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Delegate Booklet AIESEC Mongolia WNLDS 2014

Erdenet City, Mongolia 13th of January - 18th of January


In this booklet, you will nd: • About Mongolia and the Capital, Ulaanbaatar city • Mongolian Currency and price for regular accomandation and restaurants • Mongolian cuisine • How to apply for Mongolian Visa • What should you do when you arrive at Chinggis Khaan International Airport • Conference Venue • How will we travel to Conference Venue • What do you need to bring to Mongolia • Conference Events • Places you can visit after the Conference • Mongolian Language 101 • Who are in your OC Team

About Mongolia Mongolia Capital: Ulaanbaatar city Population: 3,226,516 President: Elbegdorj Tsahia Official Language: Mongolian Mongolia is famous for Morin Khuur, catography and blue sky landscape about 250 sunny days a year. At 1,564,116 square kilometers (603,909 sq. mi), Mongolia is the 19th

largest and the most sparsely populated

independent country in the world, with a population of around 3.2 million people. Mongolia occupies part of the heart of the Asian continent, a geographically large country with rich human and natural history and a notably low population density. Its cultural landmarks include Buddhist temples and monuments to some of its great historical figures. Equally stirring, however, are Mongolia's physical landmarks -- striking topographic features in this land of deserts, steppes and mountain forests. Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. It is a vast emptiness that links land and sky, and is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. Mongolia may have geopolitical, cultural and geographical meanings. Mongolia consists of historic Outer Mongolia. The province of Inner Mongolia is geographically and politically separate and located in northern part of China yet it shares common borders with Mongolia. Mongolia has the lowest population density of any independent country, and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that is the country's enduring appeal, bringing the traveller, as it does, into a close communion with nature and its nomadic inhabitants. The country is nicknamed the "Land of Blue Skies," and with good reason. Because there are about 250 sunny days throughout each year.

About Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar City Ulaanbaatar has a long history, and is only now undergoing an industrial revolution. Located in north central Mongolia, the city lies at an elevation of about 1,310 metres (4,300 ft) in a valley on the Tuul River. It is the cultural, industrial, and financial heart of the country. Fittingly, it is the centre of Mongolia's road network, and is connected by rail to both theTrans-Siberian Railway in Russia and the Chinese railway system. The city was founded in 1639 as a movable (nomadic) Buddhist monastic centre. In 1778, it settled permanently at its present location, the junction of the Tuul and Selbe rivers. Before that, it changed location twenty-eight times, with each location being chosen ceremonially. In the twentieth century, Ulaanbaatar grew into a major manufacturing centre. Mongolia has 4 seasons. These are spring, summer, autumn and winter. The average summer temperature is +20c (+65F). Winter is –20c (-13F). When Arctic air masses dominate in mid-winter in the Uvs Lake basin in northwestern Mongolia, known as one of the coldest places in all of Asia, the lowest temperature ever recorder is 136° F (-58° C). By contrast, summer time temperatures in the Gobi desert climb as high as 104° F (40° C).


Mongolian Tugrik Mongolian national currency called tugrik. It is only valid in Mongolia. Currently, the lowest denomination in regular use is the 10-tögrög note and the highest is the 20,000-tögrög note. Currency sign is ₮.The word tögrög (төгрөг) refers to "circle", or a "circular object" (i.e. a coin), but now is rarely used outside of referring to the currency, with the exception of the phrase төгрөг сар (tögrög sar), meaning "full moon".

The Prices Restaurants


You will spend 20.000 MNT for your 3 meals a day. Restaurants are not so expensive you could feed yourself around 10.000 MNT at there.

For transportation you will spend 400 MNT, if you go by bus, for the Cabs per kilometer is 800 MNT.

