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MAY 18, 2012

VOL. 29 NO. 19

Ride safely, Sigonella Children from the Sigonella community navigated various skill stations at the first Bike Rodeo held at the Marinai Housing Complex on May 12. The event was designed to teach children general bike safety and traffic rules when riding on the roads. (U.S. Navy photo by MR2 Gary Spence/Released)

BY MR2 GARY SPENCE NAS Sigonella Public Affairs and their families participated in the inaugural Bike Rodeo at Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella on May 12. Commemorating National Bike Month, the event was hosted by the American Red Cross (ARC) in partnership with Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) and the Navy Exchange (NEX). The event was designed to teach children bicycle safety and proper bike handling techniques as well as promote a healthy, active lifestyle, all in a fun and safe atmosphere based on the suggestions of Charles Schmidt, co-chairman of the Disaster Services Team at ARC. Schmidt has been involved with Bike Rodeos for years and felt it was something the Sigonella community could benefit from. Working with the Sigonella ARC, Schmidt helped turn his years of experience into an educational community event. "We want kids to learn good bike handling," said Schmidt. "So, instead of calling this a test or schooling we called it a rodeo to give it a fun connotation and to get their attention.” The Bike Rodeo course was comprised of different stations, each focusing on a specific task: starting and stop-

ping; riding in a straight line; dodging hazards; signaling and turning; and how to approach and enter an intersection. Additional stations were designed just for fun to utilize what the participants learned. “We’re in a Mediterranean climate with beautiful weather and people are on bikes most of the year but there was no formal bike safety course here," said Nathan Whitkamp, station manager of NAS Sigonella ARC. "So we thought this was a great opportunity to meet a need in the community and teach kids some bike safety they can use here in Sigonella and also when they go back to the States.” Bike safety is also about the equipment being used. Mario Sergi and Filippo Anza from the bike repair shop at the NEX Depot demonstrated how to perform simple bike maintenance techniques. Also at the event, bike patrolmen from Sigonella Security stressed the importance of abiding by bike laws while on the road. Security recently re-launched bike patrols, which consist of teams of security officers riding around NAS I, NAS II and the Marinai community.

According to bike patrol officer Master-at-Arms 3rd Class Thomas Butcher, bike patrol is not only a great way to increase the security presence around Sigonella, it is also a way to get out and interact with the community. It will also speed up response times should a situation arise. Overall, the event was a definite success. Amanda Raymond, chairman of volunteers for ARC Sigonella, was very happy with the way the event came together; from the number of people who signed up to the enthusiasm of volunteers. More than 50 registered participants and 45 enthusiastic volunteers attended. "We are thankful for the outpouring of support from volunteers, donors and the various commands across the base," said Raymond." Together we were able to teach new skills and promote safety to the youth of Sigonella in a fun, festive environment. That's what the ARC and volunteering are all about."



“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Sigonella SUPERSTAR!

Sigonella School Carnival

Sigonella Sailors volunteer

ET2 Ryan Christian is Sigonella’s Superstar!

Students and their familes celebrate another successful school year.

Sailors help clean-up community gardens.

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MAY 18, 2012

THE SIGNATURE Capt. Scott Butler, Commanding Officer Cmdr. Eric Vosler, Executive Officer CMDCM David Graham, Command Master Chief

EDITORIAL Lt. Tim Page, Public Affairs Officer

Dott. Alberto Lunetta, Communtiy Relations Officer

Jackie Trembath, Editor


Writers/Photographers MC1 Christopher Delano MM2 Johnnathan Archbold MC2 Gary Prill MR2 Gary Spence MCSN Cameron Bramham MCSN Brian Glunt

CONTACT US Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily DSN 624-5440; 095-86-5440 PSC 812 Box 3020, FPO, AE 09627

CONTRIBUTING Writers/Photographers

PSC Jesus Chavez Retna Shaw

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NAS Sigonella Commanding Officer, Capt. Scott Butler First of all, I would like to congratulate LCDR Scott Hottenstein on his 20 years of exceptional service to our great nation, including four years of service to the Sigonella community. As NATO and Coalition forces operated from NAS Sigonella last year in support of Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR, Scott was hand-picked to serve as my Executive Officer. He was the right person at the right time for the job and I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. His tireless efforts were absolutely critical in the operation’s success. I wish Scott, Laura, William and Iain all the best as they move on to the next chapter in their lives. Fair winds and following seas! The Navy is strengthened by the diversity of our people, and in May, we take time to observe Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month across the nation.. To be an effective fighting force, diversity must be reflected at all levels, including top leadership. Many of you may not know that currently nine admirals, 11 members of the senior executive service, and 191 Master Chief Petty Officers of Asian and Pacific American heritage are leading our Navy, including Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr. On Sunday, 20 May at 4:30 p.m., the Filipino-American Association of Sigonella will host its Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) Celebration in the Sigonella Middle/High School's Knights Hall. The event will feature cultural performances and a sampling of Asian-inspired cuisine. Admission to the event is free and I encourage everyone to come out and enjoy some of the great food and unique performances. I also want to thank the NAS Sigonella Safety Department for coordinating the Spring/Summer Safety Standdown this past week. The presenters spent a lot of time preparing important information to help all of us make this time of the year safe for the entire Sigonella community. They reminded us to be safe and think about the consequences of our

