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January 13, 2017

Vol. 34 No. 1

The Simple Bear Necessities By MC3 Bryan tomforde NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

NAS SIGONELLA, Sicily – The Sigonella community packed Knight’s Hall Friday, Dec. 23 to see the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of “The Jungle Book.” After only a week of rehearsals and practicing lines, the cast of 64 students from Sigonella Elementary was excited to put on a show for their families and friends. MCT is based out of Missoula, Montana and opened the doors to the MCT Center for the Performing Arts in 1988, and at current MCT brings the arts to all 50 states, 5 Canadian Provinces and 16 countries. Missoula Children’s Theatre co-director Peter Kane, who also played the role of Baloo the bear said, “It’s been a great week. These kids really put a lot of effort into learning their lines.” The Missoula Children’s Theatre hired Kane, and his wife Sara, two years ago as show directors, where they started learning their job and in no time they were off performing around the world. “We are so excited,” said Chris Lee, whose three children acted in the play. “The kids really put their hearts into it. We are very satisfied with the directors and organizers, not only because of their professionalism, but they are great with the kids. The kids adore them!” Lee’s daughter, Gabriella played the lead character, Mowgli. “I enjoy acting and one of my favorite movies is Zootopia,” she explained. Lee said his daughter often practiced her lines well into the evening and enjoyed having both of her siblings in the play.

Gabriella was confident in her role which isn’t surprising as she is no stranger to acting. She started acting in Missoula Children’s Theatre productions at sixyears-old, adding “I love [acting] and plan on continuing in the future; probably not professionally, though.” Missoula Children’s Theatre programs

currently are scheduled all over the United States and in Canada. Presentations have also included on Air Force and Navy bases and some of the plays include hits like A Christmas Story (The Musical) and Tarzan (The Stage Musical). MCT currently contracts with DoDDS, Navy CYP (Child and Youth Programs), Air

Force Youth Services and Army Child and Youth Services. The Kanes expressed their thanks to the community and to the children for making the program such a success. They added, “We love our job! It’s incredible working with military families and bases around the world."

Children from Sigonella Elementary School perform "The Jungle Book" for friends and family Dec. 23. The Missoula Children's Theatre held the production after one week of rehearsals. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Bryan Tomforde/Released)

Sigonella’s Own to Represent Overseas Military Children at Presidential Inauguration By MC3 Bryan tomforde NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

NAS SIGONELLA, Sicily – Twenty students from Sigonella Middle School were selected to march in the 58th Presidential Inauguration parade on Jan. 20. The children will represent the nearly 50,000 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) students who attend school overseas. The parade will take place shortly after the swearing-in

on Jan. 20. The students will march the 1.5 mile parade route from the Capitol building to the White House. “The most exciting part of this is getting to see history unfold through the eyes of these kids,” said Sigonella History teacher Shawn McCarthy who helped organize the trip. McCarthy credits a former student in his 2012 history class for inspiring him to seek opportunities to travel to an inauguration after discovering that many students knew little about our Nation’s capital. He described how a class discussion led to students’

Sigonella Middle School students selected to march in the 58th Presidential Inauguration parade pose for a photo. The children will represent the nearly 50,000 Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) students who attend school overseas. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Bryan Tomforde/Released)

interest in Washington, D.C. when someone jokingly suggested a trip to the capital. Though several students chuckled at the idea, McCarthy said, “The question was no longer why they should go, but why not?” In May 2016 he partnered with Joining Forces, a program in Washington, D.C. that assists with turning ideas like these into reality. There were small setbacks along the way but McCarthy’s determination never wavered. “The official application didn’t even have an option for FPO or AP addresses,” explained McCarthy. To overcome this setback, he registered the group under a stateside mailing address of one of his relatives in Richmond Hill, Ga. “I was shocked when we received word of an official invitation welcoming the children of Sigonella from Richmond Hill,” said McCarthy. Since learning of their selection, the students have been practicing the basics of marching from the Sigonella ROTC before they board a plane to Washington, D.C. They will be bringing an American flag from their school gym, which the students call the “JAG” (Jaguars Athletic Gym). “It’s a very important part of our campus,” said McCarthy. “We love living overseas, but above all, we love being American.” The students will display the flag in formation and carry it along the inauguration parade route. With it, the students will carry 11 other National Flags where DoD students live on military bases throughout the world. Sigonella student Dean Hopkins said, “I am excited to visit the Pentagon. I do not ever remember being a part of something as historic as this. My dad is in the Navy. I am proud of him and I love America!” While in D.C., the students and their chaperones will visit the White House, The Smithsonian Institute and other historic landmarks. They will also participate in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington, Va. “I am very proud of the students and we all worked very hard. I am glad that we are able to represent all of the students overseas who could not attend,” said Emma McCarthy.



