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As an artist I enjoy expanding upon the definitions of what art is. The methods we use to create art, display art, interpret art are all developing new meanings. It is my intent to push my interpretations via any "space" any medium. I develop icons, foundations, subjects and recycle the outcomes constantly so the work is ever evolving.

I create in real as well as digital realms and feel comfortable using a camera, a brush, an exacto knife, a spray can, markers, pastels, or the multitude of software programs out there to push beyond the limits and the spaces traditionally known to art.


As one grapples, within... The face that shows is but a guarded representation, piecemeal if not only to prevent what one truly desires, but often to protect others as well as ones self. The contingency acts upon many levels, many minds forming one collective soul. The want mind, the hate mind, the work mind, the family mind, all have their own agenda, and at varying times command center fore, but alas all things, minds included at least in this consciousness are fleeting. It is at the moment when all minds concede from their travail, and we shun the standard common to us all as living, that you may allow your self to emerge. Unguarded desire, fleeting by all means.

Creating compelling images that reflect my thoughts and interactions with the world. I enjoy finding new methods to share and expand my reach to the masses.

I am an Engineer by profession so I apply these analytical skills that I have been trained in to create the structure for my message. The exploitation of the geospatial realm must be tendered by the artist before the marketer, before the pecuniary desires of those who wish to control it.




brief for my latest show

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