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elcome to Morehouse College! My name is Charles W. Brooks, II and I will be one of your Resident Advisor’s for the 2013-2014 academic year. I am a junior, studying philosophy from Raleigh, North Carolina. The purpose of this letter is to welcome and give you a slight glimpse of the Morehouse culture. As men apart of the class of 2017, I want to encourage you to challenge yourself in your academic and social life. At Morehouse College it is expected that you will do well and we promote that you do exceptionally well. For you, I will hold the same standard not because you are my resident, but simply because you are my brother. You are apart of the Morehouse family and it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that I share with you my experience at Morehouse College to serve as a resource for you to find personal growth and success. This year I will challenge you to exceed the expectations or the norms of which you may find familiar. It is imperative that you take advantage of the various opportunities and experiences that you will have so that you can learn from them and share with others around you.


At Morehouse College, we believe in the idea of brotherhood. This brotherhood is full of culture that includes a high level of competition and ambition. It is important to note that once you have entered this institution as a freshman, all the accomplishments you have made in your years of high school will not give you any credibility at Morehouse. The responsibility of creating a name for yourself academically and socially is solely up to you. You are now entering manhood where you are fully responsible for you actions. As you strive to achieve, never forget that you will have a brother that will be there for you in times of struggle and success. This idea of brotherhood serves as a social catalyst for you and others around you to grow together. This year will present many challenges and discomfort, but I know that you can achieve and hurdle over any obstacle if you are willing to make the sacrifice. This sacrifice may require you to relinquish your time and frivolous habits. As your brother and

Resident Advisor, know that I am here for you. If you ever have any questions or in need of some advice I will be here to make sure that your concerns are addressed. To contact me, you can visit me in room 202 or email me at I look forward to having a great year with you as you experience the Morehouse collegiate culture and strive for personal growth and success.






a ch pro year start o if you g your suc discipline. class. You a healthy and responsible fo Therefore, it is im never forget the m to get your educat


As you matriculate a know that you are now American community. excellence. With this bein I challenge you to obtain a the standards of Morehouse before us! I challenge you to you can! (Because I know you any additional information or c hesitate to contact me, as I may or v (601)-209-7298.


elcome to Morehouse College! My name is Brandon Anderson, and I will serve as one of the 3rd floor resident advisors for the 2013-2014 academic school year. I am a junior kinesiology major from Jackson, Mississippi, and I am pursuing a career in physical therapy specializing in athletic training. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you very soon. Once again, congratulations on your acceptance to “The House” and welcome to Samuel T. Graves Hall. What is college like? Will it be fun? Is 17 credit hours too much? Will my high school relationship last in college? Is college really for me? A lot of these questions pondered throughout my mind as a freshman. Also, curiosity, excitement, and nervousness ran through my veins uncontrollably. All of these various emotions, thoughts, and feelings are typically normal for new incoming students. (That is why you have me!) As your resident advisor, I will help answer any questions or concerns that may cause you to overthink or stress out about.

College is a four-year tenure that will provide an educational and social experience like no other! It is designed to hallenge you mentally, spiritually, and physically as well as ovide opportunities for you to excel in the future. Freshman r is a crucial year and should not be taken lightly. It is the of your college career, and it would be highly beneficial get off to a great start. Now that you are in college, ccess is solely contingent upon your effort and You are responsible for getting up and going to are responsible for making sure you are eating d getting enough sleep at night. You are or turning in all of your assignments on time. mportant to hold yourself accountable and main reason why you came to “The House,” tion.

and adjust to Morehouse College, just w the beacon of hope for the African You are the epitome of black ng said, I challenge you to be great! a 4.0 GPA! I challenge you uphold e Men that have paved the way o do and be the very best that can.) Good luck! If you have clarification, please do not y be reached via e-mail at via mobile phone at

Brandon M. Anderson






y brothers, w elcome t o Morehouse College. I would also like to extend you a very special welcome to Samuel T. Graves H all. I a m Cullen F. Watkins, a Junior African-American Studies and Psychology double major from East St. Louis, IL. Along with my involvement in the Honors Program Club I a m also a m ember o f the Conference Champion M aroon T igers Track and F ield team. Proverbs 27:17 English Standard Version (ESV) 17 Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

This i s a sentiment I will c harge you to apply to y our relationships d uring and a fter y our s tay at M other Morehouse.

For you all I expect the best: the best grades, friendships, hall council, and over all college experience. I have also been i n your s hoes s o I understand t hat mistakes happen. For those scenarios where you just do not see a solution and need guidance or just want to chill and talk my door is always open. Enjoy this time of growth and do not shy away from new experiences. Learn about others culture as y ou l earn m ore about y our o wn. Remember your end goals and that shall direct your choices. Do well and w elcome t o the brotherhood t hat is M orehouse College.




adapt this mindset, as it will serve you a constant reminder of your duties. You have a clean slate here at Morehouse College. Your future is yours, your destiny is yours to make. A common saying we have here is, “From Morehouse, we change the world”. With that brother, I expect nothing but the best from you. I expect you to take the challenge that Mother Morehouse has laid at your feet and use this institution as a springboard for your dreams.

y name is Chevaz Thomas. Currently, I am a junior biology major pre-med from Brooklyn, NY here at Morehouse College. First, I would like to congratulate you once again upon your acceptance to this institution, your new home, and the place where you will transition into a man, Morehouse College. As you may know already, you are an extremely blessed individual as you attend the one institution in this WORLD that is catered specifically for At the end of the day, I still want you to enjoy African-American men. your freshmen year and the experience that Understand that I am proud of your many Morehouse offers. Be sure to get involved achievements thus far, but I will not sing in the many opportunities that this school your praises for too long. You are officially has to offer. Understand that you are now a on the path to your future. Every decision member of an elusive brotherhood. You are that you make from here on out will hold a part of my Morehouse family. The people implications that you may not see as of that you meet here will become some of now. Many young men will enter the the best friends. The laughs and memories gates of this institution with a great deal that you create upon the grounds of this of potential, be one of the men that fulfills institution will be some of your greatest memories. With that, soak it all up, get and even supersedes that potential. involved, and gear up for one of the best No longer is it acceptable to be complacent. years of your life. No longer is it acceptable to be mediocre. No longer is it acceptable to fly under the radar. This is your time, your opportunity, and your chance to be great. One of my mottos is “Yesterday you said tomorrow”. It means do not put off what you can do today for another day. You may want to

Chevaz Thomas







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