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9, 2012

Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) Sigonella and the Community Players of Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella performed Lionel Bart’s Oliver! The musical took more than 100 people to produce and nine weeks of building and performance practices. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

Oliver! takes center stage in Sigonella D BY MC2 MATTHEW C. HAWS NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

epartment of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) Sigonella and Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Community Players performed Lionel Bart’s Tony-award winning musical Oliver!, based on Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist. The production, which took nine weeks to produce, was a collaboration of more than 100 students and community members. "I would have to say we had at least 50 or so people outside of acting that helped with stage setup, making the costumes, and the makeup and the lighting," said Stage Director Lynn Soeby. We had a lot of community involvement and it really showed with this year's performance." Oliver Twist is a story of a 9-year-old orphan who, through several dramatic events, finds his way home to his long lost grandfather. The play starts in an orphanage in the 1850's of London with a series of dark characters that humorously send Oliver spiraling into extreme situations. "This play is different from others we have done in the past because the characters are dark, but they are portrayed in a very light way. You could almost call it a dark comedy," said Soeby. Each of the characters was intricately portrayed in Western inspired Victorian attire with matching makeup to finish off the ensemble. All of this could not happen without the inspiration of returning cast members and artists. "I have been doing stage make-up here for seven Christine Arnold, make-up coordinator, transformers years," said Christine Arnold. "It takes a lot of research Dr. Adam Saperstein into his character Dr. Grimwig. to bring the characters to life and make them unreco(U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

gnizable. Most of our input comes from our stage directors so that we can get a vision of how the characters are portrayed. I think the make-up allows the actors to evolve into their parts and lets the audience escape into the show itself without being distracted with who is on stage." Each actor played a critical part in Oliver's roller coaster ride of adventures. The play was more than just a performance; it was a learning experience as well. “I really adore working with children and I love to incorporate music into their education," said Thea Burke, who has participated in the musicals both onstage and behind the scenes since 2003. I remember being that little kid and looking at the older kids in community theatre. It's really important that we bring our talents together because it enriches the learning experience of the students at DoDDS as well as everyone else that is involved." DoDDS hosts a school-community cooperative production each year and everyone is invited to attend or volunteer. "I always say ... If you can sing in the shower, then you should audition for a part," said Soeby.

Oliver! more photos on page 8



“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” - Oprah Winfrey

Read Across America comes to Sigonella

Ramacca honors St. Joseph

Getting outside the Triangle

NAS Sigonella Elementary School students celebrate reading!

The religious festival takes place March 18 and 19.

Guest Writer Matthew Clutter explains.

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9, 2012

THE SIGNATURE U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella Capt. Scott Butler, Commander Cmdr. Eric Vosler, Executive Officer CMDCM David Graham, Command Master Chief

EDITORIAL Lt. Tim Page, Public Affairs Officer

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Jackie Trembath, Editor

STAFF Writers/Photographers MC1 Christopher Delano MM2 Johnnathan Archbold GM2 Kris Carmody MC2 Matthew C. Haws MC2 Gary Prill MR2 Gary Spence MCSN Brian Glunt

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GUEST Writers/Photographers HM3 Matthew Clutter Sarah Conlan Ian Coubrough Domenico Sambataro Judy Shannon Mark Ventura

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NAS Sigonella Commanding Officer, Capt. Scott Butler


e received so many questions for February’s Feedback Live that we couldn’t cover them all during the show, so I’ll use this Direct Line column to answer them. Your questions are very important to me, and I encourage you to keep sending them via email. Remember that Feedback Live is a LIVE call in show – if time permits, you can get your question answered on the spot. The show is held on the first Thursday of each month, from 6:30 – 7pm. To call in live on the show, please dial 624-4265 or 095-56-4265.


People often do not stop for school buses on Marinai, likely because it is not a law in Italy. I thought it WAS a rule on base and I'm concerned for the safety of our school kids when I see cars drive around a stopped bus picking up and dropping off kids.


I was unaware of this and hope that folks wouldn’t risk hurting somebody by driving around a bus that is in the process of loading or unloading children. In accordance with NASSIGINST 11101.4J Handbook for Military Housing (MFH) Residents, everyone is required to adhere to the following regulations, regardless of whether you live in MFH or just happen to be on base or Marinai when the buses are operating. Speed Limit and Child Safety: Do not pass school buses when they are at a stop with their flashers on, as they are loading and/or unloading children who may cross the street unexpectedly! Ensure your children utilize sidewalks and do not allow them to play in the streets. To reiterate, the speed limit within the Marinai complex is 12 MPH/20 KPH and is strictly enforced by the Security Department.


The first floor of the NAVSUP HQ building smells like sewer...when will this be fixed? They have been out once before, last year, but the problem has not been resolved. Numerous requests have


Jan. 12 Jan. 12 Mar. 12 Mar. 11










Traffic Deaths



Please, don’t become a statistic!

been put in on this issue to Public Works as well.


Although one might be tempted to attribute the sewer smell to Capt. Gantt as he continues to train for an upcoming Iron Man, the smell on the ground floor actually comes from the floor drains in the rest rooms. Unfortunately, these drains tend to back up during rain events like we had a few weeks back. The NAVFAC Environmental Office is securing funding to fix this, and the first step is for them to determine the locations of storm/sanitary sewer cross connections that cause this intermittent condition to occur. I ask that you kindly bear with the inconvenience until this study is concluded this spring. Repairs should occur soon after and the sewer smell should be mitigated by next year’s rainy season. The smell coming from Capt. Gantt, however, is a different matter altogether…


Are the recyclables placed into the recycling bins in Marinai really and truly recycled?


Absolutely yes. By Italian Law, the lessor of the Marinai complex must recycle a large percentage of the waste removed from the complex. Despite rumors to the contrary, the trucks that remove the recyclable material are compartmented to accept/sort the different materials and are not taken to the same general waste facility. Because the actual rate of recycling at Marinai has been steadily dropping over the past few years, the lessor will soon propose new refuse and recyclable collections. This may include individual recycling bins, and daily collections, at each residence. I encourage every resident of Marinai to be proactive

Emergency Management Office Be prepared to be on your own for at least three days. Seven is better!

