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A Premier Opportunity

An Executive MBA for Military, Government, and Corporate Defense Industry Professionals

The only program of its kind in the world, the Mason Executive

MBA – National Defense cohort is designed to help you meet the unique demands of this complex and dynamic sector.

Advance Your Career in the Defense Industry The Mason Executive MBA for U.S. defense industry professionals combines the power of a high-caliber executive business education, coupled with the specialized knowledge and skills required to advance your career in the defense sector.

A Valuable Credential

Our seventeen month program will help you achieve your professional goals. It is the only masters degree offered worldwide tailored to the needs of leaders and managers in the defense industry, providing an exclusive professional education to accelerate careers in both the military/government and corporate defense sectors.

Deep Defense Industry Expertise

You will graduate with a comprehensive understanding of a general manager’s approach to business in addition to the unique workings of the defense industry and the implications for organizational management and problem-solving. By studying the distinctive facets of the defense sector, you will understand how they influence government/business objectives, processes, operations and strategic decision-making.

An Edge in the Workplace

You will sharpen your business fundamentals, grow your leadership capacity and hone your analytical, conceptual and quantitative skills - all key advantages in the workplace. You will also learn innovative business practices in the defense sector – advanced tools and applications in areas such as finance, technology, operations and acquisitions – that will directly benefit you in your professional role managing costs, schedules and performance.

An Expanded Network

Who Will Benefit from Our Program The Executive MBA National Defense cohort is designed for mid to upperlevel leaders and managers working in any facet of the U.S. defense sector. This includes professionals in the civilian and uniformed military, the defense-related federal government sector and those in the corporate defense industry.

Our defense-sector focus provides a rich opportunity to connect with your peers in the industry and to build rewarding professional and personal relationships. You will work closely with regional business leaders enrolled in the Global Executive MBA cohort, with our accomplished faculty, who work and consult throughout the area and with guest lecturers and adjunct faculty working in specialty areas of the defense sector. You also will enjoy access to an extensive School of Management alumni network of more than 20,000 people with nearly 14,000 in the National Capitol Region.


What You Will Learn Students enrolled in the EMBA National Defense cohort will expand their capabilities across all business disciplines while developing a sophisticated understanding of the defense industry. Distinguished Faculty Students in the National Defense cohort of our Executive MBA program will be taught by noted faculty from the George Mason School of Management (see the Global EMBA brochure for faculty capabilities). In addition, adjunct faculty working in specialty areas of the defense sector, as well as accomplished political, government, military, and corporate guest speakers, technical experts, and GMU alumni employed in the defense industry also will participate. Dynamic Learning Environment Our experienced faculty uses a wide variety of educational methods to bring the contemporary challenges of the defense industry right into the classroom. These include traditional case analysis, lecture and discussion, along with a number of other approaches, such as competitive simulation, research projects, negotiations, practical applications, student to student cross-pollenization, student-faculty team projects and presentations. This dynamic learning environment will also take you into the defense industry through presentations and site visits to venues such as the Capitol Hill complex, Pentagon, corporate offices and government organizations.


Our innovative curriculum emphasizes executive leadership growth, industry intelligence and an expert skill set to support programmatic, operations and budgetary decision-making in the defense sector. During the first nine months of the program, students concentrate on building their core business and management portfolios by participating in the same courses as students in the Global Executive MBA program. In the second part, the curriculum is specifically tailored to the defense industry. The primary academic areas of the program include leadership, ethics, management, finance, accounting, strategy, planning, decision-making, marketing, information technology and operations. Students will gain core business knowledge and skills for general management as described in our general EMBA brochure with additional defense industry outcomes including: • An overall understanding of the defense business from the government as well as from the corporate perspective and their mutually supporting, yet often conflicting/competing motivations, roles, and missions.

• The ability to visualize, identify and exploit opportunities for innovation and management of the business aspects of the military/defense industry. • Insights into the Defense Triad and the interactions between the U.S. Department of Defense, Congress and the corporate world. • Increased knowledge of cuttingedge business processes in both the civilian and defense sectors and how they support improvement in operational performance and strategic decision-making. • Strong understanding of the U.S. Department of Defense and its acquisition, management, and budget processes. • A comprehensive understanding of a defense system’s total life cycle costs and how to develop/manage/control those costs. • How to weave “tomorrow’s technology at yesterday’s prices” from the small business world into your programs. • A working knowledge of Congress and the congressional budget process. • Familiarity with defense, government and corporation hierarchy, acquisition program management and processes, as well as corporate decisionmaking, budget processes and the expectations of leadership, ownership and other stakeholders.

• Enhanced skills in business negotiation and techniques that lead to “win-win” solutions in the defense sector. • Proficiency in incorporating financial indicators and metrics into critical business decisions.

The National Defense Cohort Curriculum The program schedule for the National Defense cohort is carefully designed to help students master a broad range of executive-level competencies while developing expert business related knowledge of the defense industry.

