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July 12, 2019


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Chief Master-at-Arms Andre Billingsley & Aviation Electronics Technician Senior Chief Terry Roberts

Buongiorno Sigonella! Summer has arrived in full force, and with it, all the fun and social opportunities, as well. With the season, though, comes more opportunities to drink alcohol and drive impaired. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that nearly twice the number of individuals are killed in alcoholrelated crashes during the summer months than at all other times of year combined. It is important that all service members stay vigilant about never drinking and driving, and making sure our shipmates and family members are being responsible, too. To help make it easier for you to make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving, the NAS Sigonella Area Chief Petty Officer Association has established the “Arrive Alive” program to help service members who may be in need of a safe ride home. Imagine having a night out with friends and either you or the person who was supposed to drive you home finds themselves in a position where they are unable to drive. All you have to do is pull out your handy Arrive Alive card and call one of the three numbers provided. Within minutes, a command-approved taxi will be deployed to your location and provide you a safe ride home. All the driver needs is your military I.D. to accurately record your

name. These command-approved services also have base access so you will get door-to-door service to NAS I, NAS II, or Marinai. Upon arrival, you don’t have to pay a dime. It is recommended to tip your driver, but even that is not required. The Chiefs have your back, we cover the fare up front. Now to explain an important distinction, this isn’t a free ride home on the Chief Petty Officers’ Mess. This is essentially a loan. The driver will ask for your name and which command you are with, and then the driver will contact the CPOA for reimbursement. The CPOA will then reach out to you so you can reimburse the organization. We’ll give you plenty of time to get your payment together; you have 30 days to reimburse the CPOA. Arrive Alive rides also cover scenarios in which your vehicle breaks down or you end up in some other unfortunate situation that strands you. In case you don’t already have an Arrive Alive wallet card, here are the three command-approved drivers if you get stuck in a bind. Rosario: + 39 3498225261 Giuseppe: + 39 3929347321 Tony: + 39 3394986032 Aside from making sure you are making good driving decisions, remember that there are many base resources to take advantage of if you think you are struggling

with an alcohol problem. Living abroad is full of many added stressors and we don’t have our normal support networks. Make your time in Sigonella a positive experience filled with lifelong memories of travel and seeing the world, but don’t let substance misuse rob you of these memories. If you find yourself struggling with substance use or misuse, there is help available. Your command Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor is there to assist you in getting help. A selfreferral to the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program is also a way for you to get assistance before alcohol starts to negatively affect you. SARP is available to all military personnel, DoD civilians, NATO personnel, and dependents over the age of 18. For assistance, contact your command DAPA or the SARP Clinic at DSN 6246092 / COMM 095-86-6092. It is also located on the 2nd Floor of the Flight Line Clinic on NAS II. Enjoy the summer, Sigonella, and remember to be safe about it! The mission depends on it, and we are here to help.

July 12, 2019


Interactive Customer Evaluation Comment Regarding Housing:

Why doesn’t the housing office do something about barking dogs at 4:30 in the morning? This is not acceptable. If owners leave their dogs outside after hours they should be fined or held accountable. People work shift work!


Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. I empathize with your situation and agree that dogs barking incessantly, especially in the middle of the night, is unacceptable. If you’ve already had a discussion with the owners of the dogs and have not been able to reach a solution, please visit the housing office to file a complaint. They will investigate the issue and work with the offending resident to resolve the problem. If barking persists after hours, please call security at 624- 5225. As a reminder to all residents, quiet hours are 2200 – 0700. To further discuss this matter, please contact the Housing Director, Peter Faulk, at DSN 6244070 / COMM 095-56-4070.

without gas and no one could figure out why. The housing office bent over backwards as an advocate for me. Specifically, Ms. Monica Drago, Ms. Simona Tringali, and Ms. Antonella Amore spent a significant amount of time on the phone up and down the corporate ladder, even staying after hours, to ensure the quickest possible response from the utility company. In-processing is stressful, but housing does their best to ease the pain. Thank you, Housing!