actions, especially during the critical days of summer, which is just around the corner. As summer is quickly approaching, it’s a good time to remind everyone to focus on reducing risks. Typically in April and May, accidents within the community tend to pick up as more people take to the streets and this year is no exception. As all of us here in Sicily know, extra vigilance is required – driving here is most certainly a change from that to which all of us have been accustomed. Applying common sense toward things like driving and personal security is the first step to reducing–or eliminating – needless accidents and security incidents. Remember to be a defensive driver and always be aware of your surroundings while you drive. I tell newly-arriving Sigonellans at Indoc that the key to safe driving is to continue to drive like an American. Take the appropriate steps to secure your vehicle when you leave it and don’t get complacent simply because it is parked on base. Last but not least, take a proactive stance on personal security and safety. When you travel, remember to lock your doors and keep expensive items out of sight. Each of you can do your part in keeping Sigonella Safe. The weather during the spring and summer in Sicily is amazing – let’s make this a safe start to this season!


U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella


MAY 18, 2012


Around NAS Sigonella ... Sigonella Nurses Association hosts Nightingale 5k Run

(U.S. Navy photo by MR2 Gary Spence/Released)

Hoplites host Italian rugby team BY MR2 GARY SPENCE NAS Sigonella Public Affairs The Hoplites, Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella’s Rugby club, hosted a local Italian rugby team from Catania at the Field Annex of NAS I on May 13. The scrimmage was organized to help the Hoplites hone their rugby skills in preparation for the upcoming rugby season. For many members of the team, this is their first time playing the sport. Coming from a football background, the biggest challenge facing the team is learning the new rules and style of play. “It’s been a big adjustment for us but it’s been really enjoyable. A few of the guys on the team have some amateur experience, so they’ve been quite helpful in getting us acclimated to the way the game is played,” said first-time rugby player Jeff Gormley of the Emergency Operations Center. Playing against an experienced squad really seemed to be a benefit to the Hoplites. “We’re very happy the Catania team came out to scrimmage with us,” Gormley said. “It really gave us some good on-field experience.”

Runners from Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella came together at the orange grove trail that runs behind NAS I to take part in the 2nd Annual Nightingale 5K Run hosted by the Sigonella Nurses’ Association on May 11. The run was organized by Lt. Samantha Jennings, staff nurse in the Emergency Department and member of the Sigonella Nurses’ Association.Eighteen runners participated in the event. Finishing first for the men was Jason Black, a perennial front runner in races around the base. First for the women was Lt. Sara Pope of Naval Hospital Sigonella. The week of May 6 through May 12 is celebrated as Nurses’ Week to honor Florence Nightingale, whose birthday is May 12. Nightingale was a nurse who came to prominence for her pioneering work in nursing during the Crimean War, where she tended to wounded soldiers. Nightingale laid the foundation of professional nursing with the establishment in 1860 of a nursing school in London. International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on her birthday. (U.S. Navy photo by MR2 Gary Spence/Released)

Teachers honored with appreciation lunch

Sigonellans meet The Avengers

Teachers at Stephen Decatur Elementary School gathered May 11 after school for a lunch celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week. The Nation Education Association describes National Teacher Day as a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to the lives of students. (U.S. Navy photo by MCSN Cameron Bramham/Released)

Service members from Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella dawned super hero costumes during the premier weekend of the box office movie, “The Avengers” at Midtown Theaters on May 13. (From left to right) IT3 Brandon Snyder as “Captain America,” MA1 Osmany Delbrey as “Nick Fury,”, MASN Dawnalee Wooten as “Black Widow” and MASA Greg Fox as “Iron Man.”(U.S. Navy photo by MCSN Cameron Bramham/Released)

NAS Sigonella SAPR Victim Advocate Hotline: 335-642-8312 DoD SAFE Hotline: 001-877-995-5247 (from cell phones and off-base telephones) 19020 (toll-free access code) 877-995-5247 (From DSN lines)



MAY 18, 2012 012





SATURDAY 19 ITT Tour Sperlinga Castle

Command Challenge




Bowling $1 Day

Outdoor Rec Marzamemi Fishing

Author Jack W.London Library

Texas Hold Em Jox Pub

29 Take 5 Patriotic Movies

Connections Armed Forces BBQ 6:30 p.m.

BBQ Connections


Marzamemi Fishing Outdoor Rec

Relay 4 Life HS Track-10:00 a.m.





Bowling 2 for 1

Take 5 Empty Wallet Lunch

ITT Agrigento/Tatarata

Bingo Connections

Dinner Out Liberty

Madonna della Rocca Outdoor Rec

Karaoke Jox Pub

Memorial Day Weekend Trip Departs for Lipari ITT

Cosmic Bowling



Take 5 Outdoor Movie & BBQ

Bowling 2 for 1

Texas Hold Em Jox Pub

Bingo Connections

1$ Day Bowling

ITT Tour Noto Inficrata

Night Out in Catania Youth Complex

Puzzle Challenge Take 5



Kayak Eraclea Minoa and Turkish Steps 7:00 a.m.




