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Volume 10, Issue 2

April 2014

Spring has sprung... well, at least on the calendar! Hopefully the spring realities of new energy and growth along with warmer temperatures will begin to appear soon. On the staff front, we have experienced some sad as well as joyous occasions these past few months. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Angie and her family on the passing of her mother, Margaret “Betty“ Alvarez. May she rest in peace. Our NASCLA family continues to grow. Congratulations to Kirsten on the birth of her new son, Aaron James; Angie is expecting her second child in August; completing the circle of good news, Jacquie will be getting married later this month! As we spring forward we now have a new strategic plan in place, thanks to the diligent work of all of our members, staff and facilitator, Michael Barrett. It is always good practice to review our accomplishments and the productivity achieved over the years. Our new plan will be the vision of NASCLA for years to come. Having set the foundation, we will now be able to build on these ideas and grow this organization in the best interest of all our members. We can never forget our purpose and reason why NASCLA exists. This plan will keep us focused on the course set for a productive and effective future. Since our last newsletter, two members of our executive committee have resigned: Steve Pinther, our past president from Idaho, and Craig Smith, our past president from Oregon. Because of Steve’s outstanding job as president last year, many of the projects he initiated continue at NASCLA today. Craig Smith retired March 1, 2014, after over 34 years of state service. It was in his state of Oregon where NASCLA celebrated our 50th anniversary. Craig’s hard work and commitment to this organization, as well as Steve’s, will be missed. We look forward to their ongoing support and wish them the best in all their endeavors. Since our mid-year meeting, the publications committee has been working to develop a code book for Idaho, to join Rhode Island and Kentucky having their state code books produced in conjunction with ICC, the state and NASCLA. The committee was informed that our current publisher will be terminating their contract with NASCLA as of August 31, 2014. This committee as well as the executive committee and staff have already concentrated their efforts to guarantee that NASCLA publications continue to be of the highest standard. The education committee received great news that South Carolina will utilize the NASCLA education program for pre-licensing and remedial education. Hopefully more states will participate in this cost saving program. Other committees have spent many hours working on their projects; many coast to coast conference calls have resulted in great progress in many areas. Reports will be forthcoming at the annual conference. In just a few more weeks, the executive committee will be meeting in California with the fiscal committee, to hold our annual budget meeting. Utilizing our new strategic plan, resources will be allocated to achieve the objectives established as priorities. At this time we will be finalizing the merger of our companies, to ensure that by August, 2014, there will be one NASCLA. The new contractor committee established at our mid -year meeting, chaired by Al Nyman, has already started to develop objectives. This committee will create an avenue for better continuity with the construction industry and regulators. The goal is to bring in new ideas, better communication, and to create a new process to work together with the industry. The program committee is putting the finishing touches on the agenda of or 2014 annual conference in Newport, Rhode Island, in August. The speakers and agenda are being designed to ensure they will provide great educational opportunities, some time to visit the historic city of Newport, as well information on new and innovative ideas NASCLA members will be able to bring back to their home states. Looking forward to seeing you, your staff, board members as well as your family, in late August in “The Biggest Little State in the Union,” Rhode Island.

George Whalen NASCLA President


NASCLA STATE MEMBER SPOTLIGHT POTLIGHT! Inside This Issue: NASCLA President’s Message ..................................1 NASCLA State Member Spotlight..................................2 NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting Overview .............3-4 NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference Registration Form....................................5-6 NASCLA Committee Reports .............................7-11 Updates from the California State Licensing Board.....................................12 Technology Aids Battle Against Unlicensed Contractors ...................13-14 NASCLA Resources............15 NASCLA Calendar of Events ...................................16 Meet New NASCLA Members...............................17