January 13, 2017

Direct Line

Commanding Officer Capt. Brent Trickel Saluti Sigonella, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and enjoyed some time off over the last few weeks. My wife and I enjoyed having our kids visit from college and we had a great trip to Munich, Salzburg, Florence, and Pisa. I want to throw out a couple of “Bravo Zulus” as we say in the Navy for some outstanding work done by Sig Citizens. First off CONGRATULATIONS to everyone for helping NAS Sigonella finish third in the Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Installation Excellence Award! It's no first place but number 3 out of 71 isn't bad. Next I would like to recognize all of the wonderful people working in our Child and Youth Programs (CYP) who did exceptionally well on their recent surprise CNIC Inspection. Their scores were the highest of any installation in the Region. Way to go SAC, CDC, and Teen Center! As we begin a new year I want to share my goals for Sigonella in 2017. This base and all of you are phenomenal and we had a great 2016 but I hope we can make 2017 even bet-

ter. While these goals are for NAS Sigonella as a whole I encourage each of you to set personal goals as well for 2017. I want NAS Sigonella to lead all of the installations in the Region in advancement rates both for Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers. I also want the 2017 Sigonella Sailor of the Year to be named the Region Sailor of the year, so First Class Petty Officers make sure you are working hard! I expect our awesome Galley to again be a finalist for the Ney Award in 2017 (and I expect it to be announced as the 2016 Ney Award Winner in March). I also expect us to win the Energy Biggest Loser contest for a third year in a row. Finally, I expect us to improve on our third place performance and be named the number one base in the 2017 CNIC Installation Excellence Awards. As I say at each Base Indoc class I want NAS Sigonella to be a great place to work, live and visit. I want anybody who comes in contact with this base to want to return based on their positive experience with NAS Sigonella and its citizens. Have a great 2017 Sigonella!

Commanding Officer's Suggestion Box The ICE/CO Suggestion Box is for our community and Commanding Officer to discuss, with an eye toward constant improvement, how we are excelling* and how we can improve**. The Signature and NASSIG Facebook Page typically publish comments and responses for the benefit of the Sigonella community. Comments/suggestions are useful when objective, constructive, and specific. ICE/CO Suggestion Box is NOT a forum for meanspirited attacks. * If you submit a "BZ" about a specific person or department, PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR NAME in order to ensure comment authenticity and therefore publically recognize employees or organizations. ** The Commanding Officer will ensure a response to all signed comments/suggestions and the vast majority of anonymous ones but reserves the right to disregard those comments/suggestions disinterested in the spirit of the program! There are two ways to submit; go to: 1) Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) home page on a One-Net computer at:, All Sigonella services are found under the Navy Europe Listing in the scroll-down menu. – or – 2) NAS Sigonella's website, go to the "About" drop down menu and click on "CO Suggestion Box".

Interactive Customer Evaluation Comment regarding “Executive Driver”:

Is there a vetting process for the Executive Driver Watch Bill besides being an E-5? Shouldn't the drivers be Emergency Vehicle Operator License (EVOL) qualified or be pre-screened? How do we know if these drivers are good drivers? Is it safe to expect a shift worker to drive a DV after working a 14hour shift? I believe trained Security E-5s or ASF personnel would be better suited to perform these duties. No input was requested from the departments and then suddenly a watch appears, and during a holiday stand-down period at that. It would be nice to have more than two weeks’ notice and for there to be some sort of prequalification screening.


Thank you for your comment and suggestion. You are correct in stating that there is not a vetting process for the Executive Driver Watch Bill. A Second Class Petty Officer in the Navy should be more than qualified to stand watch as a driver with the exception being those personnel physically unable to drive. This is the same as a duty driver watch, only with far fewer drivers. An EVOL is not necessary to drive a motor vehicle that is not being utilized for first responder purposes. Prior to the implementation of this watch bill, we requested input from all FPCOs and explanations and descriptions of this watch were distributed in mid-October. Shift workers and LLD are not included in the watch bill which is released two weeks prior. If you were included on the watch bill and have approved leave, please contact MA1 Brandon Southcombe at 624-6063 or and he will work with you to accommodate your leave.

Comment regarding “Vehicle Inspections”:

Inspections are a necessary part of security. However, there needs to be a better system in place to perform inspections during inclement weather. During a recent inspection the entire interior of my car – to include important documents – got soaked. Can something be put in place to provide some kind of cover when it’s raining to prevent car interiors, electrical components and documents from being ruined? My issue is not with the Security personnel doing their job. They are professional and always apologetic. They shouldn't feel compelled to apologize for doing their jobs. If some kind of coverage was in place to help eliminate some of the water entering the vehicles, it

would improve the experience for everyone. Inspections are important, in any weather condition, but a little coverage could and would help make it a little less frustrating for everyone involved! Otherwise, my experience with the Security department has been positive.