ITT Siracusa

Florence Expess Trip Departs ITT



ITT Swan Lake Ballet by Tchaikovsky Depart NAS 1 at 4 p.m.

Karaoke Jox Pub

Alcantara Gorge ITT

Liberty/Connections/Take 5: x4246, x5602 Outdoor Rec: x4777, x4396

Fitness: x4483, x5243 Midtown 2 Theaters: x4248

FFSC: x4291 American Red Cross: x4900

Does your command or organization have an event you’d like to see on the Community Calendar? Email us at and let us know!



Need an appointment at the hospital? Call DSN 624-CARE (2273) or commercial 095-56-2273, M-F: 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.



For non-emergent medical questions that arise over the weekend, a holiday or after office hours, please call 335-578-8077 if you are normally seen at the hospital or 335-578-8150 if you are normally seen at the Flight Line Clinic.


MAY 18, 2012


Meet NMCRS Chairman of Volunteers GAMBINO

Joy Hardin

BY RETNA SHAW Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Sigonella

Joy Hardin is the Chairman of Volunteers (COV) for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS), Sigonella. A military wife of and mother of two boys, ages 12 and 16, Hardin volunteers her spare time either at church or her children’s school, or for the last couple of years, at NMCRS. When not busy at home or volunteering, Joy is an avid runner who enjoys exercising with friends, and cooking. She shares her favorite recipes on her food blog A recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Joy jokes that now that she has a degree she may have to actually get a paying job. (Photo courtesy of NMCRS Sigonella)


knowledge of the structure of the Navy. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day feels great.

working together toward the common goal of serving our community and making a difference. Seeing volunteers grow and become more confident in their particular volunteer job is very rewarding. I also love the fact that the position is flexible and can work around my family commitment. Volunteering at NMCRS constantly provides opportunity for learning.

In addition, serving as COV has taught me that most people want to help and are willing to do what they can when given the opportunity. Communication is very important, but I have learned to listen more than I talk. I have also learned so much from our volunteers as they bring so much knowledge and experience to our team. This position has been rewarding yet challenging and have learned that through the challenges I grew the most.

What do you most enjoy about being COV?

Joy I enjoy meeting a diverse group of people and MOTTA


How has your life been enriched as COV?

Joy It has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to get to know. It has allowed me to grow in my communications skills both oral and written. I have had the opportunity to work with two wonderful directors, Esther Scott and Annee Imle, and have learned different leadership/management styles from each one of them. It has also allowed me to utilized time management skills and given the opportunity to plan many events which I really enjoy. I have also learned computer skills as well as attained a deeper



How will the skills you acquired as COV benefit you at your next duty station?

Joy The skills such as people skills, public speaking, written communication, as well as time management will benefit me in so many different ways as I go to my next duty station. Whether it is in future employment, serving my community, or managing my family these skills will be beneficial in all areas of life. My term as COV in particular has prepared me for future employment. It can be difficult to find employment in Sigonella, and this position has given me the opportunity to attain some real world work experience.

NMCRS has various opportunities for you to volunteer, learn and develop your skills further. If volunteering is something you may be interested in, visit the NMCRS offices (above Fleet and Family Service) or call 624-4212 to find out more. CHIECHIO




MAY 18, 2012


Spring celebrations in Caltagirone who ruled this part of Sicily. First the Romans, then the Greeks, the Arabs, the Spanish and the Normans. Each culture provided new elements of creativity and technical experience to the local ceramic production, making it one of the most distinctive in Italy. Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. For more information call 093358418/23 According to Sicily’s Region web site, Caltagirone takes its name from an Arabic expression (qal’at-al-ganom) meaning “castle of the genies” (spirits believed to dwell in the surrounding caves). The necropolises in the country areas of Montagna and degli Angeli, dating from the 2nd millennium B.C., together with numerous findings from the Neolithic and the early Bronze Age, are evidence that the territory was inhabited in prehistoric times. A Sicel settlement has been identified on Monte San Mauro, southwest of the modern town. The Arabs built a castle here which was attacked in 1030 by a group of Ligurians led by the Byzantine general George Maniakes. The local dialect still has some Ligurian traces. The town flourished under the Normans and the Swabians and became a centre for the production of ceramics. The earthquake in 1693 necessitated reconstruction that was the work of a number of skillful baroque architects, including Gagliardi, Marvuglia and Bonajuto. For more information and detailed festival schedule call Caltagirone Tourist Office at 0933-41365.

! IlT Y n A a i S T ur Ita S o y U e JPractic

English: Exhibit Italian: Esposizione English: I like this one. Italian: Mi piace questo.

