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Thank You Package!

Thank You Package It has been a week after we experienced the AIESEC Alumni International Meeting & Iberoamerican Business Forum together with the 5* AIESEC Regional Alumni Congress and all what we have to say is‌ Thank You!! Here you can find a brief of what we lived during those 4 days to have in your memories. We hope you and all Alumni who couldn’t be here enjoy at least by reading. Thanks for your valuable participation, hope to see you next year in Chile for Regional Alumni Congress and in Hungary for AIESEC Alumni International Meeting.



Our congress in numbers…. Delegates Registered to the congress:


Non Latinamerican Delegates: Latinamerican Delegates: Mexican Delegates:



Biggest Foreign Delegation: Nationalities:


27 –

Perú with 22 delegates!

Argentina, Belgium, Brasil, Canadá, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia,

Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, México, Panamá, Perú, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK, Uruguay, U.S.A, Venezuela. Alumni Associations involved:

9 -

AIESEC International, AIESEC Iberoamérica, Chile,

Colombia, Francia, México, Perú, Uruguay, USA. Alumni joining us through Stand Alone Events:


The Organizing Committee….

From left to right: Ligia Navarro (Logistics Coordinator), Nayeli Escobar (OC President), Juan Manuel Ferrón (Auditor – AAIB President), Mónica Martínez (Finance Coordinator), and Mariana Montiel (Communications Coordinator).


Day 1 – Thursday February 17th Delegates arriving from everywhere to our Venue, the ROYAL PEDREGAL Hotel, it was a great start, hugs in the lobby, and preparing the last details…

Day 1 – Global Village at ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE INGENIERÍA MECÁNICA Y ELÉCTRICA UNIDAD CULHUACAN The Energy is the word to describe these moments, while sharing with AIESEC International Presidents Meetings Delegates, Alumni enjoyed the Global Village, dancing, singing and having fun. Thanks to IPM and the University in México for providing all spaces and experiences.

Day 1 – Opening Cocktail at Bellas Artes Palace In an outstanding place in México City, we had the opportunity to take a tour and know a bit more of México’s history. After the tour, International presidents Meeting delegates join us, as well as different Mexican Alumni generations to make a formal Opening of our congress, we had some welcome words from Fatima Rocha – Mexican, External and Alumni Relations Director for AIESEC International, Hector Moyeton - Elected President of AIESEC in México, Victor Loewenstein – President of AIESEC Alumni International Association and Juan Manuel Ferrón – AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica Association President. Thanks to the Institute of Bellas Artes to give us all the support to realize an excellent event and all our speakers for such powerful words.


Day 2 – Friday February 18th The beginning of our main purpose to be here together, networking, meet wonderful alumni, old and new friends.

Day 2 – Networking We started the first session to have a time to meet all delegates and have the opportunity to carry valuable information back home. Thanks to Juan Manuel Ferrón for leading the session, but also to Akber Pandor and all Alumni who participated actively to make this session better than expected.

Day 2 – Business Forum We had the participation of different perspectives thanks to all the speakers, we had a chance to learn about your work and have an example from all the experiences lived by Alumni and Partners, and reaching to a main conclusion, and it was that different perspectives and different countries experiences emerged to a future common vision. Let’s have all these to make a change in our communities!

Day 2 – Alumni Cocktail at Chapultepec Castle A magic place gave us the environment to an unforgettable evening, we were 170 Alumni attending and admiring the place and the opportunity to be together. We take a tour by the impressive castle, meeting the history around, finishing with a cocktail at the top of Chapultepec Castle. Thanks to the National History Museum Foundation and Administration to give us all the support to enjoy this wonderful place.


Day 3 – Saturday February 19th CSR day was a special way to receive companies and experts, and share our thoughts and experiences around this important topic in the world.

Day 3 – Legislations Session In parallel, AIESEC Alumni International Association and AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica Association made sessions for legislation where discuss all the interested about present and future for these associations, also to support more associations coming.

Day 3 – CSR Event Wonderful experiences related by companies and alumni experts in the topic gave us valuable information to make a stop in our ways to live Corporate Social Responsibility and evaluate what we are doing and what we can do in the near future. Thanks to all the speakers and companies by giving us enriched knowledge.

Day 3 – Gala Dinner The official closing of our congress, even when we had a day more left, we wanted to make a special goodbye, we get together 470 people, between AIESECers from International Presidents Meeting, Partners and of course Alumni. We had pleasant words offered by AIESEC International launching the Victor Loewenstein Fund, due to his large contribution to AIESEC giving an example to all Alumni. AIESEC México made a special recognition to three wonderful Alumni who had contributing for several years to the development and growth of the association: Francisco Santos, Haruo Kano and Juan Manuel Ferrón. The evening was just lovely finishing the night with Mariachi and the news of the new elected AIESEC International President: Tatiana Mykhailyuk from Ukraine.


Day 4 – Sunday February 20th Our last day, the cycle finished and we had to enjoy at maximum to carry all memories to our homes.

Day 4 – Alumni & AIESEC An enriched session offered by AIESEC International and led by Mr. Victor Loewenstein to give us a brief about where is AIESEC Today and all many existing ways for Alumni to get involved.

Day 4 – Best Practices Meeting the best practices for Alumni Associations around the world, giving an empowerment to be every time more. Thanks to all Alumni Associations presents during the event.

Day 4 – Lunch at Xochimilco As many Alumni called, the perfect way to say goodbye, the perfect closing. A wonderful lunch with a beautiful scenery and the enjoyment of all Alumni present, we get together 125 Alumni and had a great afternoon with some typical food and music to say goodbye to all the Alumni, but also to México.


Special Thanks to our Sponsors and partners who gave us an important support to make it happen!

Output information and pictures are available at our Webpage:

Special Thanks to Social Media Updates‌

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And to all our delegates virtual and physical… here is a brief of the feelings after the congress who were showed through our facebook page…

Andrew Rowe What an incredible event -- so great to see so many old friends and make new ones. Que maravilloso! Akber Pandor A huge, huge THANK YOU to the OC for organising a truly fantastic Alumni Meeting. A special Thank you to Juan Manual and the Mexican Alumni for being such great hosts and letting us experience some of the Mexican culture. The AIESEC spirit lives on. Keep Inspiring!! Christian Cochard I share milestone! Muchas gracias!









Miguelangel Herrera y se acabo el AIESEC Alumni International Meeting 2011, un evento realmente emotivo, de desarollo y de neworking... AIESEC ALUMNUS: KEEPING THE PASSION ALIVE Luca Torosani Con todo mi corazon deseo agradecer el OC y todos nuestros amigos Alumni para haberme regalado una conferencia tan increible!
 hasta pronto amigos!
 luca Andres Freudenberg Amazing lunch at the "Mexican Venece", the best closing for an inversivos Congress....ser you all in Chile in March 2012! Carolina Laiton Galan Thank you everybody... Unforgettable event indeed! See you at the next Alumni events!. :) abrazos Cecilia Sada hello, thanks to everyone , we had a wonderful time, met new people and saw familiar faces........ hope to see you at the next event. Adrian Lee Especial reconocimiento por el esfuerzo del OC muchas felicidades por su gran trabajo y dedicación. Congratulations and the wonderful congress see you the next event. Carlos Morales Rozo It has been a pleasure making new friends and reconnecting with others! This was my first alumni meeting and as it usually happens, it will remain the most cherished one! Thanks all! Enrique Chauca It was an memorable event. Thank you to the Organizers and AIESEC Alumni Mexico! You made us have Mexico in our hearts...


Thank you package RAC 2011  

Thank you package RAC 2011