The BASIC FIVE:  Water  Food  Heat  Cash  Radio Family Communications Plan: Phone Numbers & Rally Points; Public Protection Strategies: Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place; Web info:; Emergency info: AFN 106.0 FM; Questions Call the EM Office at 624-2630, 8265 or 2621.

in their recycling efforts – it’s the right thing to do! The questions, comments and concerns stated in this column do not constitute the official position of the U.S. Navy and are submitted by members of the community. I wanted to also take a moment to congratulate Lynn Soeby, Tony Waldbillig and every cast and crewmember of Oliver! for their spectacular performances over the past week. With nearly 100 Sigonellans involved in some aspect of the production, events like this truly represent the pinnacle of what our Community can achieve together. The performances were enjoyed by hundreds of Americans and Italians, each of whom had a chance to see how the weeks of hard work and preparation paid off. It truly was a great event and, following on the heels of last year’s successful performances of Annie, is a great reason to look forward to next year’s show, whatever it may be! Congratulations again to everyone involved!!


9, 2012



Around NAS Sigonella ... Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society helps new parents BY MC2 MATTHEW C. HAWS NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Brigadier General visits SPMAGTF-12 Marines 4th Marine Division Commanding General, Brigadier General James M. Lariviere, conducts a command visit with Special Marine Air/Ground Task Force 12 (SPMAGTF-12) Marines aboard Naval Air Station Sigonella (NASSIG). (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

MASN Dawnalee Wooten reads to Mrs. Maria Flevotomas's kindergarten class. (U.S. Navy photo by Jackie Trembath/Released)

NAS Sigonella Elementary School celebrates reading with annual event BY JACKIE TREMBATH NAS Sigonella Public Affairs


ore than 75 volunteers including active duty military, community members, and middle/high school students invested time to read to young children at Sigonella Elementary School as part of the National Education Associations (NEA) Read Across America (RAA) event. This annual reading motivation and awareness program calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss. Sigonella Elementary School celebrated RAA one day early, due to a scheduling conflict. This is the tenth year the school has participated. Like years past, the event was a success. “Kids loved it! They were so excited about getting to spend a whole day enjoying books, said Margaret Russo, information specialist at Sigonella Elementary School. “I always see a big surge in circulation here in the library after the event as students rush in to check out the books that they heard read aloud.” Research has shown that children who are motivated and spend more time reaKindergarteners from Mrs. Sallie ding do better in school. class enjoyed green eggs “We hope this one day keeps kids and Davis's and ham for Dr. Seuss's birthday. families reading the other 364 days of the (U.S. Navy photo by Jackie Tremyear,” said Russo. bath/Released)

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) provides many avenues to help service members and their families. The monthly Budget for Baby course is one of many programs that help families prepare and manage their finances with a growing family. "NMCRS is about financial education," said NMCRS Director Annee Imle."Budget for Baby is designed to set sailors and marines up for the transition to parenthood. It can be very expensive starting a fa- Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Director Annee Imle, teaches the Budget for Baby course. Budget mily here in Sigonella for Baby is designed to prepare service members financially for parenthood. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released) because you don't have access to all of the discount stores that Contructionman Stephanie Beeler. program that is designed for moms "You actually get to see how to make and the new babies," said Imle. "The you would have stateside." Each participant in the course le- a budget on paper. I recommend this good thing about this program is that arns how to manage a budget and class for families, especially if this is the nurse can answer questions in the make cost effective decisions when your first child. It's a good educational comfort of the patient’s homes. They tool." can utilize our nurse for one pre delibuying items for their baby. Budget for Baby is NMCRS's main very check-up and two follow-up ap"I think the biggest thing is that it really makes you sit down and see program for parents but there are ad- pointments after the baby is born. "In what you spend your money on mon- ditional programs offered for conti- the future we hope to have a baby expo that hosts all of our programs on thly rather than just a day-to-day nued parenthood education. "We also have the Visiting Nurse base here in one venue." basis," said Construction Mechanic

DoDDS teachers connect with parents and students BY MC2 MATTHEW C. HAWS NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) Sigonella is providing a way to connect students, parents and teachers together through the Parent Connection program. The program is designed to keep parents informed and involved in the learning process of the student. "We decided to informally survey parents and see what they wanted to see more of with the students," said Information Specialist Margaret Russo. "What we found out was that the parents wanted to hear more about the things their kids were learning at school. This program actually provides a way to sit the parents down and show them the text books and software we use. " The parents are able to have monthly sessions with the teachers and experience firsthand how the students take tests and learn in a classroom environment. "We all learned differently when we grew up," said Russo. "This program

Math Specialists Mary Perkins explains the math curriculum to parents during the monthly Parent Connection meeting. Parent Connection is designed to inform and train parents on the school's educational curriculums. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

actually helps the parents see what resources are utilized by the students so that if the student needs extra help, their parent(s) can help them." Parent Connection provides a variety of topics for the parents to discuss with the teachers and feedback from parents is a large part of the program.

"I think this workshop is really helpful because I can implement the visual aspect of learning with my computer at home," said attendee Tracey Bonvie. "Parent Connection unifies the learning experience of the child by ensuring that parents are teaching their kids the same way teachers are at school."







TERRA NOVA TESTING Sigonella Schools


TERRA NOVA TESTING Sigonella Schools

Bowling Dollar Day



Ombudsman Basic Training 9am - 3pm

Babysitter Cert. (11 yrs. +) 9am - 4:30pm Karaoke at Jox Pub 8pm


TERRA NOVA TESTING Sigonella Schools

TERRA NOVA TESTING Sigonella Schools

Tobacco Cessation 2-3pm NAS II Sarp Conference Room

Bingo at Connections 6pm



TAP class 8am - 4pm

TAP class 8am - 4pm

CPR/First Aid/AED cert. 9am - 4pm

LUNCH & LEARN 12:30-2pm

TSP Brief 10-11:30am

Tobacco Cessation 2-3pm NAS II Sarp Conference Room

Bowling Dollar Day


CPR/First Aid/AED cert. 9am - 4pm

16 TERRA NOVA TESTING Sigonella Schools



Base 2 Base 7.6 mile run Healthy Baby course 9am - 5pm Karaoke at Jox Pub 8pm

23 Bingo at Connections 6pm



Acoustic Night at Connections 6 - 10pm




25 Karaoke at Jox Pub 8pm

Acoustic Night at Connections 6 - 10pm

FFSC can be reached at x4291 American Red Cross at x4900 Does your command or organization have an event you’d like to see on the Community Calendar? Email us at and let us know!

9, 2012


9, 2012



Fleet and Family Support Center Administration Building Bldg. 319 (NAS I)

Monday–Friday 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. DSN 624-4291 Commercial 095-56-4291

New job search class at FFSC! SARAH CONLAN Work & Family Life Educator


any of you have been asking for information on how to effectively carry out a job search. We’re happy to report that we‘re now offering a new class, Job Search 101: Research, Network, Succeed, to help you get started on a focused, productive job search to meet your individualized needs. This new class will help you analyze tools and resources for a successful job search, define key words and create a Build List, explore employer targets, identify tools to gather information about your particular job(s) of interest and research and compare salaries. If some of these topics are unfamiliar to you, then let that be a reason to attend one of our classes so you can educate yourself and be fully prepared to begin your job search. A lot of people use the “shotgun approach” of sending resumes out all over the marketplace without a plan. Do not fall into that group! We will help you learn how to strategize your job search by utilizing convenient websites, exploring social media and other resources and discovering essential tools that help you network, use job boards effectively and execute valuable research through informational interviews.

