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EVENTS Viktor Ivashkevich died

Justice has a Name! and the Name is the NASH DOM (Our House) Civil Campaign.


• Criminal exploits of officials

Our activists are people who do care about their country, who are working to develop true self-governance in Belarus, to put an end to the junta ruling. The NASH DOM-INFO PDF edition mission is to provide food and multi-angle information about the NASH DOM (Our House) Civil Campaign, about our success cases and about those whoand about those who interfere with our efforts to establish self-governance. We appreciate your questions and comments.

EUROPEAN-QUALITY REPAIR IN BELARUS • The settlement ChenkI: five traumatic places on the playground • The dirtiest underpass in Minsk • 1000 non-trifles of Gomel-9: stairs without handrails.

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CALL DEPUTY TO ACCOUNT • Deputies and Officials don’t see the problem of “invisible being” ОСТОРОЖНО, МИЛИЦИЯ BEWARE! POLICE!

HYPERLINKS Olga Karatch, Foto ©Alex Krum

• “Grimaces” of economy • In Rogachevskiy district were found mushrooms with radiation

• The Court closed again a failure of the agenda of a police officer to appear



Viktor Ivashkevich died October 3, at a hospital in Minsk at the age of 54 years died a famous public and political figure Viktor Ivashkevich - the leader of organizing committee on creation the party «Belarusian Ruh.» The politician died after a long illness. He was in the list for a liver transplant, but didn’t manage to find a donor. Viktor Ivashkevich was born September, 21, 1959 in Minsk. He graduated from the Correspondence Department of Journalistic Faculty of the Belarusian State University. In the early 80’s he was an active participant in the informal youth associations of nationaldemocratic orientation; one of the most talented organizers of different actions; initiator of strike committees in Minsk enterprises. He was an activist of the committee on creating the Belarusian Popular Front since its foundation in 1998. Viktor Ivashkevich remained the secretary of BNF until 1996. The politician acted as the organizer of the largest mass protests. Since 1998 he was editor-in-chief of newspaper “Worker”, since 1999- a vice-president of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Labour Union. In 2012 the politician was sentenced to 2 years of “chemistry” for the article “A thief must be in prison” which was dedicated to Alexander Lukashenko. He took an active part in the presidential campaign in 2010, as a member of Andrei Sannikov team. Ivashkevich was repeatedly exposed to administrative penalties, twice was on a hunger strike. Civil Campaign «Nash Dom» sincerely condoles to relatives and friends of the deceased. Victor was one of those who devoted all his life to his native Belarus. Farewell ceremony with Viktor Ivashkevich was held on October 5 in the memorial hall at Olchevskiy Street in Minsk. Representatives of «Nash Dom» laid flowers to the grave of the deceased too.

Criminal exploits of officials For what acts were officials most often bring to justice in 2013? The third quarter of 2013 was ended. The Editorial Board of site decided to make a summary for what acts officials and functionaries most often were brought to justice or taken to the attention of law enforcement for the 9 months of 2013. The present review includes the most resonant crimes, reflected on the main KGB and Interior Ministry websites. By the end of the year we hope to do a more extensive summary, using materials of regional press and independent Internet publications. We included not only the officials but, in some cases, so-called «officials», whose character of relations with ordinary citizens is similar to relationship between officials. On the site of the KGB under the heading «On a criminal case,» «On the Suppression of illegal activity», «On the Suppression of illegal activities of the officials» were placed 12 posts in 2013. Not all of them are directly related to the officials. But there are cases involving bribes, dereliction of duty and abuse of power, embezzlement through abuse of authority. More information about «criminal exploits» is posted on the site of the Ministry of Interior. As you can see from the made survey ​​, the most popular crimes, reflected on the site of KGB, are bribes. In total for both sites, the undisputed leader of various kinds is embezzlement which is usually related with abuse of power. Although, we can see that the criminal arsenal of officials is quite wide. And inaction and negligence can cost more than the banal theft of money. Total for 9 months, we have noted more than 30 most notorious cases. Dear visitors of the site, you will charge yourself whether it is a lot or a little for our 10 millionth country. We are looking forward to your comments, feedback and information from your cities and villages. More information and hyperlinks on our site: Artur Udickiy,

CALL DEPUTY TO ACCOUNT Deputies and Officials don’t see the problem of “invisible being”

I multiply two dozen copies of Tamara’s Blinova publication “In Slutsk rise the amounts of bicycles parking “ and offered to discuss it at the workshop with the activists of the civil campaign «Nash Dom» in Borisov. The workshop had to be carried on the wheels in the literal and figurative sense of the word – we got into the bus, assigned sectors of the review and went in search of Berezina bike parking. We had to carry the workshop on the wheels in the literal and figurative sense of the word - got into the bus, assigned sectors of the review and went in search of bike parking in the city on the banks of the Berezina. Bus driver, who wanted us to free seats bought for passengers tried to help us in every way. But alas … We weren’t fated to see and evaluate the design of devices for tying «two wheeled-horses» in the town of Borisov. It’s hard to believe, but workshop participants did not see any equipped bicycle parking throughout the city. But they documented bicycles attached near the shops, drug stores and other buildings in every possible way. Summing up the results of the inspection, we drew attention to another feature of the regional center. The most popular form of intercity transport (minibuses) are there ... outside the law. It means that there is no schedule on any bus stops. Local citizens got accustomed to such disrespect of his rights for getting information. Moreover, the participants made sure that the legal requirement to provide us with the book of comments and suggestions was met with active opposition of some parts of society... Summing up all we had saw, we came to the conclusion that the photo report on the results of the workshop should be send to the Borisov District Council of Deputies. And it will be offered to its head NAVITSKIY P.V. to familiarize all the deputies with this problem. Nikolay Petrushenko

