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SMS Marketing or Mobile Text Advertising By Luna | text marketing

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SMS Marketing o r Mobile Text Advertising i s the freshest, hottest way to market discounts and special offers to your existing and future customers! For many years, owners of all kinds of businesses have been using e-mail marketing products like “aweber” and “Getresponse” to obtain clients details and promote deals every week. Email marketing works nicely, however, it doesn’t work as great as it used to in the past. Now less and less consumers are checking their e-mails and even much less are opening e-mails…

SMS Mobile Marketing is an awesome way to quickly promote exclusive information as well as special deals to your current or potential clients. Once you subscribe to the sms service provider below, you will get a “shortcode” very much like “2234″ along with unique keyword of your choice. You can handle your listing and send bulk texts messages with a single click using the web based user interface of the SMS provider. As soon as you receive your keyword and shortcode, you can start promoting your business right to your customer’s mobile phones.

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ROI than conventional marketing. Get started today!

Offer something valuable in exchange for them signing up. Refer to it as your VIP DISCOUNT CLUB. Customers will JUMP on this great opportunity to be part of your special membership and will definitely feel lucky having this chance to be in such a privileged club! Each week, send out an SMS to your VIP Discount Club featuring an exclusive special offer which can only be access to your SMS list and give them 2 to 3 days to claim the exclusive deal.You will see a rush of excited customers running through your door for the following 2 to 3 days giving you more profit!! Just think about the power of instantly reaching your customers cellphones! For Only $9.95 a month you can start this extremely hassle-free marketing technique and THAT IS ALL!


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Mobile Marketing  

SMS Marketing or Mobile Text Advertising is the freshest, hottest way to market discounts and special offers to your existing and future cus...