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Royal Suites’ Heart SMART program represents

local area hospitals. The program is unparalleled

a major advancement in post-acute cardiac care.

in its clinical focus and capabilities, cutting edge

The program is the first of its kind in a subacute

equipment, and specially trained staff. Significantly,

healthcare center setting, providing a seamless

the program also features extensive and effective

continuum of cardiac-focused care upon discharge

patient education, as well as a strong emphasis

from the hospital. The Heart SMART program was

on preventing readmissions. The Heart SMART

developed in conjunction with the region’s top

program was truly designed with the best interests

cardiac physicians and nurses, and is affiliated with

of patients, physicians, and hospitals in mind. 3


The Heart SMART program accommodates patients with a broad range of cardiac conditions, including congestive heart failure, post-myocardial infarction, post-coronary artery bypass and valve replacement, and post-cardiac catheter intervention. Comorbidities and complications are cared for with the renowned high level of skill and expertise of Royal Suites’ subacute unit, with a heightened sensitivity and focus on the cardiac implications. 4


The Heart SMART program provides the full scope

Other cardiac care services include: monitoring

of subacute care services along with cardiac-

and treatment of prothrombin times/INR levels

specific services. Paramount among these services

to maintain therapeutic anti-coagulation levels;

is cardiac monitoring during therapy and whenever

on-site EKG monitoring with results forwarded

necessary. The Cardiac Clinical Coordinator,

immediately to our cardiac medical team; post-

who is ACLS and Telemetry-certified, monitors

cardiac social and psychological services;

cardiac rhythm and other symptoms. The team

and extensive patient education, with a strong

follows precise physician guidelines in increasing

emphasis on healthy diet and lifestyle, stress

rehabilitation levels based on patients’ tolerance.

reduction, and secondary prevention. 5

SMART FOR HOSPITALS The Heart SMART program offers the ideal solution for hospitals, providing the optimal transitional care situation for post-acute patients who are not ready to return to a home setting. The program was specifically designed to address the concerns of hospitals:

Clinical Capabilities – The Heart SMART


Anti-Coagulation Emphasis – Hospitals

program offers the unique combination of

are typically very cautious in stabilizing pro times/

outstanding subacute care and cardiac care,

INR levels before releasing patients, to minimize

addressing the primary cardiac needs as well as

the possibility of readmission. The Heart SMART

their co-morbidities. The program addresses the

program’s aggressive anti-coagulation focus allows

complete scope of their needs, including physical,

hospitals to discharge patients as soon as their

social, dietary, psychological, and post-discharge

levels indicate a reasonable trend.

healthy lifestyle maintenance.

Specially Trained Staff – The Heart SMART program’s staff is under the supervision of a cardiologist and is staffed by specially trained caregivers familiar with cardiologist’s and primary physicians’ protocol. Intense Patient Education – Perhaps the

Readmission Prevention – The Heart SMART

greatest risk factor contributing to readmissions

program was formed in recognition of hospitals’

is the resumption of unhealthy diet patterns and

concerns over cardiac readmissions, specifically

lifestyles. The Heart SMART program conveys

in light of anticipated legislation that penalizes

clear guidelines and effectively trains patients

hospitals for such occurrences. The program is

in successfully adapting positive changes, thus

geared toward preventing readmissions both in the

greatly reducing the risk of readmission.

short term and post-discharge. 7

STAFF & EQUIPMENT The unit features advanced equipment including a state-of-the-art telemetry system with cardiac specific software. The system offers detailed tracking of rhythm patterns with precise overviews


The Heart SMART Program Advisor is a renowned

of progress, medications, and trends. Discharge

cardiologist affiliated with local major medical

summaries are produced in a user-friendly

centers. The staff includes RN’s who have

format that allows physicians to view therapeutic

been specifically trained in cardiac care and in

outcomes at a glance; the instructions are also

deployment of the unit’s specialized equipment.

easy for patients to understand. The rehabilitation

The multidisciplinary team includes the medical and

department features advanced cardiac-oriented

nursing staff, registered dietitian, psychologist, social

equipment; likewise, supplementary oxygen and

workers, a physiatrist, and discharge planners.

AED equipment are situated on the specialized unit.

One of the primary components of the Heart


SMART program is a highly effective education and post-discharge training program, developed in conjunction with a team of leading cardiac care specialists. The innovative educational methodology includes instructional classes, nutrition counseling

The comprehensive educational program is based

with vital fat and sodium information, demonstrations

on the popular W.O.W. ME 2000 model developed

of actual food samples, fat versus muscle mass

by hospital clinicians. The program emphasizes

module, as well as hands-on healthy home cooking

practical implementation of healthy dietary and

courses. Research has shown that patients in a

lifestyle changes, including exercise principles and

post-acute setting are considerably more capable of

medication management; patients are equipped

absorbing and integrating the information than their

with the tools they will need to maintain these

acute care counterparts.

changes following discharge. 9

ABOUT SMART The SMART Program (Specialized Medical And Rehabilitative Therapy) is a signature upgraded rehab program at Royal Suites; Heart SMART is the cardiac care division of this program. The program features specific clinical advantages such as coordination with physician’s protocol, fast-tracked rehab care, immediate assessment, and 7 day/week therapy. Additionally, the SMART program offers enhanced amenities, including fine restaurant-style dining, a guest services coordinator, a broad array of leisure activities, flat-screen cable TVs and DVD players, and an Internet cafÊ. 10


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