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Responsive and Multiple WordPress Theme with Quality Design

How to Set up Blog with Magic Theme? As a WordPress enthusiast, you have lots of options to design a WordPress website. But he most effective way is to use a web design template to customize your WordPress website. The colors, layouts, customization, responsiveness and more are what you need to consider. When it comes to a website for corporate, business and portfolio, you can have a try of Magic WordPress theme. This web design template is a 100% responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme built with HTML5+CSS3. It allows you to create a website with the layout, typography, colors and more exactly you want. Following is a simple guide on how to set up blog with this web design template.

How to create a single blog post? Along with all the usual things you can do with posts, Magic WordPress theme also has some added post options that give you more flexibility when adding content, including comments, post layout, social media, thumbnail type. 1. Go to Dashboard-> Posts -> Add New. 2. Give the post a title. 3. Enter the post content in the visual editor.

4. Customize the post options you prefer, including:    

Post Layout: left sidebar, right sidebar, both sidebar and no sidebar. Show Author Information: Yes/No Social Network Sharing: Yes/No Show Sub-header Bar: If you select Yes, it will display a sub-header bar that is capable of displaying a title, breadcrumb and search box under the main navigation.  Allow Comments: Yes/No  Thumbnail Type: Specify the thumbnail of the blog post when using the blog post on a blog list page.

Responsive and Multiple WordPress Theme with Quality Design 5. Select the post category. 6. Click Publish.

How to create a blog list page? 1. Go to Dashboard-> Pages-> Add New. 2. Give the new page a title like Blog.

3. Add the Blog item form the drop-down menu. Click "+" on the added blog item to set its width to 1/1 and click the edit icon to set the parameters on the blog item.

4. Select a layout for the blog list page. You'll need to select custom sidebar if you select a layout with sidebar.

Responsive and Multiple WordPress Theme with Quality Design

5. Customize the left page options you prefer. 6. Click Publish button. You can display a "Continue reading" link next to each blog post item on blog list pages. Sometimes, you might want to change the link text. If so, go to Dashboard -> Magee Theme -> Additional Elements. And then you can enter the text you wish to display in the link on all blog list pages. If you'd like to set the blog list page as the front page, go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading, set the blog list page as the front page.

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How to Set up Blog with Magic Theme