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The Importance Of Networking The importance of networking in business and personal relationships cannot be underestimated. There are no major companies and successful individuals that haven’t taken advantage of the benefits offered by networking when they were starting. Through networking, a businessperson expands his connections and increases his chances of success. The concept of networking is innate in man. It answers man’s basic need to connect with other people, to share his experiences with and learn from everyone around him, and to grow in the process. Most activities of a person involves networking - from getting things done in the office, to attending community functions, to having barbecue with relatives and friends on weekends. Career networking is more specific. It is networking among people of the same business interests. They share business experiences, they share resources, they exchange services and they increase each other’s chances of success. The Internet has revolutionized networking to such a level that a person who doesn’t have an online presence will not only be left behind, he also faces the risk of becoming invisible to his peers. It doesn’t mean the traditional networking method of gathering in a party and exchanging business cards has become obsolete. On the contrary, online networking and traditional networking complement each other in increasing your chances of meeting more people who can help you succeed in your business. That’s why these days, a successful company or businessperson is one that excels in both online and traditional networking. And the company and

businessperson who is only good in one type of networking will really have to work double time. In keeping with the times, most networking organizations today place equal importance on online networking and traditional networking. While they organize gatherings for its members and partners, they also maintain websites where the members can keep in touch and continue sharing experiences. One of these organizations is the National Association of Professional Women, or NAPW. Career networking doesn’t only involved big-time companies and businesspersons. Newcomers and freelancers also benefit from networking. In fact, most self-employed people get their jobs through networking. The outsourcing industry is one great example of taking full advantage of online networking. Freelancers and home-based workers are earning thousands of dollars each month because of this networking phenomenon. Even social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that may seem like a waste of time to many people could mean business opportunities to those who are creative and resourceful. After all, these social networking sites are an answer to the same basic desire of man to connect with others.

The Importance Of Networking