Thank you for your positive comments regarding our housing department employees. They often go out of their way, even after working hours, to assist NAS Sigonella with urgent housing problems. One of the most common issues living in economy housing is utilities. Recently, the Italian government’s deregulation of utilities has splintered the utility companies into many smaller businesses. Unfortunately, this has resulted in misinformation, confusion, BZ Regarding Economy Housing: and patchwork customer service from the companies as management The PCS process is inherently changes hands. Please bear in mind stressful, especially when going through the economy housing process. that until the dust settles, residents may encounter issues such as removal I was unfortunate enough to have an of gas meters, disconnection of exceptional experience where, after power, and billing issues. The housing living in my new house for just over a office will continue to diligently help month, the utility company decided residents navigate these problems. For to “switch out” my gas meter. The any future concerns, please contact the “switch” meant that they removed Housing Director, Peter Faulk, at DSN one, and said they would come back 624-4070 / COMM 095-56-4070. later to install the new one. My gas Comment Regarding MWR: was turned off for the duration, meaning no hot water, no cooking, I have a concern about accessibility and no heat. Initially, it was a two day of MWR trip sign ups. Since the window. Then it turned into “by Friday majority of MWR’s target audience, night.” Twelve days later, I was still "ICE" cont’d on Page 11



Commanding Officer Capt. Kevin Pickard Executive Officer Cmdr. Patrick J. Moran Command Master Chief CMDCM Nancy Estrada EDITORIAL

Public Affairs Officer Lt. Karl Schonberg Assistant Public Affairs Officer Janine Scianna Community Relations Officer Dott. Alberto Lunetta PAO Staff Writers \ Photographers

MC2 Joshua Coté GMSN Rashond Grant CONTACT US

Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sicily DSN 624-5440; 095-86-5440 PSC 812 Box 7, FPO, AE 09627-0001

This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the military services overseas. Contents of The Signature are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense (DoD), or the U.S. Navy. Editorial submissions are welcomed from all Naval Air Station Sigonella departments, divisions and tenant commands. Editorial submissions should be sent to the Public Affairs Office via All articles submitted by non-staff members will be considered contributing writers.

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Name: CS2 Michael Colburn Department: Executive Transport Detachment Hometown: Naples, FL

Naval Air Station Sigonella has a wide variety of tenant commands, 37 to be exact. This week’s Sailor in the Spotlight works in the Executive Transport Detachment Sigonella. One standout Sailor there is Culinary Specialist Second Class Michael Colburn, from Naples, Florida. Colburn works in the operations and safety departments within ETD. ETD Sigonella’s mission is to provide airborne command and control communications and VIP travel services for Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Commander, Joint Forces Command Naples and staff, foreign dignitaries, and other Department of Defense and North Atlantic Treaty Organization personnel. Colburn gets the opportunity to do the thing that most surface rates do not get the chance to do, and that is actually fly in Navy planes. Surface rates are usually billeted to ships or on the ground at a shore duty station.

“A normal work day for me depends on what’s going on,” said Colburn. “If we are going flying, then I have to show up for the pre-flight brief, help prepare the plane, as well as cook and prepare food they need for the flight.” When he’s not flying, Colburn spends his days working on the flight schedule. His daily work also includes tasks such as booking hotel rooms and making orders. Along with his normal daily work routine, Colburn’s collateral duties include serving as the assistant TSP coordinator and assistant urinalysis program coordinator. He is also in charge of the special inflight mess as well, so he prepares all the audits and deals with all the money needed to operate. Culinary specialist daily routines can be very different depending on what command they are attached to.