English: Spring Italian: Primavera English: Main square Italian: Piazza Caltagirone spring events offer a variety of arts, outdoor activities, good Sicilian food and religious festas (festival) celebrating the Madonna di Conadomini, the town’s patron. (Photo by )


ring family and friends to celebrate spring in Caltagirone, one of the most beautiful Baroque towns in the Catania Province which is a UNESCO Heritage site. Caltagirone offers a plethora of spring events in May for anyone who enjoys arts, outdoor activities, eating good food and learning about the Sicilian culture. Programs include art exhibitions, a religious festival to honor the Madonna Conadomini or Conadomini Virgin Mary, music and fashion shows, wine tasting, and food fairs. The “Festa della Madonna Conadomini” will be held on May 31 in the historic heart of the town. The Conadomini Virgin Mary, who is venerated in town, is depicted in a 15th century painting preserved in the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte, a beautiful church sitting atop the famous tile-decorated steps of Santa Maria del Monte. This imposing 17th century scala (steps) is decked with flowers (Infiorata) through Sunday, June 3 to honor the Madonna. In the past, devotees used to set up edicole (little temple-like structures intended as a shrine or votive offering) in town featuring an image of the Virgin Mary during the festival and, after sunset, recited a special rosary in Sicilian. On Saturday, May 26, along with the religious celebrations, pilgrims also commemorate the Blessed

Mother with a colorful corteo (parade) taking place at 3:30 p.m. The corteo leaves from Piazza della Regione (the local soccer stadium) and proceeds through the following streets and squares: via Madonna della Via, viale Principe Umberto, via G. Burgio, via G. Arcoleo, via Roma, piazza Amedeo, via V. Emanuele, via Stovigliai, via Carcere and piazza Matrice (the square nestled atop the steps). The parade is named “A Rusedda” (rose plant) and features farm tractors and floats decorated with these beautiful plants and holy pictures. In the past, Rusedda plants, which grow in the neighboring Bosco of San Pietro (Saint Peter’s Wood), were used to fuel the ovens of the local ceramic craftsmen’s workshops. Caltagirone farmers sold these plants to the craftsmen to gather funds for the local churches. On Thursday, May 31, the actual religious festival is celebrated with Holy Masses that are held at the Ex Matrice Church. In the evening, the festa ends with a fireworks shows. On Sunday, May 27, a wine tasting event will be held at the Antica Tenuta del Nanfro at 10 a.m. Antica Tenuta del Nanfro is a wine cellar that will be offering wine, local produce and pasta tasting as well as a ceramicmaking demonstrations. The cellar is located in San Nicola le Canne, a district located four kilometers south

of Caltagirone on the provincial road towards Niscemi. For more information on this event, visit . Before you leave Caltagirone, plan a visit to the mesmerizing Villa Patti, an elegant Venetian- style residence surrounded by beautiful gardens built in 1830. The villa, which is located in via Santa Maria di Gesù (near the hospital in the modern part of the city), was recently restored. It houses an exhibition of period furnishings, ceramics, vases, majolica and paintings dating back to the 19th century, which are displayed in a unique and elegant environment. Open Monday through Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; Sunday till 12:30 p.m. It is also open Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays. Admission is free. The Museo Regionale della Ceramica (Regional Museum of Ceramics) is another must-see stop. It houses an impressive collection of ceramics from ancient times up to modern day. As reported by, the local production of functional pottery started as early as the 2nd century B.C. thanks to the abundance of clay in the area. The style and techniques adopted by the first inhabitants of Caltagirone were deeply influenced and modified by the many cultures

English: Fireworks Italian: Fuochi d’artificio


English: Excuse me. Italian: Mi scusi. English: The flowers are pretty. Italian: I fiori sono abbastanza.

MAY 18, 2012



ET2 Ryan Christian

Superstar moves: Performed nine preventative maintenance actions on the NSA Souda Bay ASOS. Performed 11 preventative maintenance actions on the NASSIG ASOS. Corrected faulty test lighting system on the NASSIG Instrument Landing System transmitter. Worked with Public Works and local contractors to ensure GEMD equipment grounding checks were being added to the base contract. This action was in the works for 12 months with little headway made before ET2 took charge of it. The checks will be on contract in the next 30 days. ET2 can work out of rate as well ... He troubleshot and repaired the operations department golf cart and multiple pieces of grounds maintenance equipment.

ET2 Ryan Christian is a highly skilled technician attached to NAS Sigonnela Ground Electronics Maintenance Division. He is responsible for the preventative and corrective maintenance of the Automated Surface Observation Systems (ASOS) at both NASSIG and NSA Souda Bay. For his tremendous efforts, ET2 Christian is the Sigonella Superstar this month! (U.S. Navy photos by MR2 Gary Spence)

Get to know this SUPERSTAR ... ET2: That’s a long answer because I moved twelve times in five different states. The short answer is ... born in Meridian, MI and grew up in Clayton, IN.

Q What is your favorite thing about your job?

Q Why did you decide to join the service?

I am not only able to learn about my rate here, but also have the opportunity to learn other life skills here as well.

To be perfectly honest, it was on a whim. My recruiter called while I was a senior in high school and asked if I wanted to join the Navy and I replied with “Sure. Why not.”

Q Favorite thing about living in Sicily?

Q How many years have you served?

Q How long have you been stationed here?

I have been in service for five and a half years.

I first arrived to NAS Sigonella on December 7, 2011.

Q What does your job entail?

Q Favorite place you have visited so far?

Traditionally, Electronic Technicians work on communications equipment, radars, satellite equipment, meteorological equipment and things of that

On the island: Taormina. On mainland Italy: Venice (during Carnivale).

