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บทที่ 193 It may be confusing to judge people through only their words, for many are reproaching but kind and those who are smooth – tongued and spiteful are very difficult to be fat horned. To make a summary via only words is not worth while doing.

บทที่ 194 Playing the music and sports are creative keeping pace with learning can make you go to library. The craze with games or drug addiction can make you deteriorated and lecherousness can drug you to the hell of eternal fire.

บทที่ 195 Some senile people have bad habits, becoming more indolent. The accumulate their congenital traits and lack industry or taking pains. However, most children are tractable ones not deviating. They anticipate to learning perseveringly and admirably

บทที่ 196 Female heads of families are hard-working. Realize how burdensome they are. Since most of them or housewives are exemplars of bearing and restrain ability. Most of them seem to be concurrently carrying off the world on their shoulders.

บทที่ 197 Holding birthday parties is similar to helter-skelter payment. You should aim at saving expenses for your own mother, who gave your birth. You should create your merits for your mother at first. You should retrospect how painful your mother was on giving birth to you.

บทที่ 198 Some old people age almost 100 years but with interior virtues because they are not mindful of the heart of dharma. They spend time laying waste their age. Why many people of the younger generation are more profound in dharma.

บทที่ 199 We should know how to journey extensive or ample world in order to harvest erudition experiences. It’s very salutary to have the world as your teacher. Open your door to see all of the expansive earth, which is very valuable.

บทที่ 200 Control yourself and repress your senses and words without difference. Be industrious to control your consciousness without erring. Be wise and watch out for anything. You should constrain your surrounding devils that have enticement.

บทที่ 201 To be much too ceremonious is like window dressing. Can they reach the core of dharma? They should have retrospection. Until old age and death, they are still worst at sciolism.

บทที่ 202 It’s accomplishable for you if you are very aimful with love for your work. However, become aware that if you don’t like it, don’t do it, and if you are gladdened and certain, don’t make a false step. It’s difficult for you to do something if you are downcast.

บทที่ 203 Be didactic for yourself to be discreet before your performance. This is likely to be fulfilled until contentedness. Don’t be imprudent, inexact and don’t dillydally create your creative disposition without spoiling your work.

บทที่ 204 Good people with consciousness and prudence can easily listen to inculcation no matter how difficult they are. Only a little while, they are pellucidly satiated. No matter how perplexing or extremely deep, they can quickly make out.

บทที่ 205 To do thankless jobs is like being cut off from view. Those who do this kind of job don’t desist from their laborious work or miserable routine. They are never rewarded for their being hard pressed. Others don’t see how difficult the work behind the back stage.

บทที่ 206 Verity of the world lasts for a very long time with the origin of the world. When we stop and think, religions were originated much later. Although religions come to an end because of crisis, the truth or the law of nature still accompanies the world without variance.

บทที่ 207 Young men and women are warned when choosing a mate. They are supposed to have premeditation with their parents for certainty. They have to consult with their elders for the best replies. Don’t yield to the wishes or desires of yourself to avoid instinctive danger.

บทที่ 208 You should cull your associates when making friends with some people. You should think carefully to associate genteel people with good knowledge. If you make friends with bad people, it may be trivial too far. In conclusion, good erudite are worth making friends with.

บทที่ 209 If they are wrathful with us, we love them. To mitigate deeds. But if they bear a grudge and want to assault us, we evade them. If we forgive them or don’t harbour revenge against them, it’s very good. Not to harass one another is praise worthy.

บทที่ 210 No matter how enormous a house is, it is not worthwhile living in because it is distressing after reflection. Is it better to crowded in the room than to be distressed in heart? We are free of care because of genuineness.

บทที่ 211 Forming an alliance with or making friends with others is not ruinous. It’s very easy for demise if we fix our attention on making ourselves hostile to others. We should shun roughnecks and choose to associate with those who love adeptness. Amicability is better than antagonism.

บทที่ 212 Unattractive people often devote to prettying up themselves. Cowardly people compete to act as though they were able to do something or are acting big. They like to claim that they are more omniscient. Some are not pretty but put on in great quantities of cosmetic to camouflage themselves.

บทที่ 213 Building colossal things to consume space of each place to compete for dignity and call for faith or respect. Display megalomania can cause inconvenience for your residency, can’t it? We should construct proportional things but show powerfulness of intelligence.