Exchange Rate

(by Nov 27th, 2013) 1 US Dollar = 1,750 MNT 1 Euro = 2,354 MNT


1 CNY = 287 MNT 1 Korean Won = 1.65 MNT

1kg Beef: 7000 MNT Soft Drinks (1 Can): 1000 MNT

1 Singapore Dollar = 1,397 MNT 1 Hong Kong Dollar = 225 MNT

Milk (1L): 1700 MNT Loaf of Bread: 800 MNT

Beer (0.5L): 1500 MNT

Mongolian Cuisine

The extreme continental climate, and also the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle have affected the traditional diet. So the Mongolian cuisine primarily consists of meat, dairy products, and animal fat. The use of vegetables and spices is limited. Due to geographic proximity and deep historic tied with China and Russia, Mongolian cuisine also influence by Chinese and Russian cuisine. The most common rural dish is cooked mutton, often without any other ingredients. In the city, every other local displays a sign saying "BUUZ". Those are dumplings filled with meat, which are cooked in steam. Other types of dumplings are boiled in water ("BANSH"), or deep fried in oil ("KHUUSHUUR"). Other dishes combine the meat with rice or fresh noodles into various stews (tsuivan, budaatai huurga) or noodle soups (guriltai shol).

Mongolian Cuisine

Being the treasure that brings life, water is considered to be the essence of drink for Mongolians. The traditional medicine uses water as medical treatment and developed different ways to use water for healing disease. Shimiin arkhi or Nermel vodka – vodka distilled from the yogurt, is one of the main alcoholic specialties, being the other airag- fermented mare’s milk. It is sweat and low grade, at home the vodka, warmed with butter, was a good treatment for elder or weak people. Mongolians never appreciated to drink vodka heavily and say that “when you are forty, you can taste it, when fifty, you can sip a bit, and when you are sixty, you can have some to enjoy”. Over the years, Mongolian nomads have developed a number of unique dairy products “white food” (tsagaan idee), which include different types of yoghurt, cottage cheese , dried curds (aaruul), and fermented mare’s milk (airag). Preferably, airag is is made in autumn after the animals have eaten their full of summer grasses.

Applying for Visa

Mongolia allows 17 countries to enter without visa. The given list indicates the information of country names and the duration of stay-free in Mongolia. If you are not from these countries you will be needed visa to enter Mongolia. Please contact with us through e-mail to get information about VISA. First of all you need to contact with Mongolian embassy in your country, fill the VISA application form, and send it to them as soon as possible. Of course you can have all information from web pages. If you have any difficulties, please contact our Delegate Service Managers, you can find their contact information at page 18 of this booklet.

No. Name of the country

VISA regimes


Up to 90 days


United states of America Belarus


Hong Kong (PRC)

Up to 14 days



Up to 90 days



Up to 30 days



Up to 90 days



Up to 90 days



Up to 30 days



Up to 90 days

Up to 90 days

10 Malaysia

Up to 90 days

11 Singapore

Up to 14 days

12 Ukraine 13 Philippines

Up to 90 days (an official invitation should be presented) Up to 21 days

14 Turkey

Up to 30 days

15 Laos

Up to 30 days

16 Thailand

Up to 30 days

17 Japan

Up to 30 days

Chinggis Khaan Arrival

Important notes to consider upon arrival. Please make sure to inform the OC about all your flight details ASAP including arrival date & time and departure date & time. If you missed your flight please send us an email to When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar 1. Look for OC members with AIESEC logo poster. Wait until a OC member shows

up. In each case don’t leave alone the airport 2. We’ll figure out your accommodation (if it’s necessary). It depends on when will

you arrive in Ulaanbaatar city. 3. Delegates are responsible for your luggage

Delegate Servicing EMERGENCY hotline: • Muunuu, Delegate Service Manager +976 9933 2865 • Chinsanaa, Delegate Service Manager +976 9966 5156 • Nasaa, Organizing Committee President +976 9967 9669 • Tamir, Public Relations Manager, +976 9512 8134 • Miga, Finance and Logistics Manager +976 9968 6008

Conference Venue

Our amazing real Winter Conference Venue is in Erdenet city which is over 370 kilometers far from Ulaanbaatar city. Erdenet is the third biggest city in the Mongolia. Erdenet city is famous for clean, relaxing and friendly city in Mongolia. Our conference takes place in the most luxurious hotel in Erdenet city including the conference hall, dining room, gala night etc. Besides, delicious three dishes for a day and crazy, super cool night parties are naturally all included. In the hotel room you’ll have a roommate from local members. That’s would be amazing for making Mongolian friends and to learn some Mongolian culture.