It is a new place and culture that has a rich history.

- As told to Jackie Trembath

On the job ...


nal ...

People may be su rprised to know that I write poetry . I cannot live with out music.

nature. However, here at NAS Sigonella, we are more of a Jack of all Trades.

Q Where do you consider to be your hometown?

ET2 gets perso

My hobbies incl ude softball, soccer, read running. ing, My favorite spor ts team are Indi ana Teams (f ball: Colts, ba ootsketball: Pac ers.) W hen I was a ch ild, I wanted to grow up to beco teacher/coun me a selor. My favorite food is


My mantra for lif e is Life is wha t you make it. And when th e chips are down, alway remember that s a little prayer and a little faith can go a long way.



MAY 18, 2012

NASSIG schools hold annual spring carnival

Students and their families from Naval Air Station(NAS) Sigonella enjoy the annual Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS) spring carnival. This annual event is organized by the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), and is the last large fundraising opportunity of the 2011-2012 school year. Proceeds from the event will be used to continue valuable school programs and online education site subscriptions. (U.S. Navy photos by MC2 Gary Prill and MR2 Gary Spence/Released)

BY MR2 GARY SPENCE NAS Sigonella Public Affairs Students and their families from Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella came out to the Department of Defense Dependents School (DoDDS) spring carnival to enjoy fun, food and games on May 11. The carnival is an annual event organized by the ParentTeacher Organization (PTO), and serves as the last big fundraising opportunity of the year. Proceeds from the event go to support school programs including subscription-based online learning sites such as IXL Learning and BrainPOP. Carnival proceeds are also used to bring various authors to visit with the students throughout the year. Kimberly Willis Holt, author of When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, My Louisiana Sky and Waiting For Gregory, visited during the 20102011 school year and shared with students her experiences as a former military child. During the 2011 - 2012 school year, Nicola Davies, author of One Tiny Turtle, Ice Bear, White Owl, Barn Owl, and Bat Loves Night taught students how to use their imagination to create stories. Through meeting with authors like these, students learned many techniques to help them improve their writing skills. " Learning and working with a published author is definitely a good step towards becoming a better writer," said student Junajoy Frianeza. Not only did the carnival raise almost $3,000 for various school programs, it was also a great way to celebrate the end of

the school year. "It was amazing," said parent Jennifer Branch. "The kids loved it. You could really tell that a lot of hard work was put into making the carnival a great event for families." According to Elisa Thompson, elementary school PTO president, the event would not have been possible without the help of the many volunteers. “Not only did the volunteers assist with setting up and tearing down the event, but they also manned various stations around the school,” said Thompson. Stations included a cake walk, Plinko game, a book walk, corn hole, face painting and various food booths. Sigonella Animal Welfare Society (SAWS) was also on-hand, raising funds with the ever-popular dunk tank. Always lending his support to these activities, Capt. Scott Butler, NAS Sigonella commanding officer, was the first to be dunked. Overall, the carnival was enjoyed by the more than 150 attendees and volunteers alike. "I really enjoy volunteering at the school for events like this," said Aviation Electronics Technician 2nd Class Soraya Fullingim. "I love working with the kids and helping them whenever possible. It's a great volunteer opportunity."

MAY 18, 2012





MAY 18, 2012

NAS Sigonella Sailors volunteer in local community gardening projects BY MCSN BRIAN GLUNT NPASE - East Detachment Sigonella ore than 30 Sailors from the security department and Navy Computer and Telecommunication Station (NCTS) at Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella volunteered for community relations (COMREL) projects May 9 and 11. The COMREL projects were organized by members of the two commands in order to show the base’s participation and support to the local community. The members of the security department picked up trash, pulled weeds and performed landscaping on the community garden, May 9, at the Edicola Sacra del Calvario, a park and garden near the Motta Castle, which hosts a small alter with a religious statue. “I really wanted to do this to show the community outside of base that we are here to help,” said Masterat-Arms 3rd Class Amber Schmock, security department COMREL coordinator. “We got a lot done and that’s what is important.” The second project was the first phase of a COMREL gardening project promoted by NCTS aimed at beautifying the Motta children’s park, May


11. This phase consisted of picking up trash and cutting overgrown grass and weeds throughout the park. “I feel this is important because it shows the host country that we are a part of the community that we share and respect their community and their culture,” said Steel Worker 1st Class (SCW) Raymond Cabral, NCTS COMREL coordinator. “This is for the neighborhood kids. I think as long as this park gets used, everyone will be happy with the work we have put into it.” The second phase of the project is to repair the playground equipment throughout the park to make it safe for children to play on. The vice mayor of Motta Saint Anastasia, Antonio Zuccarello, also volunteered his time working side by side with the security department and NCTS volunteers at both locations. “This is a very nice gesture from the service members from Sigonella,” said Zuccarello. “All the workers have been working very hard with such professionalism. I thank all of them for their support.”