Thank you for your inquiry concerning the vehicle inspection that was conducted on your vehicle that led to your ICE comment. Inclement weather does pose an issue for vehicle inspections and I apologize that your documents were ruined. However, due to funding constraints and the limited space available at the NAS I ECP, it is not feasible to have a cover built that can accommodate both privately-owned and commercial-sized vehicles. Additionally, NTTP 3-07.2.3, Section D.6.3.4, para. 3 states "Have the driver exit the vehicle and ask him/her to open any baggage, container, or vehicle. The driver should open all compartments or baggage unless physically unable to do so." Due to our FPCON requirements, we cannot stand down vehicle inspections due to weather conditions. The new ECP design at NAS II will provide adequate cover to prevent the aforementioned issue, however, at this time it is not feasible to provide the same commodity at NAS I. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on this issue. If you have any further recommendations or questions please contact my Security Officer LCDR Cranston at or 624-6392.

Comment regarding “Slot Machines”:

I have to say MWR Sigonella rocks! This is the first time I have been overseas and had a movie theater with stadium seating. That is cool. I do have one complaint but also a solution regarding the slot machines at the bowling alley and Big Al's. First, they are very dirty. Take a look behind some of the machines. It looks like a landfill back there. Second, why is there only one technician that always seems to be on leave or TAD somewhere, because the slot machines are ALWAYS out of order; the machine which dispenses the playing cards is ALWAYS inoperable. My solution is to have someone from the staff field day those slot machine rooms, and I have been on other bases where there is a basket of playing cards on top of the card machine in case the machine is broken. It makes for easy access. I understand that gambling

"ICE" continued on Page 3

January 13, 2017

"ICE" continued from Page 2 is not a top priority of the base, but if you are going to have them then they should be working. I also recommend more prominent signage stating that children are not allowed. Thank you!


Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and patronage of the gaming program. Please allow me to explain some of the challenges associated with the gaming machines operated by the Army Recreation Machine Program (ARMP). ARMP has one technician permanently stationed at Sigonella to service the gaming machines. The technician has a 40 hour week schedule, and remains flexible to come in during his off duty time to take care of emergency issues. As a full time employee, there are also times when he is entitled to take leave or go TDY for training purposes. ARMP has considered the possibility of bringing a second technician on board, or sending another employee to temporarily fill in during these absences, yet ARMP determined this is not financially viable. As you may not be aware, the Sigonella power structure is unstable at times which can cause machines to malfunction. However, the technician does his best to get them back online in a

Name: Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Kevin Richards Dept: Medical Hometown: Ninety Six, S.C. As an emergency medical technician (EMT) stationed at Naval Hospital Sigonella, HM2 Richards handles a variety of tasks on a daily basis ranging from covering down the Flight Line Clinic on NAS 2 to providing care to patients at the main Hospital. Also highly trained as a medical first responder, Richards explains how his daily interactions with patients play a vital role in the Sigonella community: “Right now my work day consists of a 24-hour shift. We respond to emergency calls from Marinai residents and retirees that live out in town.” Outside of work, Richards’ main interest is travel. After being in Italy over a year, he now blends well into the Sicilian


reasonable time. You also suggested that a basket of playing cards be left on top of the machines. ARMP representatives explained that unlike the "other bases" you mentioned, cards used in the gaming machines here are monitored and will only activate when bought through the ITC dispensing machine. ARMP also suggests the other bases you are referring to use cards that do not hold a "redemption" value on them, are not trackable, and therefore can be left out in a basket for easy access. ARMP has agreed to allow the location representative (bowling/Jox) to retain extra cards from the ITC to sell in the event the ITC card dispensing machine malfunctions during the slot technician’s off duty hours. I also value your comments about underage individuals in the gaming rooms and the cleanliness. MWR staff will be more attentive to these particular issues. Providing entertainment is the focus of the gaming program. MWR and ARMP strive to maintain equipment in a working manner and facilities that are clean. Thank you very much for your comments and the opportunity to improve this service for the Sigonella community. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the gaming program, please contact the Business Activities Director, Amy Jo Jenkins, at DSN 624-0502 (+39-095-56-0502) or via email at amy.

community and lives out in town. Richards prefers to stay on the island and has traveled all over Sicily. “Taormina is a favorite spot of mine,” says Richards. Prior to his assignment at Sigonella, Richards traveled the world with the Navy, visiting the Philippines, Guam, and Okinawa. He is excited about his upcoming plans to travel to London and Bucharest. When asked about his future plans with the Navy, Richards said, “My goals right now are to pick up first class in the next cycle and when I finish my degree, I plan to be a Physician’s Assistant and maybe one day a doctor.” While he is enjoying his time in the Navy, he admits he misses his family. Richards loves the medical community and explained how they are tight knit and take care of each other. He said his department is like a big family and added, “One piece of advice I would give to new Sailors is to try not to stress. Locate your sponsor, be prepared for a new way of life and really take the time to appreciate the culture.”