BEWARE! POLICE! The Court closed again a failure of the agenda of a police officer to appear Two weeks ago our site informed about the failure of the session of Borisov district’s court, where should be held the trial of the administrative liability of a citizen of Belarus, Veteran of Labor Iosif S. for the committed offense (deliberately false call the police). On September, 30 the situation repeated. Neither the representative of police department of Borisov, nor the main witness from the police (senior district police inspector) came to court. Contrary to the explicit requirement of the law on public consideration of administrative offenses, Judge B. has investigated important procedural issues behind closed doors. She brought a verdict to postpone the consideration of the case on October 4 at 12.00 to journalists through the secretary. I personally disagreed with it and saw in this situation a veiled denial of the writing fraternity a right to be informed about the reasons for repeated fails of appearing a police officer at the court. That’s why expressed my protest in the court’s book of the comments and suggestions. . Nikolay Petrushenko

EUROPEAN-QUALITY REPAIR OF BELARUS 1000 non-trifles of Gomel-9: stairs without handrails. Along the quay of the river Sog, on pedestrian routes from Lebedinoe Lake to rise to the street of Artem, in two levels, on eight staircases (groups of stairs) with number of the marches from 2 to 6 there are no railings with handrails. Ladders should be equipped with two handrails at a height of 0.9 m and 0.7 on the both sides. The handrails shall be longer than the flight of stairs not less than 0.3 m on both sides. Handrails shall have a diameter from 0.03 to 0.05 m or rectangular cross-section thickness not more than 0.04m; the ends of the handrails must be bent down, and if they located in pairs they must be connected to each other. (paragraph 5.4.12 of Technical codes of good practice 45-3.03-227-2010). On September 30 a collective complaint of 32 citizens of Gomel was registered in the Administration of Central District. October 2, it was given to one of the assistants of the House of Representatives of the Gomel-Central constituency №33 Oleg Levshunov. Our site contains photos illustrating this problem: Andrey Aksenov, «ND»

HYPERLINKS “Grimaces” of economy At the highest levels of the government vertical more often increase calls to the economy. «Make a fool to pray to God - he will break his forehead!» - reminds Nikolai Petrushenko. The doctors of the Borisov central regional hospital have revealed a striking example of the veracity of this proverb In Rogachevskiy district were found mushrooms with radiation

EUROPEAN-QUALITY REPAIR OF BELARUS The settlement ChenkI: five traumatic places on the playground A potentially dangerous children’s playground is equipped in the area, adjacent to the seven apartment buildings on the Rechnaya Street in the village of Chenki. Five of the nine elements of the play equipment have been in disrepair for a long time and pose a threat to the life and health of children. How long will it last? Prosecuting authorities monthly detect similar infringements in various regional centers. Ongoing monitoring confirms irregular inspections of playground equipment. Numerous instances of exploitation elements of children’s play equipment in a state of disrepair are identified. 227 villagers and activists of the «Nash Dom» sent a collective complaint to the Chairman of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Alexander Sitnitsa and Chairman of the District Council of Deputies Tamara Primak. Will the officials to take prompt and operational measures to restore the order in their territory, or we will have to contact the prosecutor’s office? We’ll find out in a month.

The dirtiest underpass in Minsk

Employees of Rogachev zonal center of Hygiene and Epidemiology conducted 46 radiological analysis of mushrooms picked in Rogachev district of Gomel region.

Press-secretary of Civil Campaign “Nash Dom” Artem Agafonov +375 44 7874074

In the spring of 2013 drinkers have found a new place for «rest», when in Minsk was opened additional output from the Metro Molodezhnaya towards hypermarket “Korona”. The location of the underpass is very convenient for them: in the evening and at night the lighting is absent; it is located under the bridge; it is a hypermarket beside it; and the policemen are rare guests here. As a result, street cleaners can’t cope with the garbage collection. It is almost always possible to find empty bottles, broken glass, cigarette butts, numerous waste from the food, etc there. The walls of the underpass are painted with graffiti. In addition, almost every corner turned into a toilet. Olga Burnevich

“NASH DOM - Info”, issue number 35 (111)  

Weekly information newsletter “NASH DOM - Info”, #35(111) on October 6, 2013

“NASH DOM - Info”, issue number 35 (111)  

Weekly information newsletter “NASH DOM - Info”, #35(111) on October 6, 2013