(ABOVE) Antonio Zuccarello (left), vice mayor of Motta Saint Anastasia, rakes disgarded branches as MA3 Amber Schmock (center) and MASN Tyler Christianson wait to load them into a bucket at the Edicola Sacra del Calvario park and garden, May 9. (RIGHT) Members of Naval Air Station Sigonella’s NCTS rake up grass and perform landscape maintenance in a children’s park, May 11, during a COMREL project. The COMREL gardening project promoted by NCTS was the first phase aimed at beautifying Motta Saint Anastasia’s Childrens Park.

(U.S. Navy Photos by MCSN Brian T. Glunt/Released)

Friday, 18 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Hot Oatmeal, Grilled Sausage Links, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Cinnamon Rolls. *Lunch: Cream of Potato Soup, Breaded Pork Chop, Baked Fish, Tempura Fish, Oven Glo Potatoes, Tossed Green Rice, Seasoned Mix Vegetables, Summer Squash, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Speed Line: Grilled Hamburger/ Cheeseburger, French Fried Potatoes, Baked Beans. *Dinner: French Onion Soup, Chicken Cacciatore, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Cauliflower Polonaise, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Pudding. Saturday, 19 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Farina, Grilled Ham Slices, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Buttermilk Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Crumb Cake. *Brunch: Breakfast Items, Beef Barley Soup, Swedish meat balls, Buttered Pasta, Brown Gravy, Sprouts Superba, Fried Cabbage w/ Bacon, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. *Dinner: Pepper Pot Soup, Spaghetti w/meat sauce, Rice Pilaf, O’Brien Potatoes, Peas w/ Celery, Okra Melange, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Apple Crisp. Sunday, 20 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Grilled Minute Steak, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Italian Croissant. *Brunch: Breakfast items, Chicken Gumbo Soup, Chili Macaroni, Oriental Stir Fry, Lima Beans, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. *Dinner: Manhattan Clam Chowder Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Paprika Buttered Potatoes, Pork Fried Rice, Carrots, Whole kernel Corn, Peach Cobbler, White Cake w/ Frosting. Monday, 21 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Hot Grits, Minced Beef on Toast, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Butterfly Rolls. *Lunch: Creole Soup, Turkey Curry, Baked Fish Fillet, Steamed Rice, Savory Style Beans, Cauliflower, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. *Speed line: Roast Beef Sandwich, French Fries Potatoes. *Dinner: Tomato Bouillon Soup, Baked Breaded Pork Chops, Steamed Rice, Brown Gravy, Green Beans Nicoise, Carrot Slices, Crisp Drop Cookies, Cherry Crumble Pie, Strawberry Gelatin. .

Tuesday, 22 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Farina, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Biscuits and Gravy, Grilled Sausage Patties, Asstd Doughnuts, Bran Muffins. *Lunch: Spanish Soup, Beef Tacos, Burritos, Chicken Fajita, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Calico Corn, Carrots, Jalapeno Cornbread, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. *Speed line: Chicken Drum, F. Fries Potatoes . *Dinner: Navy Bean Soup, Roast Turkey, Steamed Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Seasoned Asparagus, Honey Dijon Vegetables, Raspberry Filled Cake, Pecan Pie. Wednesday, 23 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Creamed Ground Beef, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Blueberry Pancakes, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Puree Mongole Soup, Fish Amandine, Country Style Steak, Brown Gravy, Potatoes Au Gratin, Steamed Rice, Spinach, Peas w/Carrots, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding. *Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Beef Barley Soup, Baked Chicken, Steamed Rice, Savory Squash, Steamed Broccoli, Vanilla Cookies, Strawberry Shortcake, Tapioca Pudding. Thursday, 24 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Hominy Grits, Corned Beef Hash, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, French Toast, Asstd Doughnuts, Danish Diamonds. *Lunch: Velvet Corn Soup, Baked Chicken, Lasagna, Oriental Rice, Oven Brown Potatoes, Steamed Cabbage, Cauliflower Au Gratin, Easy Chocolate Cake, Crisp Drop Cookies. *Speed line: Pizza. *Dinner: Cream of Asparagus Soup, Chicken Tetrazzini, Ratatouille Eggplant, Lyonnaise Rice, Mustard Greens, Easy Chocolate, Crisp Drop Cookies. Friday, 25 MAY 12 *Breakfast: Rolled Oats, Sausage Links, Oven Fried Bacon, Asstd Omelets, Eggs to Order, Roasted Potatoes, Waffles, Asstd Doughnuts, Apple Fritters. *Lunch: New England Clam Chowder, Lemon Baked Fish, Grilled Pork Chops w/ Mushroom Gravy, Steamed Rice, Garlic Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus, Creole Green Beans, Sugar Cookies, Cheese Cake, Vanilla Cream Pudding. Speed line: Grilled Hamburger/Cheeseburger, French Fries, Baked Beans. *Dinner: Vegetable Supreme Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Oven Browned Potatoes, Spinach, Oriental Stir Fry, Sugar Cookies, Cheesecake, Vanilla Cream Pudding.