The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

The Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC) was created in 1956 for the licensing and regulation of contractors to better protect the general public and the integrity of the construction industry. LSLBC has been an advocate and partner with NASCLA since its inception, to assist the contractor licensing and enforcement processes throughout the United States. LSLBC licenses and regulates all contractors in Louisiana. All commercial, industrial, and residential contractors that do work at minimum contract values must be licensed in the State of Louisiana. The Commercial Board is comprised of 15 members and the Residential Building Committee is made up of 5 members. Administrative Hearings are held twice a month to ensure the compliance and enforcement of our contractor licensing laws. The applications and renewals of Michael McDuff, Executive Director, contractor licensure is an ongoing Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors agency mission for streamlining and simplification to reduce unnecessary regulatory burden. Consumer education and awareness of the general public to avoid unlicensed and fraudulent activities is a common thread throughout the nation. Partnership with NASCLA as well as other local, state, and federal agencies greatly assists LSLBC services. As of January 3, 2014, there are 17391 licensed commercial contractors, 2948 licensed residential contractors, 1307 registered home improvement contractors in Louisiana.



The NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting was held on March 4 - 6, 2014 at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The meeting was a great success thanks to the hard work and dedication of NASCLA’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Members and Staff ! NASCLA selected this location and venue because we were able to conduct our meeting concurrently with the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) Design and Construction Week. NASCLA was a supporting member of the NAHB Design and Construction Week for 2014. The dual location allowed our members to attend their conference functions as well.

On Tuesday, February 4th, the meetings began in the morning with the NASCLA Fiscal Policy and Procedures Committee Meeting George Whalen, NASCLA President and Executive Director of the followed by the NASCLA Executive Committee. The committee Rhode Island Contractors’ Registration and Licensing Board, and Angie Whitaker, NASCLA Executive Director members reviewed and discussed the interim business and financial statements of the association. In the afternoon the NASCLA Board of Directors met to discuss association business, financials and action items that would need to be voted on during the final NASCLA Board of Directors Meeting on Thursday, February 6th. The afternoon of Tuesday, February 4th, the NASCLA Publications Committee Members held a physical meeting to discuss the ongoing publications efforts and outreach. The committee met with one of our state members to discuss a potential state specific code publication project along with some of their state code officials. The NASCLA Resources Committee also held a physical committee meeting to work on their committee tasks for 2014 they will be focusing their efforts on Social Media, Understanding the Board’s Role in a Legislative Environment and Business Assistance Program for state agencies. On Wednesday, February 5th, the NASCLA Board of Directors and Members participated in a 1-Day Strategic Planning Refresh Workshop that was facilitated by Michael Barrett with Resonance, LLC. The goal of the workshop was to clearly identify new issues and opportunities that the association is facing, and extract ideas to strengthen the associations plan for the future. At the conclusion of the meeting, the NASCLA Board of Directors had finalized a new NASCLA 3-Year Strategic Plan. This was after months of advance preparation that was completed by the NASCLA

Ron Whitney, Deputy Administrator of Administration for the Idaho Division of Building Safety, Greg Crow, Administrator for the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board, Jan Hubbard, Administrator for the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board, Tadas Dabsys, Vice President of PSI Services LLC and Robbie Brooks, Executive Director of the North Carolina State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors during the NASCLA Board of Directors Breakfast on the final day of the NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting.


NASCLA 2014 MID YEAR MEETING OVERVIEW CONTINUED Executive Committee, President, Executive Director and Michael Barrett. You can view the new NASCLA 3- Year Strategic Plan which is located below. On Thursday, February 6th, the meetings concluded with the final NASCLA Board of Directors Meeting which included the NASCLA Committee Chair Reports and Voting Action Items. The NASCLA Educational Resources and Publications Board of Directors also met after the NASCLA Board of Directors Meeting concluded. Thanks again for everyone who was able to attend and contribute to this successful meeting.

Michael Barrett, with Resonance LLC, assisted the NASCLA Board of Directors and Members with the NASCLA 3-Year Strategic Plan by presenting during the NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting.

NASCLA 2014, 20155 & 22016 016 SStrategic trategic P Plan lan

Mission, Mission, Goa Goals and Strategies



Our national association is dedicated to the assistance of contractor licensing and enforcement agencies, trade associations, and members of the construction industry to best promote mutual interests and improve the quality standards and understanding of regulation in order to enhance protection of the general public. The organization serves as a clearinghouse of information and resources for its membership, while providing valuable educational and licensure publications to the contracting community.

