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Rashad Naqaweh: The Founder of Beity

Rashad Naqaweh’s oil refinery is the second largest one in Spain. It has a huge capacity of production which equals 350 metric tons (MT) per day. The oil refinery exports Spanish oil products all over the world. The company has many international commodities and trade partners. Maintaining strong relationship with its suppliers and partners, is a high priority for the organization. The second largest oil refinery in Spain refines oil at the best international standards. It ensures that the oil it provides is of high quality and maintains all the universal standards.

Dr. Rashad Naqaweh 

Dr. Rashad Naqaweh is the founder of Beity. Mr. Rashad Naqaweh is a businessman who was born in Syria. According to, his net worth is over 217 million pounds. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of GAFO Energy NZ Limited.

Born in Damascus in 1967, Dr. Rashad Naqaweh obtained a medical degree in 1992. After that he started to work with his family. Eventually he formed companies which eventually gained international recognition.

Currently, Dr. Rashad Naqaweh , Occasionally travels to Europe, Africa, and Middle East to manage the family businesses.

In 1992, Mr. Rashad Naqaweh took over family business selling canned food, pharmaceuticals and commodities to the Syrians. In this way, he was able to carry on the legacy of his father.

Dr. Rashad Naqaweh’s family started working on GAFO in 2007. Their first plan was to establish a geothermal power plant in the Comoros Islands. The plant’s estimated cost was 120 million Euros.

Later on, Mr. Rashad Naqaweh started to expand on his projects further. Today his career includes pharmaceuticals, food export and import, construction, energy, and telecommunications.

GAFO Capital Group comprises of different companies which are present in different market sectors. GAFO Capital Group is divided into these segments: 

GAFO Energy works on energy projects in different areas, particularly on geothermal power plants. Most of the projects are in Africa.

Beity is one of the biggest suppliers of canned food stuff in the Middle East.

Despite owning shares in different telecom companies, GAFO Telecom provides its own services.

GAFO Airways mainly operates in the African region. It is a domestic, national airline carrier.

GAFO Construct holds a key part in the construction business. Bigger construction projects need more management, resources and human capital. Consequently, they are divided into 3 main categories of water purification plants, asphalt, and concrete.

GAFO Capital Group GAFO Capital Group fully owns Beity, GAFO Airways, GAFO Telecom, GAFO Construction and GAFO Energy.

The projects of GAFO Construction are supervised by experienced managers and these projects involve various activities. The size of the project determines the complexity of the process. Bigger projects require more resources and human capital. Competitive and skilled managers with enough experience are assigned to lead a team of workers. Therefore, an architect or construction engineer, a design engineer, a construction manager, and a project manager form a team for a construction project. These teams have to solve many problems and complete different tasks such as problem solving, safety issues, logistics, bidding, budgeting, planning and scheduling. GAFO Airways provides airline services that connect the African continent. GAFO Air has a wide range of aircrafts which fly all over Africa.

Beity Beity is establishing new restaurants and providing catering services. It also exports and imports food stuff. The company ensures that they provide highest quality canned food stuff to their clients so that their customers are fully satisfied. Beity started operating in early 2005. Since then it has rapidly progressed to become one of the biggest canned food supplies in the Middle East. Nowadays, Beity operates in Europe and Africa and delivers its high quality products all over the world.

GAFO Telecom GAFO Telecom, GreenTel, is operating in the telecom industry. It is quickly advancing in the field of communications and information. GAFO Telecom delivers its wide ranges of services and products across Asia, Africa and Middle East. To satisfy the increasing needs of telecommunication services, GAFO Telecom’s skilled management team is ready to promote their products and services in 50 countries. In order to increase the subscribers from 30,000 to 0.25 million and meet the increased demand, GAFO Telecom is currently expanding into Comoros.

The aim of GAFO Telecom is to provide a complete solution to the increasing telecommunication needs. At the same time the company wants to make sure that they provide the highest quality of services at low costs. In this way, GAFO Telecom wants to lead the developments in telecom operations and solutions in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East regions. GAFO Telecom wants to make sure that their clients are satisfied by providing them 24/7 customer support service. It will also offer consultation and free online assistance.

Furthermore, GAFO Telecom will also provide high quality telecom products to their valued customers. The company’s staff is selected after vigorous assessments and regularly goes through continuing training sessions.

GAFO Energy NZ Limited GAFO Energy NZ Limited is working on energy projects mainly on geothermal power plants. Their main focus is on renewable energy. GAFO Energy NZ Limited wants to reduce the emissions produced from fossil fuels and coal. Therefore, they are moving towards renewable energy sources (geothermal) instead of non-renewable ones. The heat that is captured from the Earth’s crust is the source of geothermal energy. It is sustainable and clean (no emissions and harmful gases). Hot water and shallow ground are the resources of geothermal energy. Apart from that, hot rock that is present beneath the Earth’s surface is also a major source for geothermal energy. GAFO Energy NZ Limited has various geothermal energy projects in Europe. They are mainly operating in Somalia, Kenya, Comoros and Tanzania. GAFO Energy NZ Limited makes sure that the people who can’t afford electricity get a cheap and reliable source of energy.

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Rashadnaqawehthefounderofbeity 503503