By the way, near by the conference venue there is a place for skiing and a small outdoor amusement park. You’ll definitely enjoy them. Near by the conference venue there is one of the three largest Buddhist monastic centers in Mongolia. The monastery complex is located about 60 km to the southwest of Erdenet. It was founded between 1727 and 1737.

Check In Process Delegate Fee For International Delegates we are offering only 98 USD as Delegate Fee. This Delegate Fee includes: • Train round trip ticket from Ulaanbaatar to Erdenet • Transportation from Erdenet Railway Station to Conference Venue • Hotel room payment for 3 days • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and other snacks during Conference • And other surprises These list of 5 item is just the part of our conference activity and there will be great surprises waiting for you. 98 USD is the lowest conference fee compared to any other conferences around the world. Also, when you are in Mongolia you can buy souvenirs and some AIESEC Mongolia merchandise products. Such as: • AIESEC Mongolia's WNLDS T-shirt • Mongolian Souveniers

Check in Process In order to ensure a fast and easy Check-In process for all delegates, please be sure that you have all the following documents clearly formed and available to be submitted at the Airport and Railway Station. At the Airport • Show your passport to DS Managers and get registered personally • Get your Delegate Name Tag Then you will go to Railway Station with other International Delegates and Delegate Service Managers. At the Railway Station • Show your Delegate Name Tag to OC Members • Pay your Delegate Fee for Finance and Logistics Manager or Organizing Committee President • Get a receipt after you paid your Delegate Fee And we will be on our way to our Confernce Venue, Erdenet City.

What to bring

1. ID Card/Passport 2. Toiletries (toothbrush, towel, soap etc) 3. Food + item that present your country or cash 4. Stationery (pen, pencil, notebook etc) 5. Main need is Warm Clothes such as • Warm Coats - Bring your warmest coat because January is the coldest month in Mongolia reaches -30C or even more • Warm Boots - Boots are as important as coats, please don’t bring slight boots such as sneakers if you wear it outside you might catch fever. • Scarves - to keep yourself warm, you will need it • Warm Gloves - Gloves are the main needs when you are traveling so don't forget to bring it 6. Medications - Please bring simple medicines such as pain killers and if you have any allergy try to bring the medicine you use. 7. We have some parties so to attend them you will need Pajamas, Formal Clothes, and if you wish you can bring your traditional clothes we would be grateful. 8. Personal accessories such as laptop, phones and of course with charger. 9. Cultural items of your country 10.At last Bring Yourself !!!

Conference Events

Opening Plenary Opening plenary of the Winter National Leadership Developing Seminar of AEISEC Mongolia in 2014 will mark the beginning of the 5-day event. And it will be highlighted with the celebration of AIESEC Mongolia's 5th year anniversary.

Evening Plenary In the evening we will discuss how the day spent and will generally review about the whole day. One of the Most exciting Session is to choose our new MCP for AIESEC Mongolia. We're going to choose our new MCP on the Wi n t e r N a t i o n a l L e a d e r s h i p Development Seminar.

Morning Plenary In the morning we hype up the delegates who had spent long night with many activities in the party. We will discuss about review and will set expectations for the day.


DJ One of AIESEC Mongolia's member is going to be DJ on the above parties. He is extremelly talented in DJ. He has been to many places as a DJ. Such as, dance battles, DJ competition, and several big parties. He also makes remix of the song.

3rd night: Black Out, THE REAL PARTY That will be the real party. Party with everything you've expected. You will spend whole nights with fully energized AIESECers during the parties. And will have a lot of fun, enjoyment of crazy party nights in l u x u r y conference hall with BAR.