“I am at a flag command right now, and I have been at flag commands my whole career,” said Colburn. “Right now I cook for about 16 people. On a ship you could be cooking for a couple hundred people or even thousands.” Colburn has been in the Navy for about six years, and Sigonella is his 3rd command. Before coming here, he was assigned to Carrier Strike Group 10 out of Norfolk, VA and he served in Bahrain. Colburn said he joined the Navy originally because he didn’t want to go college, although now he is currently enrolled in college at University of Maryland University College on NAS I. In addition to pursuing academics in his spare time, Colburn also loves the Sicilian beach scene. “My favorite part about Sicily is the beach,” said Colburn. “I live on the beach, I basically hang on the beach everyday. Also I like to go snowboarding in the winter.”

July 12, 2019

Fleet and Family Support Center Celebrates Forty Years of Service From Fleet and Family Support Center

Forty years ago on July 16, 1979, the first Navy Family Service Center opened in Norfolk, Virginia. Since then, the Fleet and Family Support Program has provided support to Sailors and their families that promotes their integration into the Navy and adaptation to Navy life. The idea for the NFSC grew out of the Family Awareness Conference held in Norfolk in November 1978. It became evident that the Navy needed to make a greater effort to meet the needs of the Navy family. Rear Adm. Richard Nicholson established a task force to explore how to best support Navy families, which concluded that a centralized location would best serve families. The first Navy Family Service Center was established in Norfolk. It was headed by a Navy captain and staffed by active duty service

members, civilians, a volunteer program, an ombudsman, and a chaplain. Together, they provided 24-hour information and referral services, clinical and administrative services, relocation assistance, and pastoral care. NFSC was co-located with Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. American Red Cross and Navy Legal assigned staff to the center part time to further the concept of a one-stop assistance center. As word of the center spread, the demand for services grew. In the coming years, programs increased to include financial education, child development, and retired activities. Services improved over the next decade to enhance the support of Navy families. In 2001, the Navy updated

the program name to Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to emphasize that centers provide support both to Sailors and their families. FFSC soon developed a lighthouse logo and the mission statement: “Meeting Your Needs, at Home, at Sea� to be used at the FFSCs on naval bases around the globe. Today, the lighthouse logo adorns the doors of centers worldwide symbolizing safety and security for those at sea and on shore.

Congratulations to our newest OMBUDSMEN! Thank you for serving as the critical link between your command triads and the Sigonella families!

(U.S. Navy photo by Lt. Karl Schonberg)


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U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Josh Coté

Ponte Dirillo and


Senior U.S., Italian, and German leaders pay tribue to Operation Husky victims at a wreath laying at Contrada Ponte Olivo. (U.S. Navy photo by IT2 Jordan Gilles) By Janine Scianna NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

German pill boxes surround the landscape of Ponte Dirillo near Gela, Sicily, with their bullet marks still visible and their concrete walls still standing strong. One can vividly imagine what it may have felt like to have been a paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne when they landed in Sicily 76 years ago. Blown off their original course by high winds, members of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment found themselves in the heart of enemy territory and were forced to engage in direct combat. From July 10 to 12, 1943, they lost 39 men fighting off over half a dozen German Tiger tanks and an entire battalion of infantry. Ultimately

Guest speaker Cmdr. Robert though, they were victorious and Matthias, commander of the Naval caused the enemy to retreat. Computer and Telecommunications The regiment was led into action by Lt. Col. Arthur Gorham. As the assault Station, Sicily, remarked on the intensified, Gorham rallied his soldiers true purpose of the ceremony. to keep pushing. Gorham later fell in “Today there is more than just a memorial plaque at Ponte Dirillo, battle, but inspired the remnants of his division to fight on. For his valiant listing those who gave their lives years ago,” said Matthias. “For efforts, Gorham was posthumously years, the last roll call has been read awarded two Distinguished Service Crosses, the United States’ second and wreaths have been laid. For years, the song Taps has echoed highest award for bravery. these hills. This day should always Today there is a memorial plaque at the site of the Ponte be remembered and memorialized by those that serve in the future.” Dirillo battle listing the 39 service After Matthias’ remarks, Staff Sgt. members who gave their lives that day. The plaque and the site are Brian Chenault of the U.S. Army Joint Tactical Ground Station, maintained by Cristoforo Ventura. Sigonella, conducted a last roll call The plaque reads, “Extreme were Cmdr. Hamish Kirkland exits remar of the fallen soldiers. Thisgives tradition the losses, supreme was the heroism, of command of Patrol Squadron 9 deploye pays tribute to fallen Soldiers and and from the sacrifice of these men is (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of VP-9) created the new history of Europe.” Sailors by their comrades and

