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Artist Book

By Alex Vuy

Time In speed of light

By looking at our sweater/hoodie now, we can perceive the long history timeline of it and those things that are related. Time is invisible of progression of events through the history. Through time we are able to see things outside our own perception. Sometimes what we believe is true can be rejected by time perspective. Or sometimes our perception of time surprises us. Only those of who have gone through that particular event or movement or the person who is the originator can narrate the story.

Sound Scape

Coming to New York City has always been my dream since I was a very young boy. Even though I never thought I would be able to come to this very enegetic city, a city that never sleeps. I had waited and waited for days after days and years after years and I never knew when and how to come to this city, if there is a possiblity or not. Many years after I am actually here surrounding myself by these very architectual skyline, the crowd, and the sound of traffic, honking.

Visual Narrative

I have had a dream of coming to NYC since I was a young boy. Back then I was just an ordinary boy living in Cambodia, I always fantasized myself walking on the New York street and looking at the skyscrapers surrounding myself. It was very blur and quite unsure if it was going to happen because whenever I told my friends about it, they always said that I should stop hallucinating about the thing that is not going to happen. It was quite unfortunate that they didn’t believe what I said and I had no response to their judgment because I said what I felt and I knew that it is going to happen one day. But that felt so far away and I didn’t know when it is going to hap-

4 Years later, here I am. Finally, every dream that I had when I was little, comes right after one another like what I forecasted. I am now actually living in NYC, the city that is full of dreams and hopes, very diverse but also energetic. Moreover, I am also here, studying fashion design at Parsons, one of the best school in the world. By looking back to where I came from, I can see that no matter what people said about my dream, their judgemental is just a shadow from behind to pull me off my track. Even though dreams don’t come overnight, it takes times even if it is so long and far away but after I got through it, it feels very fast like a blink of an eye.

Sequential Recut

I want to change the time frame of my mother’s arrival to the States that was 14 years ago, to between 2017-2018 and with what is happening in the U.S, the restriction of immigration is hurt with a lot of families. Some families are still being separated and don’t even know when is the time for their family members to reunite again. All they want is to have a better life but the current president of the United States he doesn’t see that way, he doesn’t have mercy toward those illegal immigrants.


I used that idea of incorporating photograph gallery walk in this installation piece. I chose “fashion” as my subject. I wanted to show how the consumers of clothes never get to see the truth behind what they are wearing and what they are buying. This really fits with the concept of “suffocation” and the reality of how people on the top hierarchy obtain the most benefits however the lower level people are going through the oppression and suffering by getting very little not even enough to survive. The consumers to satisfy their desire they buy clothes and give the profit to the brand owners, but what don’t know that the garment workers receive the most pressure and pain – they make less than $200 per month, big companies like H&M only paid $100 for every relative family that lost their loved one during the factory eruption in Bangladesh.

Artist book  
Artist book