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ETCETERA... Can there be human existence without traces or memories? If not, how long can a memory, a piece of evidence or a relic survive? Sometimes we encounter something emotionally so strong that it only takes one time to create a lifelong memory with a path, which we can use for revisiting. For me, taking photographs is one way to create a sense of continuity and meaning in this world. Images in this series are an attempt to map the everyday. In them I try to categorize the things around me that are so close and so obvious to myself, that I loose the sight of them. It is an attempt to make a seemingly fractured life in to a whole; calling it the immortal story of presence. With presence comes a restless curiosity an urge to in- vestigate and discover the illusive passes where I meet myself in myself, where everything around me plays on my senses with forms. Like that one phenomena that moves me more than anything in our daily lives – colour. In this series I would like to use colour as a visual form of expression to support the visual part of it. The colours of lived life and the events well up uncontrollably to the dull surface of present time and continue to exert their influence. With colour i express some parts of my daily life that otherwise would be hidden, but with help of technology I intend to make visible much of what’s invisible in my daily life. For me as an artist and human being this series is not about a specific thought, idea, feeling or a belief - it is more like a personal path of everything - an unexplainable melody.

“STALEMATE SITUATION” MAR’S Center for Contemporary Art Parallel Program of III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art Digital Print on

metal, plastification


“DRAWING RESTRAINT SERIES” Series of work concerning the theme of self-imposed limitation as of one that was first developed by Matthew Barney.

UNTITELED (Disobedient PT II) 3D MODEL Steel,enamel paint,oxidation

MoMA Baku, Azerbaijan Merging Bridges exhibition May 2012

PITY AND FEAR Plastic, rubber, steel. Unreleased

THE CASPIAN/XAZAR PUBLIC ART PROJECT, MAY 2012 Steel, glass, cement, sea water. It’s no secret that art is an immense force that can draw people’s attention to current issues. Such installation serves as a vivid example of this statement. It’s a 260x200x30 sm water tank filled with Caspian seawater. Looking back in history, Caspian Sea is a most peculiar subject for scientific research. Not connected to any ocean, it is actually a sea by the chemical composition of its water and endemic types of animals inhabiting the Caspian Sea. At all times the Caspian Sea was playing most significant part in the process of economical, cultural and political development of Azerbaijan. It is worth paying attention to an extremely important ecological problem related to the level of water at the Caspian Sea that leads to the collapse of seaside landscape, infrastructure, and decrease of biological diversity. One of the main goals of this installation is to focus viewers’ attention at the danger of climate changes – the most dangerous threat for humanity in XXI century. Installation is situated at the very center of Baku on the Fountain Square, turning it into some sort of a memorial of the Caspian Sea. Each culture tells us what to keep and what to leave behind. This installation serves as a reminder about the fact that once upon a time the Caspian Sea covered the territory where now stands very modern, dynamic and rapidly expanding city.

PAPER DOLL photo print, foamboard

Celebrating a kind of movement much like that of remembrance, which structured into a frame of continuos scenes and simple images formed in our memory. Each photograph is revealed by merely moving the image within the photograph a few centimeters. They are connected in the form of wave and then fixed onto a support made of foamboard.

‘FLAT ECHO’ photo print plexiglass

The series “Flat Echo’ consists of 10 art works, each work containing two independent selfsupporting photographs. The series exposes stories, that reveal authors personal approach to people on the photographs, applying herself vigorousaforcing the idea of pretentious claims, but not abandon its arrogant air trying to define subconscious collaboration between the two and the flat echo that unites them.

VISUAL POETRY series . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...





'THINGS AND THEIR VOICES' A set of photograph and mixed media installation of random objects accompanied with the recorded sound track using the sounds those objects.

(1)still life photograph of random objects


No one needs to be told that any sound is music. This project is not about showing or teaching the audience meaning of a sound neither introducing its potentiality of becoming rhythms and creating forms that play on emotions. The idea is merely to point out the every day objects ( products) whose 'voices' in different circumstances have a power of manipulating feelings with a help of human will.

Project realization consists of following stages: 1)A set of every day products that are consumed by man, put into a composition of still life photograph. 2) Same objects assembled as an installation on a table or supporting surface, to underline the sacrifice they have given for their voices. (example, fine bottle product on the still life photograph, broken bottle on the installation surface, becoming broken after producing a sound). At the same time thin red string, one end attached to the installed objects the other end is attached to the same objects on a photograph, identifying the idea of BEFORE and AFTER 3) Individual and very unique sound of each object produced in different circumstances is going to be recorded separately and combined into single musical composition to be played as part of installation pointing out the concept of THINGS and their VOICES.