July 12, 2019


Operation Husky

ES 76 SIX YEARS LATER A wreath is laid at the Ponte Dirillo monument (U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Josh Coté)

those that serve after them. The ceremony concluded with the playing of Taps and the laying of the memorial wreaths at the base of the plaque. Gela Deputy Mayor Terenziano Di Stefano and Matthias laid the annual wreath, and Ventura’s family laid a second wreath. Earlier on in the day, two other wreath-laying ceremonies were conducted to honor all lives lost in the Battle of Gela. One was held at a plaque along the seafront, organized by the Kiwanis Club. Another was held at the Contrada Ponte Olivo pillbox to recognize casualties from German and Italian forces, as well. Ceremonies at Ponte Dirillo and Gela have been organized every rks year aftersince being2006 relieved in coordination ed to NAS Sigonella. with the Kiwanis Club, and more recently, with the City of Gela.

Cmdr. Robert Matthias, commanding officer of NCTS Sicily, gives remarks at the Ponte Dirillo ceremony. (U.S. Navy photo by IT2 Jordan Gilles)

The invasion of Sicily, also known as Operation Husky, was a critical step in the Allied Forces’ gaining a foothold in occupied Europe. The operation was fought on two fronts— an amphibious assault along the coast and over 12,000 paratroopers deployed behind enemy lines. After 38 days and over 14,000 lives lost, the operation was successful and the island was secured. On Sept. 3, 1943, an armistice was signed between Italy and the Allies, which brought Italy into the war against Germany. Operation Husky was, according to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, “not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning” and an important step toward liberating Europe from tyranny. In his remarks, Matthias encouraged

attendees to remain steadfast in our countries’ partnership to ensure that the world never again sees the tragedies of World War II. “Together, we are here to continue our stance for freedom and liberty,” said Matthias. “Keep our partnership strong and let’s remain committed to stability, security, and prosperity. Let’s continue to leverage our collective power for peace.” NCTS Sicily reports to U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, the Navy component command to U.S. Strategic Command and U.S. Cyber Command, to provide secure and reliable telecommunications in EUCOM, AFRICOM, and CENTCOM theaters of operation. The command represents a long history of superior command and control to a vital region of the world.

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MWR photo by Ivan Messina

U.S. Navy photo by GMSN Rashond Grant


Attendees bow their he U.S. Navy photoSquad by GM Reconnaissance (U.S. Navy photo by Lt.

MWR photo by Ivan Messina

July 12, 2019


U.S. Navy photo by GMSN Rashond Grant


eads in prayer at the start of the 7th MSN dronRashond change ofGrant command ceremony. . Karl Schonberg)

MWR photo by Ivan Messina

U.S. Navy photo by GMSN Rashond Grant


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Summer Sales Season Kicks off in Sicily By Alberto Lunetta NAS Sigonella Public Affairs