To inspire and meet the unique needs of our members by providing resources, products and services so they can be the premier leaders in promoting excellence in the construction industry.

Values Public Protection Excellence in Regulation Ethics and Integrity Collaboration Quality Products and Services

Key Differentiators Unique Membership

Networking Opportunities

Depth of commitment and knowledge of the industry

Services & Resources

Clearinghouse of Information


Strategic Focus Areas and Objectives I. Outreach: To expand NASCLA’s membership and promote benefits as well as cultivate committee involvement of both state and contractor members to ensure all viewpoints on licensure and regulatory issues are considered

II. Education and Training: To offer a preferred platform of quality education and training programs for regulatory agencies, their licensees, registrants or applicants in order to foster professional expertise

III. Organizational Efficiency: To empower the executive director to act in a restructured managerial role where the board of directors governs and sets policy

IV. Licensing Efficiency: To create efficiency in the licensing and reciprocal processes for all jurisdictions, to ease the burden on contractors crossing jurisdictional lives

2014-2016 Priorities ¾ Establish new committee for only contractors to entice more participation ¾ Develop IT programs to assist members ¾ Revise outreach program to promote member engagement ¾ Develop marketing and membership specifically to contractors and associations to encourage membership and participation

¾ Develop and implement executive leadership training program to enhance leadership skills ¾ Establish board member training to educate state board members on administrative policies and procedures ¾ Explore attorney council to train and develop their skills in the administrative / construction areas

¾ Revise and streamline communication between NASCLA staff and board of directors to improve efficiency and results ¾ Empower the executive director to have more decision making authority


¾ Utilize the NASCLA accredited exam to promote or improve reciprocity between the states ¾ Efficiency and streamlining of the licensing process for reciprocity and better customer service

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM Please complete and remit to NASCLA at the address, email or fax listed below Deadline Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Registration Type Registration Fee Includes: Meeting Materials, Breakfast, Luncheons, Reception and Closing Banquet NASCLA Member | $495

Conference Silver or Bronze Sponsor | $495

Non-Member | $595

Conference Diamond, Platinum or Gold Sponsor | Waived Registration

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Registrants Name




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Method Of Payment | REGISTRANT Enclosed Check Card Number

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Payment to Follow Expiration Date

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Cancellation Policy Full registration fees will be refunded if a written cancellation notice is received 25 days prior to the start of the Annual Conference. No refunds will be made after Thursday, July 31, 2014. 23309 North 17th Drive, Suite 110, Phoenix, Arizona 85027 | Phone: (623) 587-9354 | Fax: (623) 587-9625 | Email:

Please Print Name:

Personal Accommodations Please indicate any special accommodations you may need at the conference Vegetarian Meals

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NASCLA Conference Recording Policy Our presenters work diligently to provide you with a quality program at our conferences and meetings. Please note, all materials and presentations provided at NASCLA meetings and sessions are proprietary. Any recordings, including audio and video, and the dissemination and/or reproduction of such recordings and materials are prohibited. Please check to certify that you understand and will comply with this requirement.

Guest Registration Only Please identify all meals & events your spouse/guest will be attending Meal/Event


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Monday, August 25th | Opening Reception



Tuesday, August 26th | Guest Breakfast/Newport Presentation Tuesday, August 26th | Lunch

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____ ____

Wednesday, August 27th | Breakfast


____ ____ ____

Thursday, August 28th | Breakfast Thursday, August 28th | Group Excursion

$30 $100


Method Of Payment | GUEST

Guest/Spouse | Guest/Spouse Payment is due in full for all Meals & Event Tickets by July 22, 2013 Enclosed Check Card Number

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Hotel Accommodations Attendees are responsible for securing their own hotel reservations. Reservations can be made by phone at (800) 556-7126. Please refer to the NASCLA Annual Conference when making your reservation by phone to ensure you receive the group rate of $149.00/night. Reservations must be made by July 22, 2014 to guarantee the group rate.