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January 13, 2017

Hearing Protection: Six Key Tips NAS Sigonella Safety Department


Whether noise damages your hearing depends on three things: how loud it is, how long you are exposed and how close you are to the source.


As a rule of thumb, if you have to raise your voice when talking to someone a couple feet away, the noise is above the trigger level for wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).


The type of hearing protection you may be required to wear depends on the type of noise hazards. The most common types are: earplugs, canal caps and earmuff cups.


Learn how to use the various types of soft and preformed earplugs. In general, you pull the ear up and back before inserting the plug.


Wash reusable earplugs every day and dry them before you store them. Wash your hands before inserting earplugs.


Replace earplugs when they are worn or don't seem to fit.

For more information, please call the Safety Department at 624-5630 or 624-6261

Need an appointment at the hospital? Call DSN 624-CARE (2273) or commercial: 095-56-2273, M - F: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. For non-emergent medical questions that arise over the Weekend, Holidays, or after office hours, please call the Nurse Advice Line at 800-877-660 (local/Italy only) Need a medication refill or results from your Provider? Create an account with Relay Health using your PCM... (click: register, patient, then add PCM)

January 13, 2017



Navy Lodge Able to Support Sailors on Fast Approaching PCS Orders The Navy Lodge Program is ready to support Sailors and their families who receive shortened time lines for permanent change of station (PCS) orders. Sailors are encouraged to contact the Navy Lodge at their departing and new duty station as soon as possible to make any needed reservations. “Navy Lodges are the official government lodging for PCS moves,” said Michael Bockelman, Vice President, Navy Exchange Service Command’s (NEXCOM) Navy Lodge Program. “We are always ready and available, even at the last minute, to support Sailors and their families during a PCS move. As soon as you know where you’re being stationed, contact your Navy Lodge and we will do everything we can to accommodate you for as long as you need.” The Navy Lodge offers guests value with room rates at an average of 45 percent below comparable civilian hotels. Its family suites offer guests oversized rooms with living and dining area, fully equipped kitchen, flat screen televisions with cable and DVD player and soft and firm pillow options. On site amenities include free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, guest laundry facilities, vending machines as well as children’s outside play area and workout room at many locations. Every Navy Lodge is handicapped accessible. As an added convenience, dogs and cats up to 50 pounds in weight can stay at many Navy Lodges when traveling with its owner, perfect for a family on PCS orders. Guests need to contact the specific Navy Lodge regarding pet policies. Authorized Navy Lodge guests on PCS orders can take advantage of a scratch-off card offering a 10, 15 or 25 percent discount or a free stay up to 20 nights. The discount is valid at all Navy Lodges in the continental United States until February 28, 2017. Guests may use only one discount per stay. Guests can pick up their scratch-off card on base at PSD, the housing office, household goods, the personal property office or NEX Customer Service desk. Scratchoff cards can also be sent to a guest by calling the Department of Defense (DoD) Reservation Center at (800) 628-9466. For reservations, call (800) 628-9466 or go on line at or www.



January 13, 2017

Winter Discount Shopping Season Kicks Off in Italy Story by alberto lunetta

Imagine a “Black Friday” weekend lasting three months! Italy’s winter “stagione di saldi” or discount season kicked off last week. This is the first of two yearly government-regulated periods for special sales and it lasts until Mar. 15. The other discount season starts on the second Saturday of July and lasts until Sept. 15. According to consumers’ associations, six out of 10 Italians have been spending an average of about 250 euro per family while shopping at sales.

Since this is the second week of discounts, you won’t find any long lines at checkout counters and excited shoppers pushing and shoving their way into stores as is usually the case during the first days of the postholiday season sales. So get ready to buy high-quality, stylish Italian items at bargain prices, but watch out for retailers who trumpet big discounts. Here are some good rules of thumb provided by Italy Consumer Associations. Try to listen to these tips to avoid rip-offs and disputes with merchants that are difficult to handle if you don’t speak Italian.