บทที่ 214 A frog likes to catch up with a lion for greatness. A tiger puts on airs to equal a tiger. Many poor people become rich and brag their importance lunatically. All these are like a dove blowing its own trumpet to be on the some par with an eagle.

บทที่ 215 Fire-flies often use their light to compete with that of the moon. Glass beads also find their ways to be placed alongside of diamond jewels. Brass has to contend with gold for its splendor. Similarly, wicked people race to be the same level as virtuous ones.

บทที่ 216 Is money or currency much worthier than love? Have self-control to be resolute and don’t be disarranged. Don’t let the money make you vacillating go because you see that money is more glamorous than true love.

บทที่ 217 When staying with any squad or in anyone’s home, make yourself gentle and well behaved and humble. In doing so you can make them give you clemency or kindheartedness for survival and consequently you can make yourself achieve your goal to be adjustable.

บทที่ 218 Some like to make a promise to others to do or give something. Is it true when the time arrives. They often leave the act of keeping their promise or words, so we can’t find any value of their messages.

บทที่ 219 Technologies are prepared to repay a favor of desires. People don’t feel abashed when they resort to extravagant thing and follow a crazy. Furthermore, they are technologies to trespass the nature. And one day in the future, our repleteness of natural resources will be lost.

บทที่ 220 What gold is comparable with a diamond gem? And no diamond ornament can equal the essence of dharma because righteousness can unchain foolish conduct and talking nonsense, which incarcerate people, making them absurd.

บทที่ 221 Collect ideas or concepts to help erect good perception. Is there any boost of decent people on this land? There should be people conscious of good things and gentleness. Thai people should not let rascal prevail over this country.

บทที่ 222 If you are fond of something, continue with it for accomplishment. In this case, you may become like a diamond of intelligence and capability. And if you set your heart on it, it will bring about good gain of wisdom and move than expectation, you will have proficiency with your work.

บทที่ 223 Be farsighted, for it’s better than your indifference or unconcernedness. Don’t anticipate trifling things with inferior worth. Foresee your grand work in order to prepare its advocacy. According select to prop up principal parts for tomorrow.

บทที่ 224 Brass materials are not glowing like gold and are often tarnished if left without being polished. In contrast, gold materials very beautifully shining, compared to the sun’s rays. Even though gold is not scrubbed, it is still starring.

บทที่ 247 Those who like to take a siesta are slothful. They are disposed toward sleeping persistently without bodily exercises. Besides, they are not often robust, making it easy for them to break down several times. This resembles retarding any development, thus causing many maladies to encircle them.

บทที่ 248 Everything can be a source of miseries. The more you wish to have amusement, the more hardship you have lie over yourself. The more you grasp things tightly, the more misconception and anguish you have. So you should liberate yourself, why you will go on carrying torment. บทที่ 249 Underlings are loyal to bosses who love their subordinates and harmoniousness. But if bosses bully them happily, any day in the future, the inferiors may ruin and revenge them in response.

บทที่ 250 Create your own procedures and rules of conduct. Other people are apt to be in awe of, accept and respect you. You should esteem yourself and others will talk about you continually and widely. You become estimable because you can constrain yourself.

บทที่ 251 Parents are passably to be exemplars. Teaching children to do good things verbally is not sufficient yet. Now and then their conduct can epitomize things better than teaching by words. And even after their death some exemplary deeds can be beneficial for their children subsequently.

บทที่ 252 Be studious and assiduous to make headway. At the right time, you can become a master being achieved as you wish. You will be dutiful and have good work to uphold. You can become more thriving and well-matched with rigour of your having studied.

บทที่ 253 Call your direction appropriate for yourself. Don’t go drifting away aimlessly and subsist without any disappointment. Choose ways that make us have more energetic betterment. The more effective it is, the more appropriate it is, if your work is personal or individual.

บทที่ 254 Most Thai people cultivate habits that damage their figure of speech, for they don’t decrease their egotism and like to forgather to make a loud noise. They like to hold a party beating repeatedly and loudly like insane crowds. Their reputation in a negative way covers up their image.

บทที่ 255 Knowledgeable people, although with ugly looks, have goodness which is more beautiful than appearance. They are like Malayan koel, which animates us with distinctly melodious voice. Accordingly, don’t realize or judge only outside appearance.


english poem made by my teacher