For Questions, Contact Kirsten Zacharias, NASCLA Program Coordinator Phone: (623) 587-9354 | Email: | main-annual-conference

NASCLA COMMITTEE REPORTS NASCLA Accredited Examination Program Committee; Doug Traylor, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

NASCLA Accredited Examination Program Survey • Target Residential/General and Electrical Licensing. • Follow-up calls and correspondence to targeted state agencies that have this classification. Outreach to NASCLA State Member Electrical Boards. • Work with targeted trade associations.

Committee Update The committee is targeting the electrical examination as the next accredited examination program. NASCLA has a meeting scheduled with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) in April 2014 to discuss the national acceptance of a NASCLA Accredited Examination Program for Electrical Contractors. The committee will continue working with NASCLA Member states and non-member states that provide electrical examinations to get their commitment to the program as well.

NASCLA Marketing Committee; Greg Crow, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

NASCLA Marketing Committee Plan – Target States that are Interested in Administering/ Accepting the NASCLA Accredited Examination Program for Commercial General Building Contractors.

Committee Update One of the NASCLA Marketing Committee responsibilities is to target states that are interested in the NASCLA Accredited Examination Program Committee. As of December 2013, the Nevada State Contractors Board is now accepting the NASCLA Accredited Examination Program for Commercial General Building Contractors.


NASCLA COMMITTEE REPORTS CONTINUED NASCLA Education Committee; John Curl, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects • •

NASCLA Education Program Launch with States Develop a Marketing Presentation and Plan for NASCLA State Members

Committee Update NASCLA has received notification that the South Carolina Residential Builders Commission will be accepting the NASCLA Education Program and Platform for their remedial training and potential pre-licensure. Additional, state members are currently reviewing the education program for acceptance.

NASCLA Membership Committee; Melissa McBride, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

• •

NASCLA Membership Plan Promotion for State Members/Local Jurisdiction, new first time state members will have a complimentary free membership for the first year only, ongoing. NASCLA Membership discount to new first time business, contractors, associate and affiliate members; they will receive a 50% membership discount off the regular membership dues rate. Effective September 1, 2013. NASCLA Membership Committee to continue state outreach efforts to non-members and members. The committee will look into applying special publication discounts for NASCLA Members.

Committee Update Melissa McBride and staff have worked on updating the NASCLA Membership Plan for 2014 and the non-state member targeted list. Outreach calls have already been made by Melissa McBride, George Whalen and Angie Whitaker to a few potential new state members and existing states for membership renewals. The committee will be scheduling a conference call in early 2014 to review the new membership plan.


NASCLA COMMITTEE REPORTS CONTINUED NASCLA Model Legislation & Special Projects Committee; Jamie Durham, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects • •

• • •

NASCLA Model Legislation & Special Projects Physical Committee Meeting in FY 2013/2014, in early spring. NASCLA Investigator Training Program, Completed • Develop NASCLA Education Provider Application • Develop Time Requirements for each Training Module • Training Courses launched at the NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference Laws for the NASCLA Resources Committee Toolkit for Contractor Regulators on Elderly Abuse Prevention and Natural Disasters. Code of Ethics for Contractors Rules and Regulations

Committee Update The committee is continuing their work on the NASCLA Investigator Training Program. The committee plans to hold a physical committee meeting in 2014.

NASCLA Nomination Committee; Steve Pinther, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

NASCLA Officers & Board of Director Nominations for FY 2014/2015 (Elected at the NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference)

Committee Update The committee will be scheduling a conference call soon to discuss the nomination process and potential candidates for FY 2014/2015.