It’s that time of the year again! Sigonella bargain hunters will be happy to hear that the New Year’s clearance sales season has recently kicked off in Italy. (Photo courtesy of Voce di Napoli)

Not Lovin' It Story by neonline

A controversial McDonald's restaurant has opened just meters from Rome's Vatican, despite fierce protests from locals and cardinals. There are two other McDonald's located close to the heart of the Catholic church, but the latest restaurant caused furore because it is actually on Vatican-owned property. Several senior cardinals live directly above the burger giant in the Pio Borgo district. The decision to open the restaurant was described as "controversial and perverse" by Cardinal Elio Sgreccia in October. Sgreccia told La Repubblica that the move was "by no means respectful of the architectural traditions of one of the most characteristic squares which look onto the colonnade of Saint Peters." Seven cardinals live directly above the site, which covers 538 square meters (5,800 square feet), and is being rented out by

"MCDONALDS" continued on Page 14

First of all, do not trust discounts higher than 50 percent of the initial price. A “sensational” 80 or 90 percent discount sounds like a tempting offer but is probably a rip-off. Remember that during the discount season defective merchandise can be exchanged or returned as usual. There is no “special return policy” when you shop at sales. Therefore, always keep your "scontrino" or receipt and distrust the shops that display signs saying: “la merce venduta non si cambia" (purchased merchandise cannot be returned) or “all sales are final.” By law, you have the right to change any defective clothing or shoe that is not up to sample within two months. Retailers can either refund you or give you a coupon that should be spent in the same shop. But always remember to double check with them about that. Make sure they know who you are and what you bought. Some store owners are reluctant to change defective merchandise after only a week. Be sure to look an item over carefully before you buy it. Check different shops to compare prices. If you have already visited a store you might be able to evaluate if a product was over-priced and then marked down. Stores must display on the tags the initial "prezzo" (price) and the reduced price, both in ciphers and in percentage. Finally, remember that you can use any way of payment. Mistrust shop owners who display signs saying “non si accettano carte di credito e bancomat” (credit cards and ATM cards are not accepted). If you don’t see any signs around and the sales clerk tells you when paying, tell them you know they must accept your credit card.

January 13, 2017



FiveThings to Know About ExtendingYour Enlistment By Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) -- Today, the Navy released NAVADMIN 004/17 that now allows first-term Sailors on sea duty the ability to elect to extend their expiration of active obligated service (EAOS) to complete their sea duty assignment, known as prescribed sea tour (PST). First-term Sailors make up approximately 60 percent of the Fleet and about half that percentage separate at the end of their first enlistment. This initiative allows first-term Sailors to match their projected rotation date (PRD) with their EAOS and helps alleviate unnecessary gaps at sea. This is designed to help reduce gaps at sea and support Fleet Manning that will be created as the large FY13 enlisted cohort begins to leave sea duty. First-term Sailors, who elect to extend their enlistments to complete their PST will benefit from additional opportunities to advance and additional opportunities to apply for reenlistment quotas. Eligible Sailors who can apply: • Are first-term, rating-designated Sailors (PACT Sailors are not eligible). • Must have an EAOS before Jan. 31, 2020, and prior the completion of their PST. • Are on Type 2, 3 or 4 Sea Duty as defined in MILPERSMAN 1306-102. • Passed their most recent Physical Fitness Assessment.

• Have no performance mark below 3.0, or an advancement recommendation of "progressing" or "significant problems" in the most recent competitive evaluation. • Must be recommended by their Commanding Officer. • HYT waiver will be favorably endorsed to allow Sailors to complete their prescribed Sea tour. • Eligible Sailors do not need an approved C-WAY quota to take advantage of this opportunity. To apply, eligible Sailors need to submit a NAVPERS 1306/7 form endorsed by their commanding officer to Navy Personnel Command. Non-nuclear Sailors send their forms to and nuclear Sailors send theirs to both before Feb. 28, 2017, to take advantage of this opportunity. Sailors' requests will be approved by either Enlisted Community Management (BUPERS-32) or the Nuclear Program Manager (OPNAV N133). After approval, a members' servicing personnel office will prepare a Sailors' enlistment extension. For more information on this opportunity, please read NAVADMIN 004/17. For more information, visit, usnavy, or For more news from Chief of Naval Personnel, visit

Navy HHG 2017 Webinars Scheduled to Make Moves Go Smoothly By Suzanna Brugler, Naval Supply Systems Command Global Logistics Support, Deputy, Office of Corporate Communications

to ask any move question. Fourth Thursday of the month at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Jan. 26, Feb. 23, March 23, April 27, and May 25) The live webinars will be hosted by the online video conferencing service, GoToMeeting. To access the webinars, follow the guidelines provided below: • For personal phone or tablet users: download the online GoToMeeting web application, launch the application and use session id number 166349037.