During class you will reference a number of handouts that will help you prepare a “30 Second Job Commercial” and will also guide you through various scripts for handling emails and phone calls concerning your job search when you are tasked with tracking down specific contacts or information about various companies and organizations. We will also discuss articles regarding keeping up your job search momentum, discovering the work you were born to do and other topics written by experts in the field. The class will run for an hour and a half and will take place monthly at the Fleet and Family Support Center. Our next class is scheduled for Friday, March 16 at 2pm. For more information about this class or any of our employment programs, please contact Sarah Conlan at 624-4291 or If you are starting a job search (or are stuck in the middle of one!), thinking about your transition to civilian life or planning on returning to the states and are not sure how to go about looking for a new job, we hope to see you at our new class. Remember, you have to involve yourself with positive people who will help you stay energized and focused throughout your job search. A successful job search takes time and effort, but your time and dedication will be rewarded.

Need an appointment at the hospital? Call DSN 624-CARE (2273) Commercial: 095-56-2273 M-F: 7:30am - 4pm Same-day or next-day appointments

For non-emergent medical questions that arise over the weekend, a holiday or after office hours, please call 335-578-8077 if you are normally seen at the hospital or 335-578-8150 if you are normally seen at the Flight Line Clinic.




9, 2012

St. Joseph’s altars in Ramacca Ballet at Bellini Opera: tickets on sale!

The St. Joseph's Altars are at the heart of the religious tradition of Ramacca. On March 18 and 19, devotees thank their beloved patron saint by setting up decorated altars at their houses which showcase an impressive variety of foods including elaborate loaves of bread baked in symbolic shapes. (Photo by Ramacca Pro Loco Tourist Office)


he word bread is synonymous with Ramacca in eastern Sicily. This picturesque town, nestled in the hills of the plain of Catania, boasts a unique “pane di casa” home-baked bread making tradition which goes back a long time. Bread (pane in Italian) is the most important staple food for farmers’ families. It traditionally brings good luck and keeps evil away. Pane is linked to St. Joseph, the patron saint of the fathers, the poor, the workmen, the sick and families. Every year, Ramacca honors him on March 19 with a spectacular religious festival featuring the traditional “Tavole o Altari di San Giuseppe” (St. Joseph's tables or altars) that are a sort of ritual potluck lunch hosted by devotees to publicly show gratitude to their celestial patron for a miracle received in time of need or illness, or just to thank him for a good harvest. There are several stories and traditions on the historic origins of this heartfelt community celebration and nearly all the legends refer to a St. Joseph’s intervention, at some point in history, for an end to a terrible drought and famine that struck somewhere in Sicily. St. Joseph's tables, which are also set up in several Italian towns, are always meatless because it’s Lent, but I guarantee you that they are as mouthwatering to the eye as to the palate! There is literally everything but meat; tables display all sorts of Sicilian cakes, cookies and sweets (cannoli, fucacani, crostate, almond cookies, fig cakes, cucciddati), vegetarian omelettes, artichokes, asparagus, fava beans, fruit, chickpeas, flowers, fish etc. The fresh bread on display on the altars is baked into distinctive and symbolic shapes including “a cuddura,” (ring shaped), heart (Holy Family), cross ( Jesus’ Martyrdom) and the saint’s walking stick which, according to legend, miraculously sprouted flowers. Those beautifully ornate altars also showcase images of St. Joseph, Jesus and the Holy Family as well as laurel branches adorned with citrus fruits to symbolize the fertility of the earth. The altars are basically set up in fulfillment of a believer’s vow to be displayed to the community and to perform the ritual meal which is one of the highlights of the festival. Before the meal begins devotees in Ramacca tra-

ditionally pray loudly referring to the saint as St. Joseph the Patriarch. According to tradition, on March 19, each devotee hosting a lunch invites three needy people representing the Holy Family ("I tri pirsuni") and serve them the food displayed on the altars. On March 18, guides from the local tourist office (located in # 7 via Luigi Capuana) will offer tourists a free tour of the main altars that are set up in private houses scattered throughout the historic center. All you have to do is show up at the tourist office at the following times: 5pm, 6:30pm and 8pm They’ll take good care of you, free sweets will be offered to tourists. Volunteers devote countless hours of preparation for this heartfelt festival as the altars have to ready by March 18. If you decide to go back to the festival the following day, (March 19) you can sample for free the traditional “Pasta Cò Maccu” (pasta with lentils and mashed fava beans) that will be offered to tourists at noon in piazza Umberto I (main square). It is one of the major attractions of the festival as it is shared by the entire community in the main square. Later in the afternoon at 4:30pm, foodstuff and offerings will be auctioned for charity in the main square. Festival goers willing to visit the Museo delle Bande Musicali (Town band Museum) and Museo Archeologico (Archeological Museum) can join the guided tour that will begin at 5pm. Stay on until 7:30pm and you will see the procession featuring the chalk statue depicting St. Joseph with child Jesus that will be carried shoulder high by devotees throughout the historic heart of Ramacca. Holy masses will be held at 11am and at 6pm at the Matrice (Main Church). Before you leave the festival don’t forget to visit Ramacca’s churches and the local archeological sites. Due to its extensive and large fertile lands, Ramacca is a town of great farming tradition which has been known as a melting pot of Sicilians, mainly farm laborers coming from all the provinces, since the 18th century. So, make sure you check the variety of local produce from the farmers’ market. For more detailed information, call the Pro Loco Tourist Information at 095- 7931141.