NASCLA COMMITTEE REPORTS CONTINUED NASCLA Program Committee; Keith Warren, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting • Formulate Meeting Agenda • 1-Day Strategic Planning Meeting with Michael Barrett, Facilitator, and NASCLA Board of Directors • NAHB Design and Construction Week, NASCLA Supporting Member NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference • NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference Identify Speakers • Formulate Conference Agenda and Conference Sessions • Target Sponsorships

Committee Update The NASCLA Program Committee held a conference call on February 14, 2014 to continue the planning preparations for the upcoming NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference in Newport, Rhode Island. During the conference call the committee members finalized the program agenda and speakers. They are continuing sponsorships recruitment efforts at this time. They also confirmed the NASCLA 2015 Mid Year Meeting, the meeting will be held at the Westin Hotel in Huntsville, Alabama on March 11-13.

NASCLA Publications Committee; Greg Crow, Co-Chair George Whalen, Co-Chair Fy 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

• • • • •

NASCLA Consumer Guide for Home Improvement Projects Publication, Completed. 1. Target Insurance Companies and Trade Associations 2. Publishing Licensing Agreement NASCLA Online Training Program on the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business Law and Project Management, Basic Edition. NASCLA Publications Brochure Update. NERP Website Navigation Updates. Expand NASCLA Code Publications. HVAC Publication.

Committee Update The committee held a physical committee meeting during the NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting on February 4, 2014. The committee also met by conference call on March 11, 2014 to review the NASCLA Publisher & Desktop Publisher RFP that will be released at the end of March. The committee also discussed other publications projects that are ongoing at this time. 10

NASCLA COMMITTEE REPORTS CONTINUED NASCLA Residential Committee; Janet Baumberger, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects •

• •

• • •

NASCLA Consumer Guide for Home Improvement Projects, Ongoing • Develop Marketing Plan and Materials • Target Insurance Companies and Trade Associations (NAHB) • Publishing Licensing Agreement NASCLA Online Training Program on the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business Law and Project Management, Basic Edition NASCLA Code Publications with the State of Kentucky and ICC, finalize the Kentucky Building and Residential Code Publications. Continue to market to other states. States that have expressed interest: Alabama, Arkansas and Idaho. Review legal comments regarding deadline dates and penalties from Reese Anderson, NASCLA Legal Counsel, on JF Publishing Contract. NASCLA In-house publishing option towards to end of JF Publishing Contract. NASCLA State Publishing Production Schedule and Agreements.

Committee Update The committee held a conference call on January 30, 2014 to review the NASCLA Contractors Disciplinary Database IT updates on the new features and upgrades to the system. The committee would like to promote the NASCLA Contractors Disciplinary Database upgrades at the NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference.

NASCLA Resources Committee; Margi Grein, Chair FY 2013/2014 Committee Projects • • • •

Finalize Government Affairs/Legislator Partnering Plan for NASCLA State Members. Social Media Plan & Continue Presentations at NASCLA Meetings/Conferences. Business Assistance Program. NASCLA Resources Physical Committee Meeting in FY 2013/2014.

Committee Update The committee held a physical committee meeting during the NASCLA 2014 Mid Year Meeting on February 4, 2014. During that meeting the committee members prioritized their next committee tasks which will focus on 1) Social Media 2) Understanding the Board’s Role in a Legislative Environment and 3) Business Assistance Program. They will also be presenting on Social Media at the NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference.


NASCLA STATE MEMBER NEWS Updates from the California State License Board

Questions via email to: Rick Lopes at or Melanie Bedwell at

New Experience Verification Unit How can a license applicant be sure that the experience they claim on the application is appropriate to the license that’s being sought? California’s Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has established an Experience Verification Unit to help with this important step of the licensing process, and to streamline the verification process for those anxious to avoid delays. A special workshop and live Web stream for contractor licensing schools and applicants also was held in December. The two-and-a-half-hour training included details about acceptable types of experience, and the best way for applicants to provide verifiable documentation with their application packets. A video of the entire presentation is available on CSLB’s website in the “What’s New?” section and on CSLB’s YouTube page:

Jail Sentences for Men Who Scammed CSLB Applicants, Licensees Two men who scammed California contractor applicants and licensees by pretending to be CSLB staff have received jail sentences and were ordered to pay victim restitution. A multi-agency, multi-faceted investigation began in the summer of 2012 when a number of license applicants told investigators they were conned by people falsely representing themselves as CSLB employees. Applicants were told they needed to purchase examination study guides, while licensees seeking an additional trade classification were told they needed continuing education credits or licensing exams, and needed to promptly pay with a credit card over the telephone. Luis Manuel Flores, of San Diego, was arrested in February 2013 while entering the United States at the California-Mexico border. Maico Merdinand Dilma, believed to be residing in Mexico, was arrested in December 2013, also while entering the U.S. at the same border. Both pleaded guilty to California Penal Code section 182(a) (4), conspiracy to cheat/defraud another person of property, and were ordered to serve jail sentences and pay restitution. Investigators determined that Flores and Dimla created a fraudulent business and website with names similar to CSLB. While in the Tijuana area, the two contacted CSLB applicants and licensees with phone numbers that appeared to victims as originating from Area Code 916 (Sacramento area). At least 50 people were defrauded in amounts ranging from $98 to $250 each.

CSLB-Butte County Pilot Program One of the most difficult elements of stopping illegal contracting activity is catching people in the act. A new CSLB pilot program with Butte County (northern CA) engages citizen volunteers who are called to view active construction sites and then contact CSLB if suspected unlicensed, uninsured activity is in progress. In addition to consumer protection, this new partnership program, known as Eyes on Site, is designed to help level the playing field for legitimate, licensed contractors. The citizen volunteers are comprised of CSLB Industry Experts (IEs) who live in the Butte County region and are familiar with state contracting laws. Consumers, or the IEs, who become aware of probable illegal activity notify CSLB so Enforcement division staff can verify the lead and take action. Violators could be issued a notice to appear in Superior Court, a Stop Notice if employees on site are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, or other disciplinary action appropriate to the violation. It is hoped that this program will serve as a model for other counties. 12

NASCLA STATE MEMBER NEWS Technology Aids Battle Against Unlicensed Contractors Article by Margi Grein, NSCB Executive Officer, NASCLA Executive Committee Member, Treasurer Elect and Resources Committee Chair

The Nevada State Contractors Board has developed a new tool in the battle to put unlicensed contractors out of business. A mobile application for iPhone and Android users offers legitimate contractors, homeowners and concerned citizens a convenient and free method for reporting unlicensed activities. By downloading the application from iTunes or Google Play, witnesses can enter the time and location of the suspected unlicensed activity along with descriptions of the suspects and their vehicles. Just as importantly, the mobile app makes verifying license information easier. The application, which is also compatible with iPad and iPod Touch, allows consumers to research contractors by business name, principal name, or license number to ensure the company maintains the appropriate Nevada contractor’s license to perform a job. The application also can access disciplinary actions the Board has taken against licensed contractors. Electronic technology helps eradicate unlicensed activity in other ways as well. NSCB regularly conducts sting operations to uncover and cite unlicensed contractors. Using homes and businesses as fronts, investigators solicit individuals and businesses that advertise their landscaping, electrical, painting and general contracting services on Craigslist and other electronic bulletin boards. Suspects who respond receive citations for advertising without a license. Those who submit bids for the fictitious work are busted for contracting without a license. The one day stings present an opportunity to identify, cite, and educate a dozen or more unlicensed contractors about Nevada construction laws, while encouraging them to obtain their license. Another – more traditional – electronic resource continues to assist our campaign against unlicensed contractors. The Las Vegas CBS affiliate, KLAS Channel 8, accompanied NSCB investigators on a recent sting operation, broadcasting a 4-minute segment on our activities, publicizing our services and encouraging southern Nevada residents to report unlicensed activities to the Board. Thanks to the Board’s commitment to spreading the word about the financial and personal safety threats posed by unlicensed contractors, we have completed production of two public service television commercials to be broadcast statewide. The spots use a humorously bungling home repairman to warn consumers that “It’s not this easy to spot a bad contractor.” The commercials encourage Nevadans to hire only licensed contractors and to use the Board’s website to perform due diligence before entering into a contract. The spots will begin airing this spring.