MAY 18, 2012

Family fitness is becoming more fun! MWR is excited to announce that the Family Fitness Center will be opening soon! The new center will be located on NAS I in Midtown, upstairs by the gym. It will be a home base for Fit Factor, a program designed to promote teen health and fitness for ages 6 and up. It will provide a great opportunity for families to get in shape together! The Family Fitness Center will have exercise equipment for adults and children. Young children can have fun in the play area while the rest of the family works out! The center will feature Life Fitness treadmills, cross-trainers and cycles. Certified staff will also be present to help guide youth through their fitness regimens and show them how to use the equipment properly.

There will be a new 9-piece Hoist Youth Fitness Circuit made specifically for kids! The machines will work muscles safely and effectively without the risk of injury for the young age group while creating the feeling of being on a ride. The Star Trac eSpinner will give you a personalized virtual spin class! The cycle is equipped with a touch screen computer that uses your own specifications for time, goal and intensity. MWR’s Family Fitness Center will provide plenty of “Exertainment,” combining exercise and entertainment! The complete Wii Fitness package will be available, along with a PlayStation Active Cycle, where you will pedal

your way along virtual courses and track your time and distance. In addition to all this fun, state of the art equipment, there will be weekly Family Fitness Programs inside and outside the facility. Help your kids create a Fit Factor account where they can earn prizes by logging their activities. Fitness just keeps getting more and more fun! The Family Fitness Center’s Grand Opening is scheduled for Tuesday, June 5 at 10:15 a.m. For more information on the center contact the NAS I Fit District at 624-4483. To learn more about Navy CYP Fit Factor or to sign up, visit

MIdtOwNS MOvIe theaterS &D CHEDULE


AMERICAN REUNION……………R STARRING: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott

Wednesday, May 23 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

Dr. Suess’ The Lorax A Thousand Words John Carter 21 Jump Street

PG PG-13 PG-13 R

Thursday, May 24 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

Friday, May 18 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

The Avengers Wrath of the Titans 21 Jump Street Silent House

Mirror Mirror John Carter The Avengers The Lucky One 21 Jump Street

Mirror Mirror The Lucky One John Carter Silent House

5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

Mirror Mirror Wrath of the Titans The Hunger Games 21 Jump Street

PG PG-13 PG-13 R

Saturday, May 26 PG PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R

Tuesday, May 22 5:00 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM 8:00 PM

PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R

Friday, May 25 PG-13 PG-13 R R

Saturday, May 19 2:00 PM 2:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:30 PM

The Avengers A Thousand Words The Vow Silent House

2:00 PM 2:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:30 PM 7:30 PM

Mirror Mirror The Avengers Dark Shadows 21 Jump Street American Reunion

PG PG-13 PG-13 R R

Sunday, May 27 PG PG-13 PG-13 R

2:00 PM 2:30 PM 4:30 PM 5:00 PM 7:30 PM

Dark Shadows Mirror Mirror The Avengers John Carter American Reunion

PG-13 PG PG-13 PG-13 R

COMING  SOON: Bullet to the Head, The Three Stooges, Lockout, Chimpanzee, Think Like A Man, Five-Year Engagement, Pirates! Band of Misfits, Safe, The Dictator, Cabin In The Woods, The Raven, Battleship, What to Expect When Expecting

The American Pie series comes full circle as the characters from the 1999 comedy classic return to East Great Falls for their ten-year high-school reunion and experience a weekend they will never forget. (1 hr. 53 min.) DARK SHADOWS……….…PG-13 STARRING: Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Eva Green

An imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, is set free and returns to his ancestral home, where his dysfunctional descendants are in need of his protection. (1 hr. 43 min.) THE LUCKY ONE…………...PG-13 STARRING: Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese and Eric Sheffer Stevens

Trapped inside her family's lakeside retreat, a young woman finds she is unable to contact the outside world as events become increasingly ominous in and around the house. (1 hr. 41 min.) THE VOW…………….…PG-13 STARRING: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum and Sam Neill

A car accident puts Paige (McAdams) in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again. (1 hr. 44 min.)

Movie schedule is subject to change. Please call to confirm. Movie Hotline: 624-4248




MAY 18, 2012


Find the words!




MAY 18, 2012




Did you know? In your lifetime, you’ll shed more than 40 pounds of skin. If you spell out all the numbers individually, (one, two, three,etc.) you’ll have to get to a thousand before you find the letter ‘A’. The longest one-syllable word in the English language is "screeched." Your heart beats more than 100,000 times a day. You can only smell 1/20th as well as a dog.

Gelso Bianco


MAY 18, 2012



AUTOMOBILES 1999 BMW 318, 118 CV, 1800 cc engine, metallic grey, manual transmission, all powered, ABS, airbags, AC, immobilizer. Very good condition. Asking 3, 000 euro. For more info call Dante at 6245043 2005 Renault Megane 134,000 km 6 speed manual. 4 door. Dark blue. Diesel, A/C & heat. Radio/CD player. Asking $7,500 OBO. Pat: 624-1201 or 2008 Ford Escape XLT. Excellent Cond, 76K Miles, Pwr windows, mirrors, and locks. 6 disc cd changer, New Tires (March ‘12)$10k (Below KBB) Will negotiate! Available mid late June. Call Jim Fultz: 3383372960. 2007 Honda VTX1300 Motorcycle. 12K miles, original owner, new windscreen, new back tire, and several spare parts. Garage kept and covered. $5K OBO. Contact Don at 339-289-8823. 1993 Alfa 155, 1700 cc, green,(139.000 km) 5K euro, OBO, call

Elsa at


1997 Suzuki Marauder, custom 800 cc, black, (14.000 km) 5K euro, OBO, Elsa at 1997 Alfa Romeo Spider GTV 2000 cc, grey, (139.999 km), 5K euro, OBO, Elsa at

Integra, $4,500. Like new. 107,000 miles, good tires. V-4, A/C, automatic, power steering/windows/locks, cruise control, 2 door hatchback, sun roof. Available June 1. Call Don at 3386523780. Can show Friday after 5 p.m. or Saturday.