The Bellini Opera announced that in- out doors. This is the reason why since the dividual tickets for "Sinfonie in danza," a beginning the Company has been supdance show featuring Liliana Cosi and plied with all the material and the equipMarinel Stefanescu Ballet Company that ment necessary for the complete will be performed from March 20 preparation of every type of performance. through March 25 as part of the 2012 The new ballets which have been creaOpera Season are still on sale. ted in the laboratories of the site of the For more information and ticket prices Company are more than twenty, the pervisit or call formances performed in 390 Italian 095-7150921. towns and 55 foreign towns are about The Classical Ballet Company created by Liliana Cosi and Marinel Stefanescu was officially founded in 1977, when it first toured all over Italy. Performances of newly created ballets and sporadic activities commissioned by Festival had already started since 1975. Since 1978 the Company has established its site in Reggio Emilia in a large building of about 2000 square meters perfectly (Photo by Bellini Opera House Press Office) equipped in order to house its activity. There are four large dance-halls 1800. Lots and lots of tours have taken with wooden floors, pianos and stereo place abroad from Japan to China, from sets, in each hall, dressing-rooms with ba- America to Brasil, in the Middle East and throoms included, a massage room, a tai- in many western Eastern European lor’s workshop, a costume store house, a Towns. plant, scene and equipment shed, a steMost of the repertory of the Company nography room. The choreographer is consists of newly created ballets by StefaMarinel Stefanescu, main artists, such as nescu based on symphonic or original Luzzati, Vacondio, Chalkidiotis, Gyorgy, music as in the case of the joint work with have cooperated for the scenes. Hristofe- the Romanian composer Adrian Enescu. nia Cazacu, in particular, permanently This Company which counts almost a worked with the Company for many years. 25 year activity has received appreciaThe Company develops its activity all over tions and national, international prizes. It Italy, with about 60/70 performances a is the first in Italy able to spread widely year, from the cities to the small villages, the art of the classical ballet with its inboth in opera houses and other spaces trinsic values of harmony and beauty. such as tend theatres, sports ground and (


9, 2012



Blood orange season is coming to an end

Avalanche risk high in Italy as weather warms up (Story by ANSA)

Rome - Italian forest rangers warned last Thursday that a rise in temperatures throughout Italy could cause avalanches in mountainous areas. Melt-off from an exceptionally brutal winter with snowstorms striking much of the country has set off alarms in Piedmont, Trentino-Alto Adige and Abruzzo. The Alpine regions of Friuli and the Apennines of Emilia Romagna and Marche are only "moderately" at risk, said the forest rangers.

Fight against evasion can lead to lower taxes, says Monti (Story by ANSA) The dark-fleshed Moro is available from December to March and the delicately flavored Tarocco is available from January to May. Rich in antioxidants which are vital for healthy cells, these oranges help boost your immune system, help your body absorb iron and even help reduce the risk of cancer. They are also a great source of fiber, which helps lower cholesterol. With just 70 calories, one tasty, mediumsized blood orange provides 3.0 grams of fiber, 1.0 gram of protein, and no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. (U.S. Navy photo by Jackie Trembath/Released)

Euroscene: Valletta, Malta

Rome - Premier Mario Monti said last Tuesday that Italy must increase the pressure on tax evaders so that the fiscal burden can be lower for the rest of the country. With cash needed to balance the budget by 2013 and emerge from the debt crisis, Premier Mario Monti has launched a big drive to end widespread tax evasion in Italy. This has featured high-profile operations at luxury resorts and exclusive stores and nightclubs in big cities and a hard-hitting TV advertising campaign. Italy's inland revenue agency, the Agenzia delle Entrate, also plans to introduce a new system to find evaders by cross-checking incomes and spending by the end of June. Monti now wants to increase the pressure further to be able to bring the tax burden back down after passing a series of tax increases in December as part of the government's emergency austerity package. To this end he has set up a new evasion task force featuring senior figures from the economy ministry and the Agenzia delle Entrate. "The recovery (of money) from evasion must become an instrument with which to improve the efficiency of the economic system in a fairer framework," said Monti, who is also economy minister in his emergency administration of technocrats.

"We have to continue with renewed strength because if everyone declares what they should, taxes can be lower for everyone," he added after a meeting of the task force. "Last year 12 billion Euros were recovered thanks to the police and the Agenzia delle Entrate. But more can and must be done". The Agenzia delle Entrate last year estimated that around 120 billion Euros' worth of undeclared business was done on the Italian underground economy each year.

Government issues a 'no-salute' decree for cruise liners (Story by ANSA)

Rome- A government decree on Thursday banned salutes of coastal towns by cruise ships that navigate too close to Italian shores. The decree is a response to the Costa Concordia accident off the Tuscan coast on January 13, said Environment Minister Corrado Clini at a conference on Giglio Island Thursday. The Italian cruise liner was performing a salute when it slammed into a rock formation in the waters of the Tuscan island, killing as many as 32 people, some of whose bodies have yet to be recovered. Clini told journalists that it is "important to establish rules for navigation near sensitive areas". "Sustainable tourism" is a key goal of the government-issued ban, said Clini, as is a guaranteed buffer zone protecting delicate natural reserves. Areas secured with the decree include the Venice lagoon, Tuscan archipelago, Ligurian coast, as well as neighboring Monte Carlo and Corsica.

30 benefit fraudsters arrested in Naples, bogus invalidity claims 'cost 4 million euros since 2004' (Story by ANSA)

Naples - Italian police on Thursday arrested 30 people in Naples accused of claiming false invalidity benefits since 2004 to the tune of more than four million Euros. Police said another 47 people were under investigation in the case. Judges have ordered assets of the alleged culprits to be seized to help pay back the money.

Malta’s Grand Harbour is often described as the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. (U.S. Navy photo by MR2 Gary Spence/Released)

! T I Y A an i l S a t I T S ur o U y J ractice P

English : What time is it? Italian: Che ora è? English : It’s three o’clock. Italian: Sono le tre. English : See you at 10 o’clock in the morning. Italian: Ci vediamo alle dieci di mattina. English : It’s noon. Italian: E’ mezzogiorno. English: It’s midnight. Italian : E’ mezzanotte.

Learn these useful Italian phrases to make telling time more fun!

English : It’s half past 5. Italian: Sono le cinque e mezza. English : It’s a quarter past 6. Italian: Sono le sei e un quarto.