NASCLA S TATE MEMBER NEWS Technology Aids Battle Against Unlicensed Contractors Continued.... As the Board continues to place emphasis on alerting consumers to unlicensed contracting activities, it is also engaging members of the community responsible for hiring contractors. The Board’s Enforcement and Public Information departments have created a three-hour continuing education program designed for community managers of homeowners associations. The interactive, multimedia presentation explains the groups’ responsibilities in contracting for common area construction, repair and maintenance projects. The course not only outlines the resources made available by the Board, but explains specific topics, such as license classifications, scopes of work, licensing exemptions, and various statutory and regulatory requirements in Nevada construction law. Through these and several other efforts, we hope to see more people proactively report unlicensed activity, thus reducing the risk and exposure of unscrupulous contractors within our communities.


NASCLA RESOURCES! NASCLA 2014 Contractor’s State Licensing Information Directory is Now Available for Purchase! The NASCLA Contractor’s State Licensing Information Directory is a summary of contractor licensing requirements of the 50 states identifying more than 170 state agencies that regulate the construction industry. The directory summarizes the pre-qualification, licensing, examination and bonding requirements. Information regarding reciprocity, license classifications, incorporating requirements and fees is also included. The NASCLA Contractors’ State Licensing Information Directory 2014 Edition has been released and is available for purchase by vvisiting: ISBN: 1-934234-72-9 and 1-978-1-934234-72-3 Price: $45.00 plus shipping

NASCLA Members Only Website & Info Share System NASCLA members gain online access to NASCLA’s Members Only Website. This portion of the website gives members access to our Calendar of Events, Constitution and Bylaws, Legal News, Meeting Minutes and contact information for our Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The members only site also provides access to our Info Share System. This system was developed as a way for our members to interact directly with their counterparts. Through our Info Share email system, members can post questions and/or concerns which are fielded to industry experts for answers and clarification.



June 10 - 11, 2014 NASCLA Budget Meeting Santa Barbara, California NASCLA’s Executive Committee and Fiscal Policy and Procedures Committee will meet to review the interim financials and prepare the NASCLA forecasted budgets for fiscal year 2014/2015. April 24, 2014 NASCLA Executive Committee Conference Call June 24, 2014 NASCLA Executive Committee & NASCLA Board of Directors Conference Call

August 25 - 28, 2014 NASCLA 2014 Annual Conference Newport, Rhode Island NASCLA’s Annual Conference is a great opportunity for NASCLA Members to come together to discuss current issues relevant to the regulation of contractors. The conference also provides a forum for participants to interact and exchange information on current issues in the industry.

Save the Date! NASCLA’s 2015 Mid Year Meeting in Huntsville, Alabama! NASCLA’s Mid Year Meeting is held annually in the springtime for NASCLA’s Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Members and State Members. This meeting includes Committee Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings. The NASCLA 2015 Mid Year Meeting is scheduled for March 11 - 13, 2015 in Huntsville, Alabama at the Westin Huntsville Hotel. Registration will open summer of 2014!


MEET NEW NASCLA MEMBERS! New Contractor Members •

BMP Ventures, Inc.

SGS Industrial Services, Inc.

JR Leonard Construction Company

API Processing

Central Construction Group, Inc.

Craft Construction Company

EXT Construction

Veteran Builders – General Contractors

FirstOnSite Restoration, L.P.

Dallas 1 Construction Services, LLC


Networking Opportunities with Industry Experts and Representatives

Continuing Education Opportunities

Complimentary Copies of the Annual Membership Directory and Quarterly Newsletter

Opportunity for Committee Service

Access to the NASCLA Members Only Website

Reduced Registration Fees for NASCLA Annual Conferences & Training Seminars

To Apply for NASCLA Membership, please visit the following link:


April 2014 Newsletter  

April 2014 Newsletter

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