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Editor’s Letter What is Art? Who truly knows what can be distinguished as art or not? Well here at Kanvas we believe that everything is Art. No matter how big, small, bright, dull, simple or complex something is, we firmly believe that art is life, and without it, the world would be one dark place. So let me introduce you to Kanvas, our first magazine issue, highlighting art in its most luxurious form‌fashion! We want to create a world of high art and fashion. For years, the debate between fashion as art has surfaced time and time again, but we at Kanvas believe in celebrating the two as one. There is no fashion without art. So to celebrate our brand new breakthrough issue, here at Kanvas, we have teamed up with some of the industries most creative photographers, stylists and designers and have created the magazine from a blank canvas. Our first issue showcases some of the most influential pieces of artwork in fashion from independent to couture designers and challenges the reader, you, to ask yourself, what actually is art, through highly produced editorials, in depth interviews and charismatically written articles.

I have always carried a great interest in art, and were it not for my interest in art, I would never have discovered my love for fashion. Studying art from a young age and being surrounded by a family of artistic minds made me realise how rich the world is in creativity, and I always knew I wanted to be part of a world that helped to create something that could change or challenge at least one person’s perspective. I am a firm believer in fate and believing that everything in life has happened for a reason. Who would have known that all those many years ago learning to colour inside the lines of my jumbo colouring book would be the starting point to my career in design. Everything that has happened has moulded me into what I am today. So just as my life has started with a blank canvas, so shall our magazine. Because everything starts with a blank canvas.

Lead Editor Naseem Khan

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Kanvas Magazine Editor's Letter with Advert

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