• For personal computer users: the URL is • Government computer users: Google Chrome is the recommended browser; the URL is https:// For more information, visit,, or usnavy. For more news from Naval Supply Systems Command, visit

SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- Naval Supply Systems Command Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS) Household Goods (HHG) has scheduled a series of interactive, live webinars to assist Sailors and their families in facilitating military moves, beginning Jan. 10. The webinars, part of an ongoing effort to help educate Sailors and their families of the HHG process in order to make moves go smoothly, cover moves which are part of a permanent change of station (PCS), a retirement, or separation orders. The webinars are available via personal phone, tablet, and computer, as well as government computers, and are scheduled from January to May, when the peak HHG season begins. Below follows the schedule and a short description for each type of move covered in the webinars. Times given are in the Pacific time zone: • First-time movers: Basic terminology, what can be shipped, your responsibilities, moving company responsibilities, etc. Second Tuesday of the month at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Jan. 10, Feb. 14, March 14, April 11, and May 9) • Retirees: Final move preparation, storage, etc. Third Tuesday of the month at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Jan. 17, Feb. 21, March 21, April 18, and May 16) • Moving overseas: What can and cannot be shipped, shipping or storing a vehicle, storage, etc. Third Wednesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. (Jan. 18, Feb. 15, March 15, April 19, and May 17) • Separating from the military: Final move entitlement, storage, etc. Fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Jan. 24, Feb. 28, Movers deliver household goods to a new home on Ford Island. The new housing development is part of a $35 March 28, April 25, and May 23) million project to design and construct 140 homes on Ford Island and 30 homes at Radford Terrace. U. S. • Moving question and answer: Opportunity Navy photo by Photographers Mate 1st Class William R Goodwin. (RELEASED)



Noto: Close to Home, Far from Ordinary BY mc3 bryan tomforde

Have you ever had an itch to travel but before you knew it, time had slipped away and you found yourself scrambling to make last-minute travel plans? If this sounds like you, then MWR is your one-stop location to click, call, or just show up and travel somewhere fabulous at practically a moment’s notice. On most Saturdays before 1300, you can even walk into the NAS 1 gym and be directed to the ITT tour desk to book that lastminute spot on a tour. MWR has a lot to offer. I recently took the time to book an ITT tour to Noto. The city of Noto, about an hour's drive from Sigonella, is a great place to start your exploration of the Sicilian sights and sounds. With beautiful cathedrals and great views, accompanied by breathtaking landscapes and local vendors (not to mention great food), Noto is an excellent location. Expect to find a beautiful city full of friendly people, where guests are greeted with local wines, fruit, cheeses and nuts for purchase. Locals are even quick to offer a photo snap, and area artists can be found painting on street corners. Giovanni Arena, an ITT tour guide, hosts tours on the island of Sicily. When asked what he likes most about conducting MWR tours, he replied, “I love my island, and this is an excellent opportunity to show tourists something in a different way.”

Arena, a true professional, helped with proper Sicilian pronunciations and pertinent information about area structures and churches. He also provided easy-to-understand explanations of Sicilian island history. “I like making new friends and love working with people, and service personnel deserve an introspective view of our island for a great price,” added Arena. He also described how the ITT trip drivers usually stop along the highway before and after visiting the destination to allow tourists the opportunity to purchase fresh coffee and snacks. I recommend lunch at Orto di Santa Chaira, a fantastic restaurant with a diverse menu ranging from pasta and meats, eggplant and traditional Sicilian vegetables to a variety of Sicilian desserts. Red and white wine samples are available. If you are not a wine connoisseur, they also offer traditional American imports as well as name brand exports for purchase to satisfy your palette. While visiting Noto, art buffs may enjoy a stop at the gallery Spaziospaventa. Chocolatiers can find some of Italy’s best chocolate at places like L’Oficina de Cioccolato (Chocolate Office). Noto also boasts vineyards full of Nero d'Avola grapes that produce fine Sicilian wines. These are just some of the many things you can do in only a few hours in this friendly Sicilian city.

January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017





January 13, 2017

All Hands News Bulletin:



Command, Department or Organization: American Red Cross Date of Event: Weekly Mon-Sat (flexible) Time of Event: 7:30am-4:00pm Location of Event: Red Cross Classroom Bldg. 318 2nd Floor Point of Contact Name: American Red Cross Point of Contact Phone Number: 624-4900 Point of Contact Email Address: Sigonella@RedCross.Org

Command, Department or Organization: NASSIG SECURITY

Additional Information: We have two new volunteer opportunities: DLA Customer Service Representative and DLA Supply Chain Data Analyst. Both positions volunteer at DLA with flexible time commitments with a dedicated day and time. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Information: We would like to remind parents that all children 10 and older are required to have a Dependent Government Identification Card in accordance with BUPERS Instruction 1750-10C. As such, children 10 and older are required to have their I.D. card any time they access the installation including when riding the school bus (in addition to their bus pass) and when walking or riding in a Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) with a sponsor. Please refer to instruction: BUPERSInstructions/Documents/1750.10C.pdf (page 63, Table 4.3) for details.

