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Questions of EIDHR Olga Karatch participated in the consultations on social organizations’ participation in next EIDHR contest and contest’s priorities questions which were organized by European Union representative office on the 22nd of April in Minsk. The Head of the EU representative office in Belarus Mayra Mora and other EU representatives were present at the meeting. Zhanna Litvinova (BAJ), Oleg Volchek (Juridical help for citizens), Oleg Gulak (BChK), Sergey Mackevich (Assembley) presented social organizations with the “Our House”.

Appeal to the International sports federations from the Association for modernization and Civil campaign “Our House” Dear friends, The referendum with the list of violations, when the national white-red-white flag was switched to the red-green one, happened in 1995 in Belarus. Despite of this fact the national symbols are continuing to be in use by the huge part of the Belarusian society. Belarusian sportsmen regard respectively towards the archaic Belarusian symbols. The using of the white-red-white flag during the sports events is a patriotic action for thousands of Belarusian people. Belarusian fans that are using both of the flag types support the same sportsmen. We are appealing to you with the demand to provide the possibility of free using the whitered-white flags during the sports events. We hope, that the incidents such one which took place in Sweden on the 3rd of May, 2013 will never again recur (when the white-red-white flags were captured by the event security officially because of their ‘political symbolizing’). Yours respectfully, Olga Karatch, the Head of the Civil campaign “Our House”

Ales Mikhalevich, the Head of the Association for modernization


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• The triumph of dedovshchina

Deputies to Answer!

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For transparensy of government

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Deputy is not trying to solve the transport problem The problem with pedestrial presinct and traffic jamming near the accomodation unit №8, 10, 12, 14 yard on the Nemiga Street is still unsolved.

The head of the civil campaign “Our House” Olga Karatch claimed on the 5th of March, 2013, that we are going to the local elections in 2014. We defined 10 basic criteria for candidate after the questionnaire.

Human rights defender of the civil campaign “Our House” – Deputies to Answer” Vladimir Sergeev sent the appeal with 50 collected signs to the local deputy Yury Kanzas (electoral ward of Zaslavl №40) in February, 2012. He met the deputy privately, where Kanzas assured to cooperate in the problem solution by attractiong the central representatives of Minsk administration. Neverthekess there were no any changes last 14 months.

1) Deputy must live on the territory of the election ward (or near the election ward). 2) Deputy should to realize the pre-election program, considering the voters’ demands and social interests of the election ward. 3) Deputy should meet his voters at least twice a month after their working time on the territory of the election ward. 4) Deputy should participate actively in the Deputy Board sessions and report the voters about his activity. 5) Deputy should participate actively in the state and other organizations audits on the territory of the election ward. 6) Deputy should inform the voters about his activity at least twice a year during the reports and via media. 7) Deputy is better to have an assistant, who exercises his power on a voluntary basis without separation from main activity. 8) Deputy should have the private e-mail address and consider the citizens’ appeals both via letters and e-mail. 9) Deputy should provide the unscheduled report upon the written demand from at least 1/10 part of voters living on the territory of the election ward. 10) Deputy must retire from the responsibility early and volitionally in case of voter’s mistrust during the report providing.

The problem with pedestrial presinct and traffic jamming on the Nemiga Street (houses №8,10,12,14) and Romanovskaya Sloboda (houses № 12, 14) is still actual. This situation makes the pedestial moving dangerous and creats a lot of inconviniences. The proposition of Vladimir Sergeev and those who live in the accomodations on these streets on metal fence along the pedestrial presinct setting up was ignored. The human rights defender is not going to wait any of the deputy’s cooperative activity. Vladimir Sergeev plans to appeal to the head of the Central region Minsk administration.

What does the local deputy look like?