Year One:

Opening Residency • University, School and Program Orientation • Building the High-Performing Team • International Macroeconomics • A Strategic View of the Firm Module 1 • Statistics for Managers • Organizational Behavior Module 2 • Financial Reporting and Decision Making • Managerial Economics Module 3 • Marketing Management • Managerial Finance

Module 4 • Business, Government and the Global Economy • Government – Private Sector Interface • Strategies for Operations Management Interim Session Residency • Strategic Negotiation & Conflict Resolution • Congress and the Government Budgeting Process

Year Two:

Module 5 • Managing Costs and Evaluating Performance • Enterprise Risk Management for the U.S. Department of Defense Module 6 • Strategy, Organization, and Operating Environment of the U.S. Department of Defense: A Systems Thinking Approach • Management of Information Technology Module 7 • Strategic Management • Capstone Course – Program Planning, Analysis and Evaluation • Business Law, Government Contracting and Ethics

Optional Global Residency The Global Residency, held in May of the first year, is optional for National Defense Cohort students. The residency includes a 10-day overseas experience, with site visits to a variety of government and business organizations in host countries. Past residencies have included China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and various European countries. There is an additional cost for National Defense Cohort students who opt to participate in the Global Residency. National Defense Cohort at a Glance • Fall start date • Total of 54 credit hours • Seventeen-month program (compressed to include summer months) • First two semesters follow Global EMBA curriculum and meet weekly on alternating Fridays and Saturdays • Final two semesters courses are tailored to needs of defense industry professionals and meet Friday and Saturday every other week • Optional Global Residency (at an additional cost)

Module 8 and Final Residency • Capstone Course – Program Planning, Analysis and Evaluation • Leadership and Change Management • Leadership and Performance Workshop


Delivering Value to Employers

The complexities of the defense sector demand top talent. Top military and government executives understand that, in Washington and at select locations throughout the nation and world-wide, “Defense is a business.” Mason’s EMBA National Defense cohort is the only professional graduate degree dedicated to the needs of this business sector. Graduates of the George Mason EMBA will have the talents to lead and manage in both government and industry positions within the National Defense sector.

Scheduling with Employers in Mind The National Defense Cohort of the George Mason Executive MBA program is structured to minimize disruption to our students’ professional responsibilities. The program schedule is compressed, so students earn their unique degree in just 17 months. In the nine months, classes meet on alternating Fridays and Saturdays to reduce time away from the office. In the second half of the program, classes meet Friday and Saturday every other week, providing more flexibility for students and their employers. The program also uses state-of-theart technology to reduce in-class time and to help students balance work responsibilities with school and family. Most classes are held at George Mason University’s campus at the Center for Innovative Technology near Dulles airport. Several classes will be held in other locations through the National Capitol Region.



Our program is committed to developing student understanding of the defense business from both the government and the civilian contractor points of view. Participants will understand how & why defense related business processes work the way they do.


Our defense industry focus helps students learn how to apply innovation to strategic decision-making and across functional areas, helping your organization establish a strong competitive advantage in the defense sector. Students also learn the latest in business tools and applications to help them deploy public and private resources more effectively.


Students will understand the core business fundamentals that drive top performance. They will develop stronger conceptual, quantitative and analytical skills and increased capacity for developing and executing strategy, controlling costs and managing requirements. Participants in this program will be able to develop and monitor tailored and meaningful metrics, mitigate risks and make a larger contribution to increasing the organization’s overall operational performance.


Students graduate with a deeper understanding of this multi-faceted and very complex industry from multiple points of view. This wellrounded perspective encourages collaboration, accelerates the decisionmaking process, creates efficiencies and increases your organization’s ability to achieve business goals.


Every student will become part of the team of diverse professionals who move on from this program into various positions of leadership and responsibility. The life time network begins with the shared common experience of working and learning together at Mason.


By sponsoring an employee in terms of time and tuition, you send a clear message that you are committed to the long-term professional growth of your best performers. Our program provides new challenges and opportunities to stimulate professional enrichment, job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Employer Sponsorship

Students in Mason’s Executive MBA program must have the support of their employers, regardless of any financial support provided. Employers must give students permission to attend and fully participate in classes and other required activities. In addition, most employers also contribute financial support toward employee tuition.

For More Information

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our program. We encourage you to visit our website, tour our campus, visit an Executive MBA class or attend one of our informational receptions to talk with the program director, staff, students and alumni. You are also welcome to schedule an informal interview with the program director.

Executive MBA Office

(703) 993-4457 or

Learn more online:

Mason Executive MBA program

To Apply

Admission to the Executive MBA program is highly competitive, and based on a combination of five broad criteria: • Fit within the program and potential contribution to a collegial learning environment • Relevant work experience • Leadership potential • Letters of recommendation • Acceptable GMAT score (or equivalent)

All applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree and a minimum of seven years of full time professional work experience.

George Mason University EMBA Defense Track Brochure  
George Mason University EMBA Defense Track Brochure  

George Mason University School of Management Executive MBA Defense Track Brochure