9, 2012

NAS Sigonella School and Community Playe

Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) Sigonella and the Community Players of Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella performed Lionel Bart’s Oliver! In one scene, Mr. Bumble (front left), played by Matthew Arnold, and Widow Corney (front right), played by Christine Arnold, threaten Oliver (front center), played by Jacob Shefchik, as the orphans look on. (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

Oliver (front left), played by Jacob Shefchik and the Artful Doger (front right) played by Anikka Taeza, sing along with the Londoners in “Consider Yourself.” (Photo courtesy of Mark Ventura)

Nancy (left)played by Thea Burke and Bet (right) played by Kourni McNeil get Oliver played by Jacob Shefchik (center) to join them in the song "I'd Do Anything." (Photo courtesy of Mark Ventura)



9, 2012


ers present Oliver! The Players (in order of appearance) Mr. Bumble: Matthew Arnold Widow Corney: Christine Arnold Oliver: Jacob Shefchik Pauper Assistants: Susan McCarthy, Stephen Kornhaus Mr. Sowerberry: Bryan Schumacher Mrs. Sowerberry: Heather Yeaw Charlotte Sowerberry: Laura Bay Noah Claypole: Dontay Graham The Artful Dodger: Anikka Taeza

Fagin: Barry Tanner Charley Bates: Trey McNeil Nancy: Thea Burke Bet: Kourtni McNeil Bill Sikes: Shawn McCarthy Mr. Brownlow: Matthew Thompson Mrs. Bedwin: Ashley Dembinski Dr. Grimwig: Adam Saperstein Old Sally: Peggy Bangham Boy from the Bookseller: Cian Smith



Lizzy Lancaster Onalee Gordon Hannah Davis Cian Smith Kolby Simpson Holt Lancaster Samuel Bennett Michael Briggs Siena Crumpacker Averi Chandler Joseph Bonvie Elisabeth Butler

Katie Butler Symphany Wilson Natalia Williams Noah Saperstein Maria Vinson Emma McCarthy Teven McCarthy Hannah Ventura Margaret Tanner Eliyah Montefalcon Julian Bowes

Junajoy Frianeza Caroline Schumacher Catherine Schumacher Deja Alexis Paris Jones Maria Hernandez-Medina Tyler Simpson Evan Knoell Elizabeth Lopez Ethan Bowling Riley Bowling Miriam Stewart

Katanna Dion-Bernier Clara Enninful Isabel Somavilla Trinity Schurdell Abigail Elwood Grace Lagger

Alice Berard Laura Bay Rachel Ventura Sydney Moore Jordan Hathaway Rocio Salazar-Casajus Julia Harley Peyton Smith Ellie Germain Deja Alexis

Miriam Stewart Kourtni McNeil Trey McNeil Emma McCarthy Teven McCarthy Symphany Wilson Joseph Bonvie Margaret Bonvie

Undertakers, Mrs. Sowerberry (left), played by Heather Yeaw, and Mr. Sowerberry (right), played by Bryan Schumacher, enjoin Mr. Bumble (center), played by Matthew Arnold, to “… visualize the earth descending on you clod by clod.” (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

Pub Patrons/Londoners Matt Jacks Josh Arthur Stephen Kornhaus Benjamin Jacks Dontay Graham Matthew Arnold Matthew Thompson Bryan Schumacher Adam Saperstein Christine Arnold

Ashley Dembinski Heather Yeaw Peggy Bangham Nadia Paharenko-King Danielle Moore Julie Farris Susan McCarthy Martina Butler Meighan Mills Carolyn Fecera

Behind the Scenes Director/Designer/Choreographer: Lynn Soeby Stage Manager/Chief Builder: Anthony Waldbillig Costume Coordinator, Head Seamstress: Sheryl Davis Make-up Coordinator: Christine Arnold Sound Operator: Jim Burke Lighting Operator: Michelle Dion-Bernier Publicity Coordinators: Jim and Thea Burke Green Room Coordinator: Lucia Saperstein Ticket Sales: Karen Schurdell, Vicki Taeza, Kristen Crumpacker, Peggy Bangham

Sets and Scenery Gary Dion-Bernier, Matthew and Christine Arnold, Mark Ventura, Bryan Schumacher, Mr. Alexis, The Simpsons, Jerlean Moore, Ashley Dembinski, Heather and Daniel Yeaw, Peggy Bangham, Julie Farris, Susan and Shawn McCarthy, Tracy Bonvie, Pam and Barry Tanner, Scott Butler, Carolyn Fecera, Laura Bay, Margherita Arena, Mr. McNeil, Mr. Taeza, James Shefchik, Thea Burke, Wes and Arlene Vinson, Claudia Bowling, Ginny Lagger

Costume Crew

The Orphans fantasize about “Food. Glorious, Food.” (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Matthew C. Haws/Released)

Lee Ann Anderson, Theresa Zak, Francie Hammond, Wes and Arlene Vin-son, Lucy Somavilla, Jamie Simpson

Stage Hands and Back Stage Assistants Daniel Pardo, Xavier Duncan, Samantha Sayward, David Holloway, Andrew Johnson, Mike Schurdell, Gary Dion-Bernier, Chris Smith, Monica Rodriguez, Margherita Arena, Lucia Saperstein, Tracy Bonvie

Green Room Assistants Kaytlin Miller, Karla Bravo, Sallie Davis, Arlene Vinson, Sherik Billett, Paula Smith, Claudia Bowling, Monika Rodriguez, Keri Schumacher, Thai Dinh, Margherita Arena, Ginny Lagger, Tracy Bonvie, Tyheria Phillips, Michelle Chandler, Christy Jones, Marian Stewart, Shaloma Taylor, Katja Alexis

Orchestra Violin: Pamela Krahl Cello: Rebecca Dosch Percussion: Mike DeMartin Keyboard: Jess Meares Piano/Conductor: Lynn Soeby

Oliver! cast takes a final bow. The production was a collaboration of more than 100 students and community members. (Photo courtesy of Mark Ventura)

Lynn Soeby (right), director, designer, conductor and choreographer received a “thank you” gift from the cast and crew. (Photo courtesy of Mark Ventura)