By Olga Burnevich +375 29 6900376

(Add your criteria and send them to Your propositions will be included as our amendments for the Act “About the local Deputy board member’s status”. We are waiting for your demands for the future deputies). By Andrey Aksyonov + 375 29 7305350

For transparensy of government

ГК «Наш Дом»/ Еженедельная информационная рассылка «Наш Дом - Инфо»


Deputy, report to your voters! Every member of the local Deputy Board ought to report to his voters about his activity and the way of pre-election program realization, Deputy Board work at least twice a year. “Our House” launched the campaign “Deputy, report to your voters!” The collection of the appeal signs starts in May. The latest elections to the Deputy Board took place on the 25th of April, 2010. The period of the deputies’ duties starts since May, 2010 (after the first sessions of the 26th local boards calling). Every member of the local Deputy Board was to prepare at least 5 reports during the period since May, 2010 to December, 2012. Even if such reports were provided by the local deputies, you could hardly see the announcement in local media. You did not even see any messages on the informational tables on the territory of election ward. Just few deputies can brag their results. What had each of them done in those 3 years? It is high time to compare our achievements. The “Our House” rights defenders will demand to carry out the report activity from January-June, 2013 period from the local deputy in JuneJuly. The report should include the election ward only. Conference halls in Housing Maintenance Services regional centers and school halls could be used for that. The information about the report date, time and place should be spread in media in advance. By Andrey Aksyonov + 375 29 7305350

New Housing code’s transitional articles The demand for information about the list of transitional new Housing code’s transitional articles was sent to deputy of the House of Representatives Inessa Keshchuk on the 22nd of April. It was asked for example which articles and points of new Housing code are considering to be transitional and start to be active after the 2nd of March, 2014 only. Deputy sent a very detailed answer in five pages on the 2nd of May: «All the new Housing code’s transitional acts of Belarus from 28.08.2012 № 428-З (or Code) are included in the Article 221». There was the explanation of transitional acts attached (points 1-6). The full text of the Code is available for examining on the National juridical website of Belarus Inessa Kleshchuk is a legislative commission member in the House of Representatives second time. She sincere performs her duties for her voters, answers actively the e-mail and meets citizens every month. By Tamara Blinova +375 33 6355220

ГК «Наш Дом»/ Еженедельная информационная рассылка «Наш Дом - Инфо»

Let the Child’s nuclear Academy be in Belarus! That is the Head’s of the Permanent commission of Belarusian National Assembly Board on regional politics and local self-government, which name is Svetlana Gerasimovich, preliminary decision. She considered the Civil Campaign activist’s Nikolay Petrushenko proposal during the away meeting with citizens. The final decision was made after this problem examining and considering the child’s nuclear Academy ( co-working with the Ministry of education in Russia experience and Ministry’s of Energy opinion about this question. The right defender Nikolay Petrushenko pointed out, that ‘Both longstanding functionary of such organization experience in Russia and child’s agricultural Academy creating in our country are giving evidence for the child’s nuclear Academy in Belarus creating. More than the list of ecological social unions started to form anti-nuclear Academy’. The discussion of this question by the Permanent commission chief Svetlana Gerasimovich went relatively well. Unfortunately, the senator’s and deputies’ habit to disdain at the alternative point of view representatives precluded us from continuation of causes this abnormal situation meeting discussion of causes this abnormal situation in Vitebsk region. .

By Nikolay Petrushenko +375 33 665 70 10

For transparensy of government


Opinions exchange The civil campaign “Our House” activists during the International specialized exhibition “Water and Heat” in Minsk attended “Live like a boss” magazine’s roll-up and meet the staff. There was opinion about consumer rights protection exchange and the possibility of this topic presentation on the magazine pages. The editor-in-chief Iryna Fomina considered attentively the demands for the magazine and departmental ballot.

Beware, porn! (The continuation) The statement of the civil campaign «Our Home» activist Nicholay Petrushenko upon demonstration of pornography on the State broadcaster was forwarded to the management of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus to be attached to the case file. The chief of police department in Tolochinsky region S.K.Barvyankov notified the right defender in written form. We are recalling, that Petrushenka’s family found porn movie broadcasting on the «BelMuzTV» TV channel from 15.30 to 16.00 by randomly switching on the 13th of April, 2013. The statement was made up upon this and sent to the police department.

By Nikolay Petrushenko +375 33 665 70 10

ГК «Наш Дом»/ Еженедельная информационная рассылка «Наш Дом - Инфо»

Protection and Solidarity 29.04-05.05.2013

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The triumph of dedovshchina

Brest: Beware of bees!