2000 silver BMW 318i,4 doors, xenon front lights, new brakes, a/c, airbags,17" wheels, alarm system. asking 4k euro (price negotiable) call tommy at 331-954-4486.

2006 BMW 330I, $21K. Like new, 48,500 miles. Brand new 18" 255/225 tires. Fully loaded, V-6, leather interior and power everything! Available now. Call Don at 3386523780.

1996 Alpha Romero. Asking $6K. V6/Auto/4door/low mileage, excellent body and engine, A/C, electric and heated seats, built-in navigation sys, sub-woofers and 6xCD changer in trunk. Reliable car. Call Jose at 3400646615 or email: for photos.

2007 Ford Focus 2 door hatchback, 50k miles, U.S. SPECS, automatic transmission, 4 cylinder, 2.0 l, antilock brakes, power brakes, steering, windows, mirrors; A/C, cd/mp3, new front tires, brakes, battery; factory warranty good until May 2014. $9,500. Cell 340-789-1417; email:

Brown leather-like sofa, manufacture's tickets, $500. Wooden dining table and four chairs (counter height), $400. Call Jody between 3 and 9 p.m. at 345-273-4045. 37' Sanyo wide color swivel flat screen TV, 220V (European), Full HD/LCD/3 HDMI, 1080 P, w/ wireless headset system. Paid 700 Euro, asking 500 Euro. Call Jose @ 3400646615 or email for photos.

S AW S A M I M A L S Ramulus & Ramus, 8 week old kittens, male, white with stripes, litter-box trained and eating solid food, seems pretty content to get along with everyone, plan to go to the vet soon. Fidel & Phillipo, 3 month old puppies, male, black and brown, should be fine with everyone but hasn't been exposed to cats yet, they have been picking up on training quickly, plans to go to the vet soon. Damon, 2 month old puppy, brown/tan (beautiful and interesting markings), dog, good with everyone and very smart and picking up on training very quickly. Will go to the vet soon. Chomper, 2 month old puppy, black, dog, good with children, people, and other dogs but is still a little too rough with cats. Current on shots, microchipped. To volunteer, adopt or foster, visit or

1998 white Lancia Delta, $1,800 OBO. 5-speed, 4 door, A/C, electric windows. Runs great. Call Julie at



MAY 18, 2012


Year of the Chief: Board preparation training

Sigonella chief petty officers help selection board eligible first class petty officers prepare selection board packages. (Photo by PSC Jesus Chavez)

BY PSC JESUS CHAVEZ NAS Sigonella Chief Petty Officer Association President As the Year of the Chief ramps up, the Sigonella chief petty officer (CPO) community recently sat down with all of the installations selection board eligible first class petty officers (FCPOs) to review their selection board packages and provide direction and advice on their submissions. This event was held on May 8 in conjunction with the regularly scheduled CPO 365 training which engages eligible FCPOs by providing them with year-round mentorship and guidance from the Sigonella chief community. A record turnout culminated in standing room only in the classroom. The ultimate goal of the event was to empower the FCPOs by providing them with all the tools they need to lead their respective divisions and commands, thus strengthening the chain of command. Participants were required to bring their intended package submissions in addition to all substantiating documentation including their qualifications history, history of awards, evaluations and their educational summaries. Each applicant sat down with at least one of several master chief petty officers present who have had selection board experience to gain an honest assessment of their professional strengths and weaknesses and learn how best to capture these strengths in their packages. "We should all strive to learn something new every day," said NAS Sigonella Command Master Chief David Graham. "Seeing so many [FCPOs] here just validates that our mess will be strong for years to come." Fire Controlman First Class Paul Johnson felt that he gained a strong understanding about what needed to be in his package in order to best capture his accomplishments and who he really is. “The most important thing I learned from the training is how the chief selection board will review my package and how the overall points for each area will work together for their overall decision,” Johnson said. According to Master-At-Arms First Class Leandro Arcega, the time and effort put forth by the Chiefs’ Mess through this and the other training provides FCPOs with the knowledge and tools to put forth their best effort before the CPO selection board so that one day, they may also lead, guide and mentor future chiefs.

"FFSC SIGONELLA cordially invites you and your family to our Open House in honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Month, on May 23, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stop by and let us say thank you to you and your family.






MAY 18, 2012

May 18 issue of The Signature  

In this week’s issue of the Signature, we look at bike safety for NAS Sigonella youth, NAS Sigonella schools hold their annual carnival and...

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