Sigonella Religious Ministries Department Worship Services Phone Numbers: NAS I 095-56-3975, NAS II 095-86-9049, Chaplain Duty: 335-831-4493, RP Duty: 335-786-1950. Facebook page: Air Station Sigonella Chapel

NAS 1 Mondays AA Meeting: 1800-1900 Tuesdays Protestant Women of the Chapel......0900-1100 Daily Mass: ..........................................1130-1230 AWANA: ..............................................1645-1900 Youth for Christ (YFC) Youth Meeting: .....................................................1200-1430 Wednesdays Protestant Men of the Chapel: ..........0600-0700 Daily Mass: ..........................................1130-1230 Catholic Ladies' Guild (3rd Wednesday): .....................................................1600-1800

Thursdays Daily Mass: ..........................................1130-1230 Youth for Christ (YFC) Youth Meeting: .....................................................1200-1530 Choir Practice: 1630-1800 The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA): .........................1800-2030

Catholic Religious Education (DoDDS): .....................................................1045-1200 Protestant Service: ..............................1100-1200 Latter-Day Saints Service: .................1330-1600


Fridays Daily Mass: ..........................................1130-1230 First Friday Mass and Holy Hour: ....1700-1830

Wednesdays Knights of Columbus (1st Wednesdays): .....................................................1700-1800 Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC): ....................................................1800-2100

Saturdays First Saturday Rosary and Mass:.......1100-1200

Thursdays AA Meeting: ........................................1800-1900

Sundays Catholic Mass: .....................................0900-1000

Sundays Protestant Service and Fellowship:....1800-2000

Weekly Traffic Report: Jan. 2-9, 2017

Ristorante Bella Etna

Breakfast: $3.45 Mon - Fri: 6:30 - 8:30 a.m. Weekend / Holiday: 7-9 a.m.

Lunch: $5.55 Mon - Fri: 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Weekend / Holiday: 11 a.m. -1 p.m.

Dinner: $4.85 Mon - Fri: 4 - 6 p.m. Weekend / Holiday: 4-6 p.m.

As a reminder to everyone: There are no PTUs allowed at the Galley. Appropriate athletic gear is authorized at the discretion of the Galley staff. Please remember that for sanitation purposes and for the consideration of other customers, if you have been out for PT, been working out at the gym, or have just been engaged in any physical activity where you and or your clothing has become soiled or sweaty you will be asked to turn around.

January 13, 2017





Sigonella Community Rallies to Help Young Boy By Danielle Deckard

NAS SIGONELLA, Sicily – On Dec. 2, 2016, the Deckard family received news that would forever change their lives. Taylor Austin Deckard, a 10-year-old living in Phenix City, Ala. woke up with breathing difficulties and swollen extremities. After a visit to the doctor, Austin was air-lifted to Atlanta where he was placed in Egelston’s Children’s Hospital Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and diagnosed with advanced pulmonary hypertension. Advanced pulmonary hypertension is a rare lung disorder in which the arteries that carry blood from the heart to the lungs become narrowed, making blood flow difficult. This causes an increase in blood pressure, which strains the right ventricle of the heart. Over 5,000 miles away in Sigonella, Italy, Rydan, Presley, and Peyton Deckard, shocked by the news, wanted to do something to help their cousin. After much thought, the kids raised money for “Austin’s Battle.” They began cleaning yards, walking dogs and taking down Christmas lights to earn money. What started out as a $50 goal quickly grew into something much larger. Once they surpassed their goal and reached $100, their drive to earn more funds grew. They walked door-to-door through Marinai with a homemade sign to collect funds. Rydan, Presley and Peyton asked the community to make donations to their cousin by collecting cash or going to the GoFundMe page set up for Austin. Thanks to their hard work and the generosity of the Sigonella community, they raised $571 for Austin. Austin, currently still in the hospital, has had multiple medication changes, a procedure to remove fluid from his lungs and a heart surgery to relieve some of the stress and damage his heart has endured. Unfortunately, the only cure for Austin is a heart and lung transplant, which doctors believe is too risky to attempt because he just isn’t stable enough. When he can go home, his medications, doctor’s visits, and medical equipment will be incredibly expensive, even af-

Taylor Deckard, diagnosed with advanced pulmonary hypertension, poses for a photo with Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in Egelston's Children's Hospital. Over $500 has been donated by the Sigonella community to help pay for Deckard's medical expenses.

ter insurance adjustments. All the while, Austin is just ready to go home with his mom and dad to spend time with his two younger brothers, Braden and Bradley. Austin’s battle has gained notoriety through social media. High-profile athletes such as Cam Newton have taken time out of their busy schedule to visit Austin at the hospital. If anyone would like to read more of Austin’s story, visit and search for “Austin’s Battle.” The Deckard family would like to thank everyone who took the time to listen to Austin’s story, share the GoFundMe page and donate money for Austin’s Battle. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that our community cares so much about a little boy they’ve never met. Your donations, concern and prayers make a difference!

