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Book and lyrics by Karen Zacarias Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma

Jonathan Franzen returns with a highly anticipated new novel that promises to be a bit of a departure from his previous bestsellers, The Corrections and Freedom. At the center of the story is a young woman called Pip (real name Purity) who’s dealing with all the usual troubles of her generation (a hefty student loan bill, for example) as well as some unusual ones (no clue who her father is or why her mother seems to be hiding something). Enter a colorful cast of characters from directions as diverse as California and East Germany, and throw in Internet intrigue, curious journalists, and murder. Meet Franzen on September  23, when he appears in Nashville as part of the Salon@615 author series.

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Sweet Caress: The Many Lives of Amory Clay             WILLIAM BOYD

In this novel written like a memoir, William Boyd follows the 20th century’s biggest events through the camera lens of adventurous world-traveler Amory Clay. Born in England in 1908, she receives her first little camera when she is a child, and she stops at nothing in her goal to document the world around her and the people, places, and events others might not otherwise see. From her early days as a society photographer (a job that ends in scandal—oops) to her work documenting wartime, Amory’s personal life becomes as richly shaded and tangled as the history that unfolds around her.

Fates and Furies                                                                           LAUREN GROFF

We’ve been talking about Fates and Furies  (because it’s awesome), and it turns out everyone else is talking about it, too. From the starred review in Publisher’s Weekly: “In a swirling miasma of language, plot, and Greek mythology, Groff weaves a fierce and gripping tale of true love gone asunder.” Kirkus gave it a starred review as well: “An intricate plot, perfect title, and a harrowing look at the tie that binds.” Meg Wolitzer, author of The Interestings, called it, “A book to submit to, and be knocked out by, as I certainly was.” Jess Walter, author of  Beautiful Ruins, said: “At once intimate and sweeping, this is the story of a marriage as parallel myths—flaring with passion and betrayal, with redemption and retribution, with the sort of heart-breaking, head-slapping secrets that make you want to seek out someone else who’s read it.” See? So read it, and then come talk to author Lauren Groff about it on October 9, when she visits for the Southern Festival of Books. 

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Furiously Happy: A Funny Book about Horrible Things   JENNY LAWSON

If you follow Jenny Lawson (aka “The Bloggess”) online, you don’t even need this announcement. You already know her next book is due out soon, and you’re planning to come to Lawson’s book-signing event on September 30 as part of Salon@615. You probably also know what’s in the book: a mix of greatest-hits blog posts and new writing, all in Lawson’s signature style and mostly centered around her struggles with mental illness. You know you’ll laugh out loud at her candor, her imagination, and her deliciously bizarre run-on sentences. You know you’ll hold the book out to whomever’s sitting next to you to make them read your favorite passages. You know all this because you did the same things with Lawson’s first book, the #1  New York Times  bestselling  Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. And if you don’t know all this, then by golly, let us introduce you.

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September 2015, Nashville Arts Magazine  

This month's cover is our very own Nancy (comic strip)​ drawn by Guy Gilchrist​.

September 2015, Nashville Arts Magazine  

This month's cover is our very own Nancy (comic strip)​ drawn by Guy Gilchrist​.