The sales season is finally here! Despite the economic crisis, long lines of shoppers are ready to strike good bargains. The “sconti di fine stagione” (end-of-the-season sales) began last week and lasts until mid-September. Some shops will continue offering discounts until the end of September. A similar sales season occurs in the winter, as well. During the first days, Italian shoppers will flock to stores for good deals, so expect long lines. Due to the current financial crisis and bad weather which have disrupted the spring shopping season, analysts are predicting that retailers will immediately offer a 50 percent reduction to lure consumers to their stores. Consumer associations estimate that Italian families will spend an average of 270 Euros during the summer discount shopping season. While you’re searching for big bargains, make sure you are aware of some tips that the Italian Consumer Associations recommends to protect yourself. This will help you avoid rip-offs and disputes with merchants that would otherwise be difficult to handle if you don’t speak Italian. 1) The first rule of thumb is to check prices before the discount season begins to be able to make price comparison. Do not trust discounts higher than 50 percent off the original price. A sensational 80 or 90 percent discount might sound like a tempting offer, but it is probably a rip-off. 2) Some unfair retailers might try to sell worn or damaged items as “promotional sales” just to reduce the quantity of merchandise in stock. 3) Remember that during the

The sales season is back in Sicily! Shoppers, get ready to strike good bargains but also be alert to potential rip-offs. (Photo by

discount season, defective merchandise can still be exchanged or returned as usual. There is no “special return policy” when you shop during discount sales. You have the right to return any defective fabric or shoe that is not up to sample within two months. Retailers can either refund you or give you a voucher that can be spent in the same shop. Therefore, always keep your “scontrino” (receipt) and avoid shops that display signs saying: “la merce venduta non si cambia” (purchased merchandise cannot be exchanged) or “all sales are final.” 4) Be sure to look an item over carefully before you buy it. Check different shops to compare prices. As a general rule, if you have recently arrived in Sicily and have not had a chance to explore the shopping scene yet, be oriented toward buying at big department stores, where sales are usually fair. 5) Stores must display on

merchandise tags the initial “prezzo” (price) and the reduced price, both in ciphers and in percentage. 6) Finally, remember that you can use any way of payment. Mistrust shop owners displaying signs saying “non si accettano carte di credito e bancomat” (credit cards and ATM cards are not accepted) because of the sales season. That’s illegal. If you don’t see any signs around, and the sales clerk tells you about it upon paying, tell them you know they are supposed to accept your credit card or ATM card.

Italy’s Mafia Uses the Old Lira as its Own Parallel Currency

From Bloomberg

Italy’s proposed mini T-Bills may be pie in the sky for now, but it appears that the country already has another currency floating around: the old lira. "ITALIAN NEWS" continued on Page 13

July 12, 2019


MyNavy Family App Focuses on Stronger Families and Fleet

services are available to them,” said Jennifer Summers, a 23-year Navy spouse. “Whether Navy families navigating military life the app is used by the can now find support by downloading Sailor or spouse or a the MyNavy Family application which family member, they was released in the days leading up to can be assured that the information is accurate.” Military Spouse Appreciation Day, The Navy’s Sea May 10. The free app can be found Warrior Program in the Navy App Locker, https:// (PMW 240) produced the app and Tracen The MyNavy Family App was Technologies Inc., a developed as a result of the company that specializes Navy asking spouses about their in integrated mobile experiences and how the Navy could and web solutions, help make it better. Chief of Naval developed the software. Operations, Adm. John Richardson “This particular has often commented on the important app really hit home role Navy families play in mission with me,” said David success. Driegert, assistant program manager “To be affirmed and valued in our for PMW 240’s mobility program. “As important role as Navy spouses at the highest level of the Navy organization a dependent and later as a Marine, I understand the importance of making fosters a greater sense of pride for all sure the entire family feels included that we do in support of our spouses and in support of our nation,” Latisha because we all serve, not just the service member.” Motley, a 12-year Navy spouse, said. The app provides valuable More than 1,100 spouses across the information whether someone is new Navy provided input to develop the to the Navy or a seasoned spouse who app. It focuses on 11 key milestone has experienced multiple deployments events within the life of the Navy or permanent change of station moves. family. Some of those areas include New Spouse Orientation, Mentorship There is also a feedback section so suggestions can be incorporated into and Networking, Special Needs future updates. Family Support, and Navy Retiree “This is only the beginning,” said Services. Information from more Linda Jackson, Project Manager, Navy than 22 different websites is now Services Familyline. consolidated within one easy-to-use The MyNavy Family App supports app. the Navy Family Framework objective “The app is very intuitive and doesn’t have too many Navy acronyms to expand and improve the experience for Navy spouses and families. Other which allows family members to clearly understand what programs and efforts include improving family