Taylor Deckard, diagnosed with advanced pulmonary hypertension, poses for a photo in Egelston's Children's Hospital. Deckard's cousins, Rydan, Presley and Peyton Deckard, residing in Sigonella, Sicily, have raised over $500 in donations from the Sigonella community to help pay for Deckard's medical expenses.

January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017


Pizza Toppings







Find and circle all of the pizza ingredients and toppings hidden in the grid. The remaining letters spell four additional pizza toppings.



"MCDONALDS" continued from Page 6 ASPA, the authority in charge of the Vatican's real estate. McDonald's will pay the Vatican €30,000 ($33,000) a month in rent. Moreno Prosperi, head of the Committee for the Protection of Borgo, the historic district around the Vatican where many cardinals live, told AFP that the planned outlet would be a further blow to the "identity of the area," which draws huge throngs of tourists. McDonald's, along with other foreign fast food chains, has a problematic history in Italy. Its first restaurant opened up near the Spanish steps in Rome 30 years ago, sparking protests. Fashion brand Valentino, which has its Rome headquarters nearby, complained about the smells and noise from the restaurant, and the opening also sparked the now global Slow Food movement. Elsewhere, Florence has also taken the struggle to protect its culinary history particularly strongly. In March, the city passed a law aimed at ensuring that at least 70 percent of produce in all new eateries was locally sourced, amid worries that a growing number of cheap kebab shops and other fast food outlets aimed at tourists meant the city was at risk of losing its character.

Orchestra Conductor Banned for Outburst that Leaves Children in Tears after Showing of "Disney in Concert: Frozen" by the Telegraph

A festive stage show of the Disney blockbuster “Frozen” ended in tears in Italy after the conductor of the orchestra announced to children and parents that “Father Christmas doesn’t exist.” Giacomo Loprieno was apparently driven to the fit of pique after families started leaving the performance early in a bid to beat the queues exiting Rome’s Auditorium Parco della Musica, an arts venue. His outspoken intervention led to numerous complaints and a storm of protest on social media. “He vented his frustration on the most innocent beings in the world – children,” one parent wrote on the web page of the event organizers. Another parent accused the director of “ruining the dreams of little kids of five and six years old, without any plausible reason.” Angry that families were leaving before the show had ended, Mr Loprieno reportedly grabbed a microphone and from the stage announced: “Father Christmas doesn’t exist anyway,” before storming off. The outburst, on Thursday night, left parents stunned and small children in tears. Under a barrage of complaints, the event organizers, Dimensione Eventi, said they "completely dissociated” themselves from what Mr Loprieno said. “Like everyone, we were shocked by the declaration made by the director. What he said was totally out of line. It was the arbitrary action of one person,” they said in a statement. Mr Loprieno was promptly replaced by another director for the next show, which took place on Friday. The organizers hurriedly posted a photograph of the new conductor, Marco Dallara, embracing a bearded man dressed as Father Christmas outside the auditorium. They also tried to make up for the ill-tempered outburst by having the performer, dressed in his Santa Claus outfit, sit in the audience for Friday afternoon’s show. Families had paid between 30 and 48 euros for tickets to the two-hour spectacular, titled “Disney in concert: Frozen”, which had been billed as “a fantastic surprise.”


January 13, 2017

January 13, 2017


In Memoriam: SW2 Sean Hatchett

Steelworker Petty Officer Second Class Sean R. Hatchett, 30, of Springfield, Ill., passed away Friday, December 30, 2016, at Memorial Medical Center when his body succumbed to cancer. He was born in Carbondale, Ill., on September 22, 1986, to Russell and Deborah (Blazek) Hatchett. Sean was a Seabee with the US Navy serving at Public Works Department Sigonella, Sicily when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. He served as the Public Works Locksmith, enjoyed welding, hiking and was an avid cyclist. He was an Eagle Scout and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His service to his country and his loyal friendship to those who knew him will be sorely missed here at NAS Sigonella. Contributions may be made in his honor to: American Red Cross, Wounded Warrior or Abraham Lincoln Council Boy Scouts.




January 13, 2017

The Signature January 13, 2017  

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