9, 2012

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Active Duty Fund Drive kicks-off “The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society fund raiser has begun. There are two separate but equally important goals," said NASSIG Commanding Officer Capt. Scott Butler. "[Director NMCRS] Annee wants to make sure we have 100% contact with the entire Sigonella community, and we want to make sure we beat last year’s contribution record of more than $80,000." While raising $81,000, NMCRS Sigonella provided $117,593 in support last year among 118 cases, emphasizing the continued need for funds and support in order to provide the necessary assistance to those in need. "Let’s never forget that Navy-Marine Corps Relief is here for you. It’s support for Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that make up the community, and that every dollar you give goes right back to the Sailors. Many of us have had our lives bettered, touched, improved by the efforts of Navy-Marine Corps Relief. Now is our chance to give back to Navy-Marine Corps Relief,” said Butler. The volunteers hope that the events over the course of March will help set a great pace for the campaign the rest of the fiscal year. Fundraisers will include car washes, “Jail and Bail”, Flamingo Flocking, raffle tickets, food sales, Navy Exchange (NEX) coupon sales, Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Commanding Officer, Capt. Scott Butler (fourth from left) and Command Master Chief David Graham (far left) joined NAS commissary bagging, and a Radio-thon. Sigonella’s Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society’s (NMCRS) Director, Annee Imle (third from left) and NMCRS volunteers at Ristorante Bella Etna March 1 to kick-off One hundred percent of the money rethe NMCRS Active Duty Fund Drive. (U.S. Navy photo by MR2 Gary Spence) ceived during the ADFD is returned to the BY MR2 GARY SPENCE Sigonella community. The ADFD officially began March 1 and Department of the Navy that operates nearly NAS Sigonella Public Affairs “All NMCRS operating expenses are deriwill continue through March 31. The purpose 250 offices ashore and afloat at Navy and MaNaval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Com- of the ADFD is to increase awareness of Sai- rine Corps bases throughout the world. The ved from a different pool of funds. So all the manding Officer, Capt. Scott Butler joined lors, Marines and their families about the avai- mission of NMCRS is to provide, in partner- money collected from service members goes NAS Sigonella’s Navy-Marine Corps Relief lability of assistance from the NMCRS and to ship with the Navy and Marine Corps, finan- right back to the community,” said Imle. For more information on donations, upSociety’s (NMCRS) Director, Annee Imle obtain funds that are essential to the continua- cial, educational, and other assistance to and NMCRS volunteers at Ristorante Bella tion of the organization. members of the Naval Services of the United coming events and other information about Etna on March 1 to kick-off the NMCRS AcFounded in 1904, NMCRS is a private non- States (active and retired), and their eligible fa- the NMCRS, contact the NMCRS office at 624-4212. tive Duty Fund Drive (ADFD). profit charitable organization sponsored by the mily members and survivors, when in need.

Friday, 9 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Hot Oatmeal, Grilled Sausage Links, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Cinnamon Rolls. *Lunch: Cream of Potato Soup, Breaded Pork Chop, Baked Breaded Fish pollok, Oven Glo Potatoes, Tossed Green Rice, Seasoned Mix Vegetables, Summer Squash, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Speed Line: Grilled Hamburger/ Cheeseburger, French Fried Potatoes, Baked Beans. *Dinner: French Onion Soup, Chicken Cacciatore, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Cauliflower Polonaise, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding.

Tuesday, 13 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Farina, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Biscuits and Gravy, Grilled Sausage Patties, Asstd Doughnuts, Bran Muffins. *Lunch: Spanish Soup, Beef Tacos, Burritos, Chicken Fajita, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Calico Corn, Carrots, Jalapeno Cornbread, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. *Speed line: Italian Sausage, F. Fries Potatoes. *Dinner: Navy Bean Soup, Roast Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Seasoned Asparagus, Cauliflowers, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie.

Saturday, 10 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Farina, Grilled Ham Slices, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Buttermilk Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Crumb Cake. *Brunch: Breakfast Items, Beef Noodle Soup, Swedish meat balls, Buttered Pasta, Brown Gravy, Carrots, Fried Cabbage w/ Bacon, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. *Dinner: Pepper Pot Soup, Spaghetti w/meat sauce, O’Brien Potatoes, Peas w/ Celery, Squash, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp.

Wednesday, 14 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Creamed Ground Beef, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Puree Mongole Soup, Baked Fish, Brown Gravy, Potatoes Oven Brown, Spaghetti Meat Sauce, Spinach, Peas w/Carrots, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding. *Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Beef Rice Soup, Baked Chicken, Steamed Rice, Savory Squash, Steamed Broccoli, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding.

Sunday, 11 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Grilled Minute Steak, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Italian Croissant. *Brunch: Breakfast items, Chicken Gumbo Soup, Sauerbraten, Mix Vegetable, Asparagus, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. *Dinner: Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Paprika Buttered Potatoes, Pork Fried Rice, Carrots, Whole kernel Corn, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting.

Thursday, 15 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Hominy Grits, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Velvet Corn Soup, Baked Chicken, Lasagna, Oriental Rice, Oven Brown Potatoes, Spinach, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Easy Chocolate Cake, Crisp Drop Cookies. *Speed line: Pizza. *Dinner: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Chicken Tetrazzini, Corn on the Cob, Lyonnaise Rice, Collard Greens, Easy Chocolate, Crisp Drop Cookies.

Monday, 12 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Hot Grits, Minced Beef on Toast, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Butterfly Rolls. *Lunch: Creole Soup, Turkey Roast, Baked Fish, Steamed Rice, Peas, Cauliflower, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. *Speed line: Ham & Cheese Sandwich, French Fries Potatoes. *Dinner: Tomato Bouillon Soup, Baked Breaded Pork Chops, Penne Alfredo, Steamed Rice, Brown Gravy, Green Beans Nicoise, Carrot Slices, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin.

Friday, 16 MARCH 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Sausage Patties, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Apple Fritters. *Lunch: New England Clam Chowder, Lemon Baked Fish, Steamed Rice, Spaghetti Carbonara, Asparagus, Carrots, Sugar Cookies, Cheese Cake, Vanilla Cream Pudding. Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Vegetable Supreme Soup, Italian Sausage, Oven Browned Potatoes, Spinach, Oriental Stir Fry, Sugar Cookies, Cheesecake, Vanilla Cream Pudding.



9, 2012


The Base 2 Base happens on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, and the festivities that follow the run will reflect the holiday spirit. There will be live music by Just For Fun in the Chart Room, food provided by NCTS and green beer! Everyone who is not participating in the race is welcome to come to NAS I to cheer runners crossing the finish line and take part in the fun.

Base 2 Base Schedule Saturday, March 17, 2012 8– 9:15am: Shuttle from NAS I to NAS II (picks up: front of ITT)

Base 2 Base Run March 17 It’s almost time. The day so many Sigonellans have been waiting for is only a week away. Some have been training for months. Some have made it a personal challenge. Some consider it a day of fun for the whole family. The Base 2 Base is one of Sigonella’s biggest events of the year. This year’s Base 2 Base is slated to be the biggest one ever. It’s the final run of the Shamrock Series that began in September. The monthly runs were designed to help people who wanted to participate in the Base 2 Base build up to that goal. The first run was a 5k with an alternate 1-mile walk for beginners. Next Saturday’s race from NAS II to NAS I is 7.6 miles long, a major accomplishment for those who set that goal at the beginning of the series six months ago.

8:30am: Same day registration 10am:Walkers start time 10:30am: Runners start time 11:45am: Live band: Just For Fun 11:45am–2pm: Shuttle from NAS I to NAS II (picks up in front of ITT)


ACT OF VALOR………….…………R STARRING:Alex Veadov, Roselyn Sanchez and Nestor Serrano

When a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA operative unexpectedly results in the discovery of an imminent, terrifying global threat, an elite team of highly trained Navy SEALs must immediately embark on a heart-stopping secret operation, the outcome of which will determine the fate of us all. (1 hr. 41 min.) Tuesday, March 13 – Last Showings! PG 5:00 PM Journey 2 PG 5:30 PM We Bought A Zoo PG-13 7:30 PM War Horse R 8:00 PM Safe House Wednesday, March 14 5:00 PM Extremely Loud 5:30 PM Haywire 7:30 PM Girl w/Dragon Tattoo 8:00 PM Underworld 4

PG-13 R R R

Thursday, March 15 5:00 PM Fight Club 5:30 PM Act of Valor 7:30 PM Underworld 4 8:00 PM Devil Inside


Friday, March 16 5:00 PM Red Tails 5:30 PM Haywire 7:30 PM Contraband 8:00 PM Man on the Ledge

PG-13 R R R

Saturday, March 17 2:00 PM Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 2:30 PM Red Tails 4:30 PM One For the Money 5:00 PM Darkest Hour 7:30 PM The Grey

PG PG-13 PG-13 R R

Sunday, March 18 2:00 PM Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax 2:30 PM Red Tails 4:30 PM One For the Money 5:00 PM Act of Valor 7:30 PM Underworld 4

PG PG-13 PG-13 R R

DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX……….PG STARRING: Zac Efron, Taylor Swift and Danny DeVito

A 12-year-old boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world (1 hr. 34 min.) MAN ON THE LEDGE…….PG-13 STARRING: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell

As a police psychologist works to talk down an ex-con who is threatening to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, the biggest diamond heist ever committed is in motion... (1 hr. 42 min.) ONE FOR THE MONEY……PG-13 STARRING: Katherine Heigl, Jason O'Mara and Daniel Sunjata

Unemployed and newly-divorced Stephanie Plum lands a job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first assignment puts her on the trail of a wanted local cop from her romantic past (1 hr. 21 min.) THE GREY…………………………R STARRING: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney and Frank Grillo

In Alaska, an oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans are a pack of wolves who see them as intruders (1 hr. 57 min.)

Movie schedule is subject to change. Please call to confirm. Movie Hotline: 624-4248

FREE MOVIE Friday, March 9 8:00PM Courageous At the NAS1 Chapel. Munchies served at 7:00PM Brought to you by Protestant Men & Women of the Chapel For more information, visit Facebook PMOC-Sigonella or call the NAS Sigonella Chapel at 335-763-0812.




9, 2012





9, 2012


AdvancED coming to Sigonella


IAN COUBROUGH Sigonella Elementary School Principal


dvancED is one of the largest accrediting organizations in the world. They provide a research-based process for accreditation for more than 30,000 public and private schools in 70 countries world-wide. The goal of accreditation is to determine the quality of the educational program provided in the schools. The accreditation process is comprehensive and is based on a review of seven AdvancED standards: Teaching and Learning, Governance and Leadership, Vision and Purpose, Documenting and Using Results, Commitment to Continuous Improvement, and Stakeholders Communication and Relationships. The AdvancED team who is coming to Sigonella will consist of two evaluators; Dr. Sharon Knudson (lead evaluator) and Dr. Cindy Bradford (assistant evaluator). Both individuals are seasoned educators who have many years of experience in working within elementary schools, high schools and universities in the United States. The team is augmented by two or three Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) educators, to include a school administrator. The DoDDS team members will help the stateside evaluators to understand some of the unique programs and requirements for DoDEA schools. The AdvancED team will visit our school for three days. The visits will include a meeting with our base Commander and meetings with teachers, administrators, parents, and students from the school. Every classroom will be visited multiple times by each member of the team. At the end of the visit, the team will present a report of their findings at the scheduled out briefing. Commendations and required actions for the school will be announced at that meeting. This accreditation visit will provide an objective snapshot of the effectiveness of our educational program at Sigonella Elementary School. It will assist us with specific recommendations for further school improvement. All community members are welcome to attend the AdvancED out briefing, which will be held in the elementary school information center on April 26, 2012 at 2:30pm. Please call the school at 624-4406 for more information.

Terra Nova testing time JUDY SHANNON Sigonella Elementary School Guidance Counselor


For Kids

ll students, grades 3-5, will be taking the Terra Nova test the week of March 12-16. Students in these grades will be tested each morning starting at 8am and running until 11am most mornings for all five days of this week. Classes will be taking a Practice Test the week before to get them ready for the test. You can help your child by doing the following things: 1. Make sure your child is on time every day this week. Testing will start at 8am each morning. If your child is late, he/she will not be allowed into the classroom during a test. 2. Encourage him/her to do his/her best. 3. Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep this week. 4. Feed your child a good breakfast with less sugar and more protein. 5. Send a healthy snack for the break during the test. 6. Do some fun activities at home each day with your child this week. 7. Please do not make any appointments in the morning this week. Any students who are absent will take the makeup testing the next week. 8. Remind your child to work quietly during the test – we want all students to do their best job!! Results of the Terra Nova test will be returned to the school in late May. Results will be shared with you as soon as the school receives them. If you have any questions, please contact me,

Fun Facts The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. Humans blink more than 10,000,000 times a year.





2002 Alfa Romeo 147 1900 diesel 116 cv grey leather seats great condition. 145,000 Km asking 4,900 euro. Email

The U.S. Naval Hospital Sigonella is conducting market research for the following healthcare providers: Emergency Room Physician, Referral Manager, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Medical Assistant. Resume or CV may be forwarded to Ms. Randazzo: or contact 095-563792 (DSN 624-3792).

2009 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, black great condition 8,300 Km asking 6,300 euro. Email 2000 BMW 320D for sale. Diesel, 49 MPG, Blue, 140,000 KM asking $4,800 /OBO. Available now. Contact Travis at 335-7864253 or 624-6571. 1991 BMW 520i. Runs and Drives excellent. No rattles or squeaks. Very dependable. 1500 Euro. Call Curt 320-312-7609

FOR SALE Baby crib, baby chest of drawers, US subwoofer, baby clothes, lamps, carousel horse, kitchen and dining room furniture, toys and much more! Contact Rita at 3495298809 or Pro-Form 500 CX treadmill for sale. Purchased new in ‘09 and gently used. Wide, heavy-duty running belt, shocks, can fold up to save space, many programs including a great incline range. No transformer needed--220V! Asking $400 or best offer. Email or call 335-848-5304 for more info.

SAWS ANIMALS Unnamed, medium, 6-9 mo., female, black & white dog, starts off shy but warms up quickly.


9, 2012

Nash, large, 6 yr. +, male, white & tan dog, prefer a home with calm/older other pets or no pets and a home w/o stairs, current on shots, microchipped, and neutered. Gracie, will be large, 3 months, female, black & white dog, gets along well with other animals, shy around new people, current on shots, microchipped. Domencia "Mini", medium, 2 yr., female, sandy brown, prefers a home with no cats or small dogs and older children, current on shots, microchipped. To volunteer, adopt or foster, visit or

Rate job satisfaction, health and safety, and overall quality of life The Naval Inspector General requests your assistance in completing the following survey regarding job satisfaction, health and safety, and overall quality of life. Completion of this survey is voluntary and your responses are anonymous and kept strictly confidential. Only group data will be reported. If you choose to participate your input will be represented in the overall results. The input will be used by the Naval Inspector General to evaluate command climate, quality of work life, and further guide the inspection. This survey is intended for Active Duty Navy Personnel, Full Time Support Navy Reserve Personnel, and Department of Navy Civilians; Selected Reserve (SELRES); and Active Duty Military Spouses. The survey takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete and is available until March 16 at the following link:



9, 2012

Outside the Triangle BY HM3 (FMF) MATTHEW CLUTTER Guest Writer


t seems like years ago now, but I remember prepa- and Armani clothing. We couldn't even afford the diring to leave North Carolina for my tour in Sigo- scount prices, though. nella. At the time, Italy was the great unknown, a Our most recent excursion took us south. Armed place I could only imagine after watching the Travel with nothing more than a pocketful of euro and the Channel or old mob movies. So when a kindly young iTranslate app on our iPhones, we hopped in the car and gentleman outside of a Jacksonville restaurant told me just drove. The plan was simple: drive till we see somehe’d just returned from Sigonella, I thing neat. naturally became inquisitive. We headed toward Gela while I remember quite vividly our condevouring sack lunches of parmesan versation. I'll spare you the slovenly salami and butter cheese sandwidetails and tell you that what I got ches from the commissary. The first out of this young man was, more or thing that caught our eye was a less, a personal commentary on the bridge about 20 minutes into the state of adult clubs in the Sigonella drive. So we exited and found ourarea. These are things neither my selves heading into a town called Pawife nor I cared much about. lagonia that sat at the base of a small "What about the traveling?" I mountain (large hill?). asked. There was seemingly only one "Oh yeah," he answered. "You can way in and one way out of this do that, too." place: a long road that sat straight as HM3 Matthew Clutter I was perplexed at his prioritizing an arrow and was more suitable for and did what any man would do in that situation -- re- a Kansas highway than a small Sicilian town. treated to another plate of hot wings. Surely there's more Palagonia is a bustling little town -- at least it was being offered in Sigonella than that, I thought. Surely when we drove through. There was one accident (not there's more to this place. me) and another near-accident (me this time, but not Of course there is. So put the hot wing down. my fault). There were little markets and a large superWe are all warned of that fateful "Triangle" in indoc- market, large trucks and a chromed-out four-wheeler. trination class. I was determined not to fall into that trap After a quick pass through the town, we decided to head of navigating between NAS I, NAS II and Marinai. If back out to get pictures of the concrete arch bridge that anything, my wife and I found ourselves in a different initially caught our eye and were offered American bulTriangle early on -- Marinai, NAS I, and IKEA. Furni- ldog puppies to buy. We declined. shing a living room is no joke, people. It takes time. Now, In an effort to get a better picture of Palagonia, we we have what my wife calls a juxtaposition of postmo- drove across the highway and up a mountain for a better dernism and art deco that offers a subtle glimpse into view. This led us to Ramacca, a quaint little village that each of our personalities. I call it furniture. was quite the opposite of Palagonia. My wife and I were While finishing our living room was a major goal of immediately intrigued by this place. We drove through ours, it wasn't our only goal. We used several ITT trips looking every bit the Americans and were struck by the to familiarize ourselves with the area, seeing places like serenity of it. Sleepy streets were dotted with locals reaAci Trezza, Reggio Calabria, and Taormina. But these ding newspapers or sipping espressos. If we weren't alwere mere jumping off points for us. We used the kno- ready sold on coming back, the large cafe sign that read wledge taken from our ITT guides as the basis for other "KABOBS" sealed the deal. travels. We would talk to anyone Italian and ask their Sicily, I have found, is what you make of it. Even if you opinions on where to go. don't have the luxury of a car, get out of the Triangle. At one point, on the advice of a clerk at the Navy Ex- Take the bus to Catania. Explore. The ITT ladies should change, we sought out a thrift store called Il Rigattiere. know you by first and last name by the time you leave We ended up finding two, but neither was open, despite here. Angie from Angie's Travel should be on your speed multiple attempts. dial. In the course of those travels, though, we stumbled You can take all that Sicily has to offer and get memoacross some discount stores offering Dolce & Gabbana ries that last a lifetime.

Why is Government contracting so painful? BY DOMENICO SAMBATARO NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center


ave you ever wondered why it takes the U.S. Government so long to buy anything? After all, how hard can it be? We all buy things every day by just whipping out our credit card whenever something catches our eye that we just can’t live without. Sign that dotted line and drive away in your new Porsche Boxter or just type in those numbers online and then eagerly await the delivery of your new rock polishing machine. But try and submit a purchase request for an Porsche Boxter or a rock polishing machine and you may find yourself waiting several months or more only to get an AMC Pacer or a piece of sandpaper. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not due to laziness on the part of the contracts office. This unhappy result is due to the law known as the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). You can buy exactly what you want when you want when you’re spending your own money- but when you’re spending the money of the U.S. taxpayer you are required to follow a process that is fair to all potential competitors. Under the government process you don’t even go to a dealership to buy your car. You would sit down and identify every single aspect of a car that is im-

portant to you, write it down, and decide which features are worth more than others. Then you send out your list in writing to every car dealership in town, and they’ll have at least 30 days to respond. After you get your responses you’ll evaluate every car in accordance with your list. If you can check off every feature on your list, you must then buy the car with the lowest cost. It doesn’t matter which car it is or whether you wanted that car or not- as long as it matches your list, it’s yours! Then, when you announce the winning car to all of the other dealers, they can claim that you didn’t create a fair list. And maybe you’ll have to start everything all over again. In a nutshell, the requirement to compete and to do so as fairly as possible is the single biggest difference between government contracting and personal or private industry procurement. You must pay very particular attention to ensuring you describe exactly what you need when you submit your request, or risk getting something drastically different at the end of the process. Fortunately, code 200 is here to help you, so call your friendly local contract specialist when next you need to navigate this process.


09MAR12 The Signature  
09MAR12 The Signature  

In this issue, Oliver! takes center stage in Sigonella, NAS Sigonella elementary school celebrates reading, and NMCRS kicks off Active Duty...