By Cmdr. Erik Wells Sea Warrior Program (PMW 240) Public Affairs

programs and websites, developing an official MyNavy Family website, providing ombudsman registry access to command leadership spouses and increasing the availability of live webinars and self-directed learning activities. Additionally, next month we will release a new policy allowing reimbursement of up to $500 of spouse state licensure or certification costs rising from relocation from one state to another due to a permanent change of station move. Future updates of the app will provide a more interactive user experience, and a companion website is in the works. “We all serve,” Jackson said. “The Sailor, the spouse and the children. The MyNavy Family App is a tool for all of us to create stronger families and a safer nation.”

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By Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Office Europe In today’s society, the use of wireless devices for work and personal use is both ubiquitous and essential. When it comes to use of personal electronic equipment in Europe, the primary concern of new arrivals is the difference in the electrical output (220 vs 110 volts) from the wall socket or whether the cell phone they bought in the U.S. will work in Europe. Do you ever wonder why the Navy Exchange in Sigonella does not sell some of the items readily available in the U.S. or from online retailers? In foreign countries, just like in the U.S., the radio frequency spectrum is a finite natural resource which is divided into different frequency bands designated for very specific purposes such as wireless internet and cellular telephones. Additionally, these bands are split between government and non-government users, or shared by both. Each nation controls the use of the spectrum within their territorial limits and may allocate the spectrum differently from their neighbors in Europe and from the U.S. This often means that commercially procured U.S.

items may not be authorized for use in a foreign country because they could cause interference to host nation systems. So how does this impact Sigonella citizens? For starters, many of the everyday items you use in your home such as the cordless handset for your house phone, radio-controlled toys, or wireless baby monitors, speakers, and microphones may not operate in the frequency ranges established by the Italian Government and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) regulations. The ITU is a State Department “Treaty in Effect” between the Host Nation and the U.S.A., which means Italian spectrum management regulations are enforceable on U.S. entities, to include the U.S. military and agencies and personnel contracted to provide services to the U.S. military. So if your personal electronic device is found to be causing interference, whether on base or off, you can be directed to turn it off and not use it again for the remainder of your time here in Europe.

Depending on the situation, monetary fines and confiscation of the electronic items by Italian law enforcement personnel are also possibilities. In short, all wireless capable devices must be marked with the symbol “CE” or “Conformité Européene” (which can be found on the device and packaging) and operate in accordance with the table of allocations for Italy. If you have questions or would like to learn more, contact the NAS Sigonella N6 office at 624-6623, Mr. Matthew Arnold, NAS Sigonella Installation Spectrum Manager at 624-2269, or the Navy and Marine Corps Spectrum Office Europe at 626-2005/3738/5354.

July 12, 2019

change and is not the standard when it comes to signing up for MWR trips on single Marines and Sailors, are NAS II. MWR is already working to located on NAS II, why do we have ensure the problem you encountered the least access to sign up for trips? doesn’t happen again. Our intent is to On multiple personal attempts, I have maximize access for everyone at NAS gone to the NAS II MWR facility to Sigonella, and so having registration sign up for a trip. I then get told by options at both NAS I and II is critical. the individual working that they don’t In addition, I’d like to highlight a have access to the system to sign us up. third registration option: online. You Why are the staff unable to do parts will need to first register in person of their job? Instead, we get told to at an MWR facility to get an account go to NAS I to sign up. For many of user id and password. After receiving us, that is incredibly difficult with our those, please visit https://myffr. work schedule and lack of adequate and click on “Navy transportation. Ultimately this leads to Region Europe, Africa, Southwest the most-desired trips getting booked Asia” to access all of the trips offered by families and unaccompanied at MWR Sigonella. This option should service members miss out. This eliminate a lot of the inconveniences has a negative effect on morale. in the registration process. For any Response: future concerns, please contact the Thank you for taking the time to Liberty Center Manager, Marissa identify this problem. I apologize for Johnson at DSN 624-5187 / COMM the inconvenience you experienced 095-86-5187 or marissa.johnson@ in being unable to sign up for an This will allow MWR MWR trip. Unfortunately your issue to resolve any issues on the spot. resulted from an isolated staffing "ICE" cont’d from Page 3