1st night -­ Pajama Party Delegates will join to the party with PAJAMAS. We promise that will be the funniest party you've ever experienced. Rule is so simple: • No Heels or dresses for girls • No Suits or tie for guys • JUST Pajama!

2nd night: Gala Night Delegates will join the party with official clothes.

Places to visit CHINGGIS KHAAN STATUE COMPLEX Chinggis Khaan Statue complex is located 54 km from Ulaanbaatar City, a beautiful natural scenery on the bank of the Tuul River, in the place called “Tsonjin Boldog�, a historical place where the Chinggis Khaan found the golden whip. In today, for memory of a man of the millennium, a 40 meters high stainless steel statue of Chinggis Khaan on the horseback is the largest of its kind in the world. Recreation area, restaurants, souvenir shop and conference hall occupies the back of the horse using elevator and then walk to the head of the horse through chest and back neck of the horse, where they can have a farseeing and good panoramic view over the complex area. The statue complex completed their construction work in 2008.

MONGOLIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM The first museum in Mongolia, which was called the Mongolian National Museum was established in 1924 and became the basis for other museums, including the National Museum of Mongolian History. The modern National Museum of Mongolian History was established after the merger of the historical, archaeological and ethnographical departments of the State Central Museum and the Museum of the Revolution in 1991. It is now located in a facility built for the Museum of the Revolution, which was founded in 1971. The National Museum of Mongolia is currently recognized as one of the leading museums in Mongolia. The significant responsibility for preserving Mongolian cultural heritage therefore lies with the museum. It is also responsible for developing museological guidelines for museums in the nation.

Places to visit

Sky Resort

Sky Resort is the international standard complex resort operates ski from mid of November till April and 18 hole championship golf course between June till mid of October each year. The resort is located 13km south east of Ulaanbaatar, and fully meets international standard. The architect design of ski resort was done by “MAS Limited” France and snow making system is from “TechnoAlpin” Italy which is the winter Olympic partner. There 6 ski runs plus 1,5km sprint cross country trail, snowboard fun park, sledge and ski school area with total 6000m.

Ski house with following facilities: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦

restaurants for 300 person capacity rental of ski, snowboard and ski clothes pro shop change room and locker first aid center

Mongolian 101

English Phrases

Mongolian Phrases


Sain uu

Good Morning

Ugluunii mend

Good Evening

Oroin mend


Tavtai morilno uu

Enjoy your meal

Saihan hoollooroi

So cool

Aimar goy

How are you?

How are you?

Thank you very much

Mash ikh bayarlalaa

You’re welcome

Zugeer dee

What’s up?

Yu baina?

I like you

Chi nadad taalagdaj baina

You are so beautiful

Chi ih khuurkhun yum aa

I missed you so much

Mash ikh sanasan shuu

Good night

Saikhan amraarai

See you later

Daraa uulziya

Good bye!


OC Team

Nasanburmaa Bayarbaatar Organizing Committee President 976 - 9967 9669 Dominic Santiago Conference Manager 976 - 9820 0233

Chinsanaa Jargalsaikhan Delegate Service Manager 976 - 9966 5156 Munkhgerel Delgermunkh Delegate Service Manager 976 - 9933 2865

OC Team

Tamir Nyamjav Public Relations Manager 976 - 9512 8134 Yondondorj Badam Business Development Manager 976 - 9519 3977

Myagmarsuren Boldbaatar Finance and Logistics Manager 976 - 9968 6008 Tselmeg Davaajav Business Development Manager 976 - 8822 9742

Aiesec mongolia WNLDS 2014 - Delegate Booklet  

This is a newer version of AIESEC Mongolia's WNLDS (WInter National Leadership Seminar) 2014. Every delegate can download it and I hope you...

Aiesec mongolia WNLDS 2014 - Delegate Booklet  

This is a newer version of AIESEC Mongolia's WNLDS (WInter National Leadership Seminar) 2014. Every delegate can download it and I hope you...