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Fruit ninja apk The game of fruit ninja and its wonderful features

Fruit ninja apk •

Fruit ninja apk is a juicy, smash hit action game available for iPad, iPod touch, iPhones and smart phone devices.

Every day thousands of people browse internet to download fruit ninja apk world wide.

Fruit ninja is a greatest slicing fruit game in the world. All one should do is swipe over the touch screen to cleave the flying fruit into two halves by avoiding bombs, as they arc across the screen.

Bonus points are rewarded for slicing the multiple fruits at a single swipe.

Features of fruit ninja •

Fruit ninja is available on Apple apps store, Google play, Windows store and Nokia store.

Fruit ninja is a one of the addictive game preferred by all the aged people.

Graphics, background and sound effects of fruit ninja make people more addictive and to spend more time on this apk

Modes of fruit ninja •

Fruit ninja is featured with four game modes:

Classic mode: In classic mode, the player must slice all the flying fruits appear on the screen, while avoiding the Bomb. This game mode has three lives. Throughout the mode the bomb appears randomly in middle of flying fruits and if the player slices the bomb game will end.

Arcade mode: In arcade mode, the player must slice as much as flying fruits appear on the screen in sixty seconds, while avoiding the purple bomb.

Zen mode: In Zen mode, the player must slice all the flying fruit appear on the screen within time limit of 90 seconds. There is no bomb appeared in middle of flying fruit.

Multiplayer mode: Multiplayer mode is an online game where you can invite friends or others to play against you world wide. In this mode three types of color fruits appear on the screen. One shouldn’t slice opponent color fruit as it causes losing of points. One common rare color fruit for both the opponent one gets bonus points on slicing it first.

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