"ITALIAN NEWS" cont’d from Page 10

A senior police officer recently revealed that domestic criminal organizations are still using the pre-euro currency for illicit transactions. It’s not clear how the former notes are ultimately exchanged for euros, if at all; though he said officers are still uncovering them. The lira ceased to be legal tender in February 2002. “We still discover big amounts of liras,” Giuseppe Arbore, a deputy in the Guardia di Finanza, which investigates financial crimes, said at a parliamentary hearing on Thursday. “Italian liras still constitute parts of illicit transactions.’’ Arbore’s remarks prompted amazement among lawmakers of the Senate Finance Committee, where he was testifying on a government bill aimed at simplifying the tax system. When pressed to provide examples, he said he couldn’t elaborate, citing ongoing investigations.

“When a banknote is accepted by an organization internally, even if it is outside the law as a legal value, it can settle transactions,’’ he said. “We are obviously talking about illicit organizations.’’ The disclosure follows days of speculation and criticism of a proposal by members of Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini’s party for mini T-bills to pay state creditors, which some fear would be a first step toward a parallel currency, and even an exit from the euro. Though it’s little more than an idea and far from being introduced, if ever, it’s come under fire from Finance Minister Giovanni Tria and fellow Italian Mario Draghi, the European Central Bank president. Both said that it would increase the nation’s staggering debt and would be illegal if used as a parallel currency. Under current legislation, it’s not possible to convert lira, and the Bank of Italy years ago transferred the equivalent


BZ Regarding NEX:

Recently, I ran into the exchange for something I desperately needed just as they were closing. They kept one register open for me and allowed me to make my purchase. Although I’d like to see longer hours on the weekends, I’m very grateful for the staff assisting me.


Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your recent experience at the Sigonella NEX. Customer service is an important part of the NEX mission and we are happy to hear that our employees are being helpful to customers. Regarding store hours, the NEX management team is looking into whether there is a demonstrated need to adjust them. For any future comments, please feel free to reach out to the NEX general manager, Ms. Teresa Goley, at Teresa.Goley@ or DSN 624-4278. value of the currency still in circulation to the state, around 1.2 billion euros, according to the central bank’s website. It’s not the first time that the mob and the former currency have been linked. In 2012, the central bank’s Financial Information Unit report said it worked with the Bureau of Anti-Mafia Investigation on “suspicious transaction reports’’ relating to lira-euro conversions. Many things are unclear about the idea that Italy’s government could issue what would amount to small-denomination IOUs to pay some of its bills. How would the so-called mini-BOTs work? Are they a clever way of giving the country’s sluggish economy a boost? Would they amount to a parallel currency to the euro, or even a prelude to leaving it? Are they a sly way of getting around the European Union’s rules on debt? One thing is sure: markets don’t like any of these possibilities.



Scuba PADI Certification Class


Class A • July 22-Aug 5 Class B • Aug 6-20 Class C • Aug 21-Sept 1

This two week class will combine classroom and in-water instruciton as well as two open water dives. By the end of the course, you will earn your PADI Certification.


2019 The challenge is “simple”! Participants will test themselves by carrying half their weight in dumbbells as far as possible until their grip finally slips. One male and one female with the furthest distance will win the challenge and will receive a $25 gift card to the Navy Exchange.


For more information call 624-3785 or email

Compete in 6 FITSERIES FITSERIES events and earn a t-shirt

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