The Brest Castle: War is war, but it’s high time for ice-cream


Three criminal cases were initiated against the head of peat enterprise in Stolinskiy region The employees of Pinsk state control regional committee and financial investigations regional department are faced a non-standard situation conducting the unscheduled inspections of “Peat enterprise ‘Glinka’ of Stolinskiy region”. The director of the company which the Polish firm has not paid for the delivered peat with decided to pay off the arrears (2.5 million euros or $ 4.5 million) at the expense of the peat enterprise according to the BELTA’s message to the press service of the state Control Committee of Belarus. Do Zhlobin citizens respect their court? The third meeting of the Bosarevskiy E.I and Kostyukevich V.V case was to be held on the 30th of April, 2013 in the District Court of Zhlobin. But the prosecution witness failed to appear citing the fact that her funeral for the third time to the deep disappointment of the accused party, which has to pay lawyers every time. «Viasn» demands to abolish the «political» Article 193.1 of the Criminal Code The Human Rights Center «Viasna» calls to stop the practice of public pressure on activists and take steps to abolish Article. 193.1 of the Criminal Code. Trichinosis in Tolochyn. And silence in response. There is a dangerous outbreak of human disease the infection of trichinosis in Tolochin region. The incidence struck four families in the urban village Kohanovo only. The Olympian calm that is stored on the occasion of the sanitary and veterinary services and officials of the local vertical is worthy of a better cause. Editor of the website

The judge of the interpost military court of Minsk major Malevich announced the decision on the 30th of April , 2012: the corporal Benesh (who was accused according to the Part 1 of Article 443 of the Criminal Code) case proceeding should be stopped with the reconciliation of the parties. The Civil Campaign «Our House» rights activists were present at the process from the beginning to the end. They consider the judge’s decision to stop the proceeding to be right. But the reason of proceeding stop (conciliation) is not stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Code to Article 443 (case of public prosecution) which is written in the Article 26 of the Criminal Code. There should be sentence of acquittal in this case. There was no violence, bullying, abuse, deprivation of liberty, personal use, extortion, confiscation of items. The punishment of three days of arrest in such cases is a maximum. Omelchenko as an instigatorgot two days more. Unfortunately, the military leaders did the opposite. The reason for this is encouraging of dedovshchina by in the 15th air defense missile brigade. We should recall, Akim Benesh rebelled against hazing (or dedovshchina), but the criminal charge was filed against actively opposed the violence military, not against the aggressors according to the «Charter` 97” and “Belarusian Partisan “data. By Valeriy Shchukin +375 29 655 39 17


ГК «Наш Дом»/ Еженедельная информационная рассылка «Наш Дом - Инфо»

29.04-05.05.2013 The real May-Day The international day of working people is neither international nor national for Belarus. The political measures of working people are prohibited this day in our country. The Leonid Kozik’s trade union was allowed to organize a mass-meeting. The participants were collecting near the Palace of trade unions. In spite people are always collecting by their own desire for the trade union events, there were appointees came. The organizers checked out those who came and gave them money. The organizers led the event participants to the Yanka Kupala Park. The Special Designation Police Detachment was checking the citizens’ bags; it was heard from the dynamics: “Drunk citizens are not allowed”. Nevertheless the event participant could see beer, champagne and vodka being sold. There were more people collected, than for Chernobyl Path. The organizers claimed there were 30 000 people, which is very doubtfully. There was humming sound booster facility on the event. Police wind band was playing then. It was claimed the ambassadors of Venezuela, Vietnam, China, Cuba will present. But the presence of deputies of House of Representatives was not claimed. There was no deputy among the speakers, who was mostly presented by the trade union org men reading their texts from paper. Leonid Kozik was harping about the right direction of the head’s of the state political line and called our country ‘Belorussia’ instead of Belarus. All the speakers was talking about the demands from the government… The mayor of Minsk Nikolay Ladutko was speaking about the millions of unemployed people in the world and the lack of ones in our country. The Assistant Minister of labor and social security claimed the annual increase of payment. The announcement of head of the state supportive resolution was a conclusion. By Valeriy Shchukin +375 29 655 39 17

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