Seeds of Hope JANE GOODALL Before her work with chimpanzees, legendary naturalist and bestselling author Jane Goodall’s passion for the natural world began in the backyard of her childhood home in England, where she climbed her beech tree, made elderberry wine with her grandmother, and  tended a garden she still enjoys today. In her elegant new book, she unveils the secret world of plants: their healing potential, their hidden beauty deep within areas such as the African Gombe forest, and their future tucked away in the Millennium Seed Bank, where one billion seeds are preserved.

Director Marco Wilms on the set of Art War

by Justin Stokes


very year, the Nashville Film Festival presents films that entertain, enrich, challenge, and change their audiences. And while the ten-day festival promises to be the biggest and best it’s ever been, one particular film holds a sort of importance that can be described only as meta art. Art War, a film by Marco Wilms, recounts the efforts of creative persons during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Following the effects of the cognitive dissonance created by religious and political propaganda, the documentary follows the initiative of artists who have turned paint and canvas into a weapon against corruption and violence, creating a sort of anti propaganda to empower those oppressed by the regime Director Marco Wilms and break the mob mentality of those clouded by fear. Through Wilms’s video diary of Egypt’s dark confessions, we can see how music can mobilize revolutionaries, how painted murals can bring war criminals to justice, and how a single photograph of a woman’s sexuality can both inspire and repulse so many. ©ALFRED STEFFEN

Julia Reed knows the South, and she knows style. Born in Mississippi, now living in New Orleans, she is a regular contributor to Elle  Decor  and  Garden and Gun  magazines, as well as  The New York Times,  The Wall Street Journal, and Condé Nast Traveler. In her latest book, she explores the personal property of antiques expert Furlow Gatewood in Americus, Georgia—a meticulously restored collection  of dwellings and outbuildings set amid picturesque grounds where his beloved dogs and peacocks roam.  Students of architectural  tradition will appreciate how Gatewood incorporates styles ranging from mid-nineteenth-century Gothic to Palladian. Designer Bunny Williams contributes the foreword.

What makes this film so relevant to the festival are not the metaphorical dangers encountered from the theater, but the literal, physical dangers encountered by those who refuse to remain silent. Acts as seemingly benign as paintings on a wall or wearing certain clothes become defiant answers to the questions begged by violence and misinformation. And since art is expression of the self, the honest communication of these artists shows that bullets don’t stop ideas but drive them further. Tickets for the screening of Art War, as well as the entire schedule of the Nashville Film Festival, can be found via their website The festival runs April 17 through 26 at the Regal Cinemas Green Hills Stadium 16 Movie Theater.

2014 April Nashville Arts Magazine  
2014 April Nashville Arts Magazine