(2) installation of same random objects in a form obtained after producing sound

"A" SOUND OR " WHITE NOISE" by Nazrin Mammadova (2011)

Concept and realization of an idea. The whole exposition room (all 4 walls and ceiling) filled with attached to it portraits of random people expressing the sound of "A" in his or her very own unique way ( saying, screaming , whispering and etc). Bringing out the personality on emotional level both verbally and visually. Exposition is going to be supported with a recoded sound track , composition of all sounds expressing "A" by people on photographs, sounds are going to be layered to crate a singe unique sound and randomly stretched out thru whole composition.Under the influence of modern technology this sounds are going to be manipulated and changed into noises to dig deeper into the emotions from which they are sourced.

Various portraits of random people shot while expressing the soung “A�

40 REFLECTIONS The concept drives back from the traditional aspects of Azerbaijani culture concerning wedding ceremonies. Mirror signifies fate and is used as one of the integral and essential attributes of the traditional Azerbaijani wedding. During whole time of the bridal ceremony and the wedding itself the mirror of fate never leaves the bride. When a groom comes to take the bride out of her parents house for the last time, a female married member of his family , usually older sister or aunt is carrying the mirror of fate and presents it to the bride, resembling the handover of the fate of bliss , luck, happiness, felicity, mercy and rejoice. The entire wedding the mirror of fate never leaves the eyesight of the bride, standing on a table next to her and then taken with her to the house she will be living in with her husband. Traditionally, entire wedding cycle is divided into three periods: pre-wedding, wedding itself; post wedding period time when the rites are performed, marking the beginning of a couple living together. One of the post wedding rites is a ritual where the bride is kept away and not allowed to see neither her family nor her friends or any other people but her husband and his close family for fourty days. During these fourty days the bride is to get used to her new life spend time with her mother in law and her beloved husband adjusting to the life within new formed family. After fourty days the bride officially introduced to everyone as a wife of her husband and new member of his family. What interests me the most in this these 40 days. Her companionship with her new self where her daily reflection in the mirror of fate differs as she is being reborn as a new individual in terms and forms of the perspectives she builds in her head as she realizes she is being mentally transformed. She builds a building of her desires in virtue of her achievements in her mind and sees her newly formed union as staircase to the new beginning of her life. My installation consists of fourty 150x50x40 sm objects where the front part used as a mirror to reflect the faces and shapes of the audience and the back part is built in a form of staircase. Foutry mirrors with stairs on the back side as fourty buildings of fate. I intend on creating a virtual space in mind where the audience meets itself as they would if they actually had to face ‘the mirror of fate’ and achieve a collision of fourty reflections merged into one bold unit of desires.



Personal Information:

DOB: January 6, 1989 Nationality: Azerbaijani Marital Status: Single e-mail: Tel: +79266632643

Education background:

Graduate of Marysville Pilchuck High School year of 2006. Marysville, WA, USA 2006 - 2010 Euroasian Diplomatic Academy, Azerbaijan 2012-present British Higher School of Art & Design Fine Art Program Member of Azerbaijan Photographers Union Board member at YARAT! Contemporary Art Space

Club and society membership: Exhibitions:

07.09.2010- ART BAZAAR, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Baku Azerbaijan “Azerbaijani women”, photography exhibition“ Museum Centre. Baku, Azerbaijan 07.12.09 ‘Aluminium’ 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Baku, Azerbaijan , December 2010 “Foreword” Contemporary art exhibition organized by Yarat! Contemporary art space.October 2011 [012] Baku Public Art Festival by YARAT! Contemporary Art Space. Baku, Azerbaijan. Feb-Sep 2012 Merged Bridges. Group exhibition of Azeri and British Contemporary Art. Museum of Modern Art, Baku. Azerbaijan May 2012 III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Qui Vive?" Moscow, Russia. July-August 2012

Work experience:

Lufthansa Cargo AG- sales agent-2007-2008 MI-Drilling Fluids ltd.-PA to general manager-2008-2009 Azerbaijan Qadini magazine – head Photographer, photoeditor in chief-2010 Cosmopolitan Magazine (Baku)- photographer, photoeditor in cheif 2011 Sintex Fashion Group. Online Shop Sales Editor (www. 2011-2012 Cooperation with various artistic or commercial firms on a freelance basis.



Nazrin Mammadova  